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Walk with an Angel - Castiel - 09-17-2017

Castiel had found himself on another long stroll that was uncharacteristic of him. He was... He was contemplative lately. Perhaps the lengthy list of troubles was finally getting to be too much for him to handle so easily. It wouldn't be awfully surprising considering what a mess he had left to come here- and the place he had arrived- with Dean both welcoming and seemingly annoyed by his presence.

That one had stung- Dean had paid little attention to him after promising to watch shows with him and Cas knew it was ridiculous but he had found that quite vexing. So vexing that he found himself thinking about Dean even more than Castiel already had before he had returned to this time period. It was almost concerning.

It was particularly concerning when the Angel ran shoulder first into a broad shouldered muscular man with blonde hair. For a millisecond he thought that his thoughts had conjured Dean in front of him before he noticed the wildly different features.

Really to compare the two men was to compare night and day. (Certainly both beautiful in their own respects but Castiel would always prefer the one with more darkness. Made each bit of light brighter.) Clearing his throat awkwardly he took a step back. "Forgive me I seem to have been lost in thought."He offered with a small dip of his head in apology. "I am still learning my way around this- strange reality."

RE: Walk with an Angel - 616 Steve Rogers - 09-17-2017

Steve is out enjoying the summer day. A rare feeling of contentment has settled around him and he aims to make the most of it. He hums a tune that he first heard back in the 30s, as he strolls along the road. Memories of dance halls and big band music drift hazily across his mind.

Lost in good memories Steve doesn't notice the dark haired man until he runs into him. Steve quickly steadies himself and gives the man a quick once over to make sure he's also ok. The man appears fine. He wears a trench coat that is oddly heavy for the warm summer day.

"Forgive me I seem to have been lost in thought. I am still learning my way around this- strange reality."

"New to the hub?" Steve asks. He gives the stranger a sympathetic smile. He knows how disconcerting it can be to stumble into this strange little world.

"Do you want someone to show you around?" Steve asks.

RE: Walk with an Angel - Castiel - 10-01-2017

Castiel blinked slowly for a brief moment- remembering that it was disconcerting for humans when someone seemingly of their own species kept their eyes wide and staring. Letting himself be steadied he ducked a grateful nod to the stranger. He also blinked with mild surprise at the offer. "I would very much appreciate that yes."

Castiel offered a hand to shake with the stranger. "My name is Castiel, I am an angel of the lord- it is nice to meet someone so kind in this strange place." The angel said with the kind of small smile that he had learned made people feel more at ease.

He looked at him curiously now that he was no longer required to keep to a quick glance by rules of politeness- though obviously Castiel still helped him from staring at this other man. He was tall and well built- blonde hair- but he had both a certain casual air to him as well as a very disciplined stance.

RE: Walk with an Angel - 616 Steve Rogers - 10-01-2017

The stranger stares at Steve for just a few seconds too long before blinking and accepting the offer. He was a little odd; off in a way that Steve just couldn't his finger on. Still he seems harmless enough Steve decides.

They shake hands and he introduces himself as an angel of the lord. Steve blinks...What? Now Steve wouldn't classify himself as an atheist by a long shot. His mother had taken him to church every Sunday in his youth and he had stopped in country churches all over Europe to pray when the horrors of war got to be too much. Still, he didn't expect to meet an angel on the street even in this strange alternate reality.

"Excuse me, what?" Steve asks after an awkward pause of just staring at each other.

RE: Walk with an Angel - Castiel - 10-06-2017

Castiel sighed slightly, he had been told in the past that he was a bit- hard to follow. "I am sorry, I have been told I am an abrupt individual at times." He glanced at the other man's face. "Would you like me to repeat myself? Or is the concept that is difficult?"

That would be very understandable- many doubted the existence of his father and siblings. "I am an angel of the Lord, God, My father." He explained carefully. "And it is nice to meet you- may I ask your name?"

RE: Walk with an Angel - 616 Steve Rogers - 10-10-2017

Steve stares at the man, looking for a hint of a smile to prove the man is messing with him. He sees nothing of the sort. The stranger, Castiel, stares back at him.

"I admit I haven't been to church in a while, but I don't remember hearing about an angel named Castiel," Steve says. He keeps his tone neutral and his posture relaxed. Castiel looks harmless, but Steve had doubts about the man's sanity.

"My name's Steve Rogers. It's good to meet you, " Steve says holding out his hand. No reason to be ride after all.

