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Blood Runs Hot - Jason Todd - 10-15-2018

It was strange. Gotham City seemed a bit…different from what he remembered. It was still trashy and it still had assholes that needed a solid gunning down. But the strange thing was that Gotham City seemed to have forgotten the terror of Red Hood and what he had done to them the last time he visited. People didn’t know what he was capable of and what he was willing to do to send a message. He felt like he was back on square one when came to Gotham City.

That was fine. He was pretty good at improvising and ever since that blast with the Outlaws he had been doing what was necessary to make sure Gotham City remembered who Red Hood was. At least…. The criminals remembered. They were his only target. He had spent the last couple of weeks breaking into places run by the mobs and gunning people down. He had gunned his way to the current boss right outside the docks. The bulk of his crew were all down for the count, a few of them had surrendered when it became obviously that the Red Hood wasn’t about to be beaten in a gun fight. After quite a but if gunfire, and a handful of small explosions, the fight was over. Red Hood stood victorious against the the group he had been targeting the last couple of weeks. Now he was sending a message by using Marcus Mancini as a nice warning to the rest of them.

”You scumbags will be answering to me now. Your first order of business will be to make sure the rest of the mob families know about me.” He started to squirt Jason with lighter fluid. He was gagged to keep from whining and hands were tied together. ”You aren’t going to be doing anything I approve of either. You got merchandise to sell? I set the territories you each have and the type of clientele.” The bottle of lighter fluid was emptied onto Marcus Mancini as the man stood precariously on the edge of the building.

The Red Hood turned his gaze toward the mob boss as he pulled out a lighter, ”Marcus Mancini, you are charged with murder, selling illegal firearms, human trafficking, arson, and rape. You are not worth the god damn shit I step in when I walk the streets of Gotham City. Needless to say…” He flicked the zippo in his hand, lighting the small flame on it. ”…You’re fired.”

RE: Blood Runs Hot - Wanda Maximoff - 10-15-2018

Of course there was enough for Wanda to do in her own universe; there was no good reason for her to use Hub to slide between worlds except for her own curiosity. Which was exactly why her heels clicked through this universes portal, appearing in a park Wanda feared honestly little even at night, her steps carried the dark clad Witch through mean streets. She had once lived in such poverty, so very long ago in her childhood, but never in a city. She wondered at the people, the world, what differences ruled this land? So far it appeared to be somewhat like New York, the signs stated that it was named Gotham, and from it’s appearance she could understand where the moniker came from.

Tall gothic buildings blended into Art Deco influences, which shifted into the same tenement slums that crowded the shadows of her New York. She had not taken to the sky, simply using her magic and mutation in a simple ‘see me not’ spell that seemed to work as well here as her home...or perhaps the people were well trained not to look around.

So hers was the only head that turned *towards* the sounds of explosions and gunfire; instincts and training nearly as old as she was set Wanda following the not so distant screams. Wanda landed on the rooftop in time to hear the tail end of a speech, see the fire flick out-

‘No.’ A simple soundless thought. Her mutation reached out, snuffing the flame, the man on the edge ‘tripped’ onto a safer perch. Wanda did not reveal herself, she had no idea what the status of magic or Mutants were, and acting as a bit of ‘bad luck’ appealed to her old buried mischievous nature. She could not bring back the dead, and it was not her place to judge what was truely occurring here, no matter what her Avenger bred instincts demanded. Which left her thwarting the leather clad killers actions in, increasingly odd hexes. If he tried to shoot it would jam, if he pushed the man both would unbalanced safely onto the roof.


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Jason Todd - 10-15-2018

’You’re fired

Lighting Marcus Mancini would have sent a lovely message to the lowly criminals in the underworld. The fucking Red Hood was here and he was going to be lighting your literal ass on fire. The screams Marcus would make before he tumbled off the roof would have burned the memory into those that remained on the roof. It would have sent the kind of god fearing message that Jason had wanted. That was until the zippo snuffed out and he glanced down at it in confusion. He tried to strike it again but it would not light. He shook the zippo and could hear the contents of the lighter fluid in the zippo.

