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Anakin Skywalker-StarWars-Movieverse [WIP]
The Chosen One
Star Wars-Movieverse

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The Chosen One
Ship Status: Seperated
Sexual Orientation: Questionable

Points: 55€
Anakin Skywalker
full name: Anakin Skywalker
nicknames/aliases/code name:
"The Chosen One"
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: Yes
species: Human
gender: Male
age: 23
date of birth: 41 BBY
place of birth: Tatooine
starting location: The Hub
originating fandom: Star Wars
fandom universe: Movieverse
pronouns: He - Him - His
occupation: Fallen Jedi
languages: Galactic Basic
He also has some knowledge of a few different alien languages
playby: Hayden Christensen
height: 6ft 1in
weight: 182 lbs
hair color: Brown
eye color: Blue or Yellow
distinguishing features:
A long scar going down his right eye and a cybernetic right arm made with durasteel
sexual orientation: Heterosexual Questionable
Mother - Shmi Skywalker - Deceased
Father - UnKnown

relationship status: Married but seperated
The Force
Blessed with impressive reflexes that were typical of a Jedi, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn saw enormous potential in the 9-year-old Skywalker, and believed him to have been conceived by the Force itself.
In his teen years, Skywalker's Force training progressed to the point where he was able to manifest various abilities, and Kenobi thought of him as being "advanced for his age". Skywalker also showed aptitude for precognitive dreams, as was the case when he foresaw the deaths of both his mother and his wife in dreams,
Even as a late beginner, by his own admission, he was very good at it, better than any Padawan his age, and most of the older ones as well. He could lift lightsabers in the air and ignite them with ease, as he did once to scare a pair of Padawans who had called him a "slave to his emotions." Despite having an exceptionally strong connection to the Force, Skywalker tended not to use it very often during lightsaber duels and focused instead on the physical aspects of combat. This tendency held even when facing opponents like Dooku who used the Force freely.
Showing a tendency to use Force choke, especially when angered, Skywalker would go on to use this power to deadly effect when he assumed his Sith persona—but, rather than a means to an end, he would use to kill those who displeased him or failed to meet his expectations.
Even at a young age, Skywalker demonstrated a great aptitude for mechanics, and engineering—he rebuilt the protocol droid C-3PO, an advanced droid fluent in over six million forms of communication, as well as a functional podracer. Although during his adulthood he would rarely use his talent as a mechanic, he would remain skilled at repairing technology.
As a pilot, Skywalker showed an amazing ability that few were able to surpass, and Kenobi would later describe him as "the best star pilot in the galaxy." He once managed to land the Invisible Hand when it was half-destroyed and breaking up in the atmosphere. After becoming Vader, he remained an exceptionally skilled pilot, as shown when he single-handedly almost destroyed Phoenix Squadron in a lone TIE Advanced x1, easily out-flying their entire fleet and forcing their command to abandon ship.
Although he mainly used lightsabers, Skywalker was extremely proficient at the use of blaster pistols. He also had some training on the use of staves, a skill he once taught to a Felucian village so that they could defend themselves.
experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.
wanting something very much, typically with a feeling of unease.

causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way.
causing or intended to cause harm or trouble.
without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action.
without consideration of the possible consequences.

fierce, violent, and uncontrolled.
cruel and vicious; aggressively hostile.

extremely severe or harmful in its effects.
bitterly hostile.
equipment: Lightsaber

Believed to have been conceived by The Force itself, Anakin Skywalker was born to the slave Shmi Skywalker. Skywalker and his mother were originally owned by Gardulla the Hutt until she lost them to the Toydarian Watto in a podracing bet when Skywalker was age 3. Affectionately nicknamed "Ani", he worked in his master's shop, located in Mos Espa.
Even at a young age, Skywalker exhibited exceptional piloting skills, and built the protocol droid C-3PO, specially modified to withstand Tatooine's sand and heat, for his mother. Once, while he was working in Watto's scrap yard, he found a broken servomotor he thought he could repair and use on the droid he was building and asked his master for it. With a glance, Watto saw that it was worthless and grunted that he could, but as Skywalker walked away, Watto told him nothing was free, and had him work harder the next day. Skywalker got the photoreceptors for the droid at a market in Mos Espa. Though a Gran wanted them too and chased him through the market, Skywalker escaped by destroying an Ithorian's stall and blocking the Gran's pursuit. He was close friends with fellow slaves Kitster Banai and Wald, as well as the elderly Jira. He also built his own podracer.
At the age of 9, Skywalker encountered the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, Padmé Amidala, Jar Jar Binks, and R2-D2, during their search for a new hyperdrive unit for the Naboo Royal Starship. Seeing his potential as Jedi, Jinn allowed Skywalker to help them secure the parts they needed for their starship by winning the Boonta Eve Classic—only to learn that he had also won his freedom in doing so. After a heartfelt farewell to his mother, Skywalker met Jinn's Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and accompanied the Jedi pair to Coruscant, where he was presented to the High Council. Despite Jinn's claim that he was the Chosen One, the Council determined that Skywalker was not to be trained in accordance to the Jedi Code; instead, they sent Jinn and Kenobi back to Naboo to protect Queen Amidala and lure out their mysterious assailant, the Zabrak Sith Lord Darth Maul.

On Naboo, during the battle between the Gungans and the Naboo and the droid armies of the Trade Federation, Skywalker was forced to hide in the cockpit of a Naboo starfighter, whereas Jinn and Kenobi engaged Maul in lightsaber combat. However, in an attempt to destroy three droidekas, Skywalker inadvertently started the autopilot, launching his starfighter into space to attack a droid control ship orbiting Naboo. With R2-D2's help, Skywalker regained control of the ship, but was soon shot by a vulture droid and flew it into the hangar of the droid control ship. Inside it, he fired two proton torpedoes which hit the main reactor. This started a chain reaction that destroyed the ship shortly after Skywalker's starfighter had left, killing Daultay Dofine and personnel, and causing all droids on Naboo's surface to power down.
On his return, Skywalker was present at Jinn's funeral, when Kenobi informed Anakin that he would become a Jedi, determined to keep his promise to his late master. Despite Grand Master Yoda's reluctance, the now Jedi Knight Kenobi took Skywalker as his Padawan, before taking part in a victory celebration in Theed.

