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Lord Beerus (WIP)
God of Destruction
Dragon Ball Z-Battle of Gods

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Age:Millions of Years
Job: God of Destruction
Ship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Points: 55€
Lord Beerus
full name: Lord Beerus
nicknames/aliases/code name: Great Destroyer, Destroyer of Worlds, Hakaishin/God of Destruction
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: No
species: Unnamed Race
gender: Male
age: Millions of Years
date of birth: March 17th
place of birth: Unknown
starting location: The Hub
originating fandom: Dragon Ball Z
fandom universe: Battle of Gods Movie
pronouns: He, him, his, etc
occupation: God of Destruction
languages: All
playby: N/A
height: 5'6 (6'2 when ears are up)
weight: 150 lbs
hair color: Purple Fur
eye color: Red & Black
distinguishing features: Looks like an anthropomorphic cat, wears outfits that look Egyptian in nature.
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
family: Champa (Twin Brother) Whis (Master/Advisor)
relationship status: Single
powers: Super Strength: Beerus' physical strength is befitting of his title God of Destruction, he is capable of smashing objects of any size and mass with little effort, often so with a mere flick of his finger.

Super Speed: Very much like his strength, Beerus' speed is only bested by that of Whis. He is capable of moving at a speed so fast that those without God Ki are incapable of seeing him move, or react in time to his attacks. He goes well beyond breaking the sound part, and in fact it almost seems like he can teleport. He is even capable of leaving images of himself behind if he uses enough speed.

Super Durability: Beerus is extremely durable, capable of shrugging off attacks from even the strongest of foes. Someone would have to be on his level to do anything against him.

Super Endurance: Due to him being on an entirely different level from most, Beerus often barely has to try against his foes, and as such expends very little energy when facing an opponent, making him capable of fighting for extreme lengths of time, long after those beneath his power would be capable of going.

Heightened Senses: Beerus's senses, such as his sight, smell, hearing, and such are all at very high levels.

Extreme Sense of Awareness & Perception: Beerus has keen sense of awareness, he is capable of avoiding attacks that is at his back with no issue.

Tail: Beerus' tail is not just for show, he can use it much like an extra limb, using it to attack others or to hold onto objects.

Ultra Instinct: A technique taught to Beerus by Whis, Beerus is capable of reacting to attacks sent his way without even being consciously aware of them, meaning his body will still act accordingly to protect itself from harm without needing a mental command from him. However, he hasn't been perfected this technique, so he can still be hit if one has the appropriate speed.

Ki Manipulation: Beerus, like most in his universe, is capable of manipulating the energy that exists within all life, known as Ki. This allows one to perform many feats that would be considered supernatural.

Flight: Making use of his Ki, Beerus is able to fly.

Ki Attacks: Beerus can use his Ki offensively, being able to fire attacks made of concentrated energy from his hands and other parts of his body. These attacks can even destroy stars, and he can even do this accidentally via sneezing.

Sealing Spell: Beerus can seal people into objects, much like he did to the Old Kai being sealing him in the Z-Sword after he got into an argument with the man.

Energy Nullification: Beerus can nullify energy and energy-based attacks, making them completely harmless to him in every form.

Cloning: Beerus can create physical copies of himself to aid him in battle, and unlike the typical cloning moves in his universe, his Power isn't divided between them. Instead, they are all as equally powerful as him when he's by himself.

Attack Alteration & Redirection: Simply by using his Ki, Beerus can alter the properties of energy-based attacks, such as change their shape, and redirect them back at his opponent.

Paralyzing Gaze: Simply by narrowing his eyes at his opponent and flaring his power, he can usually freeze an opponent in place almost completely. It usually requires a big enough power difference between him and his target, though.

Hakai: After pointing his open palm at a person, he can use his incredible power to make his target disintegrate into nothing, regardless of who or what they are.

Possession Immunity & Mimicry: Due to possessing God Ki, Beerus is immune to many mind altering techniques and attacks, such as when Demigra's Dark Magic attempted to control him, though he can imitate it's effects to make it seem like it worked. This also extends to other abilities that would alter his mind, such as illusions.

Poison Immunity: Beerus is completely immune to all manner of poisons.

Normal Ki Immunity: Beerus has shown that normal Ki doesn't effect him in the slightest. This also extends to any energy-based attacks that isn't God Ki.

