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Posted by: Jack - 03-10-2018, 04:55 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

full name: Jack
nicknames/aliases/code name: Autumn Knight, Reaper, Headless Horseman, Jack-o’-Lantern, countless others hidden away in myths/popular culture.
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: Yes
species: Fey Knight (Sidhe-empowered human wizard)
gender: Male
age: 461
date of birth: September 28, 1557
place of birth: England
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Dresden Files
fandom universe: Dresden Files AU
pronouns: He/Him
occupation: Servant to the Autumn Lady, remnant of the Autumn Court of the Sidhe
languages: Omnilingual
playby: Ian Glenn
height: 6’1”
weight: 190 lbs
hair color: Blonde
eye color: Blue
distinguishing features: Varies (Shapeshifter)
sexual orientation: Straight
family: None living
relationship status: Single/In Servitude
powers: Autumn Knight - Jack is empowered to be the mortal agent of the (now defunct) Autumn Sidhe. In this role, he is physically more capable than your average mortal and able to heal more quickly. He holds strong magic in line with the Autumn Court, including earth magic, blood magic, and spirit/death magic. He is able to shapechange at will.
strengths: Martial training - Jack is highly accomplished in hand-to-hand combat, particularly with a specially-crafted scythe (shaped for fighting, rather than farming).

Magical training - While his potential was largely unrealized during his mortal existence, Jack is studied and accomplished with Autumn magic. The magic of change and death, Autumn draws its power from sources that already exist, either within themselves or from other sources. Sacrifice plays a part in the most powerful (generally known as blood magic), although the idea that death is always involved or that the sacrifice must be human is a (some would say slanderous) misconception. As Samhain falls within Autumn’s power, Autumn has power over the spirits and the dead, able to invoke them for information or protection, though they are fiercely opposed to necromancers who wish to bind the dead to their will.
weaknesses: Hoarding - While not truly hoarders, Autumn compulsions prevent Jack from doing anything truly wasteful. Autumn is the time of harvest, of reaping to prepare for winter, and as such they cannot stand wasteful destruction. A creature might be killed out of necessity, but it will always be used as much as is possible, even if all that is possible is burying it to nourish the soil.

Water - Running water grounds autumn magic as thoroughly as it grounds mortal magic.

Obedience - While he has some degree of ability to resist owing to his mortal nature, defying the nature or directives of the Autumn Sidhe can cause Jack’s power to abandon him.
equipment: Numerous magical/enchanted items. Autumn Sidhe are able to take power and store it in objects (generally crystals or other earth-based objects) for later use.

Lost so long to the mantle of power thrust upon him, Jack remembers little of his earthly origins, even his name being lost to him. He does know that he was a farmer, though, a settler in the New World, and that as the seasons went on, the harvest was proving to be disastrous. They had arrived, it turned out, in the midst of a terrible drought, and with the relief supplies from England cut off by war, the little colony was desperate. Jack, though, was the one destined to save the village, and all it cost him was his life.

While the rest of the settlement prayed, Jack went off into the thickest parts of the fields, cleared away a patch of earth, and drew the circle he used to call to the Autumn Court, the Fey of the Harvest, and plead for their mercy. The young Queen that answered demanded his life in return, and when he agreed, seeing no real reason to not die alone and quickly instead of starving with the rest of the colony, she told him what needed to be done, setting him to work. Two pigs needed to be slaughtered under the full moon, out of the eyes of the waking creatures that might halt the ritual. Sigils, marked in their blood, called the sprites of autumn to the village, and the cooked meat of the beasts was scattered in a ring all around the settlement, drawing out a protective ring of the tiny fey. The rune-carved bones were buried outside every home. Once done, Autumn came and claimed its prize.

There was no means, of course, to grow a bountiful crop in the midst of the drought. The Queen, instead, took the colony into the Nevernever to be absorbed among her court, at first as pampered guests, then slowly absorbed as playthings of the Sidhe, some even gaining the power of the Sidhe themselves as they abandoned their unneeded mortality. This done, she came for Jack’s life and found him waiting.

This didn’t, naturally, mean that she would kill him, as he’d expected. That would be far too wasteful. Instead, he became her knight, seeing to her slightest whim. If something in the mortal world threatened her interests or displeased her, he was sent, as all of the other Autumn Knights before him, to kill them, to reap their lives. When nothing displeased her, he was sent to consolidate their power, safeguarding their place among legends and myths. He found himself heir to several legends, though all had been altered by time so that only some sparse facts remained truly accurate. He managed inspire a few of his own, his favorite, of course, written by Washington Irving after he told him the tale over quite an uproarious amount of drinking, though he disliked taking that particular form unless he had to. After all, who liked trying to ride a horse while holding onto your own head?

All went well for this longest-lived of the faerie Knights (Autumn was notoriously unwilling to discard an able servant, unlike the other courts) until the time when the Summer and Winter courts decided that it was time to consolidate the power of the smaller Spring and Autumn courts into themselves. Most of Spring went to Summer, and most of Autumn went to Winter, with the most notable exception being the Autumn Lady and Knight, who insisted that Queen Mab was insane if she thought they were simply going to agree to respectively become a minor courtier to her and, in Jack’s case, die. The Autumn Lady had quite a bit of power squirreled away to draw upon, and Jack himself had allies and favors to call upon among the Wildfae and the Wild Hunt. When Winter came calling to claim them, they made good their promise to fight, and fled with all the sequestered power that they could. They hid on Earth for a good while, tolerated by the Fey because they were, in truth, still useful (whereas Spring, who had been eager to be ‘reborn’ into Summer had been frivolous and troublesome), and because they were not inclined to try to make trouble of themselves. Eventually, with Winter closing in, they went looking for new grounds to gather their power in, finding themselves in this strange land known as the Hub.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe: Important Location?
knowledge level of multiverse: Unknown
fandom specific information: While the inhabitants of their world often suspect other realms within their universe (Heaven, Hell, Avalon, Faerie, etc), they generally lack the means to be sure of them.
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Dresden Files
which universe: Dresden Files-1
timeline: They left their world in about the 1920s.
where is the Hub portal located: Location
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Yes, though usually dismissed as superstition
aliens: No
advanced technology: Real-life level technology
mythical creatures: Yes, though usually dismissed as superstition
other: ?

