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  Machines, Machines Everywhere!
Posted by: Christian Verglas - 05-27-2018, 10:30 PM - Forum: Other - Replies (4)

One thing that Christian had begun doing, since the rescue mission, since realizing the possibilities out there, was explore the worlds that the portals led to. He was cautious, of course; he made sure he noted where the portal was and where he went when he left the immediate vicinity of it so he could (usually easily) find his way back to that particular place and go home, but he explored. People didn’t typically pay much mind to him; he was a small, unassuming man who kept to himself and looked around. He was, in a word, harmless.

Today, he was going through a new portal. He slipped all the things he would take into his satchel, the green sphere he took most places fit into next to his notebook, water bottle, flask, the dice and magnets he took everywhere, and all the wiring and string and metal pieces. He grabbed a couple of his newer rings and a necklace he’d made in case he might find someone to trade with. Jonah went into the satchel too, at least until Chris could judge whether it would be safe for the little sentient roomba to come out or not. As always, he hoped it would be, because Jonah liked to explore, too.

The way to the portal was… Unique. Here, the Hub seemed more like a technological dystopia, and Chris sort of wondered if the world on the other side would be void of life. Pulling Pip out of his pocket, he asked the little robot to go through the portal and come back with readings. Was the air breathable for humans, and would it be safe for the three of them to go back through together? When the tiny robot returned with ‘yes’ to both questions, Chris nodded and stepped through and took a good, long look around.


Yeah, this place was definitely, definitely a technological dystopia. Like, and it made him sad to think it, but he could imagine Gotham looking something like this in a couple of decades if things went bad with the capes… Yeesh. Opening his satchel, he told Jonah, “Come on out, Jonah, I think this is about as safe as you’re gonna get. Just.. Be careful, okay buddy?” The roomba lifted up and out of the satchel carefully and quietly on his new repulsors that Chris had built using Tony’s as a model, and Chris grinned, “Come on, let’s see if there are still any people on this rock.”


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  While I'm here
Posted by: James Barnes (MCU-1) - 05-27-2018, 08:15 PM - Forum: Bazaar - Replies (6)

Bucky had gone to the area to seek out a doctor- to seek the clinic of someone with advanced technology that could help. He couldn't help but notice the alchemist's shop next door which had suggested any number of ideas for him. He had already sought out Death for aid- tried to find Love- alchemy seemed pretty average compared to offering his life.

He entered the building, trying to hold his skepticism to himself- just because people who claimed to have healing potions in his world were almost always hucksters didn't meant that all alchemists were. In fact, he had to guess that in a reality where potions were a very real possibility, no fake alchemist would be able to keep a business going for terribly long.

Bucky was expecting to see someone behind the counter- though the sheer colour of pink that her hair was did startle him slightly. Clearing his throat, he did his best to be respectful despite being incredibly confused.

"Hi- Do you have healing potions?"


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  Another one off the list.
Posted by: James Barnes (MCU-1) - 05-27-2018, 08:06 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (6)

Bucky at this point had a map in his pocket, and a messy list of names scrawled on a scrap of paper. Death was crossed off with a question mark regarding his usefulness- next on the list was Love- who had a small x beside the name seeing as Bucky couldn't find them.

It wasn't like he had a whole lot of resources at his disposal. So here he was, walking down to the bazaar to see about finding a doctor. He had been told that this man was from a universe with highly advanced technology- so he may know how to handle a wound of the sort Shuri had.

He opened the door to the clinic, finding a bell to ring for help.

"Excuse me? I need help." Bucky called into the building, hoping for a reply.


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  Maybe Happy News
Posted by: Remy LeBeau - 05-27-2018, 07:53 PM - Forum: The Green Goddess - Replies (10)

The last few weeks had been something else. Remy had spent pretty much his entire adult life striving to remain unattached to everything. Never get attached to a home, a person, an item he didn’t carry with him at all times, because he never knew when or if he would have to abandon everything and run. He had spent the first half decade of his exile in Hub exploring, going through every portal that seemed safe, sending drones through first and then heading through himself, blending in with populations where he could, and where he couldn’t, being more or less honest about being a visitor from another world. He had been young, but smart, and he only learned from his experiences.

