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Supernatural-8th season?

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Castiel had little time to hesitate- he head learned from too many experiences with wounded that any second could be the last for a human- and though the goddess might be able to restore them to some semblance of life, Cas had never shied away from helping if he could. It took him little more than a blink to end up underneath the island, sealing the wound of the relatively familiar redhead.

He knew her. She was-

Oh. Cas closed his eyes and forced as much healing as he could, the stub of her arm growing a good inch before he was too expended to do much more. It was the least he could do for Christian's sister, Belle. A cold feeling creeped along his neck as it occurred to him that Chris may also be under this stone.

He noticed the flattened fingers crushed under nearby debris and turned the surprisingly small woman away so that she would not see it when she awoke. He took one additional moment to lift the debris off of the dismembered limb, liberating the watch from her lifeless wrist. Cas was quite confident that he would not be able to reattach the arm- leaving it useless unless someone else could do so.

As he was thinking this, he watched in horror as his shifting of debris sent a new wave of rocks slamming down into the- well. To call it a human limb at this point would be charitable. He set a stone down softly in front of it before attempting to wake Belle.


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All of these poor souls were dead. Serafina had seen the dead before; she was young and protected, but not naive or sequestered. Her father was an angel, a warrior. Her other father was a hunter, the protector of the innocent. She wasn’t afraid of death, or of dead bodies, but seeing no one alive here, that was disturbing. So she made sure she stuck within eyesight of her father, because the teenaged nephilim was more than a little creeped out now.

The goddess lady was doing things with dead people, and in all honesty, Sera wasn’t interested in sticking around for that. Not because it turned her stomach, nope, not at all, but because she couldn’t help over there and thus no point to be around for it.

And then her father flew away.

Damn it all, Sera didn’t want to be alone here, and even surrounded in all the weird people that had gathered to do the right thing and help anyone who needed it, Serafina was alone without any family with her. So she did the only thing that was, once again, left for her to do; she flew after Castiel.

When she landed, appearing in the small space with the sleeping (comatose?) Belle and her father, Sera blinked at what she saw, looking to Castiel before she whispered too softly for Belle to hear, “Dad?” This poor woman… They’d need to get her out of here. Still whispering, she asked, “Is she safe to be moved?”


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The angel’s (and the nephilim’s) journey down into the space where Belle was trapped wasn’t exactly the uneventful action that they might have expected. As they passed through the island, they would both experience in that split second an echo of panic, a sympathetic terror, an agony of loss… but it was all gone once they were in with Belle, lost to the much-easier-to-process situation presented to them then. That is, lost until Cas’s shifting of the rubble, and the resulting thumps of rock, elicited a light shower of earth from above, pouring dirt down his neck… and a few of the glowing crystals.

Once the crystal touched their skin, it was much more than their ethereal passing through the island had been able to do. Once they were touching it, they could see flashes of disjointed images. They saw islands floating in the air, with clouds passing above and below them. They saw the floating ships and giant birds that transported people from place to place in this aerial paradise. They saw a giant floating island that was nothing but sea for as far as the eye could see.

Then they could see wars, knights mounted atop giant birds battling each other, knocking each other off their mounts as they flew over the rocky islands and the molten core that lay beneath the lush islands above. They saw islands falling, crashing into the magma below, rocky wastes and inhabited islands alike. They saw the ocean pouring out as its island fell. And they saw one last small island, holding what could only be called a temple with a great eagle atop it, falling as the flying knights jousted desperately above it.

All of this was imparted straight into their minds, the last thoughts of the world stored in the crystals around them.

On the surface, the men stared blankly at Fizzle and the others, almost at a loss now that they were alive and no longer falling. “This… doesn’t happen…” one of them said, sounding confused, but even as he did, they began to slowly grow more ghostly.

“It just… died. It always dies… everything Breaks,” another tried, looking for the world like he was trying to remember something, something he’d long forgotten. Ranni, though, being the source of their new life would be able to tell that something was wrong with their very existence. One moment, they felt like people that had just died, the next, they felt like they had just been imagined into existence, and a poor imagination at that.
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Dungeons and Dragons-Forgotten Realms

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Arjay had, of course, dealt with younger, even infant, cousins, but in that moment, he realized that he hadn't actually been left alone with one before, and certainly not in a location like this. It was, actually, one of the most stressful things he'd ever had asked of him, and he'd once had to personally negotiate with a shadow lord to stop an impending assault on Shadowdale. That fact, to an impending father, was... humbling.

Granted, he had to admit, in a situation like this, he was probably better able to protect the child than many others, so he couldn't fault the choice. A simple spell kept the wind lightly circling them, keeping the air clear around them as he sat down, lightly holding his aching head with his free hand. "I'm glad you're too young to remember this little lesson I've been given about hubris, little one," he mused, still not sure what had happened.

Still, he wasn't exactly helpless in the matter, and he didn't need to leave the child (or worse, bring it with him!) to enter the ruined island. The child's father was out there now... he didn't need to cast his power about aimlessly to find that heart.

In the space under the island, Arjay appeared as well. "Your child is fine, I'm not really here," he said, probably unnecessarily. He didn't have to really use his power on the angel to use him as a tether to project his image, but he still got enough of an idea about him to realize that he wasn't someone that would be fooled by an illusory body. "Enough of me is here, though, that I can help, though. Sweet heartbreak, Belle, what were you doing here..." Kneeling down, he reached out with the illusion's hand, touching Belle's forehead and casting a regeneration spell on her. "Not the fastest acting healing, but it should help with her arm at least," he said. "Unfortunately, I can't do anything to get her out of here in my current state." He looked up hopefully at the angel.
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