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  And I'm Here
Posted by: Seth - 02-25-2018, 11:34 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (31)

It was late in the year in Hub, but Winter was still yet to come; the weather remained milder than might be expected, even by the natives, a blessing if one believed in such things.

The youth made his way up the temple steps, clutching a note in his fingers. He paused only to greet those who came to stop him before hurrying on to the temple proper. He was little more than boy, but he moved with purpose and determination; he had a mission. ‘Bring this to my lady, stop for no one, and deliver this only to her.’ The directions had been clear, if kind, and when he finally made it into the temple where the goddess known as Adhira resided, he smiled triumphantly, happy only to serve the two gods. “Lady Goddess, I bear a message from my Lord Seth.” The boy fell to his knees before the goddess, offering her the note.


Meet me in the gardens between our temples?


It wasn’t signed, but it hardly needed to be; the handwriting was signature enough, the wording a simple request, made with respect, Seth expected that she would join him, if only to appease her curiosity.

Outside, Seth stood amidst a shower of what might first appear to be snow, but upon closer inspection was cherry blossoms, head tilted back to watch the sky even as the flowers blanketed the grass of the garden that separated their temples. It was not quite no-man’s-ground, instead belonging to both temples, both gods, while giving neither more dominion than the other. If she wished, she could stop the flower rain, but when he sensed her approach, he turned toward her with a smile, “I was beginning to think my messenger became lost.”

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  Kai Equips Cake of Gratitude
Posted by: Kailani Mahelona - 02-23-2018, 03:39 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (7)

Kai had spent more time over the past two days baking than was really wise- but even knowing that she ought to muster for the star sapphires, actually do her new job, she was missing home, and making a haupia cake brought her back to the luaus she used to have with her family. She had already made more haupia than she and her sister could reasonably consume in the period of time they had that it would be good for.

So instead, the inhuman had started turning the excess into thank you desserts. And then she had started branching out to a whole pile of pineapple and coconut but otherwise completely unrelated desserts. By the time she had finished, she wasn't even pretending to try and use up more of the haupia anymore. Blowing her hair out of her face, she carried one of the earlier desserts with her towards a place that was more than a little familiar. The small not Tony Stark had seemed to her like a cake person- and she hoped that she was right, or otherwise the unnecessarily pink fluffy thing she was carrying may not be received well.

Finally she reached the door she was looking for- for once grateful that she could navigate Stark's security system. She had patched variants enough times. Besides all she had to do was flash her S.I. badge and the A.I. was letting her go where she pleased so long as there was nothing private or sensitive inside. Without thinking, she went to kick the door before Kai remembered that whoops that might break the fixture in question.

It was strange to see how becoming a seventh stronger had made it so much harder to judge the strength she needed to use again. Instead, her ring glowed pink before a small matching hand knocked softly on the door. When it opened, she smiled. "Hi, I'm Kai. I wanted to thank you for your assistance in rescuing me the other day- and I may have gone a little dessert crazy. I hope you like coconut, and cake."

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  This is NOT fun anymore.
Posted by: Nala - 02-22-2018, 05:19 AM - Forum: The Green Goddess - Replies (14)

Nala smiled winningly at her current companion- leaning across the table to pour him a new drink and perhaps encourage him to loosen his purse strings, or at the very least, pay for her company a while longer. Of course given her recent string of luck, she was hardly even surprised when her fingers slipped and knocked the whole bottle off the edge of the table. Nala paled, grateful once again that most terrans couldn't recognize the difference in her colouring. She gave the man beside her a small laugh, and used her pheromones to encourage his interest in finding it funny.

"Whoops!" She offered with a giggle that went very little past the surface. Nala dance her fingers up his arm before tapping his lips for point. "Let me just get that cleaned up real quick, and I'll get a new bottle for you." She purred, embarrassed that any of the Orions in this place could probably scent how close she was to crying from frustration. She intentionally straddled her companion with a wink before flipping back over to get out the side of the booth that she had knocked the bottle off of.