As he grew, Skywalker's exceptional skills made him arrogant, but he nevertheless idolized Kenobi, thinking there was "no one better" than his master. By the age of 12, he had built his first lightsaber, after its construction, Kenobi said to him "Anakin, this weapon is your life." During one of their many adventures, he also rescued Kenobi after he fell into a nest of gundarks. During his time as Kenobi's apprentice, Skywalker was distrustful of teachers who corrected him, wondering if they were trying to put him in his place, knowing that many hadn't wanted him trained in the first place. He found it hard to make friends, as his fellow Padawans were all aware of the rumors of him being the Chosen One. Often lonely, he generally spent his free time in his quarters tinkering with machinery he found in trips outside the Jedi Temple. He also harbored a lingering resentment regarding the fate of his mother.

Three years after the Battle of Naboo, Skywalker sought to impress his peers at the Jedi Temple. During a training session, he defeated a training droid, which he had programmed to mimic the appearance of the Sith of Naboo. All the while Mace Windu, Kenobi and Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine watched—the latter of which was impressed. Sometime later, Skywalker struggled to learn the skill of taming creatures when Kenobi told him that the Chancellor wanted to see him. The two arrived at the his office, where Palpatine requested that Skywalker accompany him on an errand, declining Kenobi's company. Left alone, Skywalker escorted Palpatine to Club Kasakar in Level 2685, all the while listening to Palpatine express concern for the situation on the sub-surface levels of Coruscant, the inability of the Jedi to respond efficiently, and the corruption that plagued the Senate, such as Colandrus—subtly, and unbeknownst to Skywalker, marking the beginning of his influence over him. At the end of the errand, Palpatine asked if Skywalker was happy as he was. Though Skywalker answered that he was and that "training to become a Jedi was all had ever wanted", it did plant a seed of doubt in his mind.
Later, at the Jedi Temple, Skywalker confided in Kenobi that he wished to leave the Order, feeling uncomfortable at the prospect of his entire life being decided when he was only nine years old, and surrendered his lightsaber to his master. Though Kenobi took the weapon, he pleaded Skywalker to reconsider.

While on Naboo, as he experienced inner conflict between his strong desires for her and his duties as a Jedi, Skywalker revealed to Amidala his love for her, but she refused since Skywalker was not supposed to form attachments as a Jedi, even though she felt the same for him. Skywalker was also troubled by dreams of his mother in suffering, which prompted him to return to Tatooine and rescue her, to which Amidala agreed to accompany him. On Tatooine, the two located Watto, who revealed that he had sold Shmi to a moisture farmer named Cliegg Lars. The couple then visited the Lars farm only to discover that Shmi had been abducted by Tusken Raiders about a month before their arrival, and was feared dead. Determined to save her at all costs, Skywalker took the swoop bike of his stepbrother, Owen Lars, and went looking for his mother.
Though he managed to find her in a Tusken camp, she died in his arms moments later. Consumed with grief and rage, Skywalker slaughtered the entire village of Tusken Raiders—men, women, and even children. Only then, Skywalker brought his mother's body back to the homestead, where her funeral was held, and when he claimed he would become so powerful in the Force to stop the people he loved from dying. The event would leave him full of pain and guilt, for failing her and failing as a Jedi, as well as haunted by the prospect of letting go of the people he loved.
It was then that Skywalker received a message from Kenobi telling him of Separatist presence on Geonosis, which they retransmitted to Coruscant so that the Jedi Council could see it for themselves. Upon learning he had been captured, Skywalker and Amidala departed for the planet, where they entered one of the factories but were subsequently captured and placed with Kenobi into the Petranaki arena to be executed by beasts. However, the trio managed to avoid the creatures, only to be surrounded by droidekas on Count Dooku's orders.
Both were defeated, and though Kenobi suffered minor wounds, Skywalker lost his right forearm. It was then that Yoda arrived and fought with Dooku until the Sith Lord made his escape on his solar sailer. Skywalker received a cybernetic replacement for his lost arm and, while Kenobi returned to Coruscant, Skywalker accompanied Amidala to Naboo, where they were secretly married, their sole attendants being their faithful droids R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Skywalker and his former master, Kenobi, were tasked by the Jedi Council to break the Separatist blockade on Christophsis, and assist Alderaanian Senator Bail Organa on his relief effort on the planet's surface. Initially overwhelmed, Kenobi presented Skywalker with a Republic's stealth ship prototype with a cloaking device, and tasked him with flying it past the blockade, in order to deliver supplies to Organa. Accompanied by Yularen, Skywalker chose instead to engage Separatist Admiral Trench directly and divert his attention from Organa on the surface.
After breaking the blockade, Kenobi joined Skywalker and the rest of the Republic forces on Christophsis' surface and together, they planned an ambush on the advancing droid army; instead, they were ambushed and forced to evacuate. Aware of a possible with a traitor amidst them, the Jedi duo decided to go behind enemy lines in order to seek information, leaving Captain Rex and Commander Cody to find the traitor. On the suspiciously-empty Separatist headquarters, Skywalker and Kenobi ran into Asajj Ventress, whom they dueled before flying two STAPs back to his base. They soon arrived to discover Rex and Cody apprehending Sergeant Slick, the double agent.
As the battle raged, the Republic forces managed to force the Separatist on a temporary retreat, but the need for reinforcements was evident. Instead, a young Togruta girl Ahsoka Tano arrived to relay Master Yoda's message for them to return to Coruscant for a new mission, presenting herself as Skywalker's new Padawan much to his dismay. The impeding Separatist threat made it impossible for them to leave their post, and so, Skywalker and Tano behind enemy lines to destroy their droids' deflector shield generator while Kenobi stalled for time by holding a fake surrender negotiation with General Loathsom. Despite having to fight a few droids that protected the generator, the two managed to destroy it, allowing the Republic army to finish off the droids and win the battle. Only then, Skywalker and Tano found common ground, and he accepted the responsibility of mentoring her.

