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07-17-2018, 03:30 AM
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  For the Nerd Angel Who Has Everything
Posted by: Dean Winchester - 06-10-2018, 05:23 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (7)

So, Dean and Cas were... something. It was still way too new, way to weird, to put anything like a label on it, but it didn't matter. They were something, and Dean was determined as hell not to fuck it up like he fucked up everything else in his goddamn life.

So, he'd decided, he was going to get Cas a present. He had a vague sense that this was the kind of thing people did when they started relationships. Or maybe that was just on TV. Whatever.

He walked into the bookstore because it looked like the kind of place you could find a present for a nerd angel. He was hit immediately by the musty smell of ancient paper and a well-dressed, curly-haired man glaring at him like Dean had just run over his dog or something.

"Uh, hi," Dean said, trying not wither under the man's gaze. "I'm here to, uh. Buy a book."

@alex for stalking

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  Country Road
Posted by: Christian Verglas - 06-10-2018, 06:27 AM - Forum: Bazaar - Replies (12)

It had been more than a few days since Christian had left his room for more than food or the restroom; this was not a common thing, though it was becoming more and more so the longer he remained in Hub. He had always had a penchant to work in the common areas of wherever he lived, even when he had lived along, but the longer that he stayed in Hub, the more he tended to find places where others wouldn’t necessarily be. Sure, he liked to spend time with Safi, Belle, Steve, and his other friends, but he needed time and the ability to focus to make some of the things he was making now.

Like the improvements he had made for Jonah; the little roomba had been happy as he was, but Christian had started considering flight for the little vacuum cleaner shortly after finding Hub, and now he was glad he had. Jonah got around far more easily now. And if Tony wanted to pitch a fit just because Chris had based the little repulsors that allowed Jonah to fly on his own reactor technology (and the other Tony Stark’s repulsors, Chris would admit that a bit more freely, seeing that the version of Tony Stark that looked a heck of a lot like him (if a decade or two older) had actively challenged him to do exactly what he had managed, which was to recreate the repulsor technology on his own with just the ideas and what he could see by looking at things. So yeah.

Chris had left his room earlier today, clean and dressed in a crisp suit. He hadn’t stopped in to see any of his fellow residents of the mansion, and he had made sure that he avoided Tony entirely. Maybe he wasn’t proud of that fact, but it was better than getting into it with him, or trying to figure out what the man’s issue with him was, other than the obvious fact that Tony was sleeping with Safi (STILL) and knew full well how Chris felt about him. Uh huh. Life was just flipping peachy.

Pushing open the door to Belle’s cafe, Chris looked around and smiled; it felt like Belle in here, smelled the way he’d expect a cafe owned by his sister to smell; like pies and pastries and coffee. Sliding onto one of the stools at the counter, Chris called out, “Belle?”


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  Taking her breath away
Posted by: Pete Wisdom - 06-07-2018, 07:55 AM - Forum: Other - Replies (11)

Pete had risen to the challenge Belle had presented to him, the most difficult question being which breathtaking thing he'd show her. Belle came from a world where there were plenty of astonishing things to see, from what he understood. He'd made himself a mental list of things he was reasonably sure she wouldn't have had in her world, struck off all of the things that might offend her delicate sensibilities, and zeroed in on one particular place that he thought would serve them.

This place, which they'd taken a leisurely walk to (welcome to the Hub, the only place where you can walk to another planet...), was a bit brisk, but not exactly cold. Pete had slid his jacket over her shoulders as they walked. From the portal, it was a bit of a climb, but not exactly a long or difficult one. The path seemed to be made to be an easy, scenic view, but Pete, being Pete, of course knew where the best view was. They strolled around one more bend, and then he let her take a look at the full view off into the distance.

The whole scene was a picture of blues and greens and browns. They stood on a path that looped around a mountain-sized hill, with grassy sides descending lazily around them. Down below them, though, the entire landscape looked like a vast sea had been frozen, with ice rolling out as far as they could see. Sculptures rose up from the surface, great figures immortalized in ice, displayed in all their splendor under the starry sky. Some were human (or apparently human), others were decidedly alien, all of them held a sort of magnificence that was easily understood even on strange features. They towered up from the ice, easy to see even from a distance, with smaller sculptures of all sizes, mostly animals of both familiar and unfamiliar varieties, filling the spaces between them.