Strong Digestive System: Beerus has an iron stomach that is second-to-none, capable of eating that can be seen as edible, regardless of how bad it tastes and how toxic it would be to others.

Powerful Lungs: Beerus has the ability to breathe even in the vacuum of space for long periods of time, and has even been seen to send attackers and their moves flying away simply by exhaling hard enough.

Longevity: Beerus is incredibly long-lived due to his position of Hakaishin, having already been millions of years at the time he met Goku.

Divination: Beerus is known to occasionally have visions of the future while he sleeps. However, they usually turn out to be unreliable.

strengths: Martial Arts: Lord Beerus is a master of hand-to-hand combat, he's had millions of years to hone his skills in Martial Arts, and his skill in the art is only surpassed by his master/watcher Whis, who taught him everything he knows.

Knowledge of Pressure Points: Beerus is capable of exploiting weak points on the bodies of mortals to be able to knock them out or kill them in an instant if he so pleases, provided he hits them, and this knowledge of pressure points can be used on any race.

weaknesses: Lazy: Beerus is inherently lazy due to him being able to live so long and tends to usually take naps that are years long. Most of this laziness comes from sheer boredom.

Arrogant: Beerus, due to the sheer amount of power he has, tends to act quite arrogant and cocky, tending to hold back in fights and not take someone seriously.

Childish: Beerus, despite being millions of years old and being so powerful, he tends to throw temper tantrums and be very impatient.

Petty: Beerus is quite petty, and can hold grudges for even the smallest of slights.

Demanding: Although quite laid back, Beerus has a tendency to be quite demanding, throwing his weight around when he feels it benefits him most.

Temperemental: Beerus can be easily irritated, and thrown into a rage if he's poked and prodded enough.

Food: He can be bribed into being quite amicable and nice with food, especially if you offer him pudding.

equipment: N/A

Out of the many gods in the universe, Beerus is the most feared. He is feared by the Kais, the Supreme Kais, King Cold, Frieza, King Vegeta, Vegeta, and even Shenron himself. As a God of Destruction, he is tasked with maintaining balance in the universe. Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7, and his administrative zone includes planet Earth. He slumbers for several years to several decades straight, and he destroys planets in his administrative zone during the few years when he is awake.

This is because destruction is required in order to create new planets, but he does not act on the Supreme Kais' orders, nor does he try to coordinate his actions with them; the god destroys according to his own judgment. Also, because he is quite capricious, Beerus destroys even important planets "without a second thought". When he finds it bothersome, he lets someone else act as an agent of destruction. While he is awake, tense days for the Supreme Kais continue, as nobody knows how many planets will be sacrificed.

Having existed for hundreds of millions of years, at some point in time Beerus was trained in martial arts by Whis. Once every 1,000 years, the Supreme Kais and the Gods of Destruction go to each other's realms and hold a coordination meeting. During one of these meetings held 75 Million Before Age, they got into an argument "over some trifling situation", and the short-tempered Beerus sealed the Supreme Kai at the time away inside the Z Sword, as it would not have been proper for him to destroy the Sacred World of the Kai itself.

Once, he stopped by the Time Nest and met Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time. Another day, he stopped by King Kai's planet, which was larger at the time. He and King Kai played hide-and-seek (or a car-racing video game depending on the version),[9] and Beerus lost, so the planet was destroyed by the peeved Destroyer. King Kai then took a large leftover fragment, whittled it down to a sphere, and built a road on it so that he could have fun driving there. This became King Kai's current planet. In "Showdown on King Kai's World! Goku vs. Beerus the Destroyer!", Beerus claims that he made his planet smaller because he "didn't like the food".

One time on Beerus' birthday, he ate the only Puff-Puff fruit that was on his cake. Champa got furious because Beerus ate it and it was also his birthday, both Beerus and Champa fought throughout the universe, destroying multiple planets. The two are eventually stopped by their attendants because their destruction could lead to the end of the universe, but both Beerus and Champa established they did not care. Beerus and Champa have an agreement "not to have fighting showdowns, but rather have food showdowns instead".

One time when Beerus woke up, he sneezed and blew up of two of his world's Suns, causing Whis to re-do time preventing him from doing it again. At some point in time Beerus met Frieza. The two got along fairly well as they both enjoyed destroying things. However one time Frieza got carried away and caused Beerus to get angry, with Beerus fighting Frieza and easily defeating the tyrant. Beerus also claims that he once went to Earth, and dinosaurs "took a rude attitude" toward him, so he wiped them out.