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub?
RP Sample
Jack is always interested in acquiring new things, be it connections or power. He’s still (mostly) human, and so he still has that craving to be a social creature, but he does have many fey tendencies that can come up at the wrong moments. He’s very good for throwing magic characters at. On his world, the Faerie courts, while not necessarily benevolent, still maintain good ties with the angels, and while they don’t actively seek conflict with them, tend to consider fallen angels and devils difficult to deal with, since they can’t be trusted.
Oh good lord, I don’t know. He’s beholden to the Autumn Lady, so really however much free reign she gives him, I suppose.

nicknames: Mike
age: 37
pronouns: He/Him
timezone: Mountain Standard
contact: Discord
triggers: Meh
mature threading: Yes?
other characters: Arjay Lo’Ran, bunch of others
461. Fey Knight. Dresden Files. Ian Glenn.

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Posted by: Shuri - 03-09-2018, 07:08 PM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

full name:Shuri
nicknames/aliases/code name: N/a
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: yes
species: Human
gender: female
age: 18
date of birth: Nov 6th, 1998
place of birth: Wakanda
starting location: Wakanda
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: MCU-1
pronouns: SHE/HER
occupation:genius, Inventor, princess, little sister
languages:Xhosa, English
playby: letitia wright
height: 5’7
hair color: Black
eye color: Black
distinguishing features:na
Single with a big brother and squad of women warriors to insure that. sexual orientation:straight
family:Mother, Brother
relationship status: Single
Skills: Genius level intellect

Master Engineer: Shuri is arguably more skilled than Tony Stark and definitely out shines him at a similar age.

weaknesses: Only human: Shuri has all the weakness of an average human.

Family: Shuri has a family she loves and can be blackmailed/manipulated because of them.

Excitable: Shuri is still young, and has kept a large measure of her innocence; while not naive. She nonetheless does exhibit a ‘careless’ air

Shuri is the Princess of Wakanda, sister of T'Challa, daughter of T'Chaka and Ramonda, and the leader of the Wakandan Design Group. An innovator responsible for creating much of Wakanda's modern technology, she is also known for designing the current generation Panther Habits. Shortly after the death of her father, she was assigned by T'Challa to delete Bucky Barnes' HYDRA programming from his mind. After her brother's coronation, Shuri assisted him and the Dora Milaje in tracking down Ulysses Klaue, only to be forced to flee Birnin Zana as Erik Killmonger overthrew the throne, eventually returning to reclaim Wakanda.

When her brother T'Challa brought both Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes to Wakanda, he entrusted Barnes to Shuri so she could remove the Winter Soldier programming from Barnes' mind. At the lab, Shuri explained to T'Challa and Rogers that she is using the most sophisticated bio-scanners in Wakanda to create a digital representation of Barnes' mind, in which the process would be tested to avoid damaging it while attempting to remove his brainwashing.[1] Months later, Shuri brought T'Challa to give his brother an update on Barnes. Shuri explained to T'Challa that, since Barnes programming is mostly connected to trigger words, she would use an algorithm that would 'reset' Barnes so HYDRA's programming could be destroyed without removing his memories. Shuri then revealed that her algorithm could be used to improve the Wakandan's technology though artificial intelligence in a more effective way than Ultron.[1]

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe:WAKANDA
knowledge level of multiverse: Mostly theoretical but considering she's wining dining, and sweet talking the laws of physics into opening a stable portal to hub-(vs that silly Parker boy and Shield which just took a jackhammer to the fabric of reality) Shuri has a better understanding than most.
fandom specific information: Everything is vibranium
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Marvel
which universe: MCU-1

where is the Hub portal located: Shuri’s lab
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: No
aliens: Yes
advanced technology: Wakandan tech is significantly more advanced than the basic tech level
mythical creatures: No
RP Sample
Not my first toon

nicknames: Kel
age: Old enough
pronouns: What ever
timezone: GMT+1
contact: Discord best, Ask for Skype
triggers: None: If something is about to go to far i’ll let you know, and hope you do the same. (Do NOT kill off a shipping partner with no warning, gimmie a heads up before, if you want to plot that.)
mature threading: All the Sexy. FTB-Explicit depending on Writing partner
other characters: McCoy, Henri Lebeau, Tony Stark, lots
about: I are Admin hear me plot!
18, Inventor/Princess, Wakanda(Golden Tribe), Letitia Wright

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  Looking Forward
Posted by: James Barnes (MCU-1) - 03-09-2018, 07:06 PM - Forum: MCU-1 - Replies (15)

Bucky brushed his hair back one more time with a sigh- he was... Hesitant, regarding this mission. He knew Steve would want him to go help Tony Stark- But a small part of Bucky blamed the other hero for his best friend's death. Of course a much larger part blamed Bucky himself. So Bucky was less than enthusiastic to be faced all over again with Steve's death.

But the Wakandans wanted to- so he would go. If only because watching Princess Shuri work was almost worth it alone. He wandered for a little as he contemplated- glancing up when he noticed where he had arrived. A small smile replaced the growing grimace he had been sporting- as he knocked on the floor beside the top of the spiral before continuing down.

He figured that he ought to make sure not to surprise anyone in there- for the same reason he had learned not to touch anything in the room- because Shuri had more than enough footage of Bucky being thrown backwards. An opinion which was maybe based on the fact that he wanted to impress her and not look like a complete punk, which he found himself remarkably bad at.

Still spotting the familiar silhouette, he gave the tiniest of bows before walking towards what would be their gate to the new world. "So this is it Princess?" He asked with fascination, though his hand did twitch towards his shield as it occurred to him that it could open from the other side potentially- but no. Shuri would have factored that in- and prepared for it.

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

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Posted by: 616 Steve Rogers - 03-04-2018, 08:48 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (34)

Steve is nervous, more nervous than he's been in years. But there's an undercurrent of excitement. It's finally time to rescue Bucky. He just got the news from Friday that everything is set. Now the only thing he is waiting for is for the others to arrive. Although part of him wants to rescue Bucky on his own, after all he's his partner and this his responsibility, the tactician in him knows that for a mission like this he is going to need a team. And considering the short notice he had to form this team, he's very proud of what he's managed to pull together.

He paces back and forth, barely refraining from checking his watch for the third time in as many minutes. Thoughts of what tortures Bucky may be experiencing only make him pace faster.

He hears footsteps approaching and perks up eagerly.

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  Crossing Paths
Posted by: 616 Tony Stark - 03-01-2018, 05:14 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (22)

There was a little bakery three blocks from the Tower that had the best bagels in New York. The kind of hole in the wall that had always made Steve get misty-eyed about the past, and which Tony had had to grudgingly admit was the real deal. He wasn't crazy about going by the Tower--there was never a good time to run into the other Tony--but he'd woken up in the mood for a good bagel, and had even felt like he could handle the barrage of memories that was likely to come with the trip.

