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Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

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Yeah, that was a reaction Chris was used to getting from people. Still, he listened to Tony, and considered his words before… “Wait, are you implying that the physics of your earth are different than the physics of mine?” That… That was...an interesting thought. It wasn’t impossible, after all. “Well, not if you’re honestly innovating, no, that’s not stealing. I made Jonah from commercial roombas.” And that there was a little bit of pride, thank you, “And he’s better than they could do.” Pride, because Jonah, even if he weren’t magical, would be better than what iRobot had made.

If he could? Chris blinked, then gave Tony a long, careful look, that screamed ‘now I want to try’ (even though he knew it would probably be futile) while not failing to be respectful at the same time. This was, after all, Tony Stark, who was incredibly gifted. “No. And as much as I would love to make some of the things you do,” his gaze was on Jonah as he spoke the words, a thoughtful, focused expression on his face, “I’m not entirely certain I have the educational background needed to reverse engineer certain things.” Like arc reactors and repulsors. Maybe repulsors… Maybe.

Jonah didn’t mind being moved or even tipped slightly, but put on his back? No thank you. The little vacuum bumped Tony’s hand before whirling around the bartop, looking for a mess to show off for Tony by cleaning up. Still, he didn’t go far from Christian, and chirped when he moved further away. “You’re fine,” Chris reached out to brush his fingers lightly against Jonah’s side as he passed by, then looked to Tony, “Friends for Jonah would be nice. He’s… Special.” His fondness for the little robot was evident.

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