RE: Walk with an Angel - Castiel - 10-20-2017

Castiel sighed slightly- this was becoming a bit of a trend with his introductions. He supposed he should start dropping the angel part- the name hardly stuck out amongst the folks he had met thus far- but his nature was harder to accept.

He rolled his shoulders slightly before taking a deep breath and pulling his grace to the surface where the light in his eyes and shadows of his wings were visible. "Some religions refer to me as Cassiel- The Angel of temperance. And Thursdays." He said with a brief perfunctory nod to conclude the introduction as he once again restrained his grace.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Steve Rogers." Cas said shaking the other man's hand firmly. (Perhaps too enthusiastically however- no one had ever thought to give the angel a crash course on handshaking.)

"May I ask which universe we are currently in?" He asked as an afterthought- having no idea where he had arrived.

RE: Walk with an Angel - 616 Steve Rogers - 10-20-2017

The man-- the angel-- in front of him straightens up. His eyes begin to glow and the shadows of two giant wings appear behind him. Steve gasps. He really is an angel.

Steve moves to retract his hand. He's not sure what the proper way to greet an angel is, but he's pretty sure it includes more bowing and less handshaking. Before he can however, Castiel is gripping his hand tightly and shaking it with vigor. Apparently angels like handshakes?

"Um...hello," Steve stammers out and feels his face go pink. Great, now he looks like an idiot in front of the angel. What would his ma say?

"May I ask which universe we are currently in?"

"This place is called the hub. It's kind of a mix of a bunch of different universes if I understand it right" Steve explains.

RE: Walk with an Angel - Castiel - 11-19-2017

Castiel tilted his head slightly at the other man's flush- there was not anything that struck him as inherently embarrassing about the situation. Well except for the almost bow the other man had started which Cas was quite grateful to have put a stop to- after befriending the irreverent Winchesters, it felt rather uncomfortable to be treated in such a manner. "Hello." He offered in response.

He did allow a small smile to curl at the farthest tips of his lips as the other man replied. It reminded him of when he had first met Sam and Dean- before they had acquired the knack for interpreting his questions as he intended and thus gave him answers that were rather apparent to most. "Yes- I have been made aware of that. I simply meant that this is one of my first excursions flying since my brother was kind enough to restore my wings- and I am not confident which portion of the hub I have landed in."

RE: Walk with an Angel - 616 Steve Rogers - 11-21-2017

Castiel's greeting is normal. No holy proclamations, no thunderous voice that shakes the ground. He's so completely unassuming, and it throws Steve off a little. He's reminded of his ma's favorite saying: be kind to strangers for you never know when they may be angels in disguise. Steve feels a brief sting of sadness that he will never get to tell her how right she was about that.

"Yes- I have been made aware of that. I simply meant that this is one of my first excursions flying since my brother was kind enough to restore my wings- and I am not confident which portion of the hub I have landed in."

Wings restored? What did that mean? Was it rude to ask what he meant? Steve didn't want to offend an angel.

"Um..." Steve looks around for a landmark, "you landed in the part of the hub with Stark Tower, if that helps. I'm not overly familiar with the different sections of the hub yet. Is there any place in particular you were trying to go? I can help you find it if you want."

RE: Walk with an Angel - Castiel - 01-03-2018

"Stark Tower?" Castiel queried, tilting his head again- it seemed like a thing that he should know about-

"Ah! Tony Stark! Iron Man." He exclaimed suddenly, clapping his hands together in a pleased fashion as he recognized the name. "So you must be Captain America then! It is a pleasure to meet a superhero."

Smiling softly he replied to the other man's question. "No- I wasn't trying to get anywhere in particular- I was simply exploring. Like I said- I'd be happy to be shown about though."

RE: Walk with an Angel - 616 Steve Rogers - 01-04-2018

Steve cocks his head.

"Yeah, but how did you know? I thought you came from a different universe." Steve says. He really hopes their isn't another version of himself that Castiel has already met. Just once he would like to meet someone from a universe where World War 2 never happened and there was never a need to create a Captain America.

Steve grins, "then I'd be happy to give you the Brooklyn tour. I can even show you a good place to angels eat?"

RE: Walk with an Angel - Castiel - 01-07-2018

It seemed like it may be a bit of a stretch for the other man to learn how the information had been downloaded into his head- so instead Castiel self edited and focused on what wouldn't be too confusing. Hopefully. "You are a character who exists in comic form in my world. My friends use pseudonyms of famous people or characters to pass as officials of varieties- and they once used the names Agent Stark and Agent Banner. They introduced me to the comics when I questioned their name choices."