He was crossing the street amid scattered traffic, a brown paper bag tucked under his arm, when he saw a flash of red hair and a familiar face. He hadn't known that any Natasha Romanov was in the Hub, and he felt a genuine flash of excitement at the possibility that it might be his. One of the few heroes who didn't, at least as far as he knew, hate his very existence.

So he jogged across the street, waving in her direction as he did, and calling, "Natasha!"

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  This Isn't Awkward At All
Posted by: 616 Tony Stark - 03-01-2018, 04:05 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (23)

Considering that Steve lived at the Mansion, and spent plenty of time there--with Christian, not that it mattered--Tony had, so far, managed to avoid running into him in any situation where neither of them could make a hasty exit.

It was, admittedly, a little childish. But ever since the other Tony had kissed Steve, and forced him to admit his feelings to him, he hadn't known what to say to him at all. He wanted to apologize, except there wasn't anything to apologize for, at least not when it came to that. Of course, he knew Steve hadn't been happy with how he'd kept things about the future to himself, or that Tony couldn't look at him without seeing a man ten years older. A man who had died hating him, leaving him with a mess of complicated feelings that kept forcing their way to the surface at the worst of times. But there wasn't much he could do about any of that either, and while he could apologize, he didn't especially want to have any of the conversations that could follow.

All of which made avoiding Steve the easiest path by far.

He was taking the Mansion's elevator down to the lab when the doors dinged open and Steve walked in. Tony gave him an awkward half-smile as the doors closed. He could handle, oh, thirty seconds of conversation.

"Going to the gym?" he asked as the elevator descended.

Before Steve could answer, though, there was a horrible grinding noise and the elevator stopped short. Extremis told Tony immediately that it was stuck between floors, a mechanical problem that no amount of technopathy could solve.

He stared at Steve, and said, "Shit."

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  Captain James Buchanan Barnes (MCU-1)
Posted by: James Barnes (MCU-1) - 02-28-2018, 06:47 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (3)

Captain James Buchanan Barnes
full name: James Buchanan Barnes
nicknames/aliases/code name: Bucky, Buck, Soldier, Soldat, Sarge, The asset, Cinnamon Roll, Captain America, Cap,
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: no
species: Human
gender: Male
age: 100
date of birth: March 10, 1917
place of birth: Brooklyn
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: Marvel MCU-1
pronouns: He/Him
occupation: Captain America
languages: Russian, English, Romanian, Xhosa
playby: Sebastian Stan
height: 5'11
weight: 180 lbs
hair color: Brown
eye color: Blue
distinguishing features: Metal Arm, Man Bun, Shield with a star on it.
sexual orientation: People not parts.
family: He has- er. Had. Three siblings- two parents. All of whom have since passed on. He has felt no desire to search for nieces or nephews. When Bucky was returned to himself from being the winter soldier- he had one more person on the list. Steve Rogers has since also passed away.
relationship status: Single.
powers: Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Barnes was one of many prisoners of war used in Zola's quest to recreate the Super Soldier Serum. There were no apparent effects at the time of his rescue by Steve Rogers, but the changes wrought on Barnes' body were sufficient to let him survive plunging into an icy river at the bottom of a fall that should have killed him. Zola further refined Barnes' body in the Winter Soldier Program, ultimately creating an enhanced soldier with physical abilities equal to that of Captain America- albeit from a stronger starting point.

Superhuman Strength: As the Winter Soldier, Barnes's physical strength is immensely enhanced to the early levels of superhuman condition by a series of treatments performed on him by HYDRA scientists. He has used his legs and right arm to strike enemies with tremendous force and his physical might is easily on par with Captain America but was matched and exceeded when he faced off against Black Panther and Spider-Man respectively.

Bionic Arm: HYDRA removed the remnants of his severed left arm and replaced the missing limb with a cybernetic one. The bionic arm gives him extraordinary superhuman strength superior to that of Captain America, though not quite on par with that of Spider-Man. Winter Soldier was able to rip open a S.H.I.E.L.D. armored SUV, rip apart Falcon's EXO-7 suit, and smash concrete by punching it.

Enhanced Speed: Winter Soldier's speed is tremendously enhanced beyond the peak of human potential, moving into the early levels of superhuman condition. Bucky's speed is equal to both Black Panther and Captain America, as he was able to stay ahead of them with a slight head start . In combat, he can easily keep up with the extremely agile Black Widow and Black Panther.

Enhanced Durability: Winter Soldier's bones and muscles are apparently vastly denser and more resilient than a normal human's. He even managed to survive a seemingly fatal fall from immense heights into Daube River in the Swiss Alps. Arnim Zola's further experiments greatly fortified his physique to the extent that he routinely leaps from significant heights onto hard surfaces and lands without any apparent injury.

Enhanced Stamina: Winter Soldier's musculature produces far less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human, allowing him to exert himself at peak capacity for hours before tiring.

Enhanced Agility: Winter Soldier's vastly enhanced agility is superior to even Olympic gold medalists. He could quickly leap on top of midsize cars in a single bound and do complicated acrobatic flips to avoid gunfire into cover.

Enhanced Reflexes: Winter Soldier's reflexes are enhanced to extraordinary levels. His reflexes are responsive enough to catch Captain America's shield being thrown at him at a high velocity. He was also able to catch enemy grenades thrown at him, dodge fire from Falcon's Steyr SPPs, and leap on top of a moving car accelerating towards him with pinpoint accuracy.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Winter Soldier's body is able to heal with extraordinary speed and efficiency beyond a regular human being, though he is unable to regenerate missing limbs.
strengths: Master Martial Artist: Winter Soldier is an extremely skilled and formidable martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant, excelling at improvisation and weapons handling. Originally, Barnes was a three-time YMCA welterweight boxing champion. Later, as the first Winter Soldier, Barnes received vast training from HYDRA, as well as the United States Armed Forces. He employs a mixed martial arts that include elements of Kali knife fighting, Boxing, Taekwondo, and Krav Maga.

Master Marksman: Barnes is highly proficient in handling firearms with remarkable precision, even prior to being turned into the Winter Soldier. After becoming the Winter Soldier- his abilities were honed even further- to the point of being able to hit a target through a building- and in a particularly notable occurrence- hit a target through another person.

Master Assassin: Winter Soldier is a master assassin. Ever since he's been brainwashed, Winter Soldier has lived in complete anonymity with most of the intelligence community not even believing he exists. He's been credited with over two dozen of HYDRA's most crucial assassinations in the last 50 years.

Master Acrobat: Due to his extraordinarily enhanced agility and reflexes, Winter Soldier has shown immense capability in using flips to evade fire. He could also maintain balance of a moving motorcycle while engaged in a fight.