Following one of Grievous' successful ambushes at Falleen, Skywalker attempted to stop the cyborg from taking his sector and planned an ambush for the Separatist forces as they were passing through Bothawui's asteroid field. Placing AT-TEs on the nearby asteroids, he managed to destroy the Separatist frigates and forced Grievous to retreat in the Soulless One, resulting in a pursuit by Skywalker. However, debris from the destroyed Separatist frigates damaged his ship, leaving him to be rescued by Rex at the cost of losing R2-D2. Though he was supplied with a new astromech droid, R3-S6, Skywalker was saddened by the loss of his friend and did not take to the new droid, and felt something suspicious on its true allegiance. Instead, he launched a search, scouring the battlefield; unable to find R2-D2, they boarded a nearby scavenger ship, the Vulture's Claw, only to leave empty-handed as Gha Nachkt delivered R2-D2 to Grievous.
With all hope lost, Skywalker attempted to continue life without the droid, scouting for a possible Separatist listening outpost, until R2-D2 sent a message revealing his location at Skytop Station. Upon arrival, Skywalker ordered Tano and Rex to fulfill the mission objective—to destroy the station—while he went to find his lost droid. Though Skywalker engaged several MagnaGuards, he found R2-D2 and met up with Rex and Denal, who told him that Tano was gone to distract Grievous alone while they completed the mission. It was then, as Anakin already suspected about R3-S6's true allegiance from beginning, R3 revealed himself to be a Grievous' spy and set several vulture droids and called Super Battle Droids against them. As they resisted, Tano rejoined the group, only to be scolded by her master for engaging the droid general alone; R2-D2 opened the hangar doors, defeating R3-S6 in the process, to be retrieved by a happy Skywalker, delighted to have his long-time friend back safe.
Following Viceroy Nute Gunray's capture in Rodia by Amidala, Skywalker separated from Tano, who went onto serve as Gunray's escort alongside Luminara Unduli. Although the two failed in their task, Skywalker reunited with Tano at the rendezvous point.

Together with Kenobi, Skywalker spearheaded an attempt near Vanqor to capture Count Dooku, where Skywalker let himself be captured by Dooku's Munificent-class star frigate and taken to a prison cell, only for Kenobi to come and rescue him. The two Jedi then gave chase to Dooku, who escaped in his solar sailer, with a Sheathipede-class transport shuttle. After taking direct hits to their shuttle, they were forced to crash-land on the planet. In a nearby cave, the two Jedi began to hunt for Dooku, but the Sith lord ambushed them by causing a sudden collapse in the cave ceiling. While Dooku escaped the cave, they had to render a gundark unconscious, only to nearly succumb to poison gas released from a trapped pocket in the cave. They were saved just in time, as Tano and a detachment of clone troopers rescued them.
Later, as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and his representatives were contacted by Hondo Ohnaka to receive a reward for capturing Count Dooku, Skywalker and Kenobi were assigned to verify the pirate gang's custody of Dooku, agreeing to the pirates' condition to arrive unarmed. The Jedi were met at gunpoint in the Twilight and escorted to Ohnaka, who arranged a meeting with their prisoner. Though Jedi mocked Dooku's imprisonment, with the Sith lord warning not to underestimate the Weequay, Skywalker and Kenobi were invited to a "party" by the pirates only to wind up passed out in a cell, chained together with Dooku. Despite several attempts to escape on their own, Representative Binks was the one to rescue them, though the mission came at the cost of Senator Kharrus' life and Dooku's escape.

After returning home to his wife's apartment for a romantic evening, Skywalker was recalled to the Temple by the Jedi Council. Believing Senator Rush Clovis to be a Separatist supporter, they decided they needed a spy—in this case, Senator Amidala, of whom Clovis was an old friend. The next day, Skywalker met Amidala in the Senate and asked her about Clovis, who initially refused to do it until she heard that Clovis could be a Separatist. Skywalker accompanied her to the Jedi Council, where the Masters encouraged her to find out about his possible treachery. After learning that he was planning to go to Cato Neimoidia, Skywalker dressed himself as the pilot of Padmé's starship and took them there, all the while frustrating Clovis's attempts to get closer to his wife.
During the mission, Skywalker and R2-D2 awaited for Amidala to give them a signal; when she did, Skywalker sneaked into her quarters, where he saw Amidala and Clovis embracing. Though it prompted a surge of anger and jealousy in Skywalker, she discretely showed him the disk she had stolen from Clovis and gave it to Skywalker, after which the Jedi retreated. It was soon after that the poison that Amidala had been given by Lott Dod began to set in, and she passed out. After Dod revealed to Clovis she was a spy, he helped Skywalker take her back to their ship, back to Coruscant, and forced Dod to give him the antidote, only for Skywalker to leave Clovis behind, stranded on the planet.