He still explored new portals as they opened. He still tried to blend in with the human worlds. But such travels had long lost their wonderment for the thief. It was part of his job to find the new worlds available, scout them, and send information back to the Guild. Now, to Henri.


Remy loved his family. He had sacrificed for them, their safety. For the Guild. But now, he was being asked to give more. Again. He sighed and paused at the entrance to the Green Goddess; it wasn’t as though what Henri was suggesting would make him an unhappy man, not in the slightest, but he wasn’t sure Jaya (or her people) would feel the same way. And because of that single fact, Remy resented being used the way he was. As happy as he would be to do it, it would be misery to do this and see Jaya unhappy. Yes, she had said that she would want this, but statements spoken when things weren’t even a possibility, not even a far-fetched option, were different than those stated as fact. Different than being the road you were presented to take.

He pushed through the door and sauntered over to his favorite barstool, giving the bartender a nod before he turned to scan the room for Jaya.


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  War against the Machines
Posted by: Marcus Wright - 05-25-2018, 10:06 PM - Forum: Other - No Replies

2018 Post-Apocalypse Los Angeles-

The destroyed city of Los Angeles was nothing compared to day to day living for two teens. One teen named Kyle Reese and a smaller kid named Star made their ways through damaged buildings to avoid being spotted by HKs in the sky. They ran a Resistance location of their own, however they weren't near the main Human Resistance base.

Everyone talked about John Connor, the main voice of the Human Resistance. Every day via Radio, they'd hear his encouraging voice and how to kill a terminator.

Things were mundane for the Human Resistance fighting under John Connor. Fighting to die another day by a plasma blast to the body by a terminator series 600 or 800.

Nobody expected what Marcus would be.

He was something new.

Skynet watched his every move.

The half-human half terminator woke up from a complete regeneration of his organs and backup systems.

Marcus banged on the door of the human Resistance

"Hey! It's me!

John became suspicious of the noise on the door and sent a few soliders to check it out.

He didn't believe him but after everything it was crazy what had happened.

John stood only to see Marcus standing there alive,



He came in and sat down inside the human Resistance HQ.

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  Marcus Wright (WIP)
Posted by: Marcus Wright - 05-25-2018, 03:13 PM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (3)

Marcus Wright
full name: Marcus Wright
nicknames/aliases/code name: The Half-Terminator, ???
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: yes
species: Half Human/Half Terminator
age: 33/ Ageless
date of birth: August 22, 1975
place of birth: ???
starting location: Post Apoc Los Angeles 2018
originating fandom: Terminator
fandom universe: Salvation/Final Battle
occupation: Leader of the Resistance when John Connor isn't around/ Hybrid Terminator/ Hero/ etc.
languages: English
playby: Samuel Worthington
height: 6'0
weight: 156
hair color: dark brown
eye color: blue
distinguishing features: none
sexual orientation: Straight
family: Sam (brother/dead)
relationship status: Taken
powers:Hybrid Terminator/ Can lift double his strength as a human. Marksmen Smart "Sleeper" Agent for Skynet (Not now anymore)
strengths: Can lift double of what he normally can as a human He can swim Strong Marksman with guns Leader
weaknesses: feel free to list here Has a few weaknesses/ human heart and brain
equipment: here Dog tags that say Marcus Wright Guns Plasma rifle Etc.