She was tempted to make a flirtatious little show of it- but she did not have the energy to do that. Instead, she crouched down briskly and began to gather the shards into her hip wrap, holding the edge to make a small basket. Having gathered the majority of them, she stood to take them away, giving another quick smile on her standing up. She managed to take a total of three steps towards the garbage before she slipped, losing her grip on the edge of her hip wrap and falling down on her knees a half second after the glass hit the floor.

Dripping blood from her knees and hands, Nala was on the very edge of tears. But she was a trained agent- She couldn't break down. Not again. If she did, it would be the fourth time that she had broken down in the middle of the club. If her cousin was reporting them- like Nala herself really ought to be... than it was just a matter of time before she was recalled and a more capable operative sent in her place. She wasn't ready for that- she was. She was making a life for herself here. She was getting stability that she thought that she was never going to have. And... Kaalth.

Nala didn't even want to think about that. Because whatever her relationship future with him was- if Nala was called back, that was it. Kaalth couldn't come back to their home reality. He had managed to find a place that he could work in... but the place that he came from, versus the place she did- Nala couldn't put him through that. He'd never be at ease there- to ask him to give that all up for a relationship that might not necessarily last forever. Even if it did, what kind of life would he have? He'd be expected to help run the family business, a share of which would have to be split off for them, since he had no family to go to. Kaalth would have to put on the show of being the man in charge.

It would be a world of constant torture for him.

Forcing a smile on her face, she turned her head back to her customer, not moving towards him so that the amount of wounds she sustained would be less obvious. "It is not my day!" She offered with a laugh, shaking her hair out of her face, as flirtatiously as one could manage while bleeding on the floor. Standing up slowly, she re-angled her wraps to cover her knees, and repressed a sigh when she saw the blood start to peak through. "Unfortunately, I will have to cut our time together short. We will happily reimburse you for fees paid- and my cousin ought to be able to help you with that." Nala offered, turning on the spot and bowing apologetically. She kept the palms of her hands together to prevent more injury from being visible, and nodded at where her cousin stood.

Turning to walk out the door, she managed one last line to her father before she entered the family quarters. "Please have someone clean up the glass before someone else gets injured- and the blood before it can contaminate anything. Thank you Father." She said, speaking smoothly and calmly- though the minute she was in private, she dropped on her rear end and started crying as she stared at her beautiful and ruined clothes, and the glass shards still sticking out of her skin.

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  The Return of the Bubbles.
Posted by: Quethadia Nyx - 02-20-2018, 04:20 PM - Forum: The Wandering Moon Inn - Replies (9)

Queth was in a good mood. She had been a lot lately- which is to say that ever since she had remembered the first of her two lives, she was looking at everything with a new appreciation. The birds singing didn't drive her to try and shoot them- the sun shining didn't hurt her eyes- the wind was blowing, the trees were being trees except for Arjay's place- Alright, so she was still a wise-ass but you took what you could get, and she was taking that.

She hummed softly as she entered the inn- eyes searching for a particular blonde. When she failed to locate him, she frowned briefly before noticing his... Er. Servant? Knight? His whatever sitting at the bar- so Queth slid on to the seat beside him smoothly, pulling her jacket off as she went. She flagged down the bartender for a drink- though he gave her a bit of a double take when he saw the easy smile on her face.

Queth couldn't help the laugh that bubbled up her throat. Memories of her other life did tell her that she didn't smile or laugh a whole lot then- but it was endlessly amusing for her to see people try and connect the two versions of her that they had known. Turning her smile on the elf beside her, she offered him a hand to shake- the only part of her that was still fully cybernetic. (The arm attached to the hand as well- but she didn't think he'd really care too much, what with her long sleeves covering it.)

"Hi, I'm Queth, I saw you at your- for lack of a better term- summoning. I was also the first of one of the other group of elves in the hub. I realize it may be a bit delayed, but welcome."