Expert Pilot: Winter Soldier was able to hijack a Quinjet. Also points to his intelligence considering the technological differences he has had to constantly adapt to. (The quinjet obviously being quite peak of the edge of technology.)


Tactical Intelligence: In effort to match the image of Captain America, Bucky has spent time while in Wakanda reviewing tactics- working with programs designed by Shuri to learn how to handle more situations- with more variables. Helps him with awareness, as well as unlearning bad habits that he acquired as the winter soldier.
weaknesses: Despite all his enhancements, he is only human- and no more resilient to a bullet to the head. He also feels a certain amount of debt to Wakanda that he will put aside most things to aid them. (Or at least the royal family. (By that he means Shuri.))
equipment: A large Arsenal of Guns, A Vibranium Arm designed by Shuri, Kimoyo Beads, A Suit set in Red White and Blue (and Black because this is Bucky we're talking about) and a shield with a fancy logo.
James Buchanan Barnes was born to a loving family where he quickly added to the number with his best friend Steven Grant Rogers. In fact, to separate the two is to cut out a significant part of Bucky's life- and a large number of his motivations. Being an excellent athlete already when the two met, they established their roles of fighter and defender (respectively Steve, and Bucky) quickly. Steve would not back down from injustice- and that brought out the best in his friend.

Bucky was ready to protect his friend from one end of the world to the next- and when Steve was unable to enlist, Bucky found himself grateful that he'd be the only one risking his life. Certainly he had never had the most intense of morals- a good guy- but not a superhuman one- but he knew he would do the best he could. If he had learned anything from his friend it was bravery and a willingness to die for his family and home.

He had accepted his own death when he was taken by hydra- he understood that the life of James Barnes would end quietly in a nondescript factory in the middle of the European countryside. He allowed himself a few nostalgic dreams of his home while he waited for them to finish the process of his loss of life. Seeing Steve seemed unreal at first- it seemed as though he had simply conjured his friend, with the strength he had always known the man possessed- only now externalized.

The choice to become a howling commando was one that he would never regret- he had been given a second chance at life- and Bucky was comfortable offering that to the man who had always been at his side and had given him that second chance. Falling from the train was yet another moment of accepting his death- accepting that he had done the best he could with the time he had.

In a way, it was the death of Bucky Barnes- because he was then reset to a blank state- forced to become a tool for an enemy. Part of him wishes that he could avoid taking responsibility for his actions during that time period- but it was him, regardless of whether or not his memories persisted. He was unbelievably lucky that his friend had also survived- no man other than Steve Rogers could have pulled Bucky from that state- saving him, and giving him yet another shot at being the man his friend saw him as. If it weren't for the exceedingly unlikely case of his friend surviving to meet him again- the man known as Bucky would have been gone forever.

Tearing himself free of Hydra, Bucky ran from his best friend- unable to yet face what he had done. He was content to live in isolation as he rediscovered who he was- until he was brought back in to the fight again. Steve once again gave up more of himself than Bucky could ever hope to repay- being willing to give up everything to give Bucky another chance, no matter the evidence against him. It was no wonder he was so afraid to fail the other man.

Bucky fought relentlessly for his freedom- but the moment when he was brought face to face with someone who had lost people because of what he had done. It was- a lot to accept. He knew he couldn't let himself have his hard won freedom- not if he was still in danger of doing the same thing again.

He very nearly began panicking when he awoke again- feeling no different- but he was faced with the same woman who had put him under. The one who had assured him as he was put in cryostasis that she'd help him- and she had. She explained that she had more or less rebooted him (though he's still behind tech so a lot of it went over his head) but the gist of it was that Shuri had given him another shot at life- and he was incredibly grateful.

Even though having that extra shot meant that he was alive to see his best friend die. It took Bucky all of a day to ask Shuri to make him a shield, and help him design some new armor.

Because it was clear to him that even though his hope may have died with Steve Rogers- the world needed the symbol of hope that was Captain America. Bucky couldn't protect the man he considered a brother, so he settled for protecting the things that the man had valued.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Not from Bucky
knowledge level of multiverse: Ask Kel. Because it depends on how much Shuri talks at him about science.
fandom specific information: Nothing new other than Bucky is Captain America.
RP Sample
Bucky is an interesting being- in that he's trying to merge his two existences into one. To deny his time as Bucky is to turn his back on his friends and family- to deny his time as the winter soldier is to put no value on the lives he took. For a while, he was occasionally the funny flirty guy from Brooklyn- and the rest of the time he was the brooding assassin.

With the death of Steve, that stopped being an option for him- because the brooding assassin had to make way for the hero that is Captain America. Because of this, Bucky is still processing his grief largely through ignoring it or hiding for a couple hours to stare blankly at a wall.


Friends: If you're a good person who treats others kindly. A great number of Wakandans fall in this category- having welcomed him and helped him become whole once more when he needed it most.

Enemies: If Bucky feels Steve would want him to stop you- Otherwise, he may not like you, but he will attempt to be cordial. See enemies of Wakanda as well.

Lovers: Bucky used to be quite the charmer, and he's slowly starting to learn how to again- relationships aren't his priority in that he's not searching them out- but he will not attempt to deny emotions should they start to take root.
(and his writer ships him with Shuri big time. (at least this him))

nicknames: Moon
age: 22
pronouns: They/Them but I usually forget that and irl people use she/her so I legitimately don't care.
timezone: (b)EST
contact: Hit me up on Discord! (Or Email, or skype, or hipchat, or pm- but discord is best.)
triggers: I don't know that I have any? I may ask that we handle certain topics carefully if a thread goes a certain way- but for the most part, I don't mind anything so long as it has value in a thread. (Ask if uncertain!)
mature threading: Sure.
other characters: Quethadia Nyx, Castiel, Kailani Mahelona, Sune, Nala and James Barnes (because I ship Soviet Spouses but also Shuri and Bucky (idek what their ship name is) too much to not have them both.)
about: I am the worst but it's okay I'll only bug you with thread ideas like a lot of the time. Or random comments. It's okay, it's tolerable I swear.
100. Captain America. Marvel. Sebastian Stan.

