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The Champion and His Goddess - Sune - 01-23-2018

It had occurred to Sune- as her number of champions in the hub increased- that she ought to make the time to stop in with the one who was her champion alone. She had waited this long in the plan of not interfering- and now she felt it was a good juncture to do so.

Which is to say, she had found herself quite dazzled by a young woman a few universes over and had spent all of her time trying to woo her. Sune hardly thought that was wrong- especially considering the small part of her that her champion carried with him- meaning she could be entirely focused elsewhere and still be at his side.

She padded quietly into his lovely tree home- one which sparkled with residual magic from a recent expansion. Sune had little to no plan with what she'd say, past greeting him. She was even ever so slightly uncertain about whether he'd welcome her- but the soothing music she heard washed that away.

Yes. Only her champion could produce such a beautiful sound- she was confident in that. Even if others might argue. Smiling she meandered closer- still standing just out of his sight. As the last notes rang out, she took her opening. She laid a hand on his shoulder.

"That was lovely, thank you for playing, my champion."

RE: The Champion and His Goddess - Arjay Lo'Ran - 01-24-2018

Considering all of the things that Arjay had been through lately, he wasn’t sure how he should be feeling. There had been good turns in his life and there had been bad turns in his life, all of them painful in their way. He’d helped to accomplish great things, and he’d apparently stepped away from others, leaving him inwardly conflicted about what his ultimate place was, but he knew that there was only one thing for a man to do in such cases: Find joy where you can and cling to it. There was a time for melancholy, and usually those times were quite obvious. This did not feel like those times, and so Arjay did what he so usually found himself doing: He played. He played for himself, he played for his patrons, he played for anyone who could listen, until the music shook its way through his being, pushing aside whatever weighed on his heart at the moment, if only for a moment.

The hand on his shoulder shocked him from the reverie that music always cast upon him, and the sudden return to his senses was more jarring than he ever could have expected. The hand upon his shoulder was quite a more solid presence than he could make sense of for such a gentle touch. The smell, though… his eyes closed as he breathed in the intoxicating perfume from behind him. If he strained, he could almost focus enough to pick out the separate scents from it, but it all seemed to mix whenever he tried to put his mind fully to it to caress that sense with the way they flawlessly flowed together in a way that seemed like it was so obvious to him that he should have come up with it, yet so perfect that he knew he never could. When the voice whispered into his ear, he shuddered quietly and unashamedly, not daring to move but not wishing to stay still. Nine words, nine simple words, but the voice that spoke them resonated through his mind, through his very spirit, like the most perfect chord ever played, like the most heartfelt melody ever written.

Never, in the elf’s long life, had he been this struck by anything he had encountered, never but once, and that had only been in a vision. ’Champion.’ It had been so long since anyone had called him one of those, now, hadn’t it? He’d been raised to be a champion, of course… and he could remember the indulgently patient looks from his father and elder brother when he had begun it. Most bladesingers, on setting out upon their path to magical and martial mastery, did so courting the blessing of the god of war and magic, Corellon. Arjay, though, had come to the unorthodox conclusion that war and magic for the sake of war and magic were empty purposes. No… if he were going to go to war, if he were going to be a champion, it was going to be in the name of what he judged to be the only real purpose worth championing: Love. Love of one’s people, love of one’s family, love of one other, it mattered not… to Arjay, there was no higher calling than love. While most of the faithful of the goddess of Love were thought of as flighty, even hedonistic, Arjay by and large (though not entirely, he was bound to admit) focused himself on being the stalwart defender of all aspects of love, and the one who advanced it as a serious, even noble end unto itself.

The heat from the hand on his shoulder shook him from his momentary recollection, and he opened his lips to speak, but found himself feeling suddenly feeling tongue-tied, clumsy, ill-prepared and uncouth in such a presence. Why, oh why, hadn’t he decorated this common room more lavishly, commissioned a more intricate and delicate dinner? Why was he surrounded by all comers from the road instead of the most sophisticated patronage? Why, in short, had he not made this building worthy for a goddess to have walked through its unworthy doors?

RE: The Champion and His Goddess - Sune - 01-24-2018

Sune felt the shudder of the man under her fingers as he reacted to her presence- a sensation that sent a smile spreading across her face. With his music still singing through what passed for veins within her- she couldn't help but softly hum the melody he had been playing only a moment previous.

Instead of removing her hand, she trailed it lightly along his arm as she walked around to the front of him. "Your music sings as beautifully as the day we met- reminds me all over again why I put that sword at your side." Sune offered with a bright smile at him- pulling her hand from his arm to instead run her fingers along his cheek and jawline.

"Hello Arjay." She hummed brightly at him. Taking the flute from his hands and tucking it into his belt, Sune reached out and took his hand, leading him to a table that was partially secluded and sat down with the wall behind her. If that meant that he was required to sit on the opposite side- facing away from everyone else and looking only at her- Well, Sune never claimed to be subtle. Besides- she didn't think he'd be focused on much of anything else anyways.

