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Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Taopaipai - 09-13-2017

Taopaipai looked on at the bar, or was it pub, that was called the Green Goddess with his face set in it's usual snide glare. His lips curled up into a small smirk as he saw the various folk come in and out of the bar. He had been searching around this hub city for a decent enough bar to sit by himself and enjoying a couple bottles, or more, of alcohol without having any nitwits bothering him during his downtime. Ever since he got here, every bar he's gone into some idiot always tried to act tough, only for him to brutally slap them down and teach them their place. He was hoping the same thing didn't happen here.

Grunting to himself, he whipped his braided ponytail over his shoulder, and with his arms folded behind his back, he walked into the Green Goddess. Instantly, he could feel a number of eyes snap towards him to stare at him. Resisting the urge to scowl in irritation, the pink-clad assassin found himself a seat at the very end of the bar, tucked into the corner and being obscured a bit by shadows. He stared at the bartender with his beady black eyes, and ordered the cheapest alcohol that was for sale here. While he waited for his drink, he sat quietly doing his best to ignore the all the stares he was getting.

It wasn't the first time he got stares. His appearance alone was enough to draw stares, but when you combine that with his pink outfit, which had the phrase KILL YOU! printed on the back in bright red, it was a guarantee that he would draw stares. When the bartender filled up his mug full of the cheapest type of alcohol that he could buy here. Of course, when the bartender asked for payment, Taopaipai sneered at him and looked as if he was ready to threaten the man, before he paused. He didn't know a whole lot about this Hub City, or what kinds of people usually wandered in it, so he decided against his usual methods of threats and such, and instead pulled out his wallet, slipping the bartender some money. Once that was done, he immediately went to consuming his drink quietly, all the while keeping an aura around himself that would keep others from bothering him.

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Kaalth - 09-13-2017

It was 'early' in the notional day that the Green Goddess ran on, a day determined by the times that the Hub was busiest, and all of the Orions, with the exception of Kaalth, were asleep. Which meant that he was nominally in charge, which was why Yoshi had come to him, frantic, with the news that a dangerous newcomer had showed up, a death threat on his clothing.

Kaalth privately thought that Yoshi was inclined to be a bit nervous, but still, it couldn't hurt to go over and speak to the man. If nothing else, it would give him a chance to size the guy up, and see if he needed to get Nala, or even Jaya go come over and deal with him.

He walked over and said, friendly like "Good morning. Welcome to the Green Goddess. Would you like some food to keep the booze company?"

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Taopaipai - 09-13-2017

Taopaipai quietly took a sip of the cheapest alcohol he could buy in this place, and shrugged off any attempt the people here made to try and have a conversation with him. He could see the kinds of clients this place got, as well what kind of services this place offered just from walking in, but he didn't care since he was pretty much used to this kind of thing from all the seedy bars and other questionable places he usually went to in order to have some good, cheap alcohol. Most people usually left him alone when he entered a bar, he just hoped the people here did the same.

Sadly, that clearly wasn't meant to be as in a flash, some green-skinned man from out of the corner of his eye came up to him, welcoming him to the Green Goddess and asking him if he would like some food to go with the alcohol. What a moronically stupid question, if he wanted food, he would have asked for some. The fact that he was sitting here without any food should have been enough of an indication that he didn't want any. On top of that, the man's green skinned reminded him of King Piccolo. The fact that nobody here was afraid of the man, though, convinced him he was nothing to be concerned over.

He turned his head to look at Kaalth, and sneered at him in the typical snide manner he was known for back in his home universe. "If I wanted food, I would have it by now. I only enter bars to have a drink, I could care less about what kind of worthless pig swill they try to pass off as edible food. I also come into bars typically to be alone and keep idiots from bothering me. I don't come to socialize" he said in that snide tone of voice he usually had, before dismissing the man entirely and took another big swallow of the booze that he ordered.

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Kaalth - 09-14-2017

"I'm here to work too." Kaalth said calmly. "The food is good, and we have better booze than that, if you want it. Don't order the cheapest shit we have, and then insult the place because you have shitty taste, or are a cheapskate." he did his best to loom a little, and it probably didn't hurt that he did get genuinely annoyed with someone insulted the Green Goddess. It wasn't his place, but it was his family's place. At least Jaya seemed to think that him being married to a copy of her cousin made him family, and he was too glad to be around other Orions even if some of them were fake, to worry too much about the point. Besides, he'd been saving up his money, and the first thing he did, after he bought the real Nala, would be to buy a share in the club. He wanted to be independent, since that was apparently a thing that modern Orion women found attractive, and he wanted the real Nala to find him as appealing as possible.

