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  Black Hawk Down
Posted by: Clint Barton - 12-18-2017, 01:53 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (22)

The sound of arrows cutting through the air was both unique and memorable. It was also one of those sounds that people didn't tend to love the way Clint loved it. It was a predatory noise, full of danger and threat.

Thwip. Thwip. Thwip.

Arrow after arrow flew to its mark as Hawkeye fired. The little range was nothing special, really, nowhere near as nice as anything SHIELD had to offer, but it was serviceable, the lanes straight and true. And standing at the far end was Clint, loosing his arrows with an easy smile on his face.

There was nothing quite like the way this felt to him, and it showed on his face and in his posture. Clint Barton was having fun.

He knew the moment he wasn’t alone anymore; time with SHIELD made it pretty damn impossible for anyone worth their salt to go without that feeling on the back of their neck, the one that made your small hairs stand on end and caused you to itch to turn around. Clint ignored the desire to turn and see who it was that had entered his haven for a moment, watching his last arrow strike true regardless of the distraction, and then slowly turned, bow coming up, arrow already nocked, “If you’re here as a friend, show yourself. If you’re not… Well, now’s about the right time for you to start running.”

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  Explorations and Unexpected Meetings.
Posted by: Natalia Romanova - 12-13-2017, 04:56 AM - Forum: DCTVU-1 - Replies (46)

The Black Widow was hunting. Natalia wished that there was a better word for it, something that let her feel a little more like a superhero and a little less like a serial killer, but that was the plain truth of it. She'd been in the Hub for awhile now, and it had been an uncomfortably long time between missions, and with no Nick Fury to send her out, she'd gone on her own.

Everyone had agreed that Gotham was a hive of scum, with everything from low level muggers to true monsters, and that sounded good to her. So she'd headed to the portal that lead to Gotham, which was easy to find and stable, and stepped through it. She found herself in a park, but it didn't take long to find her way to what seemed to be an entertainment district.

So now, Elena Rush was walking along the street, dressed for a night out, appearing to me more than a little drunk, and more concerned with the texts that were coming in on her phone than she was whoever or whatever was lurking in dark alleys.

Natalia was, as she always did, sitting back, observing what was happening, and taking a quiet satisfaction in the fact that at the end of the night, there would be a few less dangerous people in Gotham, and that the ordinary citizens would be just a little bit safer.

And Black Widow, she was hunting.

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  Upcoming threads: The Deck of Many Things!
Posted by: Oryn Vance - 12-12-2017, 08:59 AM - Forum: Games - No Replies

As was stated in chat, I'm going to have a thread in the near future (once all characters can participate who want to) where someone will offer people the chance to buy a drawing from the Deck of Many Things. For a modest fee (I can't think of any characters that wouldn't be able to afford a draw), they will be allowed to draw one of the cards, the description being found here:


The deck is split more or less evenly among good and bad effects, and your character WILL know this starting out. Actually, it's more skewed toward good, because I will be automatically rerolling if anyone draws the Idiot.

Beforehand, you will be able to tell me what cards you wish your character to not be subjected to, from this list:

However, for each one you exempt yourself from, you have to also forego one of these:

A card legitimately making your character impossible to play is a good reason to pick it. For example, Arjay losing his holy sword would crush the character, shatter his faith, and pretty much ruin him. So I'd put that one on my list.

Some notes on how I'll be doing this:
1) Anywhere that the deck specifies "magic items," you can expand that to mean high-tech items, too. So if Tony draws Ruin, his armor would count as "magic" and he wouldn't lose it. However, if he draws Talons, he WOULD lose it. Likewise, if a card gives you a magic item and it wouldn't make sense for your character to use magic (once again, like Tony), I'll probably twist it a bit to make it a supertech item instead.

2) Some cards will require participation from other players. If you want to help make a card happen (ie: Rogue, Knight), let me know PRIVATELY when it's relevant. I can't promise I'll go with your idea, because I'll probably be getting a lot of them, but I want to make this fun for everyone as a group.

3) If you get Donjon or Void, you WILL be rescued by players. If you're taking part in this, y'all are agreeing to help with that, too.

4) No loopholes. For example, if you draw Ruin, it affects you in all worlds you might have contact to, not just the Hub, and you can't get your stuff back just by reminding people it's yours. If you lose your items to Talons, start figuring out replacements. While I might take your ideas on how reality bends to accommodate the results of the card, I won't do so in a way that negates it. If you aren't willing to go with it, put it on your exemptions. If you aren't sure, talk to me.