With a small hum she made a concerted effort to force down the glow of her divinity slightly- no matter how much she liked having his eyes focused just on her- it seemed unfair to blind him so much when she was in his place of business. "You've built such a lovely home for yourself here, haven't you?" It did occur to her that she might also look a bit out of place so she winked at him briefly before she was suddenly dressed in more rustic adventurer's gear- up to the short sword strapped to her hip.

Waving down the waiter she ordered two pints and a nice hearty stew for herself- and her champion when she recognized his own hunger. The food smelled so incredible- that she actually felt a desire to eat. Considering her lack of requirement for sustenance- that said something about the scent.

"I do love places like this- There's always so much passion everywhere. Love- lust- and the beauty of someone's excitement before an adventure- and the exhilaration afterwards. Other places hide ugliness underneath a lovely exterior- but places like this are raw and by extension very pure." She explained as she waited for her order to arrive at their table. Perhaps because of the fact that the proprietor of the establishment was sitting opposite her and was absolutely entranced by her- but their food and drinks were there in no time. She smiled thankfully at the waiter before tearing into the loaf of bread that came with it and popping a small piece in her mouth.

RE: The Champion and His Goddess - Arjay Lo'Ran - 01-24-2018

Arjay knew that his goddess knew who he was. He carried her sword with him every day. He cast spells that could only be granted by her. She was, in fact, a goddess, and perfectly capable of knowing who anyone within her faith was. Nevertheless, it was still a thrill to hear her say his name without being introduced, the same way that it had been to be remembered by the Queen on a few memorable occasions.

“I’m forced to wonder what you would consider ‘the day we met,’” he mused, finally finding his voice. Was it something he would remember from his lifetime, or something deeper? There was, of course, that day when he’d found the sword waiting for him in the temple, when he felt that pull that told him, with no doubt, that he was the one who was intended to draw it. There was also the day when, mildly delirious after days of fasting, he’d thought he’d been told by some other voice to play, to sing, to cast aside the dusty tomes of the wizard to focus on his sorcerous abilities. So many moments… and did it really matter? He supposed not, in the end.

Her compliment of the establishment assuaged some of his anxiety over the appearance of the place. Either she approved, or she was granting him her absolution for any shortcomings she might see, and either way was more than acceptable to him. “And establishment is only so fine as the people patronizing it, and so I must agree that tonight, my home is magnificent,” he said, having recovered modestly from the sudden shock of finding himself in the presence of the divine, and thus finding his charm returning to him. As they approached the table she wished, he closed his hand over the smaller one that had taken it, pausing to bow over it as he stopped next to her seat. “I am not worthy of this honor, but I am grateful for it, my lady,” he said, lightly kissing her fingers before he drew out her seat for her. A goddess certainly was not meant to draw out her own chair, not when her faithful were attending to her. She ordered, something that he was rather thankful for, because otherwise, he’d have sent word back for the cook to immediately begin cooking up an absolute feast fit for royalty (sadly, he’d learned that most people took ‘fit for a goddess’ to be cute exaggeration, yet knew precisely what you meant when you specified royalty), which would have stressed the poor thing to her last nerve. As it was, he did specify to the barmaid what keg to draw from, and added to have a bottle from the very back of his private wine cellar on hand.

“I do try to keep it that way,” he admitted. “We have all sorts come through, naturally, but I think those whose intents are impure know that I’m watching them, and they tend not to stay too long. It seemed time that I live in a place that felt like a home to me again.” It was true, of course, that he used it as a front for any Harpers passing through, and to gather information that might be needed. In truth, though, the elf had picked this to be his home simply to have somewhere that he could be surrounded by life and excitement, even when he couldn’t feel that joy himself. A somewhat bleak intent, he supposed, when he thought the matter over… but it worked for him, at least thus far.

RE: The Champion and His Goddess - Sune - 01-24-2018

Sune giggled slightly and fluttered her eyelashes at him. "I'll give you a hint- it was much earlier than you are thinking." She offered softly- remembering one lovely afternoon spent laying beside a very young child who had run from his lessons, staring at the clouds, and picking flowers. She did like to pick her champions early- meant that by the time she deemed them ready to accept her as their Goddess, she was quite certain that they were a good fit.

Though there had certainly been times where she doubted that he'd grow into the man she needed him to be- a doubt that was needless- it wasn't like she couldn't see what would transpire to grow him into her champion. She had only wished she could save him the pain.

She laughed more fully when he commented about her gracing the establishment- the comment pulling her from memories of disguising herself as whatever she needed in order to be there to support her champion before he was. "You- are an incorrigible flatterer. Were you aware?" She teased, even as she allowed him to take her hand and press a kiss to it. She gave a small dainty curtsy in reply. Sune knew that she was not required to- but he was worthy of the honour.