"Doesn't bother me if you don't want to eat, or socialize. Feel free to have your drink. Then you can leave, and no trouble for anyone. I'll tell the girls to leave you alone too." wanting to get this asshole out of here, before he made trouble. But Kaalth was fairly sure that he wouldn't need to get backup. The guy seemed like an ass, but he was the kind of ass who'd probably drink and then leave.

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Taopaipai - 09-14-2017

Taopaipai didn't turn his head to face Kaalth, instead merely darting his eyes in the man's direction for a moment. He found deep amusement in the man's attempt to intimate him. While the man obviously wasn't Human, he was still confident in the fact that he was superior, and could deal with the man if he had to. There were times where he found it annoying when someone didn't know who he was and tried to mess with him, and even more when they did know who he was, and still tried to mess with him. He was always quick to remind them of their place.

Taking another big swill of the cheapest booze this place had to offer, he sneered at Kaalth, and spoke. "I'll leave when I desire. I have no desire to leave right now, and intend to have my fill of the alcohol you have available. It is not wise to rush me, as I have killed people for less offenses. As for your cute little show of intimidation, well, I have this to say" he said to the green-skinned man. The moment Kaalth blinked, there would be a big change.

In a flash of speed that was beyond what the normal human could see, Taopaipai stood up so fast he left an image of himself behind sitting down on the stool, and then in another burst of speed, appeared behind Kaalth in such an incredible burst of speed that Kaalth wouldn't have even seen him move. Chuckling to himself for a moment to allow Kaalth time to absorb what just happened, he then appeared in front of him with another burst of speed, and smirked right at Kaalth.

"You wouldn't be the first to try and intimidate me, but you are a fool if you think you can do so. Where I come from, I have a reputation that lets others know how unwise it is to mess with me, and I heavily dislike being interrupted when I'm drinking. If you don't wish me to cause trouble, the wisest thing to do is let me drink, and then leave when I wish. I never cause trouble, others cause trouble for me, and I make sure to end that trouble, as well as the person that causes it. Do keep that in mind" he said with that smirk on his face, twirling some of the hairs of his mustache around in his fingers. Feeling he got his point across, he sat back down on his bar stool, and took another big swig of his alcohol.

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Kaalth - 09-15-2017

Kaalth was a even tempered guy, and he didn't really give a shit about his dignity. If some asshole wants to give him a hard time, he didn't care, as long as the dude was willing to follow basic directions. But this asshole, who was coming in here, acting like he owned the place, and not being willing to roll with it when someone told him to finish his drink and leave, that was someone who was likely to flip out.

Especially since he had already flipped out, kinda sorta. That was someone who was a threat, and dealing with that kind of thing was Kaalth's job. "I think you don't get it. This isn't your place. Finish your drink and leave. On the house. But get out, and don't come back."

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Taopaipai - 09-15-2017

Taopaipai's nostrils flared angrily when the man outright commanded him to leave. So, it was gonna be one of those days, huh? Alright then, he supposed he would bite, it's been a long time since he had to smack down some idiot that would dare try and threaten or command him. He chugged the remaining glass of alcohol down, and turned his gaze to the man beside him with a smirk on his face. "It's been a while since I had to remind a peon of their place. I was hoping to get some peace, but if you wish for me to introduce you to a level of pain you've never felt, I'll be more than happy to oblige" he said with a sneer on his face as he stood up out of his stool once more.

His beady black eyes lit up with hostile intent, and it was in that moment he sprang into action. Gripping the empty glass in his hand, he used his overwhelming speed, moving faster than that of a bullet, and proceeded to use his extreme strength to try and smash smash the glass right into Kaalth's face.

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Kaalth - 09-15-2017

"Bring it, asshole." Kaalth said, shifting his stance so that he was better centered. He wasn't trained, but he'd been in plenty of fights, and he was very strong. "You can leave after I kick your ass."

Kaalth took the glass to the face-his head was pretty hard, and the 'glass' was actually a shatter proof material. So while it hurt, he didn't get a face full of glass, and while the guy was hitting his face, Kaalth punched him in the gut, with all the strength that his gorilla-powerful body could manage.

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Jackson Teller - 09-15-2017

The day had been fairly quiet. Jax had just come back from a few days at his other job, which meant that a nice, normal day surrounded by mostly-naked women was something that he needed. This didn't even feel like work most days, it felt like his days off, and he was growing to appreciate that. Of course, that ended up meaning that some dickhead was going to ruin it, didn't it?

Jax was spending a few comfortable moments appreciating some usually-unseen curves on one of the dancing girls, when he heard a sudden crash across the bar. God damn it... He turned around, looking to see what was going on, just in time to see the weird... Chinese? guy bash Kaalth with one of the glasses. "Oh hell no," he growled. Rushing across the bar, he aimed to cold cock Tao from the side with a sucker punch. All was fair in bar fights, after all. He just wished there were some pool tables, pool balls made good bludgeons in a fight.