"I'm the only hope you have." - Marcus Wright to John Connor, Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright (born August 22, 1975) was a human on Death Row in 2003 for multiple homicide, and was executed shortly after signing his body over to Dr. Serena Kogan of Cyberdyne Systems Genetic Research Division. He was then entered into Project Angel and converted into a hybrid human, which was later activated in the war-torn future.[2]

"So that's what death tastes like." - Marcus Wright (after kissing Serena Kogan). Marcus led a disreputable life of petty crime alongside his brother, whom was accidentally killed during a botched car-jacking which also saw the deaths of two cops. Marcus was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to death at the Longview State Correctional Facility. During his time on Death Row, Marcus was visited repeatedly by Dr. Serena Kogan, a cancer-stricken scientist who wished for him to sign over his body to her research project. He refused her request up until the day of his execution, upon which he agreed to sign it over in exchange for a final kiss.

Marcus was then strapped onto a cross-like table and shown to his weeping friends and relatives before being executed by lethal injection. It is ambiguous as to whether the injection actually killed him or simply placed him in a coma for Serena's project, however. Marcus' body was taken apart and converted into a unique cyborg, one that still retained his human brain and heart. He was then stored in an underground facility where he would remain in stasis for 15 years as Judgment Day occurred in the world above. Skynet would later discover his body and add further enhancements to his design, completing the seemingly abandoned work of Cyberdyne Research.

"What day is it? What year? [...] What happened here?" - Marcus Wright (to Kyle Reese). Marcus awakens/is activated in the remains of the Skynet VLA and staggers out into the rain-soaked terrain, disoriently screaming in horror at the world around him. After composing himself, Marcus takes the clothes of a deceased Resistance fighter and starts a long walk through the desert, finding a sand-caked road leading into Los Angeles. Upon arriving, Marcus observed the ruined city from atop the Hollywood banner and then descended into the streets where he encountered a Series 600 Terminator patrolling the city.

Ignorantly, he called out to it, only to immediately come under fire from the machine's mini-gun. Before he could be mowed down, however, Marcus was tackled to the ground by a young man called Kyle Reese; who told him: "Come with me if you want to live." Following Kyle's lead, Marcus bolted for the nearby building while the T-600 struggled to free itself from a snare trap the youth had set. It escaped by shooting off its foot, however, and promptly took chase. Up on the roof, Kyle's young companion, a mute girl named Star, released another trap, crushing the T-600 beneath a box car wheel assembly.

Kyle then held Marcus at gunpoint, accusing him of stealing the uniform of a Resistance fighter, but the cyborg easily disarmed him and demanded to know the date and what happened to the world. Kyle answered his questions, and Marcus expressed an interest in reaching a Skynet-controlled location. Before they could decide on this, an HK-Aerial flew in overhead, toppling a building as it passed. Knowing their safety had been compromised, Kyle led Marcus and Star back to their hiding place. Here, Marcus demonstrated how to tether the shotgun to his arm to avoid losing it to an opponent.[3] He then fixed their radio, picking up a message from John Connor in the process.

In the morning, they traveled to Griffith Observatory to find transport away from Los Angeles. While repairing an old Jeep, Marcus accidentally cut himself on a wire and was given a band-aid from Star. He then got it working and inadvertently activated the radio, which started playing "Rooster" by Alice in Chains, much to Kyle and Star's surprise. Overcome with sadness at the song being one of his brother's favorites, Marcus switched it off and barked at Star to get out of the passenger seat. They were then attacked by an Aerostats and Kyle attempted to lose it by driving down the hill haphazardly. Marcus eventually destroyed it with a tire-iron, however. Unimpressed by Kyle's driving skills, Marcus promptly kicked him out from behind the wheel.

Stopping at an old gas station bearing the mark of the Resistance, the trio are confronted by a gang of survivors who view them as a threat. Their de-facto leader, Virginia, offers them food and water, however, much to the annoyance of another refugee named Len. Star then senses vibrations in the ground mere seconds before a Harvester smashes through the roof and snatches Virginia and several other refugees. The trio flee outside and try to get aboard some of the escaping vehicles, but they speed away and leave them behind. Kyle quickly realizes that attempting to escape will only result in their death as the Harvester destroys the fleeing vehicles with its plasma cannon.