Something that he rejected before she even had the chance to say anything about it- which caused her to frown softly even as she sat down. Once she was seated, she looked up at him, face softening. "You know, it is not in my nature to allow someone to speak about my chosen like that. I suppose I shall forgive you this once however." She chided before explaining more fully. "Truly if I believed you unworthy, I would not have chosen you in the first place."

She smiled at him as he spoke if his business- how he attempted to keep it to her standards. "You have certainly done wonderfully- I am glad I did not make the wrong decision by granting you entrance into the hub. It is harder to see the future here- so much converges. I was worried." She admitted softly, though she didn't want to bring up the terrible things she had allowed to happen to him.

Forcing herself to focus on the now, she ate a bit of her stew, savouring it, but also eating fast enough to prevent it from getting cold. Reheating food changed the flavours slightly so she did try to avoid it. "How are you Arjay?" Sune asked, voice becoming very serious as she met and held his gaze- tempted to compel him to tell the truth- but unwilling to do so to her champion.

RE: The Champion and His Goddess - Arjay Lo'Ran - 01-25-2018

Arjay was, for once, completely clueless. He had some memories of women he had met early in his life, things that had shaped his (some would say incessant) interest in romance and the fairer sex, but if one met a goddess, you would know it, would you not? At those young ages, everything seems amazing and wonderful, but as you grow, you learn that such things are just down to your inexperience at the time… weren’t they. He watched her suspiciously, but… no. Surely not all of those times? Did he want to ask and prove what a fool he was?

“I prefer to think of myself as dedicated. After all, what could possibly need to be corrected about pointing out the truths that people quite need, or want, to hear about themselves?” He’d long found that the best compliments to give were ones that were utterly true… and if one was known for doing so, then the little exaggeration here and there tended to have quite a bit more weight to it when someone needed to hear that as well, but what could possibly be exaggerated about a goddess of beauty? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Which was why he had such a hard time believing what she said next. “You honor me,” he admitted, “Although I always thought that if one was chosen, they would tend not to make quite so much a mess of things. I have no intention of arguing with you, though.”

Hearing that he had caused her worry, though… that did give the elf pause. “And now it’s you that flatter me, milady,” he said, a small smile touching his lips. “I’ve lived through far worse than what life here seems capable of giving me, though I do allow that at any point I can be proven quite wrong in that impression.” Which led quite naturally into the deceptively simple question that she asked him. He gave it the consideration it deserved, given the source, weighing it honestly in his mind. Oh, certainly, he’d had his reasons to be bitter in the recent past, but when wasn’t that true. “Rather well, all things considered,” he admitted. “I won’t pretend that recent days haven’t been difficult, but… all of it has been quite too recent a development for it to be a deep hurt. At the same time, there is always hope for the next time, as there has been each time.” He paused, then decided to maintain complete honesty. “Although I wonder if I’ve been doing penance this past century for hurting Lynea. I do it gladly,” he added quickly, the guilt over breaking the heart of his first love always making him accept each heartbreak that befell him after that without fail, “But I wonder if I’ve learned enough yet.”

RE: The Champion and His Goddess - Sune - 01-25-2018

Sune bit her lip to hide her smile when she saw how confused he was. Deciding to not force him to wonder- she reached up to his temple which she gently stroked as she carefully prodded forward a memory that was long since buried. The details would be hazy- but he would remember a redheaded woman placing a flower crown on his head. "One day, Arjay, I will call on you. I hope you answer." The memory added vaguely- the moment when Sune had decided to bring him into her chosen.

Giving a cryptic smile she remarked on the topic. "There were many others that you were not yet able to recognize me- but I wouldn't be myself if I didn't want to make you puzzle those out for yourself." She said softly- having seen his memories as she dug for their first meeting and knowing that for many he remembered little except a flash of red hair in the corner of his eyes. Of course there were plenty where he had far more detailed memories of the encounter- but those were genuinely when she was truly disguising herself- and not fulfilling the firey part of a number of her names.

And of course, there were points in time when she was Hanali and met him instead- when her red hair went golden.

She smiled at his reply. Such a response was characteristic of her champion- and it never failed to make her happy, no matter whom it was directed at. "Think back on what you have just said- that your compliments are truth. You see beauty and love in even the hardest of situations- in places where it would be easy to consider it ugly. There are none better suited to be my champion." She hummed, happy to let the explanation float on the air as he processed.

Sune listened to his reply- her hair going golden with concern. Hanali was more suited to such a situation and so when the goddess stood- that was who she was. Hanali walked to the other side of the table and pulled her champion into her embrace. "Oh Arjay, I would never ask for such a thing." She offered sweetly, tucking a piece of his hair behind his ear- that hers now matched. "I only ask that you keep trying- so long as you do, I will never desire to punish you." She explained, stroking the side of his face again.

"I am so sorry for the pain I have unintentionally caused you, dear one." Hanali said softly. "Having the favour of a Goddess is an invitation for misfortune- what would you have me do, my beloved Champion."She asked quietly- ready to reward his service however he wished.