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Posted by: Okoye - 02-27-2018, 12:06 PM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

full name: Okoye
nicknames/aliases/code name: n/a
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: no
species: Human
gender: Female
age: 34
date of birth: 2/14/1982
place of birth: Wakanda
starting location: Wakanda
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: Marvel MCU-1
pronouns: she/her
occupation: General Leader of the Dora Milaje
languages: Xhosa, English, Korean
playby: Danai Gurira
height: 5’7
weight: 119 lbs
hair color: black
eye color: brown
distinguishing features: hair is partially shaved with patterns
sexual orientation: Straight
family: None
relationship status: Single (sort of? It's really complicated. The rhino definitely loves me.)
powers: N/A
strengths: Master Martial Artist: Okoye is the General of the Dora Milaje thus, is extensively trained in various forms of combat but most noticeably her spear with which she is able to almost effortlessly incapacitate multiple foes at once during the casino fight. She is also an expert marksman, able to throw her spear through the car of one of Klaue's goons. It is suggested throughout the Black Panther movie that she is the greatest martial artist in Wakanda.
weaknesses: Okoye is only human without any gifts, be they god given or otherwise. She has worked hard and earned her knowledge and physical traits. She is bound by her code of honor, to the point where she will go against what she wants and even what she feels is best for her (or even her people) in order to uphold her duties and abide by tradition.
  • Spear: Okoye's spear has been used to electrocute an enemy during the casino fight. In the same fight the spear was seen being extended from a handle for concealment. The spear is strong enough to pierce a Vibranium car during the car chase and was able to stop a car after Okoye through it through one of Klaue's goons' cars. Her spear along with others have been shown to be able to interact with technology by striking the ground with the blunt end. The Dora Milaje used this to shut down power inside N'jobu's apartment and to activate the drainage system for warrior falls.
  • Dora Milaje Armor: Standard-issue uniform of the Dora Milaje. While it is unknown if the suit of armor sports protection and durability to the level of the Panther Habit, it is strongly suggested that the armor is nonetheless made of Vibranium-weave due to being a Wakandan product, and is still better than most armor the world has to offer at large.
  • Kimoyo Beads: Okoye uses these to project images to the leaders of Wakanda and to control the Talon fighter . She also video calls T'challa and her most likely ex-lover W'kabi using these.

On orders of King T'Chaka, Okoye was sent with T'Challa when he went to save Wakandan hostages from Zanda and Douglas Scott, to report back to the King on T'Challa's progress as the "Black Panther"

Saving the hostages while Black Panther distracted the mercenaries, Okoye ended up confronted by Douglas Scott. After the hostages escaped, and the police stormed the building, the mercenaries fled, and Black Panther made Okoye return to their aircraft to follow them

Following them to a yacht, Black Panther and Okoye took out the mercenaries and then confronted Zanda and Scott. Okoye fought Scott again, but was almost killed by a surprise attack, spared only when Black Panther dropped a metal bar on Scott's hands.

Upon returning to Wakanda, Okoye told T'Chaka how T'Challa proved himself in the field, though left out how she assisted him in her report, despite T'Chaka deducing her part in the rescue mission.

One week after the death of T'Chaka, Okoye and T'Challa flew a Royal Talon Flyer to Nigeria to rescue Nakiafrom her undercover assignment with a group of terrorists. T'Challa told Okoye that she did not need her help but when a gunman held a woman hostage, Okoye stabbed the man from behind, saving T'Challa from a tough situation and ending the battle.

Okoye flew the Royal Talon Flyer back to Wakanda and were greeted by Queen Ramonda and Shuri, T'Challa's sister.
* Above information taken directly from MCU Wiki

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Palatial Grounds of Wakanda, surrounding Wakanda countryside and landscape
knowledge level of multiverse: Some theoretical knowledge (“There is a multiverse. Okay.”) gleaned from listening to Shuri carry on. And apparently they are going into this multiverse to save the idiot white boys. Or rather, Shuri and her brother are going to save the colonizers, and Okoye is going to look after the idiot royals.
fandom specific information: Vibranium EVERYTHING.
Anchor Character Section
RP Sample
Not my first baby here.
Okoye is a traditionalist, a protector of the royal family, and one badass woman. Strong doesn’t even begin to cover it, seriously. As the leader of the Dora Milaje, Okoye is willing to tease and even question T’Challa, but the throne has her undying loyalty, and he has her friendship.

Viewing the royal family as both her responsibility and her friends, Okoye enjoys her servitude to them, believing them to be the best for Wakanda on the whole, even when she personally disagrees or dislikes the decisions they are making, or have made. Fierce, loyal, with an underlying kindness and humor would be an apt description of Okoye.

In some ways, Okoye is too dutiful for her own good. She is loyal, but her first and foremost loyalty is to her country, its throne, and their traditions. This loyalty comes at the expense of everything and anything else.

Past her duties and loyalty to Wakanda and the throne, Okoye is extremely loyal to her friends, family, and lovers. Once she has placed her trust and devotion in you, it’s yours, and it’s very difficult to lose it. Still, no matter how much she cares about you, how much she hates it, if it comes down to you or Wakanda, Wakanda will always win, hands down.

Also, she has questionable taste in men.

nicknames: Nyte
age: Not too old to love my people.
pronouns: Hey you
timezone: CST
contact: Discord
triggers: Meh.
mature threading: I don’t write smut, but I’ll read the hell out of it.
other characters: Too many. I’m insane with all the voices in my head.
about: Puppies! Seals! UNICORNS!
34. General. Dora Milaje. Danai Gurira.

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  MCU-1 T'Challa
Posted by: T'Challa - 02-27-2018, 09:06 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

full name: T'Challa
nicknames/aliases/code name: Black Panther
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: No
gender: Male
age: 32
date of birth: July 19th, 1984
place of birth: Wakanda
starting location: Wakanda
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: Marvel MCU-1
pronouns: King, Him/He/His
occupation: King of Wakanda
languages: isiXhosa
playby: Chadwick Boseman
height: 6'0
weight: 200
hair color: Black
eye color: Brown
distinguishing features: None
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
family: Golden Tribe
relationship status: Single

Heart-Shaped Herb Enhancement
Once T’Challa consumes the Heart-Shaped herb, his physical attributes are enhanced to comparable levels of a super soldier. They are long-lasting and can only be negated when the user drinks the serum to depower.

Enhanced Strength
T’Challa’s strength is tremendously enhance beyond peak human potential and reaching the early levels of superhuman condition.

Enhanced Speed
He can run and move at speeds beyond the peak of human potential, and at early levels of superhuman condition.

Enhanced Stamina
The Heart-Shaped herb allows for T’Challa’s muscles to produce fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity. His body can eliminate excessive fatigue-producing chemicals and grants him extraordinary endurance.

Enhanced Durability
Even when not wearing his Pather Habit, he can survive blunt force trauma and survive explosions. T’Challa’s durability is further increased by his exposure to vibranium.

Regenerative Healing Factor
T’Challa can heal at super human capacity due to his metabolism that allow for extraordinailry efficient recovery. He can heal from severe damage in the matter of hours, even when he is coming back from the brink of death.