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  Riding off with the damsel in distress
Posted by: Jacob Alexander - 02-20-2018, 10:49 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (13)

Well, that could have gone worse, Jake decided. They hadn't died in that weird, crumbing world. They'd saved the hostages, even! Okay, true, three people (one of the hostages included) had stayed behind, but they'd been up to something, Jake had figured that much out from the weird readings that the ring had given him when he'd tried to re-open the portal when it had shut. True, everyone seemed to be a little more the worse for wear. True, he'd gone all freaking Sinestro at the end there, which was... weird, true enough, but they'd gotten back all right. He'd taken Kai back to the shop for her clothes, and her freaking Star Sapphire ring, which... seriously, damn. The Sapphires could be a pain in the ass, but one thing they were not were pushovers. She wasn't even from his universe and she'd still been chosen by a ring. It was only dumb luck, he figured, that the magic had separated her from the ring, otherwise she wouldn't have even needed him to rescue him.

That thought made him a little sad, for some weird reason.

There would be time to talk about that later, though. He waited until they were outside the shop, and he put his arm around her again, aiming for the sky. She was exhausted after what had happened, he wasn't going to just wait around here with her, was he?

Compassion This was the first time he'd tried to use it, but it worked. In a flash of indigo light, they vanished from the bazaar, reappearing in the safety of Jake's sector house. "Hope you don't mind the shortcut," he said, "But you look like you could use some quiet and a nap at the very least."

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  What We're Not Saying
Posted by: Robert Wasem - 02-20-2018, 03:07 AM - Forum: DCTVU-1 - Replies (73)

The portal snapped shut behind them, Safi’s Head snapped around counting heads automatically making sure-

Safi slowly counted redheads again, coming up a number short.


Safi took a deep breath slowly setting Chris down noticing that elf and cowboy were also missing. “I’m sorry.” Failure deepened his tone.

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  After a minute
Posted by: Natalia Romanova - 02-19-2018, 06:01 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (51)

After her...discussion... with Safi, Natasha went back to where Bucky had been standing, watching the scene she'd been making.

"So, ready to get out of here?" she asked, in a tone that suggested that she wanted to be as far away from this place and these people as possible. "I need some real clothes and then I think that I've got a castle to find, or something like that."

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  One minute interlude
Posted by: Robert Wasem - 02-18-2018, 05:18 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (6)

Chris was shocky with the news about Belle, focusing on getting home, something safi himself wanted, unfortunately if he knew look from Natasha, it mirrored one that his wife would give him.

Murring he’d be right back Safi nodded to Nat “what’s up.” He didn’t need more problems but was prepared for them.

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  Dear Tony
Posted by: Lorelei Coulson Barton - 02-17-2018, 11:57 PM - Forum: Hub - No Replies

Dear Tony,

Like everyone else, I saw the broadcast on the screens.

I didn't realize you thought of us like that, and I definitely didn't ever mean to take advantage of you or your generosity. I realize now that I took you for granted. I took for granted the idea that I would be welcome there.

You are not my uncle. I'm having a really hard time keeping that in mind. You don't have the relationship with me that he does, and I don't have the right to expect you to be anything like him. I'm very sorry because I've done exactly that. I'm not moving out because I'm angry, I'm moving out because I realize that I have been taking advantage of you, treating you like someone else, not like you.

If it's okay I'd appreciate it if I could come back, to use one of the workshops to maintain my leg. We're talking small things here, tightening screws making sure things are working properly. Otherwise, I'll eventually lose the ability to use it, and I'd prefer not to do that. Friday has my phone number, I programmed it in for her. you can always contact me that way or have Friday do it.


Lorelei Coulson Barton

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  Someone call a doctor, I'm hurt
Posted by: Justin Halloway - 02-17-2018, 10:22 PM - Forum: Bazaar - Replies (18)

Justin's humble abode since being accused by Tony of being a freeloader was... Very humble, but it worked. With all of the people coming and going in the hub, there were shops and facilities that were abandoned here and there, as well as places forever looking for more help, including, he was pleased to find, a clinic. He'd signed on with them, medical services being something that was always in demand, and had in that short month, afforded a small apartment. It wasn't much, but then he didn't have unlimited funds, magic powers, or elves making bedroom eyes at him, so he had to make do with what he could get.

He was, at the moment, up on the roof, and looked like he'd been working out. His new staff was pretty cool, he had to admit. He was good with it, but he needed to be better, and since he needed something to take his mind off the fact that he had let Lori just go off on her own (with six other people, but they didn't count) to some other world, he was practicing. It was ALMOST working, too... But not quite.

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