RE: The Champion and His Goddess - Arjay Lo'Ran - 01-26-2018

Arjay’s eyes closed tightly, his mind racing to catch up with the new memories being drawn up, things that were covered over, buried, misdirected behind other memories. He couldn’t rightly place them, though he knew they were real. He remembered that crown of flowers, after all, they’d hung, dried, from a mirror in his room after he’d gotten them… when? Goddess… he couldn’t remember, wasn’t that amusing? His memory was so incredibly good, not necessarily eidetic, but within the space of a month it might as well be. Yet here were memories he hadn’t so much as suspected. “Well now. I suppose that love is always full of surprises, isn’t it,” he mused. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of this. It didn’t bother him, but this was something he hadn’t previously suspected at all. What other situations might there be surrounding him that he hadn’t suspected?

That was a question that could send his mind in circles and he knew it, so he pushed it aside for now. “Well, sometimes, though, the troll is simply a troll,” he admitted, his lips turning up a bit more. “But I accept your point. I’ve known quite enough beautiful people who’ve struck me, in the end, as rather ugly. If you’ve paid attention as closely as you’ve said, I think I hardly need to name names right now. Much better to let such things be forgotten.”

There was something… divine, about being embraced by a goddess. Sweet muses, did he actually just think that? ‘Divine’? That redundantly obtuse thought was the best he could come up with? He supposed that it was, his situation being what it was at that moment. While her voice and her scent were enthralling enough, the feel of her was indescribable. The cloth that touched his face was softer, smoother than the finest silk that he’d ever had the pleasure of wearing, even appearing as rustic as it did, and made his own tunic feel like haircloth by comparison. The warmth of the flesh beneath, the softness of her skin, were so obvious that even through her clothing, he could feel it as if there were no clothes between them, and for a moment he let her hold him like that before he realized, foolishly, that he had been holding his breath. “Then perhaps I require it of myself,” he admitted. “I’ve made mistakes, oh, many of them, even where love is concerned… but hers is the only heart I’ve broken that I know of, and that mistake is one I’d not let myself forget.”

Her question, though… that stirred something in his chest. An offer like that from a god was a powerful thing. “Is my goddess asking me to be selfish right now?” he asked, smiling faintly. What did he want? Oh, he could ask for a love that he could keep, but needing to be handed that by a goddess was an empty feeling. How could you enjoy a love that you always needed wonder if it were real or simply a divine fabrication? “What I want,” he said slowly, “Is respect. What I want is some means of being known that perhaps I’m not a cast-off of the Seldarine for my supposed misdeeds, that perhaps those values I hold dear bear some merit and don’t trample upon the supposed laws of my people.” As he said it, he felt his jaw tighten, as he let his mind dredge up the many and varied indignities of the last century, from the derisive tone with which he’d ultimately been addressed by the Coronal, the jeers of the people of Shadowdale, the ridicule from those he’d thought friends when he didn’t take their quite-so-militant view of the world. “That maybe I am right that love is something to be championed, and that perhaps a broken heart isn’t a sign that you’ve lost favor, but…” he paused, realizing that his voice had raised through his clenched teeth, and that realization allowing him to deflate, relax, continue. “…But a sign that you truly have loved, at least once.”

He took a deep breath. “Well, that felt good to actually say out loud,” he admitted. Was that something he was going to ask for, though? No. Respect was earned, and if it was not in him to earn it, he wasn’t going to insult her by asking for a further sign of her favor (though it still struck him as odd that so many were willing to dismiss a gods-blessed weapon). “You haven’t been the cause of my pains, my lady. The Drow who murdered Sayiel is the cause of my pains. The Zhent who frightened Krysdan into going off to her death at his hands is the cause of my pains. The cave-in that took Cadence and Muirne from me is the cause of my pains. The inconstancy of so many other women is the cause of my pains. And what of it? What kind of a vapid, self-indulgent life would I be living if nothing ever pained me deeply enough to know just how deeply any love I felt was?” He shook his head. “You’ve told me that you are pleased with me, and that is reward enough for any of my pains.”

RE: The Champion and His Goddess - Sune - 01-26-2018

Hanali smiled cryptically at Arjay as he remarked aloud. Really- he should have already known that, but she did like surprising her faithful and shaking them a little- though Arjay hardly seemed as though his belief had been damaged. As he surmised, she did duck her head in amusement- she had, of course, not disguised as a troll- if only because arjay would not have found that comforting in the slightest. "Yes- I will admit I am less aware of your past before you became my champion, but only because my mind has since always been with you. At least in part."

Her smile brightened again when he accepted her embrace so readily- despite wishing he had not known pain enough to require it. She rested her forehead against his and closed her eyes- offering a small bit of soothing love to ease his memories. She listened to him, proud of him for being able to see it in such a way. "You have grown so strong, my champion." She offered quietly as she matched her gaze to his and half sat in his lap to lower her face closer to his level. "I do wish that you would not beat yourself up- Love is nigh uncontrollable, you can not choose what your heart feels. I can choose for you, but I do not. Even then, my own heart is as greedy as any other." Hanali offered with a small laugh, pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth before holding him once more.