Marcus takes a moment to observe the machine before getting into an armored truck and using it to push a gasoline tanker into the legs of the Harvester, which succeeds in toppling it. As they drive away, Kyle tries to shoot the gas with his shotgun, but is unsuccessful in sparking it. Star solves this problem by giving Marcus a flare which he then lights and tosses onto the gasoline, lighting it and causing a big explosion around the Harvester. It is not destroyed, however, and releases two Moto-Terminators that give chase. Kyle is able to shoot out the first, and is saved from being splattered on a school bus by Marcus in the process. The second is disabled when Marcus instructs Kyle to lower the ball-hook, which catches the machine and drags it behind them.

The chase leads them to a bridge where they are cut off by an HK-Aerial, which fires at the bridge, forcing Marcus to screech to a halt. As a result, the Moto-Terminator swings up and around the HK, disabling one of its engines in the process. As the HK struggles to remain airborne, the truck is spun around until it almost topples off the edge. Kyle and Star subsequently fall out of the vehicle and are caught by the Harvester standing upon the HK-Carrier below. The HK-Aerial breaks free and fires upon the truck, forcing Marcus to jump onto the Carrier with an axe, which he then uses to try to free Kyle and Star from the cattle pens. The Harvester grabs him, however, and slams Marcus into the Carrier's hull.

"Yeah, well I've been dead for a while now and I'm starting to get used to it." - Marcus Wright (to Blair Williams).

Before it can destroy him, the Transport is attacked by two Resistance A-10 Warthogs, one of which was piloted by Blair Williams. During their missile attack, Marcus is dropped by the Harvester and falls into the river below. The two aircraft are then shot down by the HK-Aerial and the Carrier escapes. Marcus comes to at the riverbank and makes his way back into the desert where he encounters Blair hanging from a telephone tower, having ejected from her bird before its destruction. He helps her down, and in return, she offers to take him to John Connor, as he might help Marcus rescue his friends from Skynet Central.

They stop at a derelict racetrack overnight where Blair removes her top in the rain to tend to an injury on her collar, catching Marcus' attention with her semi-nakedness. While Marcus is away gathering kindling, Blair is attacked by a gang of humans who want her supplies. Marcus arrives in time and viciously beats them into submission, stabbing one in the shoulder with a screwdriver in the process. Afterward, Blair curls up to him to share his body heat next to the fire, and notices how strong his heart is before falling asleep in his arms. Marcus wonders if he's a good man and whether or not he deserves a second chance in life.

In the morning, they arrive at the Resistance base and travel through a minefield laced with magnetized landmines. As they pass through, a mine attaches itself to Marcus and explodes, injuring him. He is then carried to the infirmary where Kate Connor tends to his wounds, despite his declarations of being fine. Upon opening his shirt, she discovers the endoskeleton exposed beneath and calls for Barnes, who swiftly knocks Marcus unconscious with the butt of his rifle. He is then chained up and suspended in a missile silo where he is examined by John Connor.

"What did they do to me?" - Marcus Wright (to John Connor). Marcus protests that he is human, but John responds by removing the chain holding his head, allowing Marcus to see the exposed metal in his chest. He cries out in horror at what he's become but insists that he is not just some machine. John is convinced that Marcus was sent there to kill him and the leadership, however, and mentions Kyle Reese (his paradoxical father). This prompts Marcus to inform John of Kyle's capture by Skynet, which rattles him significantly.

Marcus is then left alone with Barnes, who shoots him in the chest for his late brother who died on a mission on Skynet VLA a few days earlier. Blair arrives moments later and tells Barnes that John wishes to see him, shooting Marcus in the process. Barnes falls for her ruse and leaves, granting her the chance to lower Marcus to the bottom of the silo and release him from his chains. Barnes soon returns, however, and fires a rocket at the escaping couple, but they are able to flee through a ventilation shaft.