Another day, King Vegeta treated Beerus and Whis to a feast in his palace on Planet Vegeta and Beerus used the Saiyan King as a footrest while he was eating. Prince Vegeta, who was just a child at that time, saw this and became upset, but remained silent. In Dragon Ball Super, Beerus punished King Vegeta because he gave him "the second best pillow in the universe but wanted the first" which King Vegeta took, this resulted in him greatly injuring the king, and easily defeating Prince Vegeta - who attempted to attack the god. Before going to sleep, Beerus ordered Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta because they annoyed him, and partially because of Frieza's fear of the Saiyan's power. In Age 739, Beerus is told a prophecy by the Oracle Fish that in thirty-nine years, he would face an opponent that would excite him called, the Super Saiyan God. After he is told this, Beerus goes to sleep.

Beerus has awoken from thirty-nine years of slumber and in the anime is joined by Whis visiting a planet inhabited by pig-like humanoids. Beerus investigates most of his food they presented him by just touching it and sniffing it; he forgets his manners as pointed out by Whis. Beerus asks about one of the dishes they brought him, which he believes to be dessert. After eating it, Beerus states that it is tastier than he expected and compliments the use of salt in the dish. However, he complains about it having too much grease. After deciding, Beerus destroys half the planet with a mere tap on the table. Before leaving, Whis states that what Beerus did was a bit harsh, since he thought the planet's food was tasty. However, Beerus complains about the grease in the food, stating that it is unhealthy and makes one sluggish all day. Beerus then proclaims that he had done the galaxy a favor.

While waiting for dinosaur meat on his planet, Beerus tries to remember his dream of the warrior who he still not seem to remember. Impatient after waiting 2 minutes and 20 seconds, Beerus travels with Whis on another planet, who was supposed to get a full 3 minutes, and encounters the leader, after stubbornly refusing a dinosaur meat, despite Whis' pleading efforts, the arrogant chief transforms into a monstrous form to combat Beerus, who arrived to confront him. Beerus effortlessly blocks the leader's punches with one finger and dodges all of his blasts. The leader tries to burn him with a fireball attack, but to no avail, as Beerus simply throws it back at him using his finger.

He eventually defeats the leader. Beerus, having enough of the insolence the leader has shown, and never minding the dinosaur meat, destroys the planet with a small ki ball. As he and Whis were watching the planet's destruction, Beerus sees a silhouette of the warrior from his dream and starts to remember the name of the powerful warrior who could entertain him endlessly. Beerus begins to remember the name and confirms the name of the warrior as none other than: the Super Saiyan God. After a few questions, Beerus and Whis return home.

In the manga, these events transpire slightly differently. Instead of being shown visiting multiple planets, Beerus instead goes to one planet, which has insectoid natives. When Beerus is having his meal on the planet he finds that the drink they have given him is poisoned - though this does nothing to the god - the insectoids then attempt to attack Beerus with their crossbows, but he easily destroys the entire planet with Wrath of the God of Destruction. As they are floating in space watching the planet's destruction, Beerus notes that one of the dishes he had "Soup Yasi Jinkot" reminded him of a prophetic dream he had of the "Super Saiyan God", and so he and Whis head back to Beerus' planet so he can try and remember better.

On the way back to his planet, Beerus continues to remember the name of the figure and starts to want something sweet for thinking so long. After traveling so long, Beerus starts to question Whis' speed, and is reminded that he is the fastest in the universe. Once they arrive, Beerus summons the Oracle Fish to remember the warrior of his dream. The Oracle Fish seems to not remember and was threatened by Beerus to remember or she will get fed only twice a day instead of three times. After hearing this, the Oracle Fish remembered and confirms that the warrior's name is indeed the Super Saiyan God, which confirms Beerus' dream. Whis objects that this warrior never existed, and wonders if the Saiyans knew, but he remembered that he told Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta because the Saiyans were "repulsive".

While taking a bath, Whis confirms Beerus that a few Saiyans survived the genocide, much to his surprise, and they all live on Earth. He also mentions that Frieza was defeated by a Saiyan known as Goku, who could become a Super Saiyan. Beerus, intrigued, seeks to find Goku, who currently is training on King Kai's planet, to confront him about the Super Saiyan God warrior. Beerus and Whis make their way to King Kai's planet, taking 26 minutes, as they have planned to eat grilled salmon on the way there. Mentioned by Old Kai, since Beerus' awakening, he has destroyed eight and one-half of the universe's planets. On his way to King Kai's planet, Beerus complains about the food Whis packed for him, having "tired" of what he was eating, even though he had it once 160 years before when he destroyed Planet Monser, according to Whis. They would arrive at King Kai's planet in 10 minutes.