The change in position put the flute between them- which startled her for a moment- Hanali may have been the sweeter of her aspects, but a love goddess she remained- before she realized what had pressed into her skin. Giggling at her own momentary misunderstanding- she stood and pulled the flute from Arjay's belt- considering it for a moment before leveling him with a questioning glance. "May I?" She offered softly, even as she leaned against the table and brought the instrument to her mouth.

Hanali would apologize for doing so without permission- had she not been able to snag his assent from the surface of his mind before the sounds could make it from his mouth. Sune was only capable of playing music because it was- by nature- beautiful- but Hanali was goddess also of artists and fine art- so the sounds she issued forth were quite literally divine. Smiling at him as much as she could manage without affecting the music, she played for him the first song he had ever performed in her honor- by extension, one that she was quite fond of.

RE: The Champion and His Goddess - Arjay Lo'Ran - 01-28-2018

Love is uncontrollable. Well, that was the truth, wasn’t it? “Oh, don’t I know it,” he said dryly, favoring her with a wry smile. “Even when all common sense speaks against it, it will do what it will.” He supposed that that was something he could ask her about. Had his wife actually loved him? It was something that he had never doubted while she was alive, of course, but some things struck too close to home, like the words of her murderer while he was held magically paralyzed and unable to save her. He’d said that he had removed a burden from Arjay, and that Arjay’s real punishment would be knowing that he was right. And in truth… Arjay had come to know that he was right. He’d loved Sayiel, and she’d taken that love, taken everything that he’d offered her, as greedily as a dragon hoarded its treasure. It had been exhausting, and he’d never given it up, never in her life… but eventually, in the years since her death, he’d finally come to admit that their relationship had been so one-sided that he wondered if she really loved him back, if she even had wanted to, or if she’d just been using him like she’d used so many men’s affections for her purposes.

But no, he wasn’t going to ask it, because in truth, he didn’t want to know. At this point, it would serve nothing to be told this.

When she took the blue crystal flute from his belt, he gave her a slight bow and a smile as she prepared to play. How could he deny her this? He was going to listen with rapt attention to this, because the song of a goddess was, quite literally, a perfect melody, and if he could even capture a fraction of its beauty, it would be an amazing thing to play. And, of course, he recognized the song she played, but it wasn’t one of her composition. It was a song he’d played, though not on the flute, in a clearing near Myth Drannor, one night after he’d finally grown weary of his life, shouting his imprecations at the heavens over the various pains of his life, until finally she had (with an amazing patience, he had to admit) given him the first command that he remembered her giving: Sing. And oh, he’d sang, and he’d felt that touch of her warmth in his heart…

Smiling faintly at the memory, he sang quietly along with the song. Oh, he could perform quite captivatingly for the whole bar, yes… but this moment was between them.

RE: The Champion and His Goddess - Sune - 01-29-2018

Sune smiled softly at Arjay, stroking the side of his face again. She knew what thoughts were going through his head- though she didn't give him an answer since she knew he didn't want one. She held the words inside her- despite her desire to assure him that his wife did once love him- because Sune wanted nothing more than for her champion to be happy. If he had come to uneasy peace with the uncertainty of not knowing- then Sune wouldn't ruin that for him.

The way he watched as she prepared to play only made her happier- and him singing along with her made her happier still. The only thing that she loved about him more than his voice was his heart. Being serenaded by him almost most made her forget to finish playing. Thankfully her mind was capable of separating so many instances- that there was at least a little part of her left to focus on giving the song the effort it deserved.

She let the final note hang in the air as she admired his flute. She took it and carefully placed it back in his belt where she had put it previously. Sune looked down through her eyelashes at Arjay for a brief moment before deciding that she had waited some 220 years and her patience was wearing thin. She smiled and shook her head slightly, reached down, grabbed his collar, and pulled him against her lips. She sighed happily into the contact- and then stood up from the table and moved forward to straddle him without breaking the kiss.

"Mercy Arjay." She whispered against his mouth. "Did I mention that I missed you when you were on your quest?"

RE: The Champion and His Goddess - Arjay Lo'Ran - 01-29-2018

This day was sliding further and further into the realm of situations that he never would have seriously entertained as possibilities in his life. His goddess incarnating and coming to visit him was a shock all on its own, her unwavering approval of him was more than he would have allowed himself to hope for. Her sudden very physical attention, though? This was well within the realm of things that no one would ever believe unless they happened to be in this room right now seeing it.

Fortunately, though, this was exactly the sort of unexpected surprise that he could count on his instincts to carry him through. A goddess paying him a visit would throw any man into an understandable state of uncertainty, and he defied anyone to know exactly what to do when one came calling. Her kissing him, on the other hand? This was now precisely Arjay’s element, and he didn’t even have to think twice about how to react.