They follow it back to the minefield as the Resistance mobilizes to stop them. Blair uses a magnetic wire to trigger a line of mines, allowing them a safe path to the Jeep, only for it to be destroyed by a rocket. Forced to improvise, they flee to a wall where Marcus holds his hand out to draw their fire while Blair shoots out the floodlight, granting them cover of darkness. She is shot in the leg, however, which slows their escape. Marcus shields her from an explosion and gives her his coat, which she wears to confuse the soldiers.

While she's captured, Marcus steals a bike from a soldier and uses it to jump the perimeter fence and takes one last look at Blair before running through the woods while under fire from John's helicopter. He is briefly incapacitated by John's assault, and is then severely burned when John launches a napalm attack. However, while searching the river for him, John's helicopter is attacked by Hydrobots and the pilots are killed. Marcus intervenes, however, and destroys the last Hydrobot, saving John's life.

"Kyle Reese is in Skynet. You do that; he's dead. I can get you in." - Marcus Wright (to John Connor).

He is then held at gunpoint, as John threatens to shoot Marcus in the heart. He makes John an offer, however: allow him to go free, and he'll get John into Skynet Central to save Kyle. John agrees, giving Marcus a comm device to contact him with once he's inside. Marcus promises to uphold his end of the bargain before swimming away as the Resistance arrives. He makes his way to the Skynet perimeter in San Francisco and confronts a turret, which identifies him and allows him safe passage.

Battledamagemarcus Marcus in Skynet.

Upon making his way into the core building of Skynet Central, Marcus interfaces with Skynet's database by synchronising with his CPU. He orders the turrets at the north entrance to stand down and then transmits Kyle's location to John, who is waiting on the outskirts of town. Afterward, Marcus researches his death and the activities of Dr. Serena Kogan prior to that, learning that she also succumbed to her cancer and that her work at Cyberdyne was adopted by the US Air force. The stress of maintaining the connection overwhelms Marcus, rendering him unconscious.

MarcusWright3 Marcus learns his purpose. He awakens in a diagnostic chair, his damaged flesh fully repaired and his clothes replaced with white garments. Upon happy to see he is "human" again, Skynet appears to him in the form of Serena on the screen and welcomes him "home", and then goes on to explain his purpose as the perfect infiltrator and his mission to find Kyle and lure John to his death, all the while showing him CCTV footage of John fighting the T-RIP, a prototype T-800. Sickened by his use as a pawn, Marcus tears the CPU from the back of his head and snarls at Skynet that he will save John.

Skynet offers him the chance to serve the machines, stating that he's no longer bound by the human condition, but Marcus proclaims that he is human and destroys the glass screen before hurrying to John's aid. He tracks John to the Terminator Factory beneath the building and finds him in the grip of the T-RIP. Marcus charged the machine and tackled it to the ground, allowing John to crawl away. The T-RIP threw him off and headed back to John as the skin on Marcus' left hand was burned away by molten steel.

MarcusWright2 Marcus

confronts the T-RIP. Enraged, Marcus attacked the machine from behind and hurled it into a pylon. He then picked up a piece of metal railing and started beating the T-RIP with it, but it caught his wrist and kicked him away. Seeing John working on T-RIP power cells to make an explosive, Marcus decides to sacrifice himself by allowing the T-RIP to beat him repeatedly with a cinder block. It scans his body and discovers his heart, identifying it as a vulnerability, and punches him in the chest with all of its strength. The blow is sufficient to stop his heart, and Marcus is terminated.

Tsf39 Marcus rescues an injured John. However, Marcus is revived by John, who uses a power cable to give him an electric shock while the T-RIP is encased in metal. After reviving him, John is impaled through the chest with a steel bar by the T-RIP. Marcus jumps to his feet and breaks the steel bar, using half of it to decapitate the machine with ease. After terminating the T-RIP, Marcus carries John out of the factory. Then they meet Barnes, who helps Marcus carry John to the helicopter where he is reunited with Kyle and Star. As their helicopter flees the area, John detonates the explosive, destroying Skynet Central.

