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Christian hadn’t visited the Green Goddess in… Well, it had been quite a while, really. He had forgiven Jaya for her mistake, telling Safi how Christian felt about him, months ago. It wasn’t anger that had kept Chris away from the bar and brothel. Neither had it been any sort of forbiddance from Safi, or shame. It had been nothing of the sort, and Christian hoped Jaya had known that all of this time. He’d returned to the Goddess since that incident, so he hoped and logically, he knew it was most likely that Jaya understood that things had gotten complicated in his life.

It also wasn’t the nearly silent whispers in his head that came from the green orb he carried tucked away in his satchel, either. Those whispers encouraged Christian to explore his world, his magic, himself. To do whatever he wished to do, whenever he felt like doing it.

What had kept him away was simple: He had needed time. Time to work on his many projects, time to consider things, what the establishment actually meant to him, his friendship with the green skinned patron, what he had found with Safi… And most recently, he had been dealing with Safi being away.

They couldn’t be together without this trip, Safi had said. He had loose ends to tie up back home.

Weeks after he had last heard from the man in question, Christian found himself walking into the Goddess, sliding into his seat as though he’d never left it, ordering a glass of club soda and lime quietly; no alcohol tonight, not with how he was already feeling. The magician was a ball of nerves, sadness, and anger as he sat on the stool, glancing down at his phone as though he could, but sheer force of will, make it vibrate with a message from Safi. He knew the other man was hurt, badly, but he held out hope that maybe, just maybe, he'd just had an accident, that this was a broken leg or something other innocent accident.

He wasn't sure how much longer he could keep that flicker of hope alive, though.


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