After King Kai's failed efforts to stop them from making contact, Beerus notices the hiding Goku, meeting him, and questions whether or not he is the Super Saiyan God from his dream. Goku (who goes from Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan 3) immediately challenges him to a sparring match, but is unable to land a single hit on the god of destruction. Beerus then counters by flicking Goku in the forehead, then immediately knocks him down with a pressure-point jab in the shoulder. He then leaves with Whis to find Vegeta at Bulma's birthday party.

Upon arriving on Earth, Beerus finds Vegeta, and starts messing with him by appearing elsewhere. Beerus stops and tries to remind Vegeta about him remembering Beerus being involved in his childhood, however, Vegeta still does not remember until he is paralyzed by Beerus, which causes him to recall their last encounter involving his father, King Vegeta. Beerus asks Vegeta if he knows of the Super Saiyan God, which comes to Vegeta's surprise. Bulma comes and greets Beerus and Whis and invites them to her party. Beerus and Whis greet the other attendees of the party. Beerus is approached by Yamcha and conversed, and gave him a friendly smack at the back, much to Vegeta's worry, knowing Beerus' temperament. As Krillin shows up and presents Beerus Russian Octopus Balls, with one is full of wasabi. After Beerus takes one, he becomes seemingly disgusted, to Vegeta's chagrin, but suddenly, he explodes in joy, Beerus enjoys the food, while describing its deleciousness.

Beerus still seeks out the Super Saiyan God, but Whis told him that most of the Saiyans are children and that Goku and Vegeta are the only pure-blooded Saiyans. Vegeta arrives and brings more Russian Octopus Balls even Beerus is getting full and annoyed. He asks Vegeta about his relationship with Goku and was told that he is his rival. Before eating a Russian Octopus Ball, Trunks strikes Beerus with water from his water gun, which greatly infuriates Beerus. Beerus threatens to blow up the Earth, but Vegeta calms him down by causing a scene: diving into the ocean and blasting an octopus, and starts making more Octopus Balls. Beerus calms down and hears of pudding by Whis.

Beerus and Whis encounter Mr. Satan and Majin Buu, who is eating pudding. Whis asks Majin Buu for pudding for both him and Beerus, but Majin Buu refuses. Beerus gets angry with Majin Buu and they begin to fight. Beerus attacks Majin Buu and blasts him into the ocean. Gotenks tries to help Buu, but was easily beaten by Beerus by just getting tapped on the forearm. In the manga, Gotenks goes Super Saiyan 3 and was thrown into the ocean. Beerus was then challenged by Piccolo, Android 18, and Tien Shinhan. He dodges all of their attacks with ease and uses a kiai to subdue them. Majin Buu gets back up and challenges Beerus again. Gohan charges up and attempts to help, but Beerus hits Majin Buu into Gohan. Beerus is lastly engaged by Super Saiyan Vegeta. Beerus merely paralyzes Vegeta and throws him to the ground. Beerus compares Vegeta's weakness to his father while he smashes his head to the deck of the ship. Beerus then gathers energy for a finger beam and was approached by Bulma, who slaps him. However, Beerus smiles at her, and he slaps Bulma back, angering Vegeta.

Beerus is challenged by Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta, who is able to hit Beerus. Vegeta takes the fight over an ocean and Beerus gets blasted with a Galick Gun. Beerus is not hurt by Vegeta's attack, but told him that he hasn't used 10% of his power in a long time. Beerus then flicks Vegeta, making him fall to the ground. Beerus is ready to destroy the Earth but doesn't know if he should, due to the fact that Earth has pleasing food and wants to eat it. Bulma tells Beerus not to blow up the Earth and he gives them one chance to redeem themselves. Beerus scouts and then chooses Oolong for a game of rock-paper-scissors because he thinks he is the same race as Majin Buu.