That’s what he gets for buying a cheap one from a corner store. Then Marcus seemed to lose his balance – which would have been fine as well except he landed on the actually roof rather than falling off of it. The Red Hood let out a sigh before tossing the lighter aside, ”Just my luck. Try to send a message to these scumbags and I got some sort of jinx following me.” He complained – the angry growl to his voice dropping momentarily with the complaint. Well, he was going to send a message but killing Marcus was just going to have to do well enough as enough message.

”Well Marcus, looks like you’re getting the easy way out after all.” He explained as he pulled one of the two sidearms out and pointed it down at the man. He pulled the trigger but the damn gun jammed. That…that never happened to him before. He held the gun up to inspect it and his eyes narrowed lightly behind the helmet. He pulled out his other gun and tried pulling that trigger only to have it jammed as well. ”The hell..?” His gaze drifted across the roof as though expecting to find someone there. Maybe someone was fucking with him. Someone from Dick’s little band of friends or Tim’s. Hell, even that little bastard Damian had a motley crew in the Titans now.

The circumstances were far too odd for him to just take as a stroke of bad luck. No one had THAT much bad luck and he took care of his guns way too well for it to happen to both of them. He didn’t see anyone though… He rolled Marcus over onto his back and lightly applied pressure to the man’s throat. While he wanted to kill Marcus, now his focus was looking out to catch a trace of something he wasn’t sure was there or not. He could also be flat out paranoid. He didn’t survive so much shit since his second life just because he thought the world was good and safe. He continued to apply pressure to the man’s throat until Marcus had his air cut off completely.


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Wanda Maximoff - 10-15-2018

Stubborn wasn’t he?

Wanda reached dipping the tiniest slice of her metaprotical pinkie nail into this universes web, twitching the smallest change-

Jason’s hands slipped on blood, sweat, and the oil used to keep his gloves supple, fingers sliding over his neck, his elbow would hit the roof, to tumble uncontrolled off the roof, somehow managing to hit every small momentum bleeding object with just enough force to bruise but not break. Turning at last second perfectly positioned to land crouched in a dumpster filled with cardboard and packing peanuts.

If Jason was looking very very closely, he MIGHT have seen a shimmer of light that shouldn’t be in the dark scarlet blood dripping down the man's neck before he slipped.

Wanda had heard his words, the same hex had the man when he looked over at Red Hoods fall incredulously to lose his balance, cracking his head on the edge of the roof, knocking him out for the moment.

Wanda floated down towards her other victim, wondering if it would gain anything to tweak the odds of the police arriving in the next few mintues.


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Jason Todd - 10-15-2018

The moment he tried to apply more pressure to Marcus's throat, two things happened. One was he thought he saw something. Like the Predator in those movies where he had stealth camouflage but occasionally it would shimmer in the air if you caught it just in time. He only says he thought he saw it because he didn't have time to really dwell on it. Somehow his boot slipped off of Marcus' fat squishy neck the moment he started to cut off his air supply. His foot sliding off of it as though he suddenly was stepping on ice.

Jason tried to right himself but in some physic defying sense of of logic, he reenacted blood skating like he was one of the characters in Fairytale Fights and slipped further against a normally friction filled roof. Even if he stood on ice his boots were designed to give a bit of traction. But then he slipped off the god damn roof like some sort of cartoon character.

And while he did hit the first object on the way down to slow his decent, he did have enough common sense to pull out his grappling gun and fire it up at the roof to stop his decent. Or would have, had the hook on the grappling gun had not simply give way from the side of the building the moment his weight caused the line to be tight. A final crash and he landed into the small recycling dumpster below. His grappling line retracted and he clipped it back on his belt.

"Definitely not normal." He reached his hand up to his helmet. He made a show of stretching his neck out but the subtle slip of his fingers across key sections of the helmet activated the heat vision to see if he could see some invisible asshole that was fucking with him. He rolled out of the dumpster before standing up and made a show of dusting himself off.

"God damnit...' he said allowed as he looked back up toward the roof then looked around. His eyes passed over what looked to be a figure standing by but his eyes did not pause over them. Part of Jason's training was on deception and this person, who was somehow manipulating him, was hidden somehow. He started to walk in their direction, as though he were just moving down the alleyway as he rolled one shoulder. "Fucking bastard probably got his men to free him at this point too. I'll need to do this all over again..." He grumbled as he step pass the figure.