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Taopaipai - 09-15-2017

Normally, he was all for letting them hit him, since it meant that he would be able to get a good test of their strength. However, he was in a bit of a surly mood when his drinking was interrupted by this green-skinned, bald simpleton. So, he felt a bit of humiliation was in order, and as the two came in to hit him, he then did something very surprising. Sticking both of his index fingers out, he blocked their punches just with those index fingers alone as a way to show off his skill and strength. While he hoped they were still surprised, he sprung into action.

Quickly folding his arms behind his back once more, he jumped up in the air at speeds faster than a bullet, and attempted to smash them both in the face with his feet, making use of enough strength to send them flying back into a wall.

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Kaalth - 09-15-2017

Kaalth hit the wall with a thud, before he even had time to process the manner and ease with which the pink clad man had blocked his punches. Once he was against the wall, he stood up, and started to run at the man with a roar, intending to tackle him.

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Jackson Teller - 09-16-2017

Ow. Ow. Ow... Jax reeled after the kick to his head, and the impact with the wall almost did him in for this fight. What the hell was with this crazy Chinaman? "The hell did you do to piss this guy off?" he croaked, rubbing his head as he peeled himself off the wall. Kaalth, however, was apparently not feeling like much of a talker right now, because he just charged right in like a maniac. "Ah damn it," Jax groaned. His general instinct was just to shoot the guy, but hey, this wasn't his club, he couldn't go blowing him away every asshole that picked a fight, not if he wanted to stay in Jaya's good graces. Sighing, he followed his boss's lead, picking up a chair and trying to rush Tao from the other side.

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Taopaipai - 09-16-2017

"I see, you're both gluttons for punishment" he said to them both with that snide smirk still on his face. As Kaalth came at him with the intent to tackle him, his response was quick and easy. He jumped into the air to avoid the tackle, and as the man went under him, he then stomped down on the green-skinned man harshly enough to smash him into the ground. Once that was done, he would then land feet-first onto the ground, and then football punt Kaalth right into Jax to stop his charge with the chair he was holding.

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Kaalth - 09-16-2017

"Shit!" Kaalth yelled as he slammed into Jax, knocking the other man down. This fight was not going remotely the way that he'd hoped, and if they couldn't put a stop to things soon, Jaya and Nala were going to be really pissed off. Because if the place got trashed, because he and Jax had gotten their asses kicked, because he hadn't gone for help....
Well that thought pulled him to his feet, and looking at Jax, muttering "We need a plan."

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Jackson Teller - 09-19-2017

Jax's poor, fragile human head was spinning after the heavy hits it had taken. "The hell did this guy do to start this?" he asked, his voice thick as he tried to compose himself. This was not how he wanted his first throw-down to go in this club. He wasn't useless in a fight, he'd come out on top in plenty of them. THis guy, though, was just fucking insane with his kung fu bullshit. "My plans usually end up in someone dead. This time I'm not so sure it'd be him," he muttered, stepping away from the wall and swaying visibly on his feet. Holy shit... He could think of plans for lots of things, but for super-kung-fu guys? This was way outside Jax's experience. "Hitting him at the same time isn't working. Just... try not to let him see you coming, all right?"

Jax staggered forward, knowing he was about to go down hard, knowing that he didn't have a chance in hell with this guy, particularly with how hard his head was spinning. Instead, he lunged at the guy, playing it more careful, playing defensive, looking for an opening where he'd attack. The opening wouldn't come, of course, but while the guy was focusing on Jax, Kaalth could, hopefully, come up behind him...

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Taopaipai - 09-19-2017

Taopaipai sneered at the both of them as he sent them flying again. He didn't bother going after them, instead he simply stood there with his arms folded behind his back still, cracking his neck side to side in a dramatic fashion. It was obvious he didn't consider them worth the effort to chase them, and instead was choosing to let them come to him. He could tell that they weren't any threats to him, so there wasn't really any point in taking them seriously. Besides, it had been a while since he got to truly humiliate any imbeciles that thought it wise to cross him.

He couldn't hear what they were talking about, but he could tell by the movements that they were talking about something to each other. He knew it had to be some kind of plan to try and take him down, although he didn't know what their plan was. It was obvious to him that they were trying to concoct some kind of scheme to try and defeat him, but it didn't matter what they tried, as he was still superior to them in every single way. If the strength between individuals was too great, no matter amount of strategy or tactics would allow them to obtain the victory.