Oolong is scared of challenging Beerus because the fate of the Earth is in his hands. Beerus declares that if he doesn't play, he'll destroy the Earth anyway. Beerus and Oolong play and they both tie the first to two times with scissors. Beerus thinks that Oolong is cheating, but Oolong says that he can't be if he didn't win. For the third time, Beerus wins using rock while Oolong uses scissors for the third time. Beerus gets excited and gets ready to destroy the Earth. Whis brings the take outs of sushi he promised Beerus. Beerus creates an energy sphere and is ready to launch it, but Goku shows up and asks Beerus for time to bring the Super Saiyan God.

Goku summons Shenron using the Dragon Balls and asks if he knows of the Super Saiyan God. Goku also mentions Beerus, who scares Shenron. Beerus orders Shenron to summon the Super Saiyan God, but Shenron is unable to do so. Shenron, however, tells him how to make the form by doing a ritual using five righteous Saiyans flowing their energy into one other. When Shenron finishes, Beerus rushes the Saiyans to get started. After the first failed attempt by a miscalculation, Beerus wants to destroy the Earth, but is told by Videl that there is a sixth Saiyan and she is pregnant. Gohan is excited and uses Videl in the ritual. After it doesn't work again, they start focusing their spirit into each other and it starts to work. While the ritual is close to finishing, Beerus sees the Super Saiyan God silhouette in resemblance to Goku. After Goku has transformed, Beerus applauds Goku and they are both excited to fight.

Beerus and Goku are ready to fight, so they fly into the clouds. Beerus requests Goku to show him the full power of a Super Saiyan God. Beerus understands that Goku hasn't fully adjusted to the power, which makes Beerus not want to move when Goku attacked. Beerus wants Goku to use more of his power so which Goku charges a Kamehameha. Beerus easily vanishes away from Goku's technique, though the attack did impress Beerus. After being suggested by Goku to actually fight, Beerus tells him that no one in the universe is stronger than him. Beerus easily blocks Goku's moves and begins to punch Goku too, and Goku has to retreat to rethink his strategy.

Beerus catches up due to having more speed, and after Goku tried to punch Beerus, he counters and punches him back, sending Goku into the ocean. Goku rushes back to attack, but Beerus continues to move at an intense speed to get hits on Goku making his arm burn. They both want to continue the fight, but higher in the atmosphere. As Goku gradually adjusts to the new level of power, he is able to dodge Beerus's attacks. After being hit by Goku, Beerus launches a sphere ball, but it was deflected. Beerus continues to block Goku's attacks, but one scratches Beerus's face and Goku jokingly flicks and chops Beerus to get even. Beerus is tired of playing around and wants to begin a serious battle between gods.

Beerus and Goku charge at each other and Beerus gets knocked into the clouds. However, this does not faze Beerus, and he returns the favor to Goku. Beerus and Goku throw several attacks at each other. Goku notices that Beerus is using much of his power. While Goku was speaking to him, Beerus is finished talking and attacks him. This leads them landing on an island. Beerus is tired of fighting Goku and sends him off into space.

Beerus claims has a technique that could destroy the Earth if Goku isn't careful. Beerus launches an attack toward Earth, similar to an atom, but it gets blown up by Goku. Beerus creates more of these and fires them away. They all get blown up, however, by a Kamehameha. Beerus seems to think that Goku isn't one who he was looking for, while punching his hand through his abdomen. Beerus's moves sends Goku falling toward the Earth, into the ocean. Goku comes back and tells Beerus that Super Saiyan God hasn't reached its limits yet, and he has more power to show. Beerus claims that he has more power too.

As they see Bulma and co. in the ship, Beerus and Goku decide to go higher in Earth's atmosphere. As they were rising, Beerus gets behind Goku to redo the chop to the neck trick he did previous, but Goku catches his hand before he could do so. Beerus and Goku begin to raise their ki and charge at each other like comets; their attacks colliding cause waves to flow throughout the universe. Beerus and Goku do this two times and are asked by Kibito Kai to cease because they could destroy the universe, but they continue anyway.

On the third strike, Goku hits Beerus with the same amount of force at the same angle, which doesn't cause destruction upon the universe. At another attempt, Goku still does the same to not destroy the universe. They start throwing punches and kicks at each other. Beerus then fires Goku an atomic like energy move, which Goku counters with a Kamehameha. After moments of the collision struggle, a beam of light occurs throughout the universe. The beam the two created made a ki ball.