Enhanced Agility
T’Challa can coordinate his boy with perfect balance, equilibrium, flexibility and dexterity. He is akin to an actual pather and is able to crawl and climb through walls and leap great distances with excellent accuracy.

Enhanced Reflexes
T’Challa’s reflexes are superior even to the finest athletes. He is able to accelerate to super level efficiently while finding solutions using his sense and strategy.


Genius-Level Intellect
T’Challa is highly inteelent. He is considered one of the greatest scientific pioneers in human history. He crafted his own Pather Habit, which is sister later made various improvements.

Master Martial Artist
T’Challa has master many African martial arts, such as Engolo, Moraingy, Musangwe, Dambe and Capoeira. He is a highly trained and highly skilled martial artist.

Master Acrobat
T’Challa is an extraordinary master gymnast and acrobat. He is immensely agile, like a cat.

Master Tactician
T'Challa is a master in strategy and tactics.

T'Challa speaks his native isiXhosa, English and Korean.

Skilled Pilot
T'Challa has shown to be a skilled and elusive pilot.


All of the Lights
Due to his heightened senses, bright lights, loud noises, & strong smells can potentially overwhelm him.

Romanoff's shocking stick did seem to do some damage to Black Panther, though with the enhancements, it is unknown if it can still effect him.

T'Challa is bound by tradition of his people. And often can be very stubborn and set in his ways.

T'Challa is very protective over his family and anyone close to him. He will do nearly anything to keep them safe and protected. His family can used against him, that is if someone can get close enough.


Panther Habit
T’Challa’s suit is uniquely crafted with Vibranium weaved into it. It’s lightweight, nigh-indestructible and renders him immune to most physical damages. Shuri’s upgrades allow for the suit to is capable of absorbing and manipulating energy for various purposes. She also negated the need for storage and facilitate ease of wearing as it is stored in his necklace and can materialize over his body in a matter of seconds through mental commands.

T'Challa utilizes a technologically-advanced personal jet, similar to the Avengers' Quinjet, when he needs to travel the world quickly.

[Wakandan Royal Ring
The ring worn by the King of Wakanda, passed down from Azzuri. The ring was obtained by T'Challa from his father, T'Chaka, after his death.

Kimoyo Beads
An advanced piece of Wakandan technology used by T'Challa to communicate and control any system they're interfaced with.

Everything the Light Touches

In the heart of Africa is a place unknown by most of the world. A kingdom full of science, technology, advancement, culture and rich tradition. A proud but isolationist country, Wakanda was ruled by T’Chaka and his wife Ramonda. They bore a son, T’Challa and eventually a younger sister, Shuri.

T’Challa craved knowledge and understanding of the world around him. His father often discouraged this, for fear of revealing their kingdom and his dislike for politics. Though, the Prince would admit if he was thought of as a smart man, his sister was easily a protégé.

Next In Line

T’Challa was groomed and trained by his father to succeed him. Not only would he take the throne, but the powers, abilities and moniker of the Black Panther. It was no more than a week when T’Chaka sent T’Challa on a mission as the Black Panther. Okoye accompanied him to save Wakandan hostages from Zanda and Douglas Scott.

T’Challa took on Zanda while Okoye rescued the hostages. Zanda gotten to the upper hand, shooting the Black Panther with Vibranium bullets. Though, she then attempted to kill the hostages allowing T’Challa to overpower her. The mercenaries fled, and Black Panther followed them to their yacht in his aircraft.

The two Wakandans confronted Zanda and Scott. T’Challa saved Okoya by dropping a metal bar on Scott’s hand. Black Panther killed Zanda by igniting on her grenades.


During the devastating battled between the Avengers and Crossbones, several Wakandans were among the man killed. T’Challa joined the United Nations to approve the Sokovia Accords to control and monitor the Avengers. Especially after the Avenger’s involvement in the creation of Ultron.

Just before the conference was to begin, T’Chaka turned to his son and expressed his love and pride in who T’Challa had become. He expressed his pride in his son’s diplomatic abilities.

Violent Goodbyes T’Challa watched on as his father expressed regret that Wakanda had a cache of deadly weapons made of Vibranium and their use in many dark involvements. T’Chaka was ready to sign the accords into existence though he halt a the sudden appearance of Helmut Zemo disguised as the Winter Soldier.

T’Challa was unable to get through the panicked crowd in time to save his father. While others put out fires and cleaned up, the Prince of Wakanda took his father’s ring to take his rightful place as king. Natasha attempted to console Black Panther, promising that Joint Counter Terrorist Centre would bring the Winter Soldier to justice. T’Challa made it clear.

He would kill the Winter Soldier himself.

Black Panther spends days in a game of cat and mouse with Bucky. Nearly killing James several times, but the rogue soldier manages to escape every time. Finally, Black Panther corners Bucky in a tunnel and uses explosives to block their way. T’Challa stills has every intention of killing the Winter Soldier, but Rogers stops him just as War machine and police and surrounded.

As the police apprehended T’Challa, Barnes, Rogers and Wilson due to the Sokovia Accords, Black Panther explained and avowed to kill the Winter Soldier to avenge T’Chaka. They were taken to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building, where the others were put in a prison cell, while T’Challa due to diplomatic immunity was given an office. T’Challa agreed to Barnes being interrogated and sentenced. During the interrogation, Everett Ross confirmed that T’Challa had been granted Barnes’ extradition.

Helmut Zemo disguised as psychiatrist Theo Broussard began the interrogation while T’Challa and others watched on. In the middle of the assessment, all lights, video and audio feeds were cut off. Black Panther sensed there was something sinister afoot, he went to investigate further. T’Challa was able to save Natasha, but the Winter Soldier escaped again.

T’Challa was faced with the face that Bucky was rescued by his friend Steve Rogers. This did not settle well with the Black Panther. He used many of Wakanda’s advanced technology to track the pair down himself. He was about to execute his plan when he was stopped by Romanoff. She offered him a chance to fight alongside Ironman against Captain America. T’Challa tentatively agreed.

The Civil War

Black Panther continued to track both Barnes and Roger with his Wakandan technology. T’Challa greeted the opposing team with diplomatic respect. A clash of the teams soon ensued. While others fought one another, T’Challa was still on the hunt for the Winter Soldier. He spotted Bucky in the distant and left the hero squabble to the others. His target was the man he believed had killed his father.

Rogers attempted to stopped the Black Panther. T’Challa and Steve fought, leaving deep and permanent scratch mars on Captain America’s shield. War Machine joined the fight. The skirmish was only halted when Ant Man threw an enlarged fire truck at them. T’Challa and Romanoff were able to dode the explosion, but Rhodes was hit full force.

