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Bucky listened carefully to the man rambling at Safi- since he answered the question well enough- though it was pretty obviously not directed at Bucky. He was pretty content to be ignored actually- he didn't hate hugs but he was getting all kinds of violent responses to his presence. If he hadn't given as good as he got he might still be annoyed at Safi- but despite not wanting to be compared to Bucky's best friend- the two were both, at their core, very similar. At least of what Bucky knew about Safi.

He was ready to wait until Safi had a chance to acknowledge him when Tony Stark was suddenly in his face. He nearly paled and stepped back- before he noticed the behaviour. Tony would be just as bristly at Bucky- but he wouldn't be trying to protect Safi from him. He'd know that Bucky hadn't done anything to the man. Pasting an easy smile on his face he offered his hand to shake. "Hello- You must be Safi's friend- It's a pleasure to meet you." He paused for a second before remembering that this man would think he was Jimmy. "I'm Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes, formerly of the 107th and the Howling Commandos. You may know me as Captain America's best friend or- though I don't think the title is accurate- his sidekick, Bucky."

Ducking slightly as though to whisper a secret to the other man he grinned and gave a quiet remark. "If you wanted to punch me- you don't have to worry, Safi's got you covered." Returning to a straight necked position he grinned at Safi as he spoke to the taller of the two men. "Seems like you got yourself a pretty swell pal there Safi."

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So Safi might have a slight problem underestimating his arrival times when it came to Chris, usually because he had to grab something on the way. In this case it was what he had in the way of personal arms, and armor. Which once he had taken and returned the hug resting his cheek on the top of Chris’s Head While subtlety shifting so that Chris was blocked from the rest of the lingering people he pulled out of the duffle.

“Hold still," he ordered, only half glancing up when Barnes joined them, Chris going into angry chinchilla mode was adorable and if he wasn’t currently manhandling the smaller man into his old body armor he’d have appreciated more.

Going to one knee Safi nodded along to Barnes’s introduction, tightening the straps on his old tac vest to fit Chris’s smaller frame. The body armor was better suited to higher caliber impacts and the ceramic plates would stop knives, which the low profile Kevlar he wore as a bodyguard which might have fit better wouldn’t.

In other words: Safi was giving Chris the best physical protection he had to offer.
and in return Chris gave him a...Dora the explorer watch...well ok. Safi secured it to the chain of his dog tags he’d see if it even fit in his wrist later.

“I’m ignoring the turtle thing. And trusting you know where you are going.” He buckled the empty holster around Chris’s thigh. “Knew I should have taken you shooting.” He lamented sliding a 9 mil home. “Hardest thing about this is the kick, point pull, realign, repeat.” Standing Safi brushed Chris’s hair back to slip in an ear piece, “We’ll get her back.” He promised softly. One way or another Chris was going home with his sister.

“I’ve got six coms.” He turned his attention to the rest of the group trying to size them up, “Not sure if they will work where we are going but Incase we get separated let’s try and stack the odds.”

Safi reached out to clasp Barnes arm once “Thanks for the assist.”

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They would get Belle back. Safi was here, and that meant that this would be okay. They had the red-haired girl, and the cowboy, the floating guy, Queth, and Safi. They’d be fine.

Safi told him to hold still, and Christian, who was nearly almost always in some sort of motion; bouncing, fidgeting, working on a project, pacing, gave the larger man a ‘I’m going to do my best’ smile that was just a little bit tighter than normal, and went more still than Safi likely had ever seen him. He didn’t fight against Safi’s ministrations, but he watched, frowning at the armor, “You really think all of this is necessary, Safi?”

He hated just how silly the watch looked; it was just perfect, though, wasn’t it? He was a silly, stupid little man, of course he’d only be able to get a silly, stupid looking thing from a wish. He should have been more specific in his wording of the thing. Now, he was pressing a pink Dora the Explorer watch at Safi, hoping that the other man wouldn’t just refuse the watch.

And then Safi’s… Ex-best-friend? Came walking up, and Christian couldn’t help it, every piece of him screamed out ‘nope!’. He was very nearly growling at Buchanan when the other man offered up a handshake. A handshake?! The pure confusion that the action earned from Christian was evident as he tried to figure out just how to react to… This. To… Bucky? Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.

Chris had been in Hub for a while now, and had made friends. He’d become friends with Steve Rogers, and Steve hadn’t said that his best friend had arrived in Hub… But… Well hell. The fight drained out of Christian as Safi quietly agreed with Bucky, and the realization of what he’d been doing dawned on him.

Oh, hell.

Right along with the fight, the color drained from Chris’ face, and he tensed as he nearly took a step back in an attempt to hide behind the man kneeling beside him, who was… Wait, what was Safi doing?

He saw the holster, and blinked at it, blushed as Safi reached and strapped the thing on, and all but shivered. Still. When Safi started to explain about how to use the gun, Chris frowned, “I’m not going to shoot anyone, Safi…” He did believe that they’d get Belle back. Safi was here, and they had all of this help, and it was going to be okay. It had to be okay. His eyes slid shut for a moment, letting Safi’s touch and Safi’s voice be a soothing, calming influence. “Thank you, Safi.” His voice was soft now, meant for Safi’s ears alone.

A moment later, he was looking far more shyly at Bucky, the smile he gave the other man a tentative one, “Sorry… And, um, no… I don’t want to punch you. I don’t… Safi does the punching.” He nodded as he spoke, staying close to Safi and pointing to the watch, not about to let him get away with that, “You gotta wear it for it to work, Safi. On your wrist.”

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