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Thread Contributor: SigynThe Princess and the Ficus

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It wasn’t as though Sigyn were suicidal or anything; he would do all in his power to stay alive, of course, but the life of his beloved Princess came before his own. Loki’s life was the god’s priority, as was proper, given their stations. Still, if Loki demanded he give his life for her, Sigyn would do so stoically. It was that resolve that had earned him his place as the god of Fidelity, after all.

That Loki did not wish his death wasn’t entirely lost on Sigyn; he was still breathing, a sure sign of his beloved’s favor and will that he not stop doing so. There was no other who could truly best him, no other who could so casually demand his death. Sigyn might be quiet, gentle, and pleasant, but he wasn’t incapable of wrath, and he was far from helpless, god of fidelity or no.

Lokie’s ton earned only a pair of raised eyebrows from Sigyn. Her words drew a small smile from him, “Is it so obvious though, Princess? You never quite seem to believe me.” His eyes glinted, “though my heart does sing to know you think so highly of me in return.” There was no youthful blushing or stuttering at her rough compliment, no shyness or guile in his words, only sincerity.

She would not marry a man…

There was a moment, one that passed quickly, where hurt and frustration clouded Sigyn’s eyes. She wouldn’t marry a man who showed her patience, understanding, and unconditional acceptance. She wanted negativity, she said. Then why hadn’t she courted or married nearly any other Asgardian?! “I do not lie to you, Princess.” The words were spoken somewhat stiffly, more formal than how Sigyn usually spoke to her, this was nearly how an outsider might consider he should speak to his Princess, cordial, polite, but cool and formal. “I have perhaps wrongfully believed that you get enough negative emotion from everywhere else.”

When she leaned into him, he relaxed a little again, leading her down the street unerringly. Sigyn loved her too much to damage the trust she gave him, no matter how small it might be. He knew it was momentary, but he used it to build upon, gently guiding his princess along the smoothest path. Quietly, he murmured to her, “Everyone grows frustrated sometimes. I am no different. But I strive to be better, to be a font of positivity or respite from the rest, for you.”

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Loki loathed the ease with which Sigyn read through her intentions. Was she not the Goddess of Lies? The Trickster Princess? She had spent her entire time of being wrapped in lies to the point that she lived and breathed falsehood. That Sigyn could see past that into what remained of Loki's heart was an unending source of frustration. Sigyn had such faith in his belief that Loki still held good in her that he was the only person who believe the kindest explanation for her behaviours.

She quirked an eyebrow at him. "One need not be lying to be not telling the truth. You believe I am beautiful and not poisonous. That is what you believe to be true. That does not mean it is. If someone who has never been burned tells you fire will not hurt, it doesn't mean they're lying, simply that they do not know better. So yes. It is obvious. And I still do not believe you." She said, calm thick in her voice. She had heard such lies before. You are my daughter. I love you. I'm glad you're my sister. Words that were believed but still untrue.

She tensed at his frustration, though it was strangely soothing to see him get affronted by something she had said. She listened quietly as he spoke before sighing and extricating her arm from his and walking a small but further from him. "A lie of Omission remains a lie. It is true that I recieve plenty of negative attention. However, any relationship, be it of comrades in arms or betrothed, if only one person is allowed to be unhappy, then all of that wrath, grief, and regret will build in the other until they are a fundamentally different person." She offered, looking at the H
horizon as they went. Though she was certain she could elaborate further, Loki believed in the mind power of her betrothed to piece together the meaning.


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