Immediately after routing Separatist near Dorin, Skywalker and Tano were sent to participate in the Second Battle of Geonosis, alongside Kenobi and Ki-Adi-Mundi, as the Republic returned to destroy the Geonosian primary droid factory. Intending to make a three prong attack against the shield generator, Skywalker, Tano and the 501st Legion set out to attack the Separatist defense lines from the south to reach the rendezvous point—with only Kenobi's forces arriving at the landing zone, as both Mundi's and Skywalker's transports were shot down and forced to make their way to Kenobi's position by foot. Though they encountered resistance, Skywalker's team met up with Mundi's forces. After contacting Yularen to deploy a squadron of BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bombers to help them, they reunited with Kenobi and his company, where they planned the assault on the shield generator.
They then improvised on their plan; leading the charge, Skywalker and Tano disabled the enemy cannons with EMP grenades, enabling the AT-TEs to destroy the shield generator; as the gunships arrived, the Geonosians in the area surrendered. Though Mundi and Kenobi left for medical treatment, the Republic forces continued pushing towards the massive droid foundry, and Skywalker and Tano were joined by Luminara Unduli and her Padawan, Barriss Offee, who met as Skywalker and Tano angrily discussed Skywalker's lack of trust in Tano's dependability. As Offee and Tano were sent into the Geonosian catacombs under the factory to plant explosives, Unduli realized that Skywalker was unable to let go of Tano and put her at risk, rather than distrusting her. Nevertheless, the two Jedi generals went onto distracting the droid army by marching straight to the factory and engage the enemy.
As Poggle the Lesser had his super tanks deployed, Skywalker and Luminara left their men behind and destroyed the bridge, only to learn that their Padawans had not returned yet. Cornered by droids coming from the factory, Skywalker was contacted by Tano and she apologized, uncertain that she and Offee would survive their ordeal, before using a super tank to destroy the factory. Refusing to let his Padawan die, Skywalker ordered to have them found; Unduli, however, told him that he needed to let go of his attachment to her, if she were to be dead. Fortunately for them, Skywalker was contacted by Tano; after locating them, they rescued the two Padawans.
Sending Tano and Offee to recover out of the battlefield, Kenobi and Mundi returned to join in the clean-up of Separatist forces. For her part, Unduli left in search of Poggle before he could escape, when a sandstorm broke out. Forced to wait until the storm lifted after her last contact, Skywalker and Kenobi went to Unduli's last known location, the Progate Temple. Entering the catacombs below, not only they discovered undead Geonosian warriors, they also encountered the captive Unduli, Poggle and the Geonosian Queen, Karina the Great. Setting up their men to surround the Queen and her brethren, Skywalker and Kenobi tried to negotiate with Karina, for Kenobi wanted to know how the undead warriors were created. After discovering her use of parasitic brain worms), they freed Unduli, captured Poggle and fled from the Queen, with Rex and Cody burying the Queen in her lair.
With Poggle in Republic custody, the four Jedi generals prepared to deliver him to Coruscant, while they sent Tano and Offee on a mission to transport medical supplies from a medical station near Ord Cestus to Mace Windu on Dantooine. Unbeknownst to them, one of the troopers, Scythe, was infected with one of the Queen's brain worms and boarded their Pelta-class frigate, the TB-73, forcing the two Padawans fend off the infected clones. When the ship failed to check in on schedule, Skywalker was immediately suspicious, and further proven right when Tano contacted him to tell him about the situation.
Angered, Skywalker went to Poggle's cell on his own, and told the guard troopers to leave them alone. He demanded that Poggle answered his questions with a mind trick, but the arckhduke informed him that it would have no effect on a Geonosian like him. It was then that Skywalker resorted to physical violence, hitting Poggle; still unwilling to talk, Skywalker gave into his anger and began to Force choke him. Only then Poggle told the Jedi Knight, through a translator droid, that the worms were affected by the cold. Skywalker himself relied this information to his Padawan, telling her to rupture the cooling system through her comlink. Thanks to his help, Tano was able to defeat the worms as they reached the medical station. Skywalker rushed to her encounter, where he consoled Tano on her doubts about sparing her friend's life.

Following allegations that Mandalore had allied with the Separatists, and Kenobi was sent to the planet to speak to his old friend, Duchess Satine Kryze, Skywalker joined them to escort the Duchess on her journey to Coruscant aboard the Coronet. On the ship, Skywalker and Kenobi informed their men to be on alert, when Kryze requested their presence before her, and Skywalker correctly surmised that Kenobi had strong feelings for her just as his former master told him of their past together. When R2-D2 picked up readings in the cargo hold, the two generals were informed by Rex, and Skywalker went to investigate—only to be attacked by assassin probes. After destroying two of them, Skywalker informed Kenobi that there might be a traitor on board the ship, and Skywalker returned to sweep the hold in search of more.
After Kenobi lured the traitor out, Tal Merrik, and Skywalker destroyed another probe, he helped search the Coronet for Merrik and Kryze, now his hostage, until several B2 super battle droids sent by the Death Watch boarded the ship. Leaving Kenobi to save his "girlfriend", he destroyed the droids and then went to find Kenobi, who like Kryze, hesitated to kill Merrik; Skywalker, however, had no such compunctions and impaled Merrik, branding himself a "cold-blooded killer", to retrieve the Senator's detonator before he could destroy the ship. With no further complications, they arrived at Coruscant; as Kryze complimented Kenobi, Skywalker noted that she was quite the remarkable woman. Following the Mandalore Defense Resolution, Skywalker and Kenobi escorted Amidala to a meeting with the Chancellor in which he thanked her, but also apologized to Kryze, before leaving Kenobi and Kryze alone.