After all, one did not meekly kiss a goddess.

When she seized him to kiss him, he responded in kind, standing toward her to meet her lips and… rapturous goddess, her lips. Her kiss was more passionate, more sensual than any of the most intimate encounters he’d had with any number of notably beautiful women. He responded in kind, drawing her toward him as she moved around the table, cupping his hand under her bottom to pull her into his lap. Every curve of her was feminine perfection, and in that moment he was achingly eager to explore every single one of them in a much more careful detail. He knew that he would never be able to describe the taste of her lips, her tongue, because it was at once the same perfect taste of a woman’s passion he’d tasted hundreds of times and at the same time so much more, like being swallowed into the sun after a lifetime of admiring it from a distance. In a way, every woman he’d kissed was a reflection of this perfection that life was trying to emulate for him, but now he’d tasted the source of it all, and it was ever so sweet.

“I believe I was gaining that impression,” he answered, his voice a low, heady rumble that breathed across her lips. “Had I known the reward, I’d have risked my life and soul in some alien realm ages ago.”

RE: The Champion and His Goddess - Sune - 01-29-2018

Feeling the eager reply of her champion, Hanali gave way to the Goddess of passion again- hair flowing red at his touch. Sune was very briefly amused by his lack of surprise, but even the slightest touch against his mind told her that he was plenty shocked. She was then amused at the fact that this had become automatic for him, that he didn't require the ability to process the situation to respond in kind.

Finally, Sune decided that amusement could wait for later- after she was done thoroughly enjoying her chosen. She hummed in obvious approval as his hands started to explore, spreading her own across his chest, enjoying the feel of his musculature under her fingers. Now- Arjay was no sex God, there was no doubt in her mind about that- but he was remarkably talented for a mortal. Add in the fact that she cared a great deal more for him than any God she had ever had- oh Sune did not want to stop this.

She couldn't help but throw her head back with a laugh at his reply, husky though it was. Returning her face to the place where he was forced to share her breath (not that it mattered, since she wasn't strictly required to breathe) She whispered against his lips. "How do you know I wasn't just waiting for you to ask?"

Stealing another kiss, it occurred to her that she should probably make sure he knew what he was getting in to before she allowed him to commit. "On a scale of one to ten with ten being very- how strongly do you want to be able to walk tomorrow?" She offered as she pressed up against him to whisper it in his ear. From there she had to leave his mouth free to speak, but she did lower her mouth to the area beneath his ear- which she began littering patiently with kisses and love bites.

RE: The Champion and His Goddess - Arjay Lo'Ran - 01-30-2018

It was true that Arjay was no divine being of carnal pleasure. On the other hand, such beings needed to come from somewhere, often ascended mortals, and he saw no reason to not try to meet that mark. He hadn’t, after all, ever had quite so inspiring a partner (and given the partners he had, that was definitely saying something), so if there was ever a time to rise to that occasion, this was the one.

He steeled himself against the shiver that her laugh sent through his body, leaning forward to nip at her throat while it was exposed to him. His answer came without any hesitation, really. “I’m not accustomed to asking for kisses… either I see that I’m free to take them, or they’re given. Besides… I’m sure you get millions of such requests each day. Should my voice be one of the chorus?” True, until this very day, he’d had no doubt that such a request would have been overlooked in due course, but now he was forced to wonder if he should have just asked for whatever he wished from her. It just seemed so… arrogant, though, and so he put the matter out of his mind.

If she thought that he was going to put petty concerns like future comfort over the present activities, she was sorely mistaken… or, more likely, was simply toying with him. “If some urgent need presents itself for my mobility tomorrow, I will send a proxy,” he said dryly. Well, more to the point, he’d burn all of his magic healing himself, but there was always a chance it wouldn’t work. Then her lips were near his ear, and he felt himself involuntarily shudder in anticipation, holding stock-still so as to not dissuade her from what she was doing. “Right now, I’m simply glad that my heart was healed yesterday, because I would never forgive myself if I couldn’t give this the fullest effort it deserves.”

And speaking of full effort, this was not the setting to give her the attention she deserved. Murmuring a melodic spell, he felt that familiar spinning sensation as they were both transported up to his room, the seat at the table replaced with his quite oversized bed.

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Sune's voice became ever more musical at his touch- her purr becoming a soft sigh of pleasure when he found her throat. She twined her fingers in his hair and hummed again, looking at him through half lidded eyes. "You have always been a solo Arjay- no chorus could drown you out." She offered, so softly that it was clear she was speaking to him and no one else. "And I'm a little more present for your requests as well" She added on with a wry smile as she tapped the sword that hung from his waist- the metal glowing like fire under her touch.

Pulling her hand from the hilt before it did little more than hum from the contact, she returned to focusing on the task at hand- or at mouth. She was forced to stifle another laugh when she saw the way his muscles tensed under her exploration- and the shudder that she could feel with her whole body. She did pull away long enough to spread her fingers over his heart- to confirm that yes, he was rather whole.

