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Jaya's eyes were full of mischief when she smiled back at him "Oh yes indeed. I've always thought that the best way to get to know someone is to explore all the different forms of communication possible. Words can only show so much." Not that she couldn't lie just as well with her body, but she doubted that the females he'd been with before had been as skilled. "That is something you should explain to me." Jaya said. She had a good grounding in the sexual mores of most of the sentient races in the Alpha Quadrant, but that didn't mean she'd throw away the chance to learn more. Especially if it kept his focus on coupling "I'm a bit old-fashioned myself, but I think those words mean different things to us." not that she'd explain fully what an "old-fashioned" Orion girl was like, but still, it seemed like a good conversational gambit.

"Yes, we are." Jaya replied "Particularly since no one else from our universe seems to be here. Which makes sense, if the main portal is in the middle of space."

"Science after, then." Jaya said, yielding the point with a nod of her head "I'm glad your no Vulcan, I'd hate to wait seven years to have a chance." Not that she'd ever coupled with a Vulcan, although she'd read the reports of the handful of Orions who had, and apparently the experience was rather memorable.

"I do have time." Jaya said, slipping her arm though his, knowing that it was a traditional way for Terran males to escort females, and besides, it kept her in physical contact with him.

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