When the Jedi Council received a 2,000 year old Jedi distress signal, Skywalker along with Kenobi and Tano were sent by the High Council to the Chrelythiumn system, where they were supposed to meet up with Captain Rex and an armed cruiser. Though they both made to the rendezvous point, neither Rex's nor the Jedi's ship could see each other. In fact, the Jedi's ship was guided to a mysterious planet, Mortis, where they met by a mysterious figure called the Daughter, who asked Skywalker if he was "the one" and who wanted to lead them to the Father, when Skywalker was separated from Kenobi and Tano, and the Daughter.
Skywalker tried to follow her, only to reach the monastery, where he met the Father and was given shelter for the night. As he tried to sleep, the figure of his mother, Shmi, appeared before him and encouraged him to tell her of his pain and guilt—that he was too late to save her, and that he had failed as a Jedi and that he had failed her, having tasted only vengeance when he slaughtered so many to avenge her death. But, as he mentioned his wife, whom he claimed was "everything" to him, the figure finally revealed itself to be the Son, briefly assuming a monstrous appearance before disappearing.

Shaken by the encounter, he confronted the Father, who told of his family's history, and wondered if he was truly the "Chosen One". Though Skywalker dismissed the prophecy as a myth, the Father arranged a test to see whether the Jedi Knight was fit to fulfill his destiny. Ordering his children to kill Tano and Kenobi, the Father goaded Skywalker into choosing between his master and his apprentice, but Skywalker instead controlled the two beings, bringing them to their knees. Having proved himself to be the Chosen One, the Father pleaded him to stay, but Skywalker refused, leaving with Tano and Kenobi on their shuttle.
They were interrupted when the Son kidnapped Tano, prompting Skywalker to pursue him, at the cost of damaging their ship near the Son's cathedral. Despite Kenobi's reservations, Skywalker went after his Padawan and climbed the tower to find Tano, corrupted by the dark side. Skywalker fought her, soon to be joined by Kenobi, only to be interrupted by the Father's arrival. Kenobi tried to hand Skywalker the Dagger of Mortis, but Tano grabbed it and gave it to the Son, who killed her, for she was no longer useful; the darksider then mortally wounded his sister as she stepped in to save her Father. Skywalker pleaded the Father to save Tano, and the dying Daughter used Skywalker as a conduit to channel the last of her life force into Tano, resurrecting her. The Father commended them to leave the planet before the Son used their ship to do so.
The ship's repairs forced them to stay a bit longer though, and Skywalker went to the Father for guidance. On their meeting, the Father was determined to kill his Son, but refused Skywalker's offer of aid, telling the Jedi Knight to look inside himself for the answer for what was to be done. Leaving him, Skywalker encountered the Force spirit of his first mentor, Qui-Gon Jinn. Though Skywalker sought his advice, Jinn advised him to remember his training and trust his instincts, and to go to the Well of the Dark Side to face his most personal challenge. There, the Son forced Skywalker to confront his future, one consumed by the dark side. Horrified, Skywalker submitted to the Son as he promised him the power to avert this destiny. Soon, Kenobi arrived and Skywalker left him trapped at the well, claiming to have seen the truth—that it was the Jedi who would stand in the way of peace.
Skywalker arrived as his Padawan disabled the ship and went to rescue Kenobi, while the Son went to steal the Dagger. As Skywalker awaited, the Father appeared before him and recognized that his son had broken the rules of time; he wiped Skywalker's memory of these future visions, leaving him unconscious, and brought him to his monastery. Skywalker awoke to find the Father, Kenobi and Tano, moments before the Son arrived with the Dagger. To end the conflict, the Father impaled himself to distract his Son, while Skywalker killed the Son with his lightsaber. As the Father also died, he warned Skywalker to be wary of his feelings as they would lead to his downfall, and the three Jedi were transplanted back to the galaxy to finally rendezvous with Rex. They would later report this encounter to the Council, with Skywalker even mentioning that he had spoken with Jinn to Yoda.

After ten rotations of Yoda's last contact with the Togruta colonists on Kiros, Skywalker, Tano, Captain Rex, Commander Cody, and Kenobi departed to liberate the world from the Separatists. After landing, suspicious of the lack of colonists in the town, they used BARC speeders to break through the city and surround the governor's tower, used as the Separatist Headquarters. The enemy commander, Darts D'Nar, then sent a message to Kenobi to discuss terms of surrender. Skywalker then took the holoprojector out of Cody's hand and called D'nar "Zygerrian scum." Though Skywalker wanted to deal with the slaver himself, Kenobi told him to locate the missing colonists while he negotiated. As Skywalker contacted Admiral Yularen to conduct a planetary bioscan to find them, Kenobi explained Skywalker's behavior to Tano.
Overhearing from Kenobi's negotiations that D'Nar had planted bombs throughout the city, Skywalker and Tano set out to disarm them. Despite sniper droids, they destroyed the bombs in the nick of time, just for Kenobi to tell them D'Nar was escaping on the Tecora. With some effort, they managed to board the ship, inside which D'Nar pitted a blixus against them, but Skywalker managed to throw it off the ship, while Tano bested D'nar in the cockpit. Soon, Skywalker joined with her and, with frightening intensity, threatened the Zygerrian into revealing the colonists' location, much to Tano's surprise. However, it proved effective as D'Nar revealed that his Queen would hold the Royal Slave Auction.
When Skywalker, Kenobi, Yularen, and Tano told the Jedi Council of their findings, they were tasked with locating the colonists.[90] On the Tecora, and disguised as Zygerrian, they land on the capital city of Zygerria; splitting into two teams as Kenobi and Rex went to locate the colonists, Skywalker and Tano went to meet Queen Miraj Scintel, with Skywalker posing as "Lars Quell" and bringing news of Bruno Denturri's supposed death, and presenting Tano as a present. He quickly won Scintel's favor, with the Queen inviting him to accompany her during the slave auction, where she intended to have Skywalker prove himself a slaver by torturing Kenobi.
Instead, he freed Kenobi and tried to escape with R2-D2 returning their lightsabers, Rex providing cover fire and Tano confronting the Queen. Despite their efforts, however, they were subdued, but Scintel saw Skywalker's determination, for five electro-whips were needed to reduce him. Despite Dooku and half her kingdom demanding his death, Scintel had Skywalker brought to her quarters. There he woke up and interrogate Scintel about his friends' whereabouts, while he throttled the Queen with the Force. However, Scintel gasped that his friends would die unless he obeyed her, and Skywalker was forced to comply and become her bodyguard and escort, just as she became infatuated by him.
After a few days, Dooku would arrive, and Skywalker observed that she too was a slave to the Count, before she left to receive the Sith lord. With the help of R2-D2, he escaped his guards and freed Tano from her cage and sent her to prep the ship, while he interrogated Scintel to tell him Kenobi and Rex's location. However, he found himself before Atai Molec, who had betrayed Scintel, and Dooku, with whom Skywalker futilely dueled before Dooku blamed him of killing Scintel before her guards. Skywalker then took Scintel and escaped to the Tecora, onboard which she told him Kenobi was in the Kadavo system and that she, just like Skywalker, was a slave, before dying.
After contacting Plo Koon to send reinforcements, Skywalker and Tano soon reached Kadavo where the slave processing facility and entered the facility. During the battle that ensued, Skywalker disabled the turrets that were attacking Koon and his forces, while Tano saved the Togruta colonists from falling to their death (as caused by Keeper Agruss) by placing Admiral Coburn's Arquitens-class light cruiser underneath the facility. Along with Rex and Kenobi, Skywalker evacuated the facility before it was destroyed on Koon's orders, before returning to the rest of Koon's fleet.