Pete stood with Belle on the edge of the path, not quite treading onto the sloping grass yet, giving her a moment to look at it all. "And here you have, luv, the great ice sculptures, one of the mysteries of the Hub. No one knows where this world came from, who made the sculptures, who they're all of, what keeps them frozen like that... nothing. Used to be a fairly popular tourist destination, but it's quiet these days." He smiled, looking around and confirming that there really wasn't anyone around here. It wasn't really surprising, he supposed... the hill was huge, and there were other good vantage points all around it. "I suppose we should take a seat, maybe eat a bit while we wait for the show to start?"


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  Threats of Flirtation
Posted by: Quethadia Nyx - 06-06-2018, 04:53 PM - Forum: Bazaar - Replies (18)

Queth was finally settling back into her life in the hub after far too long. This time, to move to the hub, Queth had to explain what was happening to her family- who were more than a little bit confused by the declaration that they had died. She didn't blame them for that one, after all she was still acclimatizing to the merging of her existences. On the one hand her mostly flesh body felt foreign and uncomfortable, and on the other, this grumpy personality seemed completely alien.

In other words, she had an excellent explanation for why she was only now properly thanking all of the people who had been so kind to her during such a difficult time. Er. Or difficult personality. Certainly she had thanked the redhead she was going to see, before, and during, their quest. Several times. And then by text several times after. Yet Queth knew that she very much owed Belle, so on the road she went.

Hopefully she wouldn't be angry at Queth for not visiting in person yet. Hopefully Queth's choice in fashion would make Belle laugh. Many many hopes. Including the hope that maybe the redhead would finally pick up on Queth's interest in her, now that Queth had enough soul to present that better.

She opened the door to Belle's diner, quashing her nerves as well as she could. Seeing the redhead, Queth broke into a grin. It occurred to her that she may look like an idiot, standing there in what was obviously a penguin themed tshirt. Probably even a pajama shirt. Still, that was half the point of the top, so she just opened her mouth and greeted the other woman. "Hey Belle, it's good to see you."


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  Late night interludes
Posted by: Arjay Lo'Ran - 06-05-2018, 12:28 PM - Forum: The Wandering Moon Inn - Replies (26)

Time in the Hub, Arjay knew, didn’t feel like it passed consistently for anyone, depending on where they were from, where they went, and what they did. There were, of course, night and day, particularly here in the center where things were stable. However, the length of the days didn’t always match up to what one would expect from their world. Coming in from a borough, where day might never come (in some strange situations) or where time might pass at the rate of the world it reflected instead of the pace of the Center, one might jarringly find it suddenly day or suddenly night. The businesses, therefore, all had to find their own way of dealing with this situation where travelers might show up at any hour needing food, needing supplies, where the passing of the day might even be at odds with their own biology. At the moon, it was less of an issue, since the inn by necessity was always open, but Arjay did, at all times, keep several clearly marked indicators in the tavern, all magically set to show how long it was until the kitchen and the tavern would be closing, and all people would be turned out. Some nights he was lax about the rules, letting the last few travelers stay and marinate their tales with a few more pints of ale, sitting and passing the hours with them in that companionable way adventurers always managed with each other. Some nights, though, the hours until he could turn out the last drunks and degenerates passed far too slowly for his preference.

Tonight was one of those nights. A melancholy had settled around the elf, one that didn’t lift with the noise of the raucous tavern, one that he could only really appreciate once the tavern was empty, the cook turned in, and the elf had the room all to himself. He’d smiled, patted an over-concerned barmaid on the hand fondly as she hesitated and fussed over him before leaving, and settled himself at a table with a bottle of wine. The room was pleasantly dark, lit only by a few candles here and there, one of them on the thick wooden table the elf sat at. The darkness seemed to somehow bleed into the silence of the room, making the echoes deeper, the sputtering of the flames carry farther, the slightest disturbances louder. He could break the silence any way he wished, of course. He had his lute, he had his magic, he had any number of devices at his disposal, but he didn’t wish to. The atmosphere fit his mood: Deep, dark, empty, yet safe, comfortable. No one brooded quite like Arjay, because at this stage in his life, he didn’t find it particularly depressing. He simply felt, and could appreciate the feeling for what it was, what it meant, without making it some implication on his life. It was a mood fit for drinking, although not for getting very drunk, and so that was what he did as he sat there in that empty tavern. He cut a small piece from the block of cheese he’d brought out from the kitchen (the privelages of owning the place), poured a glass of the dark wine into his glass, then sat back, feet up on the table, taking his time with both.

