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07.11.15 - Or perhaps he's wondering why someone would shoot a man before throwing him out of the plane.

I'm Gotham's reckoning. It'll end the ball of damns you've all been living on. A necessary evil.

05.11.15 - You fight like a younger man, there's nothing held back. It's admirable, but mistaken. I am the League of Shadows.

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Hanali blinked in surprise as the human rounded on her- part of her was impressed by his nerve, and another was decidedly feeling annoyed. That part went by the name of Sune- though Hanali was plenty indignant. "Am I being rude? Certainly. Because he hit me in the head with newspaper." Hanali reminded, putting her hands on her hips and pursing her lips at him. "Me forcing him to do anything would require me to actually want to do that with him." She added with a grumble as she folded her arms.

For a brief moment before her power merged once again with the other avatar of the Goddess. Sune still wore a frown. "I don't screw, fuck, fool around- I make love. To do so- kind of requires there to be love involved. As pointed out, this one introduced himself by hitting me." So. No. Not likely to happen." She slowed her tirade- surprised when the Angel stood up for her patron emotion.

Forcing a deep breath out, she moved slowly to stand in front of the human, carefully turning his head so their eyes met. "Love is wilful, it happens even when you want it least. It carves itself into you- and it absolutely leaves scars. I am all of that rolled into one being- and I will not make a decision for another." Sune spoke quietly but the fire of her hair shone in her eyes as well. "The reason I claim to get extra good service here is because the owner is my lover. Who I waited 220 years until he was in a place where I would not hurt him emotionally by loving him. Despite being the ultimate pushy bitch."

Standing back she grinned at Gabriel. "Thank you. I know our meeting has been less than ideal, but I appreciate you helping him not to misunderstand." She offered him a hand to shake before offering a final comment to Chris. "Never doubt that your heart is an incredible thing. Even when my nature of being also Goddess of Passion gets the better of me- Love is the most incredible thing- it lights up darkness that nothing else can. A life without it is a very sad one indeed." She offered, before turning and stepping out of that plane of existence.
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Yeah, so he’d really, actually done that. He had gone and told off an actual, real goddess. The incarnation of love, of all things.

Safi was never going to love him back now.

The blood drained from his face as that thought, and the reality of just how mortal and squishy he really was sunk in. The touch to his shoulder caused him to flinch, but he didn’t pull away. Nope, if he were going to get smited, then he was going to stand right here and take it as best as he could, even if it were trembling and pale. Being told to calm down by Gabriel earned him a distressed and rather terrified look from Christian. Yeah, he was realizing just what he had done. Realizing it and worrying over it…

Love was a bully. He couldn’t really argue it; love had had him do, say, think, and feel things that he would never have thought that he would. Gabriel’s words about idiots never making a move earned a rather stern and somewhat offended frown, “Some people just need more time than others!”

While Sune and Hanali put him in his place, Chris bowed his head and winced, not looking up at her. Nope, he knew he’d messed up; a human telling off a god.

Was he suicidal? No, he was pretty sure he wanted to live… But the way she’d acted with Gabriel, who had only come to protect him, that had upset Chris. Oh sure, Gabriel hadn’t been the nicest to her, but again, he’d come to protect Christian… Still, Gabriel had chastised him, now Sune was doing so as well. When she reached out and took his face, he very carefully didn’t flinch, the brown eyes that reluctantly met hers were frightened, but he refused to be a coward. He frowned, his eyes moist, “Love just hurts.” It was the truth, and unrequited love was even worse, or at least, he assumed it hurt a lot less if the person you loved loved you back. Loving Belle didn’t hurt like this, that was for sure.

Never doubt that his heart was an incredible thing. Well sure, it could deal with a lot, and it kept him going, but… “I’m sorry.” It was a simple apology, but it was an honest one; he’d hurt her feelings, and that hadn’t really been his point.

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