During the defense of Cato Neimoidia, Skywalker and Tano engaged Separatist forces on their Eta-2 Actis-class interceptors, until they received an urgent mission recalling them to the Jedi Temple. Its hangar had been bombed and, as the two had been off-world during the attack, Skywalker and Tano were to lead the investigation to uncover the criminal—likely to be a Jedi. They went to the crime scene, where they met Russo-ISC, whom Skywalker sent alongside Tano to interview the witnesses, whereas he meditated at the hangar. Unable to discover anything, he met up with Tano, who told him about their missing suspect, Jackar Bowmani, a clue which, in turn, led to his wife, Letta Turmond, who under pressure admitted to feeding Bowmani with nano-droids, but would not reveal her motives.
Skywalker was present at Yoda's eulogy for the six Jedi who died during the explosion, and later took the opportunity to speak with Tarkin. Skywalker and his Padawan were then summoned to the war room to be briefed about a Separatist attack on Saleucami, when Tarkin informed them that Turmond had requested to speak with Tano. When she was framed with Turmond's death and imprisoned, he was forbidden to see her, and only returned to track her down on her escape, following Tano into the pipe lines.
Alone, they revealed that their trust in each other was absolute, but as Skywalker pleaded for her to surrender herself and make her case to the Council, she refused to take the blame for something she hadn't done and asked Skywalker to trust her, just as she jumped onto a passing ship, thus escaping to the Coruscant underworld. As Tarkin declared she was being accused of sedition, Yoda assigned Skywalker and Plo Koon to search for Tano, with some resistance from Windu—who did not believe Skywalker to be emotionally detached to do what had to be done. Nevertheless, when she was captured, Skywalker escorted her to the Temple, where he was summoned to the Chamber of Judgment along with his Padawan. He was outraged to learn that they had already made their decision and that the meeting was simply a formality, and they proceeded to expel her from the Order. Resentful with the Council, he asked his wife, Amidala, to defend Tano at her trial before leaving to capture Ventress himself.
Skywalker soon found and interrogated Ventress, who admitted she was about to turn Tano to the authorities, until she realized Tano had been abandoned by Skywalker and the Jedi Order, just like she had been forsaken by Dooku. She also said that whoever had attacked Tano had stolen her lightsabers and that Tano had contacted Barriss Offee for help. Promising to kill Ventress if she lied, Skywalker left for the Temple, where he went to Offee's quarters and questioned her, only to engage her in a duel. After subduing her, Skywalker brought Offee to the Republic military base where Tano was being judged. As the Mirialan Padawan confessed, all charges against Tano were lifted.
Back at the Temple, Skywalker and the Council apologized to Tano and invited her back into the Order, with Skywalker offering her severed Padawan braid. However, Tano apologized, leaving him in possession of her braid, and declined the offer. As she left the Temple, Skywalker followed her, and asked her to reconsider. Tano, however, declared that she felt she couldn't stay with the Order, due to their lack of trust. Despite Skywalker's heartfelt protests and his mentioning that he himself had considered leaving the Order before, she chose to walk away.