He ducked his head with a small awkward smile. (Though being fair, Castiel was skilled in few forms of positive expression that weren't inherently awkward on him. He was good at hugs.) "I do not- though I know of at least one angel who does. Gabriel. But I do live with a man who- how is it said- 'Thinks with his stomach' who I'd be happy to show such a place later." Castiel explained- using air quotes around the phrase. "Though of course, no man is truly capable of thinking with his stomach. It does not serve that function in a body." He offered as he began walking with the expectation that Steve would lead.

RE: Walk with an Angel - 616 Steve Rogers - 01-07-2018

So he's a comic character, like in Christian's world. That's not terrible, he supposes. What is more shocking is the fact that angels apparently read comic books. Were all angels so...nerdy?

"Gabriel? Like the Archangel Gabriel?" Steve asks, trying not to sound too flustered. His Ma would be overwhelmed if she was here now.

Steve begins walking, chuckling a bit as he does. Apparently angels also take things literally.

"So, what's heaven like?" Steve asks.

RE: Walk with an Angel - Castiel - 01-07-2018

Castiel nodded shortly. "Yes- Though my brother likes to play at being a God and goes by 'Loki' as well. When he is not pretending to be a trickster spirit. He runs a joke store in the hub actually." He offered conversationally- not even noticing the other man's shock at hearing the name. To Castiel- Gabriel was just his remarkably silly older brother- Not someone to worship.

Cas hummed in thought at that question. "Orderly. Each soul is given their own personal heaven- save for those whose personal heavens include others. Those are left in the state closest to perfect as possible until the other soul comes to us. But they are generally modeled after one's happiest memory- or where one is generally most happy."

RE: Walk with an Angel - 616 Steve Rogers - 01-08-2018

"Loki? Isn't that Thor's brother?" Steve asks. He has only met the thunder God a few times, but already Loki had come up in conversation. From what Steve could gather he was a mischief maker who had fought the Avengers a few times already.

"That sounds really nice," Steve smiles. He imagines Ma in her heaven. It would be cozy, like their old apartment. It would have a kitchen where she could bake all the pies she wants and maybe there would even be a radio so she can listen to Glenn Miller and the big bands play.

"I have a lot of people that have passed, it's nice to think of them in the heaven you described. I hope my universes heaven is like yours." Steve says.

RE: Walk with an Angel - Castiel - 01-17-2018

Castiel shrugged lightly. "In my world- he's my brother. Distinctly not actually part of the pantheon since he was created before the conception of Loki. My brother though." He replied quietly.

He smiled grateful that the other man agreed- he was not good at describing things- so he was grateful that he had successfully made the other man happy with the image. "You could always ask Death? I've had the pleasure of meeting their aspect here- and unlike their aspect in my world, they are rather kind."

RE: Walk with an Angel - 616 Steve Rogers - 01-17-2018

"So is there a Thor in your world too? Is he one of your brothers?" Steve asks curiously.

"Ask death? Like he's a person?" Steve asks. He stops walking as he thinks of the implications of that. So many people died, because of some supernatural being. Could he be stopped? Could death be killed?

RE: Walk with an Angel - Castiel - 01-18-2018

Castiel shook his head strongly no. "No- Gods are formed of primordial energy by the beliefs of humans. I think. Where as Gabriel- or Loki- was formed of semi primordial energy by the hands of our Father- I am not certain how he came to be sort of a God- but it would be more accurate to call other Gods our Aunts and Uncles- which strictly speaking is also wholly inaccurate." He tried to explain- even as he stumbled over his words.

"I do not know that Death is a he- the Death in my world certainly was- but the one whom I have spoken to in the hub presented as female. Thus my referring to them with 'they.' " Cas explained- accidentally ignoring the other man's question- but likely giving an incidental answer.

RE: Walk with an Angel - 616 Steve Rogers - 01-19-2018

"" Steve says, completely lost. He just nods along. His Sunday teacher would be throwing a fit if she heard someone claiming that pagan Gods were the aunts and uncles of angels.

The idea of death presenting as a woman didn't surprise Steve. He doubts that a eons old supernatural being cares much about gender norms. The fact that there is a death running around the hub is much more shocking.

"Death is here? Can we go talk to her?" Steve asks.