"Everyone deserves a second chance. This is mine." - Marcus Wright (to Blair Williams). Back at a Resistance outpost, Kate Connor tends to John's injuries and informs the others of his imminent death due to the damage suffered by his heart. Believing that John deserved a second chance, Marcus tells Kate to take his heart and give it to John to save his life. He says his final goodbyes to Kyle and Star, and kisses Blair before undergoing the operation. In his final moments, he looks to John, who acknowledges his trust and gratitude towards Marcus with a respectful nod.

By giving his life to save John, Marcus completed his original intention of donating himself to a better cause. Terminator Salvation

Resurrection and the Final Battle Marcus explains his resurrection Marcus convinces a wary John that he really is back from the dead.

"I remember the moment of my death." - Marcus Wright (to John Connor). Marcus' heart was regenerated during the year when he was in his grave due to the unique feature of Hybrid's artificial tissue. Instead of death, he merely went into stasis after John and Kate buried him. Once his neural system and heart regenerated, he remained aware and partially conscious until Skynet sent the signal to wake him up.

He rendezvoused with John and provide support for the Resistance to assist Skynet in overthrowing the serial killer Thomas Parnell before Parnell could take over Skynet's mainframe, which would let to destruction of the world along with Skynet.

Post War Marcus and John Marcus' final scene with John as they destroy the time displacement device after sending the T-850 back to protect John and Kate in 2003. "So what'll it be? Trash compactor? Drawing and quartering with sixteen-wheelers?" - Marcus Wright (to John Connor). Following the conclusion of the Resistance and Skynet's last stands against the nightmare created by Parnell, John bargained with the supercomputer and offers a truce in which Skynet and humanity work together to create peace. Skynet agreeed and the war was finally over.

Marcus tracks down the Terminator that Parnell sent into the bowels of Skynet to murder John while John was synced to the endoskeleton developed to fight Parnell. After being offered several options for destroying the Terminator, John told Marcus to prepare it for reprogramming and then brought it with him to the last time displacement device in Skynet's headquarters.

Marcus and John use the time displacement device to send the reprogrammed Terminator back in time with Dr. Kogan's help to protect John and Kate in 2003. When John asked Dr. Kogan why they could not program the machine to obey his commands rather than Kate's, she explains that she did not have any voice samples from him before the Terminator killed his physical body and it would not recognize his voice as it was now filtered through a bare endoskeleton.

After that, Marcus standed at John's side as they destroyed the time displacement device and effectively rendered themselves incapable of meddling with the past.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Post Apoc 2018 Los Angules
knowledge level of multiverse:In between
fandom specific information: John Connor, Leader of the Human Resistance, 5 Top Military brass in world. Skynet.
Anchor Character Section
John Connor General Ashdown and various other Military generals which fandom: Terminator
which universe:Salvation
timeline: 2018 Los Angeles/ War against the Machines
where is the Hub portal located: here
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: No
aliens: No
advanced technology: Yes
mythical creatures: No
other: here

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? buildings, areas, npc echoes, etc.
RP Sample
Marcus had distracted his mind lately here in New Dodge, mainly by working on broken down metallic items like radios and motorcycles and various car parts. Here, nobody would care if he was a criminal in his past, and that he died twice to save John Connor. His latest fix was that of a old radio in New Dodge. He sat on his bed, taking a few tools and tinkering with the wiring in the back of the radio until the radio started to pick up some hints of music coming out. “Heh, thought this might need a tune up.” Marcus’s mood was a little bit better as he gave the radio a place in the Saloon of New Dodge for a little music while times were rough. While the music played in the saloon, it gave Marcus valuable time to think about past events. He had somehow been brought back to life again, and it was strange, but at least he was still alive. He had felt guilty for everything he did wrong in his past life, and was willing to make up for it, by making New Dodge a little better than what his world’s condition was in. Of course, Rooster played on the radio while Marcus held back the urge to turn it to another song over time. It represented a past time in Marcus’s life he didn’t care to mention. Marcus found himself slumping on the bar for what seemed like a second as he had a lot on his mind for the time being. What would become of John’s life after he’s a terminator. Maybe Kate would know, who can tell? Someday he would watch all of the others pass, while he lived in a immortal terminator body, almost a curse and a blessing to watch others die while he lived.
Marcus is a hybrid terminator who used to be a carjacker who got killed for his crimes. However, Marcus is looking for a second chance in life.