Upon his wife's mission to Scipio and subsequent reencounter with Rush Clovis, when she was accused of sabotage and her aide Teckla Minnau was killed, Skywalker was sent to protect Amidala, but was upset to hear that Clovis was involved. Nevertheless, he agreed to help her, and together, they went to Clovis's residence to assist in exposing the Banking Clan's corruption. As they were about to depart along with Clovis, Skywalker defended both Senators from the bounty hunter Embo and his pet anooba, Marrok. The trio were able to escape Embo, thanks to R2-D2, and make their way to Coruscant. Escorted by Yoda, they met with Palpatine and other members of the Jedi Council, and Senator Bail Organa, during which Skywalker's animosity towards Clovis was perceived by Yoda.
As Amidala was appointed by the Chancellor to work closely alongside Clovis to investigate the Banking Clan, Skywalker questioned her decision, as he wanted her away from Clovis, whom he greatly distrusted. Though he demanded that she stepped away from her assignment, she refused and left with Clovis. Frustrated, Skywalker went to his quarters, where Kenobi spoke to him, revealing that he was well aware of Skywalker's feelings for Amidala, and asked his former apprentice not to let himself carried away by them before leaving. Later that night, Skywalker went to his wife's apartment, where he found Clovis about to kiss her, for which Skywalker briefly Force choked him—before giving him a one-sided beatdown despite Amidala's protests, willing to kill Clovis in his jealousy.
Before it was too late, he realized his mistake and stopped, only for Captain Typho to enter. Much to his surprise, Clovis lied about the attack. As they carried Clovis to Amidala's bedroom, Skywalker tried to apologize to his wife, but she told him to stay away from her. Only when they were alone afterwards, she questioned their marriage, too steeped in lies and deception, and decided that they take a break from one another after admitting to not feeling safe around Skywalker—who, in turn, admitted to being unable to control himself, even though he did not know why.
Clovis was accepted as the new head of the Banking Clan by the Senate, and Skywalker confided to the Chancellor of his distrust in Clovis, which Palpatine shared. Soon, when Clovis apparently joined the Separatists the day after (which Skywalker found strange), and Scipio was occupied by Separatists, Skywalker was then sent to retake Scipio. After landing, Skywalker went to Clovis's office and tried to reason with Clovis to make him let go of Amidala. At that very moment, though, a vulture droid crashed into the office, making it unstable and causing Amidala and Clovis to fall, but Skywalker grabbed them both, each with one hand. As he could not hold the two, Clovis told Skywalker to let go of him, but he wouldn't; Clovis apologized to Amidala and then let go of Skywalker, falling to his death. Though Skywalker and Amidala reconciled, the Banking Clan came under control of the Chancellor.

Skywalker and Kenobi returned from the Outer Rim Sieges to lead a mission to rescue the Chancellor from General Grievous before the cyborg's fleet could flee the besieged capital. The two Jedi fought their way through a Separatist blockade and managed to board the Invisible Hand, only to find the Chancellor being held prisoner at the top of the ship's observation spire. Not long after they arrived to the room, Count Dooku appeared before them and the two Jedi engaged him in a duel.
Dooku managed to gain the upper hand and knocked Kenobi out, but his taunting, intended to erode Skywalker's morale, instead enraged him. Skywalker unleashed his fury on the Sith Lord, brutally overwhelming him and slicing off both of his hands. Taking Dooku's lightsaber, he crossed both his and the Count's blades at the Count's throat, and Palpatine urged him to kill his helpless opponent. Skywalker initially hesitated, but after the Chancellor's continued insistence, he gave into his hatred of his nemesis and beheaded Dooku. He expressed mild regret afterwards, stating it was not the Jedi way, but the Chancellor assured him that he had been right to kill the Count. Despite the Chancellor's pleas, he carried Kenobi until he regained consciousness, after which the two Jedi and the Chancellor were captured by Grievous, and brought to the Invisible Hand’s control room. The cyborg personally taunted them, giving R2-D2 enough time to free them, and Kenobi and Skywalker confronted Grievous, who then fled in an escape pod. Forcing the two Jedi to pilot the ship and land as safely as they could, Skywalker crash-landed the Invisible Hand on the surface of Coruscant.
Following the ordeal, the two escorted the Chancellor to the Senate building, where they separated—while Kenobi went back to Jedi Temple to report to the Council, Skywalker reunited with Amidala, who revealed to her husband that she was pregnant. Though Amidala was worried about what they were going to do, Skywalker conflictingly told her not to worry, saying that it was the happiest moment of his life. Yet, that very same night, Skywalker began to have future visions of his wife dying at childbirth, which made him desperate to find a way to save her. He would confer with Yoda of these dreams, but the Grand Master told Skywalker that death was a natural part of life, and to let go of all that he was afraid to lose.
Shortly thereafter, Skywalker was informed by Kenobi that Palpatine had requested his presence for unknown reasons, and that he should be careful with the Chancellor. So, Skywalker met with Palpatine at his office, where he revealed that he feared the High Council and appointed Skywalker to be his personal representative on the Council. When informed of this, the Council allowed Skywalker to sit on the Council, yet they refused to grant him the position of Master—which greatly angered Skywalker. At the end of the meeting, Kenobi acknowledged to Skywalker that his appointment had been accepted so that, on behalf of the Council, Skywalker could spy on the Chancellor, which Skywalker was reluctant to do.
At the Galaxies Opera House in the Uscru District, Skywalker joined Palpatine in watching the Mon Calamari Ballet performing Squid Lake, during which the Chancellor recounted the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis to Skywalker, tempting the Jedi with knowledge of the power to stop death. Afterwards, Skywalker bid farewell to Kenobi, showing gratitude for his teachings and said to each other "May the Force be with you," before parting ways. Skywalker would then inform the Chancellor of Kenobi's forces engaging Grievous', but during the meeting, Palpatine revealed that he knew the dark side of the Force, leading Skywalker to realize that he was the Sith Lord they had been searching for. Palpatine told Anakin that if he turned him over to the Jedi, then he would be unable to aid in saving his wife, Amidala, from her fated death.