When he saw Jax moving towards him, he let out a mocking bark of laughter, and replied. "So, you wish to continue this one-sided slaughter? Fine by me" he said with that sneer still on his face. As Jax came in close, Taopaipai would pull off a move that was sure to surprise. The assassin seemed to disappear into thin air when Jax got close, but in actuality he just moved so fast that he wound up appearing behind the man. "Still think this is a good idea, weakling?" he asked with a sneer, before attempting to palm strike him in the back of the head to send him flying again.

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Jaya - 09-19-2017

It was at that point that Jaya, who'd been less than pleased when one of the dancers had rushed into the dining room, where she'd been enjoying a quiet breakfast, to tell her about the fight. When she hit the floor, Jaya was enveloped in a could of pheromones, all of them aimed at producing compliance and calm in the brawling males. She hoped that would be enough, while she could use the phaser that was tucked under the bar, she didn't particularly want to do so. Stunning patrons was bad for business, not to mention the fact that this guy sounded like trouble.

"Hey!" she said as she reached the floor, just in time to see Jax get hit in the back of his head, while Kaalth was preparing to do something equally likely to get his ass even more kicked than it already was. "Kaalth, Jax, calm down. You!" she turned her attention on the man who was doing the ass kicking "Why are you busting up my place?"

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Kaalth - 09-20-2017

When Jaya spoke, Kaalth instantly stopped the attack he'd had been planning to launch, and stood down. Hoping that Jaya could fix things, since he really didn't want to get pounded flat anymore, but also dreading what might happen once the fight was over, and he had to deal with the fact that he'd truly, monumentally failed.

Hopefully the women wouldn't be too angry.

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Jackson Teller - 09-22-2017

In that moment, Jax knew hate like he hadn’t felt in months. It wasn’t the unreasoning inferno of anger that had surrounded his wife’s death, kindled with pain and fueled by despair, but oh, it was up there. He wanted to snap this asshole’s neck. He wanted to grab him by the hair and bash his head down into the counter of the bar and not stop until it was a ruined, bloody mess, bubbling blood through a pulped nose with every breath. Hell, even then he might not want to stop. Unfortunately, it was becoming very clear that he wasn’t going to be able to do that, because this guy was just inhuman in the way he moved and fought. Jax felt that hate kindled by his own helplessness that the man was flaunting, and vowed that if he could find a way, and if this man didn’t just vanish in the next day or so, he was going to kill him. Maybe it was impossible… but if Jax found a way? Oh, he was going to do it.

And now, he was getting his ass saved by a woman. God damn it, the embarrassment wasn’t going to end. Rather than need to bite back his anger and hide it in front of Jaya, he just lay where Tao had knocked him over, letting the senselessness that had been threatening since that blow to his head wash over him for a minute. He wasn’t exactly pretending to be knocked out, he was halfway there after that last hit, but he wasn’t quite as out as he looked as he lay on the floor.

RE: Enjoying a Quiet Drink or Two - Taopaipai - 09-26-2017

Taopaipai snickered to himself when he saw that the two of them seemed to wise up and stay down like they should have. He was about to turn around and head back to the bar so he could finish his drinking time, when another voice spoke up and demanded an explanation for what was going on here. Sighing to himself, he turned to face the source of the voice, and took notice of an admittedly attractive woman with green skin. Raising an eyebrow at her, he guessed that she was the owner of this place, as well as the place this bar was named after.

Smirking to himself in amusement when the woman actually demanded to know why he was busting her place up, he felt it was time for a wake-up call. As much as he would have loved to admit he was the cause of this fight, he felt fully justified in his belief that he didn't cause this fight, and instead was just ending it before he decided to unleash his fully killing proficiency. Folding his arms behind his back once more, he smirked at her and cracked his neck a bit.

"Ah, you must be the owner of this place, so I'm here to lodge a formal complaint about your service. I simply walked in here, keeping to myself and heading over to the bar, and ordered the cheapest bottle of alcohol they had, all the while ignoring any attempts at conversation because I prefer to be left alone when I drink. While I'm sitting in my corner at the bar, that fool over there" here he stopped to point at Kaalth "decided to come over and start talking to me, interrupting my drinking time.

I pretty much give him the impression that I want to be left alone, and he seems to have believed I was insulting your bar's food when I was speaking more of in general terms about bar food being terrible, and then he tried to kick me out after calling me a cheapskate. I tell him I'll leave when I'm damn good and ready, so he insists. I'm not one to be pushed around, so I decided to put the little man in his place. As I teach him not to mess with me, that fool over there"
here he stopped to point at Jax "decided to get involved, so I put him in his place as well. All I wanted was to be left alone and drink in peace, but since the man and his oaf of a companion decided to try and kick me out, I felt it necessary to teach them a lesson" he said to her.