The inn wasn’t closed, of course, the door was still open to admit those who needed a bed, or those who had one and were returning late (or leaving early). There wasn’t even anything to discourage people from coming in, but most people knew it would be a few hours before the kitchen opened again.


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  Define 'Cursed'
Posted by: Nala - 06-05-2018, 12:36 AM - Forum: The Green Goddess - Replies (4)

Nala had been working from the backroom for more time than she wanted to admit to. She was going running in her spare time, but nothing was a good replacement for the exercise of dancing. If she hadn't been blessed with flexibility from the trip to the magic shop, she imagined that she would be rapidly losing her skills from her time spent sat in a chair.

It felt more than a little annoying to put the effort into her appearance- and then not be able to show off in any way shape or form. It felt more than a little pointless- but she knew that she wouldn't be doing any front room work until she could keep from dropping every bottle she touched.

Or what felt like every bottle- though obviously there were ones that escaped her sphere of incapability. Even Kaalth was distracting her from the funk less and less. There was only so much that mind blowing sex could do- and the cuddling, sweetness, presents, food... Kaalth was an absolutely incredible guy, but she appreciated it less and less when she didn't feel worthy of any of it.

She half heartedly twisted her hair over her shoulder, sighing as she smelled the distinct lack of her own pheromone output. Her scent hadn't disappeared- but there was no reason to push it where it wasn't useful for more than seducing her almost always pre-seduced boyfriend.

She glared and tapped violently at her calculator.


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  The Big Chimichanga
Posted by: Wade Wilson - 06-03-2018, 07:59 AM - Forum: MCU-1 - Replies (5)

So, here I am falling through the sky, I’m not exactly sure what the fuck my teleporter did this time- but I’m screwed.

Finally, through the clouds, I see a city. Sweet! People! But first… it’s gonna hurt real bad. I’m going hit the ground… in…3…2…1

Deadpool’s body smashed into the asphalt of a busy street. Causing cars to skid to a stop and onlookers to look on in horror as a man’s body crippled and bloody left a crater in the road.

After a few minutes of chaos and panic, Wade could hear the ambulance sirens as he opened his eye.

“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore- Toto. Stupid dog.” Wade coughed up some blood as his body began to heal itself. It would take some time as every bone in his body was shattered. The Merc with a Mouth got up on his broken legs and tried to stand up. Bones made sickening noises. A man nearby threw up as a woman screamed.

Wilson breathed in deeply. “It’s good to be back in- wait- where am I? Hey- you- where am?”

Seeing as BAMF- my writer wanted my first post to be me splattered on the street of a city, I would have to question her sanity.
Wade- just let BAMF tell the story-

BAMF is writing for Eve, who writes Christian- and he is just going to pop up-

Fine… so I’m standing there all broken- thanks BAMF.

Wade tittered a bit but finally was able to cross the road. Blood trailed behind him as people continued to stare and point.

“Come on- you guys never see a guy fall? Oooo, wait, look at this-“ Deadpool began to shuffle like a stereotypical zombie and let out low groans. It frightened more of the crowd away, but Wade just chuckled. He could feel his bones repairing. A somewhat painful process, but he’d been here before.

He was confused. Things felt different, but the same.

“Can someone just fucking tell me where the fuck I am, and whose leg do I have to hump to get a chimichanga around here?”