That made her smile contentedly- and lean to kiss him again- an action that was thwarted by his song. She didn't resiste the laugh that hit her when she realized where he had taken them. "You mortals- always so impatient." Sune said as she shook her head with a laugh. Shrugging ever so slightly, she pulled him to her again, stopping just far enough away that it wasn't quite a kiss- though she was still close enough to feel the heat from his skin against her own- barely long enough to add a single remark before completing the action. "Not that I mind, I think I've waited quite long enough."

No single action ever truly consumed Sune's mind- the kiss coming remarkably close- but not quite enough to stop her from being able to remove her clothes as well. She changed the style of them with a thought so that she didn't have to pull away to bring her tunic over her head. Sune was tempted to magic away their clothes... But that was hardly as much fun.

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Impatient. Heh… “If I weren’t impatient for something that people would quite literally offer up their souls for, you would wonder what was wrong with me,” he mused, brushing his thumb over her lips. “Also? I noticed just how distracted the entire room was. I may not be an entirely selfish man, but just now, this is a moment I want to myself.” He let his lips brush over lips so smooth that he irrationally considered if his were so comparatively rough that they would hurt her. “I hope that you don’t mind that either, because I won’t apologize for it,” he added his lips curling slightly, something that she was more likely to feel than see with how close they were. “But keeping you waiting? Now that’s nearly unforgivable.”

He normally could have managed the removal of any clothes that were present, but with his present company, he was glad when her clothes changed once more and he would be spared the risk of ripping her tunic from her in some desperate eagerness or something else unseemly like that. As it was, he took his time unbuttoning her trailing kisses down her throat and chest, welcoming each inch of skin that was bared to him. He was at a loss of what to say at the moment. How foolish did you sound to call the embodiment of beauty beautiful, no matter how eloquently you stated it? Nevertheless, she was. He felt like he could become intoxicated just from the sight of her. As the tunic came completely unlaced, he found him letting his lips drift over her flat stomach and taught breasts simply to give his eyes another chance to take in the sight that he still believed he had no business seeing in this life. His hands found the swell of her hips, briefly exploring with his fingertips before he pulled her closer, unable to hold back the quiet groan of desire that escaped his throat as he kissed her again.

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Sune liked teasing others- it was simply a part of who she was- so when Arjay slid his thumb across her mouth, she smirked before turning his hand to give her access to his fingers. She then kissed the tips of them before pulling a couple into her mouth to suck on. She met his gaze while she did so- and as he spoke. She reluctantly released his hand as he moved to replace it with his mouth- something she whole heartedly approved of. "No, I certainly don't mind." She whispered against his lips. "And it's completely forgivable. Something about me being immeasurably older than you and having to wait for you to reach adulthood- and then until a good opportunity presented itself." She explained with a smile to match his.

Sune let out a breathy sigh as she felt him go to work on her clothes- she had been hoping he'd take the hint, but sometimes she had to push rather hard for someone to get the idea, short of telling them outright. In response she ran her fingers along the hem of his own top before pushing it upwards- taking the brief moment, where his mouth separated from her to move to the skin he was baring, she pulled the article of cloth over his head. She hummed in pleasure at the texture of his skin underneath her fingers- and at the feeling of his lips against her skin.

Catching his thoughts made her giggle slightly. "That's one of the beauties of such intimacy Arjay- you can say all of those things with your touch. And I do still appreciate that you think I'm beautiful, regardless of whether that is a given." She said, words rolling on her tongue as she arched her back to grant him better access. She hummed yet again before the noise became a gasp of pleasure as she was pulled against him.

Fusing her own mouth to his, Sune hooked her hands behind his neck before pushing down ever so slightly with her hips and gyrating in slow figure eights. His noise of desire simply fuelled the action- the Goddess grinding down harder as she lamented that she had wasted so much time chasing someone else when she could have had this months ago, when Arjay first arrived in the hub.

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“Oh, that’s wonderful to know,” the elf mused, “I suppose if I keep you waiting a bit longer, you won’t mind then.” That was, actually something of a novel experience for him. He was used to being the one accustomed to patience by reason of a much longer life, but in this case, he was the one more likely to exhibit an amusing (to her) sense of urgency.

His usual goal of driving a woman to desperation to be taken being put aside for now, he stood up with her, lips still locked onto hers, waiting very happily for her feet to touch the ground again. Oh, he wasn’t in any hurry, not when the wait meant feeling a body that sensual pressed against him, but eventually, he was able to move. With her standing, he was able to take a much more active approach to undressing her, though his lips were never idle as he did. He dragged his teeth teasingly over her collarbone as he stepped behind her, pausing in the midst of disrobing her to pull her back against him, kissing her neck, her throat, groaning quietly (again) against her skin as he finally pulled back just enough to draw the tunic from her. Still… her words made him think for a moment. She had, within the space of the time they’d been there, shown him several different appearances of herself, even if a few were only different by their choice of clothing. Beauty was, as they said, in the eye of the beholder. She was ideal beauty, always, and he could see how quite a bit of what she showed him was based on the beauty he’d known… or had the beauty he’d been drawn to been because of the reflection of her he’d somehow recognized? It was a confusing matter.