The next instant he snapped around and shoved the figure against the wall behind them, hands pressed into what would be their shoulder. "Hello." Jason commented - voice crossed between annoyed and amused.


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Wanda Maximoff - 10-15-2018

Very fairly Wanda had not thought to hide from infrared, she was not visible to cameras or human sight...but she still registered to pressure and heat, she was there after all; the little ‘see me not’ was only meant as a low level pressure to send eyes skittering away from her figure, a hint to look away, to encourage the mind make up explanations for what moved around her.

She hadn’t come here to be a hero, or to engage. Yet here she was.

He did actually take her by surprise, the first shove landing squarely; but Wanda Maximoff had not spent the last few decades training with the Avengers to stay shocked for more than an instant. Her arm smoothly slid up, shoving his hands up and away, swirilling under his grab. Wanda moved with the easy grace of too many years fighting for her life, fighting for others, she might not be primarily a hand to hand combatant but when mixed with her mutation...well it was impossible to keep hands on her she did not desire.

“Hello.” she replied calmly in return once freed and a few easy steps away dropping her. ‘See me not’, not offering further violence.


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Jason Todd - 10-15-2018

The pressure of her form under his hands was enough to insure that he was not imagining things after all. That there was, in fact, a person that was there and his paranoia from earlier had been warranted. The shove of his hands was hardly anything that was a well trained excusing – it was an act of aggression, one that clearly had worked since he got the figure against the wall. To most everyone, thugs, criminals, and for awhile, the Bat Family, the Red Hood seemed little more than just another untrained thug who was good with guns. But Jason had been trained by the best. Better than what Batman had trained into him when he was Robin.

As a revived Jason Todd he had spent years under Talia’s dragging him across the world being trained by the likes of Shiva and Bronze Tiger. It was always amusing when he squared off against someone who thought he was no more than a thug with a gun and a bad attitude and they were swiftly shown that his bare bands were just as deadly. So while the person he had shoved up against the wall had a little gift to be invisible, his heat vision broke that little trick. He just needed to figure out how she made things go some comically wrong with him up there and find a way around that as well.

As she moved to break his hold, he stepped away from the person. He could see them now. She was clearly one of the types that didn’t believe an eye for an eye type of justice if she was stopping him. His hand lifted to his helmet once more as she greeted him. The voice registering as female – which he had assumed from what he could make out. The sensors flicked off quickly, to see if she was visible and when she was, he dropped his hand to his side. ”Well, glad I didn’t just immediately try to cave your face in. I would have felt bad.’ The red Hood commented with a bit of humor.

”Now, mind telling me who the hell you are and why the fuck you’re interfering with my work? In case you haven’t noticed, Gotham City is a giant pool filled with shit like that bastard up there. Who needs to be scraped off this planet. And you just let the asshole get away.”


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Wanda Maximoff - 10-15-2018

Wanda would be lying if she said she had not judged him based on actions and appearance; that he had a brain was evident by his pinpointing her via what ever method, but his quick reactions told of the possibility of training. Training that might exceed her own...if Wanda hadn’t had decades more experience and her mutation to aid her. His call out seemed to indicate either a level of chivalry or simple misogyny with the implication that he would not like it have hurt her...or disfigured her. “Well.” Wanda cocked her head at his little speach, “I had no intention of becoming involved but the screaming-“ thick waves of auburn hair cascaded over shrugging shoulders. “Rather drew my attention, and than i could hardly simply watch him die.”

Wanda watched him curiously. “I see police near, but i take it they will not hold him?”


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Jason Todd - 10-15-2018

"You could have looked the other way so you didn't have to watch." He reasoned and he knew the argument was not in a literal sense of her watching the man die. He too could hear the sirens of Gotham City's finest coming toward the location as well. They were a joke for the most part - they never seemed capable of handling shit themselves or they simply didn't want to.

When she asked about the police holding Marcus, the Red Hood openly laughed at the notion. "You're definitely not from around here." He stated as though that statement alone was plain enough to know better. "Welcome to Gotham City then. The place were criminals own the police and walk free without consequences. Well... mostly. I'm one of the few real consequences they have to face."

