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Thread Contributor: Christian VerglasWhat a Wonderful World

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Eight years in… Huh? Oh. Damn. Just… Damn. Israel was a pretty violent place. I mean, not like, Gotham violent, but still damn violent. Like… He wasn’t going to think on that, because that wouldn’t be a nice train of thought at all. Safi had been shot. Twice. Christian paled and winced. Yeah, okay, he really didn’t want to ever… He should say something about that, but what? He wasn’t sure, but he should acknowledge-

What exactly was Safi doing??

Everything else just sort of… Stopped. Everything else. All the lines of thought, the concern for Belle, the terror that she wouldn’t actually be okay, his concern that Safi had had a job like that (not that being a bodyguard at Lexcorp was entirely safe, but it wasn’t the Israeli Defense Force!), all if it just sort of drifted away.

Apparently, all of this took away his ability to breathe, too.

No, that was probably really due to the fact that Safi was pulling his clothes off. In an Uber. Because yes, this was actually happening apparently. Apparently. Because hell, he could just be having the worst best dream of his life. That was entirely possible, too, because he knew exactly how attracted he was to Safi Wassem, he knew it, understood it, accepted it… But Safi didn’t seem the type to do things like this, either! And that… Could he be dreaming? Would his horrible brain seriously interrupt a happy as fuck dream with that sort of phone call?

It so very much would if skin came with it. Yes. Yes it would.

And okay, he sort of did realize what he was looking at. It was a scar. From a bullet, if the context was supposed to make sense. He was pretty it was supposed to make sense, too, because otherwise this was just more very pretty skin, and while that was so very nice, he was pretty sure that… Well, Safi had kissed him, right? Or had that been a dream? No, if that had been a dream, then he was still dreaming…

God, why was he so light headed right now?

Oh, probably because he needed to actually breathe. Definitely not a dream, then. You didn’t accidentally hold your breath for who knows how long in a dream… He sucked in a deep breath once he was out of the car, and reeled a little bit. Pain in his side, dizziness, yeah, hello, world, there you are. This was his life. Because of course it was, because what else would this be?

”Hm? What… What about me?”

He already had tickets? For….? The train! For the train! Right! Gotham! Belle! Oh god… He needed to get to Gotham to see Belle! ”Tickets. Right. For the train. Okay, yes.” On the train he could sit down. It wasn’t until they were seated and Chris looked up and realized that yes, Safi was still with him, sitting right next to him. ”Going my way?” the question was asked almost flirtatiously, and almost dazedly, as though (because he was) Chris was surprised that Safi was still there, but not unhappily. No, it was really nice to not be alone right now. Very nice, and Safi had taken the aisle seat, and that was… Chris was grateful, because he didn’t like sharing the seats like this with someone he didn’t know. He felt all… Boxed in and trapped...

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Was he..being stared at? Not in the assessing his injury sort of way, of even admiring his body, but more of the starving man at a buffet line.

His stomach muscles tightened in instinctive anticipation of being well..pounced. Because honestly? It wouldn't have shocked him, not with how he was devouring him with his eyes.

That was...yeah that was a thing.

The car pulling to a stop broke the moment which was probably a good thing to be honest.

Using his size and training to simultaneously clear a path and block Chris was rather instinctive. Taking the outside seat and kicking up his feet on the opposite bench? That was a deliberate nonverbal statement that it was taken to anyone contemplating joining them.

“Did you ever get adopted?” Maybe he hadn't been clear? Safi did wonder at times if he was having lost in translation moments.

“Yep.” He answered casually, rolling his shoulders to make himself comfortable. “Last time you went to Gotham you came back bruised. Figure I'd go make sure you get back in one piece.”

555 Posts
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Job: PA/Magician
Ship Status: Single with Complications
Sexual Orientation: Pan-Romantic

All Accounts Posts: 1,555
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Christian hadn’t meant to stare. Really, he hadn’t. He had looked over, and Safi was showing him a scar, and Christian’s mind had just sort of turned off. Was that what it was to go brain dead? Maybe… Maybe, yeah, that could be about right…

Of course, watching Safi’s muscles tense the way they had had not helped Chris’ condition at the time, either. But he hadn’t so much as twitched; he would never reach out to touch someone else like that, let alone pounce on someone. Especially not Safi, whom he had already offended once, and was, maybe? Starting to make things right with? Maybe. A man could hope. And dream.

Being lead around the train station was something Chris could do. He moved with focus and purpose, but not with the easy fluidity that he usually did; there was nothing relaxed and nonchalant about him when he was heading toward the Gotham train tonight. That had left him the moment he had moved away from the dance floor, phone still to his ear.

The train was a little bit easier, because really, there was only so much room to move, and Christian went to the nearest empty set of seats and slid to the window, sitting rigidly in the seat. Safi sat next to him, and it took Chris a moment to realize he was there.

”Did you ever get adopted?”

Safi was asking very personal questions now, wasn’t he? But Chris figured he owed the guy some honest answers since they were taking a seven and a half hour train ride across the country together, after dancing and...kissing...at Camila’s party. He shook his head, a small, self deprecating smile on his lips, ”No. I always sort of knew I wouldn’t be, you know? That was for the other kids, the sweet ones, the ones who weren’t… Odd.” He shrugged with his good shoulder, ”I was emancipated when I was sixteen. Finished school and went on to college. Belle’s mama helped, she was very kind to that.”

When Safi answered his question in the affirmative, Chris smiled a bit, ”Well, that’s pretty much par for the course. Happens less in Central, you know. People there have the manners to make demands for your things before they start hitting you.”

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