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Posted by: Wade Wilson - 06-03-2018, 12:57 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

Wade Winston Wilson
full name: Wade Winston Wilson
nicknames/aliases/code name: Merc with a Mouth, Regenerating Degenerate, Jack, Wade T. Wilson, Mithras, Johnny Silvini, Thom Cruz, Hulkpool, Wildcard, Zenpool, Weapon XI
canon or oc: canon
anchor character: no
species: Human Mutate
gender: Male
age: 33
date of birth:
place of birth: Canada
starting location: Where ever you want me baby
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: Marvel MCU
pronouns: He/Him/It
occupation: Being sexy
languages: don't ask Steve
playby: Ryan Reynolds
height: 6'2
weight: 210
hair color: blondie
eye color: brown
distinguishing features: I look like a rotten avocado fucking another avocado
sexual orientation: pansexual
family: Al, Weasal
relationship status: Single and ready to mingle
powers: Deadpool possesses a superhuman healing factor derived from that of the mutant Wolverine that allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his cellular structure at a rate far greater than that of an ordinary human. As such, he can regrow severed limbs or vital organs. The speed at which this healing factor works varies in direct proportion to the severity of the damage Deadpool suffers. This healing factor also affords Deadpool a virtual immunity to poisons and most drugs, as well as an enhanced resistance to diseases and an extended lifespan. Unlike Wolverine’s natural healing factor, Deadpool’s is mentally driven to a partial extent. Due to the presence of this superhuman healing ability, many of Deadpool's natural physical attributes have been enhanced. Deadpool's musculature generates considerably fewer fatigue toxins than the muscles of an ordinary human being, granting him superhuman levels of stamina in all physical activities. His natural strength, agility, and reflexes have been enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural limits of the human body. Deadpool's agility and reaction time are superior to those of even the finest human athlete.
strengths: fExcell, Powerpoint, and tea parties
weaknesses: Boobies...
equipment: Pointy things, guns- seriously- anything can be a weapon- a teleporter- I can BAMF like BAMF
Hello! My name is Wade Wilson- or Deadpool. HUB seems like the place to be to cause some chaos. Plus you know, BAMF is friends with Kel and Eve… and the bitch can’t help herself…

In the Marvel Movies, you see me start off in New York City. Bitch slapping stalkers and dating escorts. Also had some time with a unicorn- don’t knock it till you try it.

Wade- get to the point-

Hey- can you hear that voice too?

Wade- they can’t hear me- just get to the point.

Well it’s not my fault that BAMF promised this application like two weeks ago.

Anyway- fine- I’ll get to the point…

Well, Vanessa and I are all hot and heavy- International Women’s Day kind of kinky- but then I find out I have cancer. Stage four. You know, sad stuff. I’m going ot die, there’s nothing they can do. I try going to Canada and Mexico- and nothing.

It’s over. End of story. I’m dead.


Haha, I’m just kidding. What kind of story would that be? It’s not the 1970s anymore.

Whelp, I’m just hanging out and this men in black looking mother fucker comes over and tells me I’m the perfect recruit for a secret program. That they can cure my cancer. And I ain’t buying. Seriously? Cure cancer- that guy was just trying to wank me.

That night, I get back to my apartment with Nessa and I realized… I had to try. Couldn’t be that bad. Whelp your role players- it was. I end up at the secret program strapped to a gurney and getting tortured and injected by Francis Freeman and Angel Dust. It wasn’t working so they threw me in a airtight chamber cause Francis is a pussy.

I don’t know what happened- but some of the geeks out there say the oxygen trigger the mutation- I think I finally was dubbed sexy enough to become some knockoff mutant. Can I say mutant here? I mean Sony still owns it right? Good old Stan the man pimping out Marvel. That gangsta made mad money.

My mutant genetics finally activated, and I got a wicked regenerative healing factor. It cured my cancer- but left me looking like a rotten avocado fucked another avocado. BAMF has no problem stealing lines form my first movie.

I escaped the stupid chamber- by blowing it up- then I tried to kill Francis, but then I got impaled – giggity- on some rebar so they left me to die and destroyed the lab.

And that’s the end.

WADE! Damnit… fine…

I was all emo and started kind of stalking Nessa? I mean, I didn’t want her to see me all fucked up. I ended up moving in with Al. She is a peach and blind. I sulk around for awhile until Weasel tell me to hunt down the fuckers that did this to me.

Just like Spider-man… my Uncle Ben died in my arms and it influenced me to use my powers for good.