There was one odd, almost blasphemous urge in his head, though. If he were going to lie with her as any man lay with a woman, he wanted the encounter to be so much more like that. “How do you appear,” he asked, his lips nuzzling against her ear, “When you’re alone, when there’s none of us to draw an ideal from? Is there ever any such time?” Somehow, he didn’t think that there would be any offense taken at this, at least not from him, because hadn’t she made it clear that she looked at him differently than any other mortal? “That’s how I want to see you,” he murmured, sliding his hands lower across her stomach, teasing them inside the breeches of the adventuring clothes she’d formed to teasingly make herself more suited to the setting, drawing her tunic back from her as he did so. “Not with a glamour, not affected by my ideas and experiences and biases… Even if I’m the only mortal foolish enough to ask this, I want to see you and love you, not simpy my version of you.”

He didn’t wait for an answer, didn’t look at her to see a change. Tugging the tunic down her arms, he slid down her body, trailing kisses down her spine as he followed the garment down. Tossing it aside to a chair near the bed, he reached around her, tugging at the lacing of her breeches as he dipped his tongue across the small of her back.

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Sune felt the laugh bubbling up a brief moment before it fell from her mouth, breathy from desire alone. She couldn't even come up with words to explain her amusement for a moment- though she did manage as always. "Most mortals would take that as an indication to move faster, not slower." Came the soft reply from her lips- though she wasn't going to tell him whether that was a good or bad thing, that was for him to interpret.

As he stood up, she sighed in enjoyment as her skin slid against his until she was standing on her own. Still, she kept herself firmly pressed against him until he decided to move around her. For a brief moment she was tempted to turn to follow him but she knew well enough what he was doing- though it didn't stop a soft whimper from escaping her lips as he pulled her against his form again. Oh yes, Sune was excited for this.

She tilted her head to the side, swiping the hair with it, to allow him better access to where his mouth kept straying. When he took advantage of that to caress her ear with both his lips and his voice Sune allowed her body a small shiver that she was confident he could feel. "There is." She whispered, voice filled with want. She was loathe to stop his exploration of her skin- she hardly wanted him to pull his hands away from their newest target- she certainly felt she ought to turn around and face him for this.

Sighing that she must, Sune pulled his hands free, at least temporarily, as she spun on the spot. She graced him with one of her more brilliant smiles. "Dear one- I do not know why. Perhaps because you met me before you had an ideal of beauty, or perhaps you are simply too wonderful- but you do not have an ideal beauty that contradicts my form." Tracing a finger along his muscles, she added the final piece. "Save for softening my divine nature so as to not harm you, you already see me in my truest form."

Her smile softened slightly, still entirely flattered that he didn't want a perfection, he wanted her- however she might look. She was certain that if she had been short and large he would have loved her the same. Arjay was very good at reminding her why she had chosen him- why he was her favourite of her champions. She stole another kiss before taking the opportunity to work on his breeches as he had been on hers.

Sune paused and slid her hand across the front of them with a teasing smile.

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“Most mortals don’t understand that the best parts happen before the desire is sated,” Arjay countered. It was, after all, the same with all things. People celebrated the quest for a goal, the battle for a goal, the search for something… not the moment that it was obtained or after. Epilogues very rarely held many people’s interests, except as a promise for the next tale.

The fact that her form wasn’t altered for him was something of a surprise, while at the same time being no surprise at all. He couldn’t bring himself to doubt what she said, and her appearance certainly matched the classical depictions of her, but at the same time he still had such a hard time bringing himself to the belief that he was more than just an average, albeit devout, worshiper. When she turned around, he peered up her body for one long, amazing moment, before he was drawn up to her face again, kissing her, all thought of doubt suddenly forced from his mind at the sudden physical expression of pure passion.

Her touch almost, almost distracted him from his ultimate goal. He wanted, her, painfully badly, which was readily apparent to her very physical examination of him, and for a moment he found his hands simply lingering at her hips as he shuddered in the sudden pleasure. It was impossible, though, to forget that he wanted her, and what was needed for that, and so his fingers pressed again under the waist of her breeches, pushing them down (with difficulty, perfectly fitted to her legs as they were, revealing the goddess to him in all her glory. He didn’t have to break away from her kiss, this was something that was even powerful just knowing it.

The last of their clothes scattered to the floor as was only right, he pulled her against him again, the mere press of her bare body against his almost better than any passion he’d known. For the first time in his life, Arjay was completely outmatched, and he knew it. It was a humbling experience, but one he didn’t for a moment consider backing down from.