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If Wishes Were Horses....
tag Nala and Taarus
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Somehow the two men were being a semblance of civil- and Nala could not be more relieved. She didn't know enough about Taarus to predict his reactions- and she did know that Kaalth was prone to low self esteem- something that could be volatile if not violent. Quietly thanking the Goddess when her cousin suggested leaving, Nala nodded and turned to Kaalth. "Make sure to introduce him to my father and Padma as well before you head off to the market- I don't imagine either one will focus well on work if they can scent a stranger in their living quarters." Glancing at Taarus out of the corner of her eye- and noting that he was looking around the room rather than focusing on her at the moment- She stood on her toes and pressed a quick kiss against Kaalth's mouth before backing away.

Finally leaving his embrace, Nala smiled at him as she turned to follow her cousin- pausing only to address her new follower. "If you need to get in contact with me or my cousin- I'll be on my shift when you get back- and Kaalth can help you find Jaya if you need her and- Welcome Taarus." She said softly, flashing him a bright grin before trailing Jaya into her office and sitting with a small exhale of relief.

"So. That happened." Nala managed with a bit of shock evident in her voice. "Thank you Cousin- for going along with setting Taarus up as a bouncer- I have to admit I was sort of at a loss for something else to do."
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Kaalth kissed Nala back, smiling as he thought about her instructions to introduce Taarus to Ruvet and Padma. That was the obvious solution to his problems. Padma was lovely, and appealing, and surely she would want to entice the newcomer, removing any chance that Taarus would be interested in Nala. Even if the card Nala had drawn had brought the man here.

"This is the main floor of the club." Kaalth said, a gesture encompassing the room "storage room is behind the bar. I know Jaya said you'd be bouncing, but you'll probably end up spending some time making sure stuff stays stocked, especially when we're busy, so I'll show you that." he lead Taarus over to the bar, explaining what liquor was kept where, and then doing the same in the storage room. Taking a moment to introduce Taarus to Mario, who was filling in at the bar at the moment.

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