pronouns: she/her
contact:discord/ Jak/Marcus #4226/ Pm
triggers: N/A
mature threading: Sure
other characters: N/A
about: Hi I'm dark! I usually go by Laura but I love to sing, draw and love video games, terminator and various other things.

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  Take me instead.
Posted by: James Barnes (MCU-1) - 05-24-2018, 06:21 PM - Forum: Grim Realty - Replies (10)

Bucky had stayed standing outside the door for half a day before he reached the point of not being able to wallow in his guilt anymore. He should have been able to protect Shuri, and this never should have happened. But he knew that no one could change the past. Heaven knows he had tried to do so often enough.

There were so many things he wished he could undo. He wished he could go back and not fall off a train. He wished he could go back and stop the death of Tony's parents. He wished he could have gone on the mission instead of letting Steve. Right now? Bucky wished he could have taken that bullet instead of Shuri.

He knew enough about the hub to know that there was almost nothing he could do. But almost was more than nothing. And he could find a way to help. He had to find a way to help.

Surely the hub had something or someone who could help.

It took almost no time to find that there was a power in the hub that was beyond compare. A few of them even. Had he been able to track down the primordial being of Love- it would be Bucky's preference.

However Love was a hard thing to get a hold of- apparently that remained true especially so when Love was opinionated and had their own two feet. The other gods he knew of- didn't strike him as particularly helpful folk. He didn't have anything to offer them for a trade. All he had was himself.

So Bucky was looking for Death. Maybe he could convince them to take him instead.

He strode into the building, filled with all of the determination he still had left.

He slammed his hand down on the biggest desk in the biggest office. Bucky gave no preamble, confident that any all knowing being would understand why he was there without him needing additional details.

"She's got so much life left." Bucky started, eyes downcast before gritting his teeth and stating his purpose. "If you have to take someone, take me."


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  Hell's Belle
Posted by: Seth - 05-20-2018, 07:49 AM - Forum: Bazaar - Replies (56)

This city, a mixture of technology and the magical, the mystical and the mundane, was awash in a richness of people and belief. In short, Seth liked it here; he liked Hub enough that he hadn’t so much as considered attempting increasing his own presence in the city. There was, he had found, a certain amount of comfort to be found in a place where you weren’t the end-all, be-all. True, the mortals didn’t trip over themselves to praise him or earn his favor, but he had never been a god who had truly needed or wanted such things. Lucky them.

The Sha tended to frighten people; they were large predatory creatures that most humans (from most worlds at least) had never seen before. The screech owl was less upsetting (save perhaps to those who had some sort of unfounded fear of owls), and thus the form Seth currently chose. Winging his way through Hub, he stayed low, only a few feet over the tallest mortals’ heads as he looked over his new ‘home’ that he and his mate had chosen for themselves.

People milled about, another day in their lives, much the same as any other, oblivious to the death god that flew about above them and that suited Seth just fine.

Suddenly, there was...a tug. Not a physical sensation as much as it was something that rubbed against his power, something that fell into his domain. It pulled and more than that, it piqued the god’s interest. The owl swooped down, following the thread of power that brushed against his own to a… A food shop? “Soul Food?” the bird was gone in the blink of an eye, replaced with an olive-skinned man with hazel eyes and dark hair who smiled at the sign in amusement before entering.