He stepped closer to her and bent at the waist to eye her up, "Cute little tricks you got though. Magic? Not the first witch I've come across. Won't be the last. I suggest getting a better idea of what your mingling in before you piss someone off that's far less forgiving then I am." He turned his back toward her and gave a mock wave over his shoulders, "See ya witchy. I happen to have other targets tonight so I can't stick around and make flirty eyes at you all night."


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Wanda Maximoff - 10-15-2018

Realistically Wanda could not stop him, not unless she wished to truly become involved in this universe. Which held a host of issues on its own, which was why she had INTENDED on simply ghosting through, scouting the area around the portal from Hub.

Neither confirming nor denying the charge of welding magic Wanda instead walked a pace behind him; “And? Does it make a difference? Killing every criminal you judge?”


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Jason Todd - 10-17-2018

Was she following him? Of course she was. She already knew he would kill someone and he clearly had plans to kill more people. She already stopped him once. She would likely try to stop him again. He had hoped she would have grown some common sense and see the logic in his argument. She wasn't someone that he knew worked with Bruce so she could have been possibly reasoned with. He was starting to think that might not be the case though.

"Every death makes a difference because it stops them from hurting someone else in the future." Jason stated easily as if that should be argument enough. He turned around to face her once more, "Are you going to try and argue a case that proves me wrong? Because I've heard it before." His arms cross over his chest as he eyed her. "I've tried the no killing rule for years. Seen how ineffective it really is in Gotham City. All it ever earned me was vicious beating and getting my ass blown up...but please. If you can prove me wrong, please do so. Tell me that some crazed lunatic that has butchered thousands can be redeemed."


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Wanda Maximoff - 10-18-2018

“And no chance of redemption?” Wanda’s eyebrow rose challengingly. “By that logic you should also be killed for your crimes.” Her heels clicked out a beat on the grime covered pavement.

Wanda resisted the urge to roll her eyes at his example- “Clearly not. But was that the case with him?” She hooked her thumb at the rooftop behind them. “What crimes become worthy of death? How do you guarantee you have killed the correct man. How many men die for being involved? A driver? A cook? The bodyguard? The lookout?” Wanda shrugged, “Some cannot be redeemed. There is true evil in every world.” She agreed. “Finding line is difficult part.”


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Jason Todd - 10-19-2018

"They have had their chances at redemption. They didn't take it. Look at Arkham Asylum. Those freaks have been around longer than I've been alive. They break out time and time again. What do they do? They continue to murder and brutally beak whatever innocent soul is in this city." Jason argued back. There was plenty of opportunity for redemption but because no one was interested in such a thing, The Red Hood had been created in answer to that.

Well, at least she seemed willing to concede to the point that a murderer of thousands couldn't be redeemed. "Marcus? He sold women and children into the sex trade. Quite a number of them he had tested out himself. He's murdered plenty. Not thousands. But he's just as disgusting." Jason paused for a moment before he continued, "Someone who looks like you would be sold at premium if they could detain you. Beautiful woman like you? You'd be eaten alive." While it couldn't be seen, Jason was smirking lightly "And I mean that as the upmost compliment."


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Wanda Maximoff - 11-10-2018

The confusion at the name ‘Arkham’ was not well disguised, she gathered the context fairly quickly though. “Than this is something that needs changing in the management of the facility.” She pointed out logically.

Wanda heard his crimes with a narrowed thoughtful gaze, while she could not confirm them-

There was a drawn out scream in the background, scarlet sparkles dancing around her fingers as a distant crunch of impacting with unforgiving pavement was heard.

So unfortunate he slipped and fell, how awful he would need a body cast, too bad it would be weeks before he could move.

Her fingers flicked out, tightening into a fist as she pulled viciously on the threads of this world-

Yes just so very sad he would not find himself able to perform and without desire for many many months.

His complement was met with an even gaze, Wanda was well aware of her beauty, and while she did not choose to use it in the manner of Emma Frost or Natasha. She knew damn well that for a woman over fifty she hardly looked older than her mid twenties. Her father would cite the benefits of superior genetics- she just assumed her mutations ‘luck’ shifted in her favor.

