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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceUpcoming threads: The Deck of Many Things!
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As was stated in chat, I'm going to have a thread in the near future (once all characters can participate who want to) where someone will offer people the chance to buy a drawing from the Deck of Many Things. For a modest fee (I can't think of any characters that wouldn't be able to afford a draw), they will be allowed to draw one of the cards, the description being found here:


The deck is split more or less evenly among good and bad effects, and your character WILL know this starting out. Actually, it's more skewed toward good, because I will be automatically rerolling if anyone draws the Idiot.

Beforehand, you will be able to tell me what cards you wish your character to not be subjected to, from this list:

However, for each one you exempt yourself from, you have to also forego one of these:

A card legitimately making your character impossible to play is a good reason to pick it. For example, Arjay losing his holy sword would crush the character, shatter his faith, and pretty much ruin him. So I'd put that one on my list.

Some notes on how I'll be doing this:
1) Anywhere that the deck specifies "magic items," you can expand that to mean high-tech items, too. So if Tony draws Ruin, his armor would count as "magic" and he wouldn't lose it. However, if he draws Talons, he WOULD lose it. Likewise, if a card gives you a magic item and it wouldn't make sense for your character to use magic (once again, like Tony), I'll probably twist it a bit to make it a supertech item instead.

2) Some cards will require participation from other players. If you want to help make a card happen (ie: Rogue, Knight), let me know PRIVATELY when it's relevant. I can't promise I'll go with your idea, because I'll probably be getting a lot of them, but I want to make this fun for everyone as a group.

3) If you get Donjon or Void, you WILL be rescued by players. If you're taking part in this, y'all are agreeing to help with that, too.

4) No loopholes. For example, if you draw Ruin, it affects you in all worlds you might have contact to, not just the Hub, and you can't get your stuff back just by reminding people it's yours. If you lose your items to Talons, start figuring out replacements. While I might take your ideas on how reality bends to accommodate the results of the card, I won't do so in a way that negates it. If you aren't willing to go with it, put it on your exemptions. If you aren't sure, talk to me.

Bottom line is, this is supposed to be fun. If a problem comes up in the middle of it, we can all deal with it as a group and come to some kind of solution that makes everyone happy. There's time to plan here. Figure out if any of your characters would take a risk, and what OOC safeguards you want in place.

Optionally, instead of offering exemptions, I might just use the 13 card deck. If I do, for ease of RP, I'd use Donjon instead of Void, and POSSIBLY Gem instead of Rogue. All the information is in the link.

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