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  Star spangled day
Posted by: Robert Wasem - 07-25-2018, 05:58 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (53)

Safi was...nervous.

He was almost sure that there were no spies (beyond him) in Hub but there was no real way to be certain. And yet here he was taking a chance, doing something that was objectively just as suicidally stupid now as it had been when he’d gotten shit faced with Tony on the roof a few weeks ago.

So what had changed?

Maybe he was tired of living in fear, maybe he was exhausted from the doublethink. Maybe it was just that he couldn’t stand another day of watching Chris leave with soulful eyes thinking...he didn’t even know what he was thinking.

What he did know was that it was a friday morning- back home it was 3rd of July...god only knew what that meant to this unchanging world but for him and Chris it meant that they were on vacation for the long weekend. So when Chris started to head out-

“Hey-” Safi reached for his arm before he walked out the mansion door. “You busy today?”


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  The Princess and the Ficus
Posted by: Sigyn - 07-24-2018, 06:42 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (12)

Well, this was new. Usually, Sigyn was amongst the most (if not being the most) proficient magic user in any given situation. And yet, he had most certainly not seen this coming, let alone the portal that had brought him here.

Wherever here was.

Loki. If anyone could hide a portal (in the floor!) from even him, it would be her. Following that line of logic, at least this meant he was that much closer to finding the wayward princess. Good. Though honestly, Sigyn wasn’t entirely certain what, exactly, finding her would really mean. She’d run away many times, from him, from their ceremony. Was there still a point in bringing her back? The All-Mother wanted it, of course, but Sigyn had never been one to force something on an unwilling participant. Maybe he was soft, but he cared for Loki, trickster or not.

Sigyn walked down the hall of the tower, eyes searching for the woman he sought. It was a long shot, he knew, that Loki would be anywhere nearby, but…

Wait… Was that… “Loki?” Sigyn came to a stop, angled to view the princess where she lay curled up with some sort of houseplant. Fluidly, Sigyn moved to crouch close to his betrothed, bopping her on the nose, “Is a…” he glanced at the plant, “Ficus? So much better company than me that you seek one out in a whole different dimension?” His voice was warm and amused, though there was also a current of concern in it as well.


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  He does have a heart, who knew
Posted by: Justin Halloway - 07-24-2018, 01:51 AM - Forum: Bazaar - Replies (10)

Justin would never, ever admit it, particularly where Tony could hear it, but he really wished that he had the medical lab in Stark Tower to work in. Unfortunately, that particular lab wasn't safe, because of some combination of fire and Soul Gem fuckery. And so, lacking that, he was forced to work out of the surgery that he'd been taking work in ever since he'd left the tower.

Granted, it wasn't exactly a backwater, unequipped business. It was at least as modern as any hospital he could find back on his Earth, and probably a bit more advanced given the equipment available to them from other worlds. He'd even done some more updating in the room he personally worked out of, and he'd done that updating specifically for doing this operation on Tony, but he still would have felt better doing it in Stark Tower, with the medical assistance protocols that he'd helped design, and with the computer support that he knew would work with this new tech he was counting on.

Oh, and he wished he had someone helping him that he knew better than this girl who insisted she could help, and whose credentials (to him) were limited to being T'Challa's sister.

"There's a chest full of shrapnel I have to remove from this guy and a few pounds of removed body mass to regenerate in him. Oh, and I have to hurry and get it done before he dies. If we're going to do a superhero team-up on this, we'd better hurry and figure out how this is going to work," he said as he lay Tony down on the table. Nurses and assisting physicians were flooding in, and as Justin started stripping out of his superhero gear, he started calling out orders to them. "I need him prepped for heart surgery two hours ago," he said. "This is not going to be a standard surgery, and if you stay in this OR, you're agreeing to do exactly what I say when I say it, including if I tell you to get the hell out."

As they stripped Tony out of his clothes, he scrubbed up, looking over at Shuri. "So. I have a metal/crystal phase destablizer to get the shrapnel into a state to be operated on, the regeneration tech to make him whole again afterward, and I'm probably the only doctor I'd trust to do this surgery. Any ideas to make this work better?"

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Posted by: Sigyn - 07-23-2018, 10:07 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

full name: Sigyn of Asgard
nicknames/aliases/code name: Friend of Victory, God of Fidelity, Loki’s Keeper
canon or oc: canon
anchor character: no
species: Asgard
gender: gender fluid
age: Too old to care about numbers
date of birth: Lost to the ages
place of birth: Asgard
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: Marvel MCU
pronouns: Sigyn isn’t all that picky. He when appropriate, she when appropriate.
occupation: Magic user, pretty much Loki’s keeper, god of Fidelity
languages: all
playby: Gal Gadot/ Matthew Daddario
height: 6’3
weight: 615
hair color: dark brown
eye color: brown
distinguishing features: here
sexual orientation: Pansexual is a good start.
family: Loki and her family are all that he has left.
relationship status: ‘It’s complicated’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. You have no idea. But also sort of engaged. Still. Maybe? Possibly forever if she keeps RUNNING AWAY. No really, every damn time they get anywhere near a wedding ceremony, she ups and runs off, and usually finds herself in more trouble than the last time! Which, of course, leaves Sigyn to pick up the pieces and fix things, because of course it does! And that prolongs the whole damn process, and if she didn’t want to get married then why doesn’t she JUST SAY SO?!?
powers: Sigyn has abilities both due to his Asgardian heritage as well as his magical prowess. Superhuman Strength: All Asgardians are superhumanly strong with the average Asgardian god able to lift (press) about 30 tons under optimal conditions

Superhuman Speed: All Asgardians have the potential of being able to run and move at speeds much greater than the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Stamina: The musculature of the Asgardian gods produce considerably fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity than the muscles of human beings. An average Asgardian god can exert themselves at peak capacity for about 24 hours before fatigue impairs them.

Superhumanly Dense Tissue: The skin, muscle, and bone tissues of the Asgardian gods are about 3 times as dense as the same tissue of a human body, contributing to their superhuman strength and weight.

Superhuman Durability: The bodies of the Asgardian gods are considerably more resistant to physical injury than the bodies of human beings. Asgardian gods are capable of withstanding conventional injury including great impact forces, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes and falls from great heights without sustaining physical injury.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite their natural durability, it is possible for any of the Asgardian gods to sustain injury. However, if injured, their highly advanced metabolism enables them to recover with superhuman speed and efficiency.

Longevity: The Asgardian gods are extremely long-lived, but they are not immortal like the Olympian gods: they age at a much slower rate, but they are not immune to the effects of aging. Their bodies are also immune to all known Earthly diseases and infection.

Energy Manipulation: The Asgardian gods have some potential to manipulate mystical or cosmic energies for some purpose. These powers are mostly limited to changing their appearance or shape and teleporting across great distances. However, Sigyn is able to change his form from male to female and back at will, and tends to do so often. Riding/Horsemanship Many of the Asgardians are proficient horseback riders trained in riding conventional horses and winged horses in addition to other enchanted animals.

Combat Proficiency The Asgardians are exceptional warriors in both armed and unarmed combat including swordsmanship and archery.

Weapon Proficiency The Asgardians are known to carry swords, battle axes and war hammers among other weapons. Sigyn prefers to use a short sword for his personal protection.

Allspeak: Thanks to the Allspeak, Asgardians can communicate and