“I notice you did not refute that by your logic you too should die.” Was all she said instead.


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Jason Todd - 12-01-2018

Jason smirked slightly at her suggestion and his shoulders shook lightly as he silently laughed at it. He shook his head lightly when he felt like he could talk once more without laughing at her, ”Fat luck at that. Got people there that’s been corrupted, blackmailed, or bribed by the very people they are supposed to care for. Same with the police in this city. Why do you think people like me came about in the first place? Out of necessity.” It was a cause and effect type thing. People caused shit to happen, corrupted and poisoned the legal system, so people like Jason would step out from the darkness to battle against the anarchy and the corruption. It wasn’t even just Gotham City that was the issue. That problem was spread out everywhere which was why vigilantes and the so called ‘superheroes’ came about in the first place. They’d been around before Jason had ever donned the moniker of the Red Hood. The tried to do what was ‘right’ and after a while the cycle simply didn’t change. Things arguably got worse. Jason felt the only way to deal with the crime and corruption – the only way to clean it up was to just erase it from existence.

The pretty lady was sharp as much as her looks as she pointed out that he didn’t leave out his deserving of dying. ”Eh.” He shrugged his shoulders lightly. ”When the time comes, it’ll happen again. Who knows. Don’t care.” He’d already died once before. He came back with a better perspective on how to deal with the crime and with a piss poorer temper. His temper had been bad even when he was a boy in tights. It just was far shorter now that he was much taller.

”Tell you what, Red.” He pulled out his phone and started to look up the next destination he needed to go. ”I’m on a tight schedule. But I’m willing to play ball. So I’ll go after a the next person. The worst I’ll do is blow his kneecap out so he can’t run. Then while he groveling in pain, I’ll inform you of his crimes, let you see it first hand. And you can tell me what you feel the best way to deal a scumbag like that. Then if you see my way is better, I’ll do the dirty deed of getting rid of him and you owe me a dinner. If you can find it in your heart to give the asshole another life, I’ll owe you a dinner.” His voice sounded amused at the proposal. Either way he setting up the terms to be winning at the end of the night for himself.


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Wanda Maximoff - 12-07-2018

So this was Chris’s home, his sister's city. A place more alike to the warlord run hell states of her childhood; at least if this man was to be believed. Wanda had a history of her mind playing tricks, of being unable to trust her own senses to tell her true, but what her instincts were saying was that while this man seemed near a edge of his own- the ghost of demonic laughter stalked his soul- he did seem to be telling the truth that he believed.

‘Happen again.’

Sapphire sharp eyes snapped over to him, narrowing- ah. there was no hyperbola there, she could just touch the web of this world, feel the odd harmonic that was his return to the living out of place and plan. Something had literally shattered the this reality and a side effect...this.

Wanda reminded herself that she could not, should not be drawn in too deeply into this world, that she’d simply come to see what could be seen, to feel the threads of magic...and yet here she was nodding at his offer.

“Lead the way.”


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Jason Todd - 12-09-2018

When it seemed that Red was going to aid to the deal, that left the Red Hood into moving forward with his schedule. The second stop of the evening wouldn’t involve taking out a whole gang to get to a bad man – that was the appetizer of the evening. The main course had the Red Hood leading his date for the evening (or companion was a more accurate term) toward the other side of town and away from the sirens that filled the air. The literal fire left in his wake would require a lot of attention on that building and a whole lot of paperwork for the men in blue from the bodies he had left in his wake.

The second stop was far easier to get through to. There was no security detail protecting the man. He was a snake that thought he could slither in a dark corner of the city to avoid any detection. Jason wasn’t one for making a quiet entrance these days, so when he had instructed red to hang back while he moved forward, the Red Hood had literally went crashing through a window. It was much to the surprise of Doctor O’Hara who had just gotten home a few minutes earlier. The Red Hood needed no introduction and the moment O’Hara had seen who came crashing through the window, he had screamed for help and started to run for the door in nothing but his boxers.

True to his word, he didn’t kill O’Hara. Instead, Jason caught up with the man with relative ease and punched him square in the face to send him falling flat on his ass. He drew his gun and focused it on the man next, ”Uh uh uh, stay there, Doc. Got someone who wants to meet ya.” He waited for Red to reappear.

