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Thread Contributor: Arjay Lo'RanWorking in mysterious ways Tag: Queth
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This was not the best day of Arjay's life. His first outing in Faerun as a god had gone better than he ever could have hoped, but the return? Ohhhh the return had been a mess. Blame not knowing the impulses of his power, blame being hurt and tired and weak, blame just being an idiot (he had his money on the last one), but he'd screwed things up royally. Oh, it was in his power to fix, of course... or it would have been, if Belle weren't hosting a malevolent item that was determined to not let him fix it and put a stop to the self-destructively foolish ideas going through her head all because in a moment of weakness, he had been a complete idiot.

Fortunately? While he failed to make any headway arguing with this spirit, he'd had another plan in mind already. One he didn't like as much, but still one that would work. He had some reservations about it, but the only one that this could really go badly for was himself... and that was acceptable right now.

He wasn't sure where Queth was right now, just that he could sense her in the Hub, and that was enough. He cast his magic out and the illusion formed next to her, with no warning or preamble. There wasn't time for that. If he were the one in trouble, that would be all right, but it was Belle in trouble, and there was no room for any error caused by delay.

"Queth? I need your help." He paused, then sighed, shame forcing him to be honest. "Belle needs you. She's not in danger," he quickly added. "But she needs someone to be there for her right now, and I'm the problem, not a solution."


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