Finally, Black Panther was able to catch up with the WInter Soldier. As they engaged in battle, Bucky attempted to convince T’Challa that it was not him that killed T’Chaka, rather an impersonator. THe Wakandan King pulled the prosthetic arm from Bucky, asking why he had ran away. He wanted an answer as much as he wanted revenge. T’Challa put his razor sharp claws to Baren’s neck. Just before he could rip out the man’s throat, Scarlet Witch intervened by using her magic to send the Black Panther flying.

Losing his Targets

The civil war raged on. T’Challal noticed a few of the opponents were missing. He caught both Captain America and the Winter Soldier boarding a Quinjet to escape. Black Panther went after them, but Ant-man tried to kick a bus at him. Luckily for T’Challa, Vision stepped in and blocked the bus, allowing the African King to continue on his way to the jet.

Hawkeye attempted to intervene, sending explosive arrows at the Black Panther, two of which detonated in his face. T’Challa pounced on Clint, and they were introduced. Though the African King couldn’t care less what the archer had to say. T’Challa was able to break Hawkeye’s saff and knocked him out of the fight to continue his pursuit of the Quinjet.

Though it was too late. Rogers and Barnes escaped. T’Challa confronted Natasha, who admitted that she had never promised the Black Panther a chance to kill the men, but to find them. T’Challa was incensed, and reported her betrayal to Everett Ross.

Falcon and Ironman discovered the location of the fugitives. Tony decided to find them himself. T’Challa secretly board Stark’s jet to Siberia. As Tony confronted Rogers, T”Challa infiltrated the building to take his revenge on Barnes. While he was on the hunt, he heard Helmut confess that he had framed Barnes for killing his father. The Black Panther then refocused his efforts into killing Zemo.

While Tony and Steve battled it out, Helmut had taken a break on top of the missile bunker. He had been certain he had succeeded. T’Challa confronted him. Zemo had confessed his hatred of the Avengers due to the death of his family. And how he wanted to destroy them. He had explained the T’Chaka’s death was not intentional and apologized for it.

T’Challa realized that he had been consumed with revenge and anger. He decided to sapre Zemo. He knew T’Chakka wouldn’t have wanted the Black Panther to commit murder. T’Challa even saved Zemo from killing himself. Black Panther subdued Helmut and bound him as a prisoner.

T’Challa was not done yet. He wanted to make amends with Barnes and invited him to join him in Wakanda. Their advanced technology could heal him and remove the Winter Soldier programming. T’Challa handed over Zemo to Everett Ross, and took James with him back to Wakanda.


It had only been a week after T’Chaka’s death and the civil war amongst the heroes when T’Challa finally returned home. He was to be crowned King, but T’Challa wanted his former lover Nakia to be there. With help from Okoya, they were able to interrupt Nakia’s current mission and bring her back to Wakanda.

In Wakanda tradition, all the tribes were able to put forth their best warrior to to fight for the throne. M’Baki of the Jabari Tribe accepted the challenge. T’Challa was depowered to make the fight fair. The battle was brutal, but T’Challa won and spared M’Baku’s life.


T’Challa visited his sister, Shuri in her lab. Shuri had made significant improvements on his armor or other equipment. The suit now would absorb any sort of damage and emit it back outward, making it virtually indestructible.

T’Challa soon learned that Ulysses Klaue had stolen an ancient Wakadan artifact from the Museum of Great Britain. The weapon contained vibranium. Black Panther joined by Okoye and Nakia traveled to Busan, South Korea to intercept the deal and bring Klaue to justice in Wakanda.

There plan was foiled when Everett Ross and other CIA operatives showed up. T’Challa confront Ross, but before anything could be done, one of Klaue’s men recognized Okoye and a fight erupted in the casino.

T'Challa, Nakia and Okoye chased after Ulysses and his men. Okoye and Nakia in one vehicle, while Shuri remotely controlled a vehicle for the Black Panther. Finally, they caught up to Ulysses, but T’Challa thought better of killing the man in front of witnesses and handed him over to Ross.

Everett wanted to interrogate Klaue before T’Challa took him back to Wakanda. Ross interviewed Ulysses. The villain explained that Wakanda was not a third world country and was in fact a highly advanced society with more vibranium and more potential weapons. Before Ross could confront T’Challa on Klaue’s claims, there was an explosion and Ulysses escaped. Everett jumped in front of a bullet, saving NAkia, but was severely injured.

T T’Challa tried to follow after Ulysses and his crew. Black Panther was stunned to see one of the men wearing a ring on a necklace identical to the one T’Challa received from his father. Klaue and his men escaped. T’Challa, Okoye and Nakia took Ross back to Wakanda so that he could be healed through Wakandan technology.

Back Home

Once they were home, Shuri was happy that he brother brought back another broke white guy for her to fix. Shuri got to work quickly, and Ross made a very rapid but full recovery.

Ghosts of the Past

After seeing that one of Klaue’s men had an identical ring to his own, T’Challa confront Zuri to find out exactly he was missing. After some hesitation, Zuri finally revealed that the man wearing his father’s ring was the son of N’Jobu. N’Jobu had been T’Chaka’s brother. Zuri had been sent to spy. N’Jobu had hired Klaur to steal vibranium from Wakanda. N’Jobu was upset the T’Chaka would not share the rare metal with the rest of the world. T’Chaka confronted N’Jobu and revealed the Zuri had been a spy. N’Jobu attempted to attack Zuri, but was killed instantly when T’Chaka protected Zuri. T’Chaka was heartbroken and wanted to keep N’Jobu’s death a secret he’d take to the grave. T’Chaka had known of the child N’Jobu had with an American woman, but left the boy. T’Challa was appalled by his father’s decisions.

T’Challa went to Nakia. Looking for guidance. How was he supposed to accept that his father had hidden such a secret. Nakia advised T’Challa that it was his duty not to let his father’s mistakes determine what he will do as King.

Meeting Erik Killmonger

A Tribal Council commence, and was interrupted by Erik Killmonger. Erick presented Klaue’s corpse and denounced T’Challa as king. As Erik was being asked to leave, a tribe leaders asked for his identity. Erick revealed he was N’Jadaka, the son of N’Jobu. N’Jadaka challed T’Challa for th right to the throne and the mantle of Black Panther, which T’Challa accepted.

The meet in the Warrior Falls and commenced with the duel in accordance with Wakandan tradition. T’Challa was outmatched by Killmonger’s strength and experience. Before Erik could make the final blow, Zuri revealed his part in N’Jobu’s death. Killmonger killed Zuri. T’Challa became enraged and distraught by Zuri’s death, he tried to lunge at Killmonger, but eventually N’Jadaka threw him over the falls and declared himself as the new king.