Scouts honor!

I created a suit and dubbed my DEADPOOL. Fuck yea- the Merc with a Mouth is in the house! Woot Woot!

I used my training from being special force to systematically hunt down people in Francis’ organization. Finally, I had him. I infiltrated a convoy. It was precise, convert and well planned.

I dropped from a bridge over the freeway into their vehicles. Surprise mother fuckers!

Just when I had Francis at my mercy- Sexy Metal man and emotional teenager shows up to through their stupid x-men morals down my throat. While they were boring me with their terrible existence of not killing people fucking Francis got away.

Then Colossus got a bit handsy- asshole didn’t even buy me dinner- he handcuffs me and takes me to the X-mansion. I mean, I’m not that kind of girl- putting out on the first date- but have you seen the massive silver bullet?

I ended up cutting off my own hand and leave. Colossus- such a tease.

I returned home to find Weasel. He pushes me to talk to Vanessa. I finally agree. I go to the strip club to see her before I can get to her Francis and Angel Dust kidnapped her. So, I convince sexy metal man and emotional teenybopper to accompany me to the abandoned aircraft carrier and confront the bitches that took my girl.

Francis is being an asshole, but at least I got to see Bob. I love Bob- just don’t tell him that. I’ll need him later. Finally, I hoot Francis in the head, save the girl and everything is right with the world.



Anyway, I’d probably write Deadpool 2 into this but BAMF is being lazy.


Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Nope
knowledge level of multiverse: no knowledge
fandom specific information: nah
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Star Trek, etc.
which universe: MCU, 616, Book, Earth 2, TV Show, etc.
timeline: When is it in your universe? (Pre-CACU? Which Season? What event has just happened/started/etc)
where is the Hub portal located: here
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: here
aliens: here
advanced technology: here
mythical creatures: here
other: here

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? buildings, areas, npc echoes, etc.
RP Sample
Second character! HA!
I'm just hanging around, doing the mercenary thing. Maybe I'll join the X-men or the Avengers-oooo or go to Wakanda! I don't know, life's a beach- but don't worry, you frisky neighborhood Deadpool will be coming around soon!
Long walks on the beach




Throw it at me

nicknames: BAMF
age: old-ish
pronouns: she/her
timezone: PST
contact: Discord
triggers: I'll just keep scrolling (I just don't do incest stuff)
mature threading: of course!
other characters: the KING! T'Challa
about: I'm BAMF
32. Mercenary. Bronies. Ryan Reynolds.

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  All the Time in the World
Posted by: Pythia - 05-29-2018, 05:57 AM - Forum: The Wandering Moon Inn - Replies (13)

The city seemed to be one of the quieter places, and while Pythia did not spend all of her time in the Hub, she did return routinely to repair her ship, organize her library and specimen, and put her thoughts and findings down, be it on paper or in a pad she had picked up...somewhere. Maybe it had been here? It was possible, she hadn’t kept track of those kinds of things in a very long time now.

Hub had two premiere choices for places to find a good meal, something enjoyable to drink, and music. One was the club-like atmosphere of the Green Goddess, which Pythia did frequent from time to time, and the quaint tavern in a tree run by an elf she had yet to actually meet, The Wandering Moon. Tonight, she chose the Moon. It was quieter and would offer her a chance to eat and drink and write at her leisure. She could, of course, do much the same on her Tardis, but Pythia enjoyed going out on the pretense of being sociable, so to the tavern in a tree it was.

She walked in, her required materials in her bag, she moved to a table, ordered her meal and drink, and spread out her notes and things, picked up her sonic pen, and began to make the last few months worth of notes, observations, and sketches into a semblance of sense. Every now and again she would look up to take in her surroundings, eyes sharp most of the time, and going far away and unfocused for a few moments here and there before she’d return to her latest project with the tiniest of knowing smiles.

Once, she looked up, her eyes taking on that far away look for a few moments, and then she pulled a small stack of notes specifically out of an area, arranging them neatly elsewhere on the table. A few minutes later, a patron, drunk to his gills, moved by and spilled his ale in just the same spot, earning another of the tiny, knowing smiles from the Time Lord. Then, silently, she raised her sonic pen and wrote, distinctly in the air, for a server to please come with a towel.


