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Honest Steve's Honest Wanted Ads - Jane Foster - 09-04-2018

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Thor Odinson.
This is the God of Thunder, Jane's ex-love and the former weilder of the hammer Mjolnir. However after a fateful encounter with a mysterious foe, Thor was rendered unable to wield the hammer that meant so much to him that he is now unsure of who he is without it. After learning another had taken the hammer and took the mantle of Thor, the-god-formerly-known-as-Thor decided to leave Asgard to search for this new goddess of thunder to determine if she was a cowardly thief or a worthy successor.

I've got nothing set in stone in regards to what I want from these two. Would be nice to have Thor become a mentor of sorts to the new god as he learns to accept change, or maybe even take new responsibilities such as becoming the new All-Father.

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Wonder Woman
Shaped by clay by her mother on the island of the Amazons, and given life by the Greek Goddesses, Wonder Woman was raised in paradise on a magical island where ancient women lived in solitude until a crisis caused her to leave her home for man's world. Away from her home Diana made it her mission to advocate the peace she knew in her home.

I'd love for these two to meet and kick ass and make a life-long lady friendship.

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Kratos is a Greek God from a universe where the gods are a lot less noble than those of Jane's. He killed his family after a squabble got out of control and brought ruin to his home so he moved to the land of Midgard to start over. He's since seen the error of his ways and works to control his mighty rage, whilst rising his son in the harsh wilderness.

A friendly Thor and Kratos, what could go wrong?

RE: Honest Steve's Honest Wanted Ads - kel - 09-07-2018

Well you have a lady thor Big Grin

RE: Honest Steve's Honest Wanted Ads - Jane Foster - 09-07-2018

(09-07-2018, 06:16 AM)kel Wrote: @honeststeve
Well you have a lady thor Big Grin

Umm, yes??