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Everything the light touches...IS ON FIRE
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“I create liffffeeeee!” Shuri’s back bowed backwards fingers curled into claws a maniac laugh echoing through the lab space. The purple veined portal cleverly embedded into her own set of security protocols to keep anyone from accessing the portal from the other side; keyed to each person's individual Kimoyo beads, even if they were stolen or taken it wouldn’t activate without the owner.

And because Shuri was no man’s fool each person had an alarm that would sound on the Wakandan side bringing swift response from Dora Milaje.

Taking a huge breath Shuri straightened a huge manic grin “So i vote not me first.” As though she honestly expected ANYONE of the others would ‘allow’ that.

She was ssoooo going to be second though.


Passing through the portal Shuri was too fascinated by the simulation of New York.

What would become clear later was that a second portal had been generated in the new Wankandan district but since Shuri had been honing in on Parker and Coulson it opened where theirs had.

…which was outside a Stark tower currently on fire.


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Bucky couldn't help the chuckle that Princess Shuri inspired with her dramatics. He'd say she was only doing them to amuse her audience, but he was also relatively confident he had heard her cackling at night when no one else was there. It was strangely endearing, and he had to bite his lip to not grin at her how he'd like to. (Bucky didn't want T'challa getting the wrong idea of Bucky's intentions. (certainly it would be an apt idea of his desires... But there was a difference.))

"Most Impressive Princess Shuri." He offered quietly. Bucky wasn't surprised she had managed, but then she had managed to wipe his programming from his mind without functionally changing him- which he had thought was impossible. So Shuri wasn't able to surprise him as much as she used to.

When she commented that she didn't want to go first, Bucky stepped forward. "I believe that's the cue for the expendable member of the trip." He remarked with a grin before moving to step through. "I'll message back if it's safe." Bucky offered before moving through without hesitation.

Standing on the other side, he tapped the message into the beads he was still learning to understand as he processed the area around him. As the others came through, he posed a quick question. "Princess Shuri- what are the chances you'd be willing to wait here?"

Bucky barely finished his own question before taking off at a sprint towards the tower. T'challa and Okoye could care for themselves- and Shuri was smart enough to know not to run into the fire. The question was whether her patience would tolerate the time it took Bucky to make sure the tower was cleared of people and animals.

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