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RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

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Death takes a Stroll
June: 19th Open

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The feel of wind on her cheeks.

Sharp almost biting cold against her aspects teeth.

Humanity was a skin she rarely wore, yet here and now it was welcome.

Death walked in sunshine and smiled.

There was no where she needed to be, no soul to gather, no fate to embody, no destiny to facilitate, she was simply what she appeared to be for once; a woman taking a walk, stepping out of a district currently in winter Death let the sunshine of the next melt the snow from her shoulders, unbuttoning the carmel colored cashmere overcoat before putting her hands into her pockets, letting it swing open jauntily.

Deaths outfit matched the New York she had just left, one that could fit any number of decades and still be in style in many worlds, and completely ridiculous in a thousand others. How amusing it was to see mortal’s reactions to simple wardrobe choices completely changing their opinion of a person based on their own cultural expectations.

A bird flew into the window next to her head and Death flinched back; a real bird, one brought from a world shifted away had died in Hub.

“Not your time little one.” a slim finger reached out, the bronze color of her nail blending with the birds feathers. “Not here.” the creature shook itself hoping to its feet.

And here she had thought there was no work for her today.

And yet even Brids exercised Free Will to keep her on her toes.

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