Saved by the Jabari Tribe The Jabari Tribe found T’Challa in the freezing rivers. They brought him back to the mountained. M’Baku decided to save his life as repayment for T’Challa’s mercy at the falls. Nakia, Ramonda, Shuri and Everett discovered this when they escaped to ask the Jabari Tribe for help. They used the heart-shaped herb to bring T’Challa back to life.

Before he was brought back to the conscious world, T’Challa at first was met by his father on the spiritual plane. T’Challa confronted his father. He was furious for his mistakes and decision to cover it up. He was angered that their strict isolationism had led to others suffering. T’Challa told his father his work was not done and he would return to the living to accomplish his new goals.

He awoke to his Nakia, his sister and mother. T’Challa thanked M’Baku for saving his life. He asked for M’Baku’s help in overthrowing Killmonger, but M’Baku declined. They left to confront Killmonger and the traitors.

For Wakanda

Killmonger was attempting to deliver vibranium weapons to operative around the world. T’Challa used his aircraft to crash into one of the aircrafts. The Black Panther emerged from the explosion in pursuit of fighting N’Jadaka. Killmonger ordered Q’Kabi and the Army to attack T’Challa. Okoye and Dora Miaje countered the attack.

T’Challa, fought against W’kabi and his soldiers. W’Kabi’s war rhinos cahrged in as the war for Wakanda continued. Killmoger was able to defeat Okoya and 3 of the Dora Milaje before turning his attention to Shuri. This infuriated T’Challa, who charged Killmonger and sent both of them to fall into the vibranium mine below.

T’Challa and N’Jadaka fought as the sonic stabilizers and the train rushed past the,. T’Challa was finally able to fatally stab Killmonger. The fight was over, Erik told T’Challa about how his father told him that Wakanda was the most beautiful place in the world. And it had the most sunsets. T’Challa carried Killmonger to the top of the mine so he could witness it for himself. T’Cahlla offered to heal N’Jakada, but he refused, wishing die a free man. Killmonger pulled the spear from his body and died.

United Nations T’Challa gave a speech at the United nations in Vienna, announcing the official end of Wakanda’s isolation and proclaiming all of the Earth as one tribe.

Saving the Winter Soldier

T’Challa informed Steve Roger and Bucky Barnes that the best chance of the winter soldier programming being removed was returning Bards to cry-sleep stasis. Barnes agreed to this. Shuri explained how she intended to remove the HYDRA programming and James willingly let himself be put into a cryo-chamber until Wakandan scientists would cure him of HYDRA’s brainwashing.

Captain America warned T’Challa that opposition forces would declare war on Wakanda for taking in a Winter Soldier. The Black Panther smugly replied that they could try.

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RP Sample
T’Challa could feel it in his bones. Wakanda being thought of as a third world country by the rest of the world was coming to a close. There was some unease with is. He had been taught to keep his people safe and free of the trifles of the outside. It wasn’t until Wakandas were killed while the Avengers fought Ultron, had his father stepped up.

Maybe even T’Chakka had known that Wakanda could not hide behind it’s advance technology and camouflage for much longer. There was anticipation and worry that came with allowing the world to see within their boundaries. Knowledge was power, and power could be corrupted.

His sister was different, she followed the same thought as Nakia. They wanted to use Wakanda’s advance capabilities to save the world. T’Challa knew in his heart that he agreed. Though tradition and his long-standing vow with his father to keep the kingdom safe weighed heavily upon his shoulders.

Okoye, was loyal to the crown. Even to the point that she would forsake him if he were to step out of line. She was not a warrior he wished to ever piss off. T’Challa sat in his sister’s laboratory. It was late evening and Shuri was most likely checking on the white boy.

James Barnes. The Winter Solider. Brainwashed by HYDRA and framed for murdering the Black Panther’s own father. He could see his face. Vision of his father dying on the floor of the embassy. The anger and pain that overtook him. The vengeance he sought. It was all still real to him.

A truth had been revealed before T’Challa enacted his vengeance on the wrong man. Logically, he knew that Bucky had nothing to do with his father’s death. Even to the point of offering Barnes help in removing the programming. But still, that pain and hurt remained.

The new King of Wakanda knew he could not let anger rule his heart. Anger was nothing more than fear. A fear corrupted the soul. To be a better ruler than his father, he would have to work through this. T’Chakka was another thorn in his side. His father had kept secrets. Secrets that nearly killed T’Challa and allowed for Killmonger to take the throne and the mantle of Black Panther.

Black Panther absent mindedly played with some of the rounded communication devices. They circled around in his palm as his fingers guided tech his sister had made. He was deep in thought. So many things to consider as ruler. People came first. Every choice he made would affect every single Wakandan and potential spill over into the outside world. He pressed his lips together, shifting in his seat before clearing his throat. It would be a long sleepless night. T’Challa’s dark brown hues followed the vibranium transport train outside the glass. The whorl due to it’s rate of speed echoed in his ears. For a moment he paused. His hand stopped, and the rounded devices dropped to the floor. The bounced in different directions.

“Damn it.”

T'Challa is the new King of Wakanda. He is diplomatic and fierce. Yet he is also very kind and loving. He is worried most about his family, but also making sure he is a good King to his people. He wants to fix his father's mistakes.

He has yet to grieve the passing of T'Chaka. Those wounds are still very raw. The recent fight for the throne has also dug deep.

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32. King of Wakanda. MCU-1. Chadwick Boseman.

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  Ophelia Glasscock and the Explosive Gnome
Posted by: Ophelia Glasscock - 02-25-2018, 10:15 PM - Forum: The Wandering Moon Inn - Replies (14)

Ophelia was sitting at a table in the Wandering Moon Inn, waiting for Arjay, who was supposed to introduce her to Fizzle Bizzlebop, the gnomish potion maker he'd told her about on their first meeting.

He was late coming down to the meeting, possibly, no, probably because he'd been busy upstairs with Sune. Which was something that he seemed to do quite a lot. It made her glad that she hadn't mistaken his friendliness for flirtation, clearly he wouldn't be interested in her, not when he had such a delicious looking woman keeping him busy.

Oh well. That just meant that Ophelia wouldn't be distracted from potion making, which was an important and valuable occupation. And hopefully the gnome would be willing to rent her work space, otherwise she'd have to spend more money, securing lab space. So now the best thing to do was wait, and enjoy this rather delightful ale, while she waited for Arjay and Fizzle to arrive in the common room.

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