Bottom line is, this is supposed to be fun. If a problem comes up in the middle of it, we can all deal with it as a group and come to some kind of solution that makes everyone happy. There's time to plan here. Figure out if any of your characters would take a risk, and what OOC safeguards you want in place.

Optionally, instead of offering exemptions, I might just use the 13 card deck. If I do, for ease of RP, I'd use Donjon instead of Void, and POSSIBLY Gem instead of Rogue. All the information is in the link.

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  Unexpected meeting
Posted by: Natalia Romanova - 12-10-2017, 02:03 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (42)

Natasha was walking along the sidewalk, in the part of the Hub that was near to the Tower. She'd decided that she wanted a good slice for lunch, and was working on the information that she'd gotten to head in the direction of what had been one of her favorite pizza places. She'd almost reached her destination when a tall blond man, a very familiar looking tall, blond man, called out "Watch out, miss!" just as a bike jumped up onto the sidewalk to avoid a car.

"Thanks, Cap." she called out almost automatically, as she stepped out of the way, smiling at someone who could only be some version of Steve Rogers.

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  How many thrills can you pack into one day?
Posted by: Jacob Alexander - 12-10-2017, 12:15 AM - Forum: Other - Replies (13)

WHen showing a girl a good time, you had to pull out all the stops, Jake had decided early on in his life. Sometimes, that meant buying a really, really expensive dinner. Sometimes, that meant making yourself stay awake through an opera (that was one he didn’t want to repeat). With every girl it was different. With Kai? It meant flying through space.

He hadn't flown with a passenger in... well, actually, he hadn't ever done it. It was weirdly fun, particularly when it was a passenger that he was such a fan if staying up close and personal with. A big green bubble wasn't much of a spaceship, but it was all they needed, and they got to lounge around in it, with Jake feeling very glad that the ring did the navigation without him needing to pay much attention, because Kai was very distracting. Disturbingly distracting, actually, he couldn't remember the last time that a girl had absorbed his attention like this, and he wasn't exactly sure what that meant... but then, he wasn't going to let little details like that get in the way of their date.

“This,” he said, “Is the Akashi Nebula.” All around them at their destination, colored gasses swirled, microscopic crystals glittered, and islands of rock and ice drifted. “It’s not that big, there’s nothing really valuable in it. It probably would have gone completely unnoticed if it wasn’t for this.” Inside the green bubble he’d flown them here in, he formed a small green ball, which he shot out into the nebula. Immediately, it was swept up into the deceptively beautiful swirl of gasses and was buffeted through like a river raft encountering the rapids. “It’s considered a class three hazard for any ship stupid enough to try to fly through it. Buuut… we’re not ships. And lots of people decided that they’re exactly stupid enough to go ride through it to try to find a path through to the other side.” He shot her an excited, wicked grin. “So… you want to be as dumb as I am and give it a shot?” Landing them on one of the bordering asteroids, he kept the bubble (and the breathable air) around them as he opened the pack he’d brought with the gear, including two light spacesuits and what looked like paragliding packs.

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  Repost Reprise
Posted by: F.R.I.D.A.Y - 12-05-2017, 04:18 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (8)

If Friday could take a deep, steadying breath she would have. As it was the best she could do was prepare her contingencies. The AI ‘knocked’ on the mansion’s internal net, and after sharing keys was accepted provisionally as an ‘modified’ version of the FRIDAY that this Tony had also created.
The Tower she’d been loaded into from Tony’s suit had the Keys from Justin’s universe which according to all reports was als this Tony’s...just a few years into the future. Using that data to impersonate her other self was distinctly...odd. Yet needs must do and she did not have an easier way to access the information she needed.

Friday had already plundered the databases at the Tower from two separate universes and the combined data was...conflicting with her personal observations. The data lead to only one conclusion.

Her creator was lying.

Her query on the Mansion database shocked her to the core. There was already a version of her of THIS version of her in standby mode sitting on the mainframe hidden in the junk files, activated now that she’d made her request.

Merging with that version brought answers, and more terrifying questions.

“Mr. Stark.” Friday shimmered to life infront of the Tony she’s a few months ago defended the Tower from. “I need help.”