Beerus is able to hold his own in the collision, which causes disasters on Earth and rifts in the universe. This collision eventually explodes afterwards. Beerus claims that he nullified the energy and used up 100% of his power to do so. He then gets furious that he could possibly lose the fight and exerting his power. Beerus and Goku get close to each other to touch fists. Beerus quickly attacks Goku after he does so. Goku also gets some blows in, but eventually is not able to keep up due to his time limit in Super Saiyan God and reverted back into Super Saiyan.

Beerus is dodging Goku's attacks until he gets hit. Beerus is wondering why he was able to hit him and figures out that Goku is able to because he absorbed Super Saiyan God's power into his own. They both continue their brawl and make their way back to Earth. Beerus becomes disappointed in Goku because he expected more. Beerus clones himself and fires an atomic bomb at Goku. He thinks he won, but Goku charges at him and they both go back to space. Beerus tells Goku tell he regrets being obsessed with the prophecy of the Super Saiyan God. Beerus has decided to beat Goku with the way they started, a flick to the forehead. However Goku ruined Beerus's "cool ending" by returning to continue fighting. While Goku is in the process of charging a Kamehameha, Beerus is charging an atomic bomb as they both fire it at each other.

The collision of the two attacks creates a Sphere of Destruction. Goku is struggling to push back the sphere, so he decides to blow up the energy sphere by punching it. However Goku runs out of power in doing so, so he falls down to Earth and Beerus follows. Beerus is ready to destroy the Earth, but in the process, Beerus falls asleep, so he doesn't blow up the Earth. Beerus is taken by Whis back to his planet. Whis notes that Earth has changed Beerus, and Beerus responded that he didn't use 100% of his power and told Goku that because he wanted to see his potential.Beerus returns shortly after to tell Goku that he's the second strongest he's ever faced, then he immediately leaves again.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: N/A
knowledge level of multiverse: Full Knowledge
fandom specific information: Not really
RP Sample
Despite being the God of Destruction, Beerus tends to act nothing at all like one might think someone with his position usually would. Beerus is typically a very lazy person, often spending decades at a time sleeping and only waking up for short periods of time. He is usually seen being somewhat drowsy when he's awake, although he is still very dangerous despite this inherent drowsiness. This laziness and constant sleepiness is usually for a reason, though.

That reason is that, due to him being quasi-immortal with him not being effected by the passage of time, and how rarely he needs to destroy planets, he often faces extreme boredom due to a severe lack of finding things to do with his time. He does train a lot, and he always train harder every day, that never fully alleviates his boredom. He is usually left wanting to do something entertaining, which is where he usually winds up going to some random place in the universe and just doing things like bossing others around, or his favorite activity, trying out the foods that all the sentient species have.

Beerus is a food connoisseur, he loves to eat food and trying some variety. While he is always willing to try any kind of food once, that doesn't mean his preferences in regards to food is super varied. However, his favorite food above all else is pudding, he loves it, he can't get enough of it. Often times, being denied pudding can make him very mad, leading to him destroying the planet of the fools who dared to deny him the most delicious food of all.

Due to his extreme power and important position, Beerus tends to act very arrogant, and can often times be very rude and condescending, although sometimes this is unintentional. He tends to act a bit like a bully, throwing his weight around every so often and demanding people do what he says. He demands respect for being who he is, and he will often get annoyed with someone if they start being disrespectful to him.

He is prone to being childish, getting irritated very quickly and throwing tantrums. He is also usually very unreasonable and will destroy planets for even the pettiest and most shallow of slights, though he can be talked down if the argument is good enough in his mind. He tends to be very cocky when it comes to people he fights, as typically the only people that can stand up to him successfully are those with access to God Ki, and other Gods in high stations like himself.

Greetings mortals, other Gods, and those that don't fit into either category, I am Lord Beerus, God of Destruction, and I have come to this multiverse to seek out fun, food, excitement, and most of all, a challenge. I am hoping to find all of these things here, and I sincerely hope you do not insist upon getting on my bad side. If so, I promise that things won't turn out well for you.

Friends: I can make friends, and earning my friendship isn't hard. Whis is one of my most trusted friends. Despite my occupation, I can be nice when I want to, and I prefer being in an amicable mood over a mood that would lead to a world's destruction. Just remember that if you make me mad, I don't appreciate being mad anymore than you do.

Enemies: Typically my 'enemies' don't live for very long, since trying to make me an enemy is an extremely poor decision on your part. That being said, if you think you have the power to stand up to me, by all means do so and we'll see if you have the mettle.

Lovers: I am looking, though just consider that I have very high standards for myself, and I don;t

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