Whatever it was that he was tracking was certainly within.


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  Remember When
Posted by: 616 Tony Stark - 05-16-2018, 05:59 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (27)

Tony was drunk in the lab. Ever since he'd gotten drunk with Safi on the Mansion roof it'd seemed silly to say no to a couple drinks each night, or during the day if he was really feeling bad. Today had started that way, after he'd woken from a dream in which Steve had come back to life and forgiven him and it had taken precious seconds to realize it wasn't really true. A little Irish coffee had done the trick, though.

He was still hiding the drinking as well as he could, from anyone who might have something to say about it. He had it under control, though. He wasn't going to hit bottom like he had five years ago.

On the lab bench in front of him sat an odd piece of alien tech he'd picked up on an excursion through the Hub. He wasn't sure what it did...exactly...but he had an inkling it might have useful applications for the memory processors in his Extremis armor. He'd been trying to interface with it for several minutes, but it was a little hard to see straight.

Finally he got a connection and--

Tony blinked the sleep out of his eyes, aware of one thing only. He was hungover. He tried to remember the night before. Thor had been visiting, and Jan and Hank had thrown a little party, for Avengers only. Tony had spent most of the evening as Iron Man, trading jokes with Cap and sipping drinks through a straw.

He didn't remember how he'd ended up on the lab floor. Or what half the equipment in his lab was, for that matter.

Heart pounding, he pushed himself off to his feet, dusting off clothes he definitely didn't remember putting on. Something strange was going on. He only wished his head didn't feel like it was splitting in two.

He staggered out of the lab, squinting under lights that were just a little too bright, and was extremely relieved to run into Steve, who looked exactly like the man Tony had been expecting.

He was Tony Stark and not Iron Man, so he didn't greet Cap as enthusiastically as he'd have looked to. Instead he said, "Captain. Just the man I'd been hoping to see. There's something strange going on here and I'd like to get to the bottom of it."


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  I'm not aromantic, let's have dinner.
Posted by: Kailani Mahelona - 05-15-2018, 05:41 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (12)

Kai floated awkwardly in the middle of space, typing and then deleting countless different variations of the same message. It was enough that she had tossed her phone as far as she could more than once at this point out of frustration. She also didn't know how many 'how to' articles she could read before her eyes actually started falling out of her head in rebellion. She was at the point where she wasn't even certain that the words on pages were sentences.

So there she was, throwing her head back in exhaustion such that she started doing slow back flips in space. She was... well. She wasn't prepared for rejection. Kai wanted to pretend she had emotions of steel, but the truth was that she was pretty certain her budding hopes were going to be crushed if Jake turned her down. In part because... even without the sex, he was her friend. She didn't have an overwhelming number of those, and the idea of him not being able to get past an awkward conversation sucked so much. Kai would almost go back to Arjay and ask for advice on how to stop yourself from loving someone rather than admit that she'd be torn to pieces if she couldn't even joke around with Jake anymore.

She was being so completely, absolutely ridiculous. The inhuman knew in some small way that she just being so emotional now because she was letting herself- but she also knew that if she waited until the emotions settled, she probably wouldn't have the motivation to have this conversation.

And, despite her nerves, the idea of Jake agreeing was keeping her insides all kind of warm and bubbly.

Kai forced herself to stop her slow pathetic flips, took a deep breath and slapped her cheeks softly. Because she was being ridiculous- She was Kailani Fucking Mahelona and she was a major catch. Jake was a really good guy too- so what if the sex stopped? She didn't think he'd never speak to her again just because she wanted more of a relationship than he did. She knew that they could be friends despite this- even if it took a while to settle into a new normal. She'd be able to move on- somehow. And it would be okay. Even if it wasn't for a little bit.

She hit the delete button and pressed call instead. When the line connected, Kai started speaking before she could change her mind. "Hey Jake- if you aren't busy, I was wondering if you might come spend some time with me. Any interest?"


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