Despite his confusion, Skywalker still was loyal to the Jedi Order. He told his findings to Mace Windu, who went with Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin, and Agen Kolar to arrest Palpatine, leaving Skywalker behind. During the ensuing duel, Palpatine killed three of the four Jedi with ease, but was disarmed by Windu just before Skywalker arrived in his office. Skywalker pleaded with Windu not to kill Palpatine, saying that he should be left for the Senate to judge, but Windu felt Palpatine was too dangerous to be left alive, as he essentially controlled the Senate. Ignoring Skywalker's words, Windu prepared to execute the Chancellor, but Skywalker cut off his right hand, causing Windu to drop his lightsaber and allowing Palpatine to send him plummeting out of a shattered window with a blast of Force lightning.
Though horrified by what he had done, Skywalker saw this as the final straw against the Jedi Order, and as such there was no turning back for him, and reluctantly pledged himself to service under his new Sith Master, Sidious, who named him "Darth Vader", a title that he did not bestow lightly. Sidious then declared all Jedi enemies of the Republic and ordered Vader to kill the Jedi at the Temple, while he executed Order 66 during which clone troopers turned on their Jedi Generals and executed them on the spot. Leading the attack, Vader and the 501st Legion carried out this order. Following the attack, he went back home with Amidala, to whom he told the Jedi Order had tried to topple the Republic, much to her disbelief, and that he was about to go to the Mustafar system, where the Separatist Council was. Telling her that he would end the war, they kissed and he left.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub:
Mustafar Castle
knowledge level of multiverse:
Not very knowledgeable.
He has heard rumors of such a place existing but has never felt the need to ever learn anything more then that.
fandom specific information:
Presence of the Force
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Star Wars
which universe: Movieverse and Clone Wars
timeline: Mustafar / Prior to his battle with Kenobi
where is the Hub portal located:
Mustafar Castle

If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Yes
aliens: Yes
advanced technology: Yes
mythical creatures: Yes
other: N/A

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? Mustafar Castle
RP Sample
[[ Under Construction ]]

As a child, Anakin Skywalker showed kindness and generosity, as exemplified by his willingness to risk his life in a podrace to help Qui-Gon Jinn and Padmé Amidala depart Tatooine at a time of need. He was not shy to express how he felt, and showed a reluctance to leave those he loved behind. Indeed, Skywalker had a deep-seated fear of loss, especially in regards to his mother, which Master Yoda sensed when he was being tested by the Jedi Council. This fear of loss would follow Skywalker throughout his life and eventually led him down the path of the dark side, particularly so after the death of his mother Shmi, carrying sadness and guilt in his heart for years to come. Similarly, his experiences as a slave would leave him with a deep resentment towards slavers. Skywalker would mostly keep these feelings to himself, very rarely talking about them, even with those on whom he placed his trust, as he struggled to put his past behind, making an effort not to think about it.
As he grew older, Skywalker became arrogant, reckless, impatient, willful, and cavalier, despite Kenobi's efforts to train him as best as he could. Confident and bold, he demonstrated a lack of subtlety, which Plo Koon once noted, was one of the many traits his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, had adopted from him during her younger years. Another was his tendency to disobey orders, which he did whenever he thought they weren't the best way to solve problems, and his cockiness. Despite his many failings, Skywalker remained selfless, willing to lay down his life for others, and showed commitment to things greater than himself—the Jedi, the Republic, his friends, and his wife. Similarly, his relentless determination was rivalled by none, except perhaps by that of his Padawan. In some aspects, his journey as a mentor to Tano allowed him to mature and become more responsible. His emotional balance, however, was disrupted by the High Council's decision to expel Tano, when she was suspected of treachery, and her subsequent decision not to return to the Order when invited back.
With a penchant to "show off," Skywalker was a something of a maverick among the Jedi, known for being passionate and impulsive. Most of his peers nevertheless trusted him, and his ingenuity, although some Jedi did consider him to have a simplistic approach to logic. The 501st Legion and its captain, Rex, would consider his tactics reckless and unorthodox, but appreciated the fact that he would never risk their lives without risking his as well. Skywalker would also show eagerness and dedication to end the Clone War, which he believed, by its final days, was destroying the principles of the Republic.
Though he was committed to the Jedi Order ever since he joined, Skywalker was deeply conflicted about it, wanting to walk away from the Order at several points before and during the Clone Wars, particularly so because of his love and secret marriage to Padmé Amidala, whom he believed he couldn't live without. Over-protective and prone to jealousy, Skywalker's affection for her was suspected by some of his peers and, at least, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano and Rush Clovis knew for certain that he was attracted to her. Another source of conflict was his dwindling trust and increasing resentment toward the Jedi High Council, which he believed-not without justification-distrusted him and was not treating him with enough respect. These fears and resentments were further fomented by Palpatine's manipulations, and some of the Council's (and Kenobi's) questionable decisions, as well as his friendship with Chancellor Palpatine, of whom the Council was justifiably wary and kept secrets from.
Skywalker struggled to keep his emotions in check—especially his anger. He cared deeply about his friends, and according to Ahsoka Tano, "looked out for them until the end." Loyal to a fault, Skywalker was willing to do anything to protect those whom he cared about, often resorting to the dark side of the Force to do so. Throughout the Clone Wars, Skywalker's anger would push him ever closer to the dark side, but his fall was ultimately triggered by his fear of loss after experiencing visions of Amidala dying in childbirth and his desire to obtain enough power to save his loved ones. He would justify his immoral and ruthless actions as all being necessary to bring peace, justice and order to the galaxy.

Anakin is a loyal and dedicated friend, almost too much to the point that it’s stirred up conflict within himself. Finding it difficult to put his duties to the Jedi before his own feelings in regards to those he cares for. Despite this, he still managed to find a way to balance the two.
He does have a tendency to be standoffish when it comes to meeting new people, as he doesn’t like to expose too much of himself for the sake of seeming vulnerable. Anakin desires nothing more than control, whether it be with himself or a situation. However he is open when it comes to those who he considers close or worthy of witnessing his more intimate side.

As far as his romantic relationships go, he is still uncertain. After having married at a young age and keeping his union with Padme a secret from the Jedi Council, Anakin learned the hard way that the life of a Jedi requires more than just hard work and dedication to the Order. The two of them are currently separated and Anakin hasn’t been quite the same ever since.

His only safe haven and voice of reason has been his Master. Kenobi had been a constant staple in his life ever since he was a young boy and in some ways, Anakin looked up to him as a sort parental figure. Never the less, his own conflicting thoughts had also pushed him to think of his Master as something a little more than that.

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pronouns: She-Her
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