O’Hara was a slimeball who worked for the a shadow government company called Cadmus. They captured metahumans, put them under their control, and made them do things to further expand Cadmus’ power. There was nothing like having a small bomb placed in the back of your neck with the threat of a button. They also were heavy into experimentation and dissecting their specimens. Now O’Hara was one of the head doctors and scientists that experimented on his subjects. He also liked to exert his power over prisoners in the facility – whether they were willing or not. ”Now Doc. Go ahead and tell my pretty friend here what you like to do in your off duty hours. Don’t spare any details. Get nice and vivid. Every lie results in getting shot…and trust me, I already know everything.”


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Wanda Maximoff - 12-09-2018

He reminded her of Logan. The fact that that particular gruff mutant wouldn’t enjoy the comparison only made it more apt.

If he meant to shock her..well This was not the first mutant hating scientist she’d heard testimony from; each stuttered confession brought back the horrors her parents people had endured before when it was a different hate based on genetics.

Every liberation of Genosha, she’d seen and heard worse, and while she shared his temptation to destroy the man who’s hands caused so much pain- Wanda was not the jury of this man.

“Do you hate-“ What did he say? meta? “Metahumans?” The man frantically shook his head, the babbling made it clear that he saw them as subhuman, with out rights or feelings.

How often had she seen this?

Even if he’d said yes- “There will always be people that fear the Other.” Standing from her crouch Wanda shook her head. “I have seen more of his kind repeated through the decades than I wish. But no, to kill him would be to perpetuate the cycle, to tell others like him they are right to fear, to hunt. To treat mu-“ carefully “metas as a danger. Death is Not a Solution.”


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Jason Todd - 12-09-2018

”I’m no Meta.” Jason said with an odd sense of amusement and pride in his tone. There was pride because he was not some superhuman individual that was capable of unbelievable feats; however, somehow Jason still managed to keep up with the likes of Koriand’r and Amazons when he had fought beside them. Jason killing him as the Red Hood would only prove to make it seem like he had been hit by the detestable thug, Red Hood. Who terrorized the streets at night.

”Killing’s not the solution then there is no solution. Trust me. There is no getting someone like him behind bars. Cadmus controls the politics more than anyone else. Can’t get rid of Cadmus through legal means and even hard evidence against this guy in a courtroom will still come out to find a way to set him free and continue his work. That’s Gotham City for you, sweetheart.” He lifted his shoulders up into a shrug before he shook his head lightly, ”But what do I know, I only lived here my whole life and watched the failings of heroes and the lack of change.” How many years had Bruce fought on the streets of Gotham and everything seemed to only get worse as time went on? Longer than Jason had been alive most likely.

”So what’s the solution, Red? Want to ask him nicely to stop? Pretty sure Cadmus will just do what I want to do to him right now if he listened.” Honestly, Jason wasn't so close-minded to believe that there was only one way. He just knew that it wasn't likely for there to be a happy legal way of doing anything these days. He had seen what trying to follow rules did. Still, he was curious about any method. In his mind, what he did got results. It was messy, it wasn't legal, but the assholes he killed and put six feet under also weren't going to be getting up the next day to continue the mayhem they were creating. They wouldn't be breaking out of prison in a few weeks to continue killing.


RE: Blood Runs Hot - Wanda Maximoff - 12-09-2018

This was a quandary, when she was foiled by the legal process Wanda had only a few other means, but than she had never really worked alone before, she’d always at the least had her brother.

“Do you believe in magic?” Wanda smiled, staring at the man before her, but the question was for both; “You have a choice James O’Hara. To continue live the life you have, every action made against an unwilling soul will mirror on your body-“ She was no great magician like Strange, but she’d been taught by Agatha Harkess and gods knew she had power to spare. Her problem has always been finesse not ability.

Scarlet rune lines spread out into a pentagram shape, mirroring the ones slipping over his skin. “Harm given is harm taken. By word, or deed, the price paid shall be yours.”

The magic faded burned into the very lines of his destiny. “The Solution is we give him the choice, since your justice system has failed, we reintroduce an inescapable element.”