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Artificial realities
August 18 - Friday
Westworld/The Dark Tower-Westworld-1

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Well now, he could smoke. That was a pleasant surprise. Virgil took out his tobacco pouch, filling his pipe (he'd never really taken to cigarettes like many of the other Gunslingers had) and lighting it as he sat back again, lounging comfortably in the apparent smoking room. "Thankee, sai," he said, letting the comfortable smell of the tobacco settle around him. "Now... as to your question? All of them." He let that one sink in a moment as he took puff from the pipe. "If all your worlds share the same part of this Hub, they all have something in common. You're like as not to find things that happened similarly in all of them, things that didn't happen on worlds that come from a different part of the Hub. Not exactly the same, of course, but close enough. Things go badly, some strange element is introduced that tips the scales toward chaos and destruction, but something else comes to balance it, things not seen in other parts of the Hub."

Her second question made him smile a bit before he answered. "Something can be two things, sai. A machine can be a man. A rose can be the tower. A man can be a god. A city can be a staging point. Some worlds end, it happens. It's a tragedy, of course, but it does, and some people end up here when it ends. Some of them move on to other worlds, but some of them stay here. Other people come here by accident, like I did, like I think you might have. This place calls who it needs, and it also calls who they need. I can't speak for everyone, but I would find the place much less easy to work from, to live in, if there weren't anyone else here, if there weren't people coming and going, bringing the things we need. So yes... there are plenty of people that just go about their lives here. There are plenty more that explore, help. I've worked with some of them, and I've worked on my own."

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