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Details, Details.

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I kept threatening to do this, but so help me I'm following through. This is just a list of details about characters for if you need to describe them but don't necessarily want to fish through apps to locate them or alternatively want details that aren't written in apps. Like scent, or taste.

I will go first, please just make one post however, and just edit it when you have more characters or details. It will be easier to sort through that way. Also by taste I mean of their lips/mouth. If their skin tastes like something, I imagine it has something to do with their scent.

Aura: Cool and Sleepy
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown or Black ish
Scent: Lavender and sage.
Taste: Pomegranate, sugar, and cinnamon.
Skin: Very smooth, somewhat cold to the touch.
Size: Fairly average. Not tall but not short, and fairly in shape.
As a snake: has some fancy colourful scales on her belly but otherwise is snake.

Quethadia Nyx:
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Black
Scent: Metal, Fire, and Coffee.
Taste: Coffee and Whiskey.
Size: gangly motherducker. 6'5 and just short of unhealthily skinny.
Notable features: has some scars, right forearm is obviously robotic.

Asanyahi T'Esria:
Eyes: Pale yellow.
Scent: Clean air and electricity.
Taste: Cupcakes and booze.
Skin: She has scaly blue skin.
Size: Pretty average. Very buff.
Notable features: Semi-Cartilaginous scalp crests. They do not *flop around*

Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Black.
Scent: Leather and Books.
Taste: Honey.
Size: Nearly six feet, well built.
Notable features: Obsidian feathered wings that are usually invisible.

James 'Bucky' 'Yasha' Barnes:
Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Brown.
Scent: Gunpowder and Apple pie.
Taste: Plums.
Size: 6 foot tall super soldier.
Notable features: Obviously robotic silver esque left arm.

James 'Bucky' 'Cap' Barnes:
Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Brown.
Scent: Gunpowder, freshly rolled earth, and organic fruits.
Taste: Plums and Apple Pie.
Size: 6 foot tall super soldier.
Notable features: Dark vibranium obviously robotic arm.

Posting this so I don't lose my progress to shotty internet. But pleas, feel free to join in the fun Big Grin
This is a smart way of doing it for sure. I need to do this as well.

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