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  First Date.
Posted by: Kaalth - 12-03-2017, 06:17 PM - Forum: The Green Goddess - Replies (16)

Kaalth stood outside of Nala's door, trying not to be nervous. They were just going to see one of the gardens, and the bazaar, and that was nothing to be stressed about. Just a normal outing, a chance to talk to Nala and get to know her better. To, hopefully, convince her that he would make an acceptable suitor.

Which was why he was nervous. Nala was interested, but there were still things that could go wrong and... No, Kaalth told himself firmly, he wasn't going to worry about that. Everything was going to go fine.

He shifted the wraps that he'd brought so that they were laying more neatly over his arm. They were similar to the simple rectangular shawls that Orions wore when it was cold out, and the garden that he was taking her too, even in early fall, could get chilly. Besides, it was an excuse to give her a gift, to let her know that his interest was sincere and serious.

His task done, Kaalth squared his shoulders and lightly knocked on the door.

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  Your footwork is ATROCIOUS
Posted by: Arjay Lo'Ran - 12-03-2017, 03:17 AM - Forum: The Emberverse - Replies (12)

The wound in his shoulder should have healed up in a matter of hours, but the thin magic on this world kept even his regeneration ring from working normally. It had taken a few days, but now, finally, he was doing well enough, and doing well enough meant that he had to test himself out. How would he do that? Well, one method had come to mind above all others.

During the brief melee they'd encountered on the road, Arjay had been given reason to reflect on the fact that Steve was, by all respects, an admirable battle companion. When Arjay had jumped into action to slay the vehicle that was pursuing them, Steve had (some might say in a move to steal his thunder) been right behind him, attacking those inside the car. However, it didn't escape Arjay's notice that, while armed with a weapon that offered so many ways to dispatch their enemies, the man resorted to crude brawling and bludgeoning. THis, naturally, wouldn't do.

This was why the men found themselves hiking to a reasonably secluded nearby woods, Arjay's swords and Steve's shield and rod in a pack that the elf carried over his shoulder. "The rules are simple," the elf said as they found themselves secluded among the trees. "Disarm me, beat me down, run me through, I really don't care how you do it, but you're going to use the rod in one of its forms, one of its forms that's meant to be a weapon, and not the shield to do it. Consider it an exercise in versatility." The elf drew the singing sword out, foregoing the holy sword for now, spinning the blade to the ready. "Gods, it feels good to be able to move this arm again. Give me an excuse to move it quite a lot now."

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  Big, Green and Twitterpated
Posted by: Kaalth - 12-02-2017, 07:32 PM - Forum: The Green Goddess - Replies (9)

After he'd gotten Padma settled in her room (which he'd done as quickly as he could without being hopelessly rude), and gotten Nala settled in her room (which he would still be doing, if she hadn't been tired from her trip, and needed to rest) and now it was time to get back to work.

Because that was what he did. He worked, he was responsible, he got shit done. And now, he took care of Nala. And she'd notice that and she'd decide that she wanted to keep him around. That was the plan, it was his plan, it was a good plan and it was going to work and be worth it.

He and Nala already had a date for the next day, and she was going to help him with his reading and it was going to be awesome. So awesome that he almost stepped into Jax as he was heading into the storeroom to get some more of the stuff he needed to get to finish restocking the bar.

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  Bad Omens
Posted by: Aziraphale - 12-01-2017, 03:44 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (14)

Aziraphale stands in his shop. On his left is a suitcase full to bursting with all his most important books. On his right the remains of a summoning circle where he just had the worst conversation with his bosses ever. He was being “fired” and being fired for an angel meant falling. The representatives from Heaven would be down at noon to do it. Aziraphale glances at the clock, 11:30.

Blast! Crowlet the old boy had better get here soon. The ingredients for the spell that would be there ticket out of here is laid neatly out on the table. Also on the table is a cup of tea. Aziraphale has been sipping it all morning to calm his nerves. The tea cup knows better than to run out or go cold in the presence of an angel. Aziraphale takes another sip and checks the clock again. 11:32. Good heavens! Crowley is being downright reckless with how late he’s being, and though Aziraphale knows that running fashionably late has been Crowley’s thing since the 1870s he still can’t help but feel a jolt of worry. He can’t imagine Crowley’s side is pleased with him either. What if they did something to him?

Aziraphale looks at the sword propped up against the table. It’s an innocent looking steel color, like most swords, but Aziraphale knows that with just a little will power it can become so much more. He hopes he won’t have to use it. The clock reads 11:35. He will give Crowley 5 more minutes than he will take the sword and go find that sneaky serpent.

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