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  Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan (WIP)
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Lucas Kellan
full name: Lucas Kellan
nicknames/aliases/code name: Shadow Marshall,
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: yes
species: Human
gender: Male
date of birth: ???
place of birth: North Vekta
starting location: Vekta City
originating fandom: Killzone
fandom universe: Killzone:Shadowfall
pronouns: He/Him
occupation: Shadow Marshal
languages: here
playby: here
hair color: Brown
eye color: Blue
distinguishing features: N/A
sexual orientation: Straight
family:Echo (Girlfriend/ally) Michael Kellan (Father, deceased) Thomas Sinclair (Father figure, ex strangled)
relationship status: Taken
strengths: +Elite Shadow Marshall +Graduated in 2 percent of class +Tech +Lots of Tech +Marksman
equipment: O.W.L Spoor MS44

Sergeant Lucas Kellan (2363 - July 7, 2390) was the main protagonist and playable character of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

After he witnessed his father's death at the hands of the Helghast as a child during the resettlement of the Helghast in Vekta, he was taken under the guidance of Thomas Sinclair, a Shadow Marshal who raised him and after several years, became a Shadow Marshal himself, graduating in the top of his class as well as becoming Sinclair's right-hand man.

As a Shadow Marshal, he is tasked by Sinclair in various missions to spy and gain intel on the Helghast as well as investigate a rising threat in the continuing war between Vekta and the Helghast. He holds some respect and is well known within the ISA, especially its government intelligence branch, the VSA.

During the resettlement of the Helghast following the destruction of Helghan, the Helghast refugees were given half the planet of Vekta as their new home. Lucas and his father Michael Kellan lived in what would one day be New Helghan.

On December 27, 2370, when the Helghast deported several tens of thousands of Vektan civilians out of New Helghan (and killed any who resisted, or simply just killed them either way), Lucas and his father attempted to secretly reach the safety of the Vektan side of The Wall. As the pair began their escape, they were avoiding Helghast patrols and drones until they met and aided by Thomas Sinclair, a Shadow Marshal. When the group nearly reached the wall, Sinclair scouted ahead to ensure that the route was clear. However, Lucas and his father were spotted by a Helghast drone, and though they tried to escape, they were quickly found and held at gunpoint by Helghast soldiers (with Lucas' father getting wounded in the process). Though Michael pleaded for mercy, he was then shot dead, horrifying Lucas. As Lucas was about to be taken or killed too, Sinclair returned and killed the Helghast.

Lucas was then taken in by Sinclair, who would become his mentor and father figure. He would join the Shadow Marshals. At the age of 13, enrolled in Shadow Marshal Academy, and excelled in all areas to finish in the top 2% of his graduating year and working under Sinclair's command. To this very day, his hatred and resentment of the Helghast didn't overshadow his judgement, but he could never forgive them for murdering his father.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Twenty years later, on June 7, 2390, Kellan allowed himself to be captured by the Helghast as part of an investigation. He is brought across The Wall as part of a prisoner exchange for a Helghast agent named Echo. During the release of the prisoners, however, a fire fight erupts. Kellan quickly kills his Helghast escort, but is then punched in the face by Echo, who seizes his weapon and pins him down with it. Fortunately, he is spared by her, as she escapes back into the hands of the Helghast, and he retreats back to the Vektan side of the Wall. He soon reunites with Sinclair, who briefs him on recent Vektan sanctions that have brought the tensions of both the Vektans and Helghast to a boiling point.

Kellan returned later back to the Helghan side of the Wall in order to retrieve classified data. Afterwards, Kellan was then sent by Sinclair to the ISC Cassandra, a classified research ship, to destroy evidence of a bio-tech weapon being created by Dr. Hillary Massar and sending the ship into a nearby sun in order to prevent it from falling to the Helghast. During his infiltration of the ship, Kellan encountered Echo, the Helghast agent who he first encountered during the prisoner exchange back at The Wall. She held him at gunpoint and angrily confronted him, disgusted over how the Helghast are being exploited by Massar and his kind (Vektans) for experiments. He briefly fought her before she escaped. Although Kellan succeeded in scuttling the Cassandra, Dr. Massar defected to the Helghast, in tow with Echo.

Upon returning to VSA Headquarters, Kellan was caught in an explosion that destroyed the building and coming under attack by the Helghan terrorist group, the Black Hand. After repelling the Black Hand, Kellan was sent undercover to New Helghan to find the Black Hand's leader, Vladko Tyran. Eventually, Kellan finds Tyran and learns that he is working for Jorhan Stahl, who is planning to reignite war with Vekta with the use of Massar's bio-tech weapon that has been altered to target Vektans.

Shortly after, Kellan is re-captured by the Helghast, and is brutally tortured and interrogated into unconsciousness in his cell by Anton Saric. After regaining consciousness, he is approached by Echo, who means no harm to Kellan, instead revealing her desire to end animosities between the Vektan and Helghast and to prevent a war between them. He is then asked by Echo on who is Tyran working with, but Kellan demands Echo to untie him, with her responding that he's in no position to bargain. Kellan relents, and reveals to her that Tyran is working with Jorhan Stahl, telling her that he's on Helghan, and since they gave him Massar, she's building a bioweapon for him that will kill everyone, including Half Breeds. Before she can advance the conversation any further, her mother, Lady Hera Visari, steps-in to reprimand Echo for not following orders. Echo and Visari then get into a fight over Visari's allegiance with Stahl, who promised to her a home and the survival of their race, but that the bioweapon will kill everyone, including herself, being a Half Breed. Visari then slaps Echo and orders her guards to take her somewhere safe as she resists on the way out, pleading her mother not to go along with Stahl's plans. Kellan and Visari then exchange a few words with each other before Kellan is once again tortured back into unconsciousness by Saric, who is told by Visari to keep him alive.

Soon afterwards, Kellan regains consciousness and is helped by Echo in escaping from his cell and from New Helghan, returning him to Vekta City. Kellan informs Sinclair of Chancellor Hera Visari's alliance with Jorhan Stahl and their intentions to ignite another war with Dr. Massar's bio-weapon. However, when Kellan tells Sinclair that he was aided by Echo in his escape from New Helghan, he was very displeased upon hearing it, and that he told him that she called for the VSA to stand down from further provoking war with New Helghan. Sinclair disregards Kellan's advice, and dispatches Kellan to track down and retrieve Massar from Helghan.

By the time he finds Massar, Kellan learns that she had finally completed the bio-weapon and it is being ready for its final test. Suddenly, after Kellan and the ISA fight off waves of the Helghast, Echo appears and holds the ISA Agent and Massar at gunpoint. Kellan is then conflicted and pressured by both Sinclair and the ISA agent, the former ordering him to shoot Echo and the latter ordering him to stand down. As Sinclair angrily orders Kellan to shoot Echo, Kellan proceeds to disobey Sinclair's orders and allow Massar and the ISA agent to be killed by Echo. This act of disobedience caused Sinclair to view Kellan as a traitor. Kellan tries to reason with Sinclair on allowing the death of Massar to happen, but condemned him for not following orders and jeopardizing his plans. After being told by Sinclair that if he sides with Echo, he couldn't guarantee his safety, Kellan is questioned by Echo if he knows what he's getting into. Kellan responds that since Sinclair made his choice, it's time to make his. He then proceeds to team up with Echo to stop Jorhan Stahl from deploying the bio-weapon.

Heading towards Helghan, they intercepted a dropship that could lead them to Stahl's base and possibly the bioweapon, as it began to crash towards the planet as a result of impact with debris. As they entered through Helghan's atmosphere, Kellan free falled through the collapsing ruins of Helghan as he followed the vapor trail of the dropship. Kellan would eventually find a place to land, atop the ruins of a skyscraper nearby the crash site of the dropship, and rendezvoused with Echo as they fought and traveled their way through the ruins. Upon reaching the dropship, they discovered that Vladko Tyran was on board and had survived the crash, and followed him towards the base, believing that it will lead them to the bioweapon.

As they headed to Stahl's base on Helghan, they confronted and defeated Tyran, with Echo later executing him after he failed to tell them on how to deactivate the bioweapon, but ISA forces sent by Sinclair arrived and were preparing to lay siege on Stahl's base. Kellan tried to warn Sinclair one last time to abort the assault as Stahl prepares to deploy the weapon, and that Stahl is just leading him to a trap. Unfortunately, Sinclair ignored him, telling him that he has lost what matters most as a soldier, and that "the die is cast." With his attempts to convince Sinclair and the rest of the ISA to stand down futile, Kellan and Echo boarded a ship to Stahl's base. However, Kellan would find himself separated from Echo during the chaos as ISA forces were decimated by Massar's weapon, sending everything around him into chaos and rendering him unconscious for a bit. As soon as everything settled, Kellan regained consciousness, and he attempted to contact Echo, but to no avail before heading alone to confront Stahl.

After fighting off waves of Helghast in the Spire, upon reaching Stahl, as Stahl explains to him the purpose of the Terracide and telling Kellan that Vekta would suffer the same fate, Kellan witnessed Stahl suddenly shot dead, who then turns around and sees that Sinclair, having survived the firing of the bioweapon, was the one that shot Stahl dead. Lucas is then shot in the chest, mortally wounded by Sinclair, as he falls to the ground. As Sinclair approaches Lucas, he looks down on him, disappointed for his betrayal and treachery, and revealed his intentions to restart the war against the Helghast and using Massar's weapon to finally end the Helghast once and for all. As Kellan bleeds out, Sinclair apologizes to Kellan that he couldn't be the person to protect him before executing him with a shot to the head with his LS12 Ripper.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Vekta City/ Wall separating the area between Vekta City and New Helghan
knowledge level of multiverse: In between
fandom specific information: Vektan City: Humans and the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance/ VSA- Vektan Security Agency., and Helghans- New Helghan/ Industristic like area.
Anchor Character Section
which fandom:Killzone
which universe: Shadow fall
timeline: When is it in your universe? Middle
where is the Hub portal located: Portal leading which is a ISA Cruiser in the sky
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: No
aliens: Yes
advanced technology: Yes
mythical creatures: No
other: here

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? Vekta City, VSA Building/Wall dividing the Helghast and Vektans.
RP Sample
Tacos retro drinking vinegar, next level intelligentsia mixtape umami. Poutine pork belly cornhole vice pabst locavore. Blue bottle flannel pork belly, chicharrones cornhole humblebrag readymade. Bushwick pickled intelligentsia heirloom master cleanse locavore, echo park affogato fixie. Mlkshk chartreuse normcore butcher, flexitarian pop-up XOXO tilde chambray PBR&B. Hashtag drinking vinegar whatever, bespoke paleo cliche +1 chicharrones chia fixie you probably haven't heard of them intelligentsia. Blog pug four loko kinfolk disrupt, banjo portland celiac normcore narwhal franzen you probably haven't heard of them authentic.

Letterpress deep v gluten-free hella umami put a bird on it single-origin coffee godard. 8-bit post-ironic hammock forage four loko sriracha gastropub, lo-fi gentrify everyday carry. Wayfarers gluten-free organic 90's, letterpress small batch wolf kitsch. Synth salvia blog, pork belly plaid shoreditch 3 wolf moon. Flannel lumbersexual yuccie authentic, austin disrupt crucifix normcore meditation. Flannel helvetica church-key mlkshk. Fingerstache artisan tattooed raw denim, asymmetrical hoodie cred roof party tilde freegan mlkshk migas.

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DIY quinoa chicharrones brooklyn VHS ethical. Butcher authentic freegan slow-carb. Celiac organic selvage art party fashion axe. Quinoa austin mustache intelligentsia ethical vinyl trust fund ugh cray whatever disrupt, listicle 90's. Four loko pop-up affogato, PBR&B vinyl austin DIY next level +1 literally flannel freegan tumblr williamsburg. Pinterest organic asymmetrical kickstarter mumblecore. Sartorial bushwick asymmetrical, mlkshk shoreditch occupy photo booth chambray hella affogato gastropub.

nicknames: dark
contact: Jak/Marcus- discord
triggers: None
mature threading:Sure
other characters: Marcus Wright
about: See Marcus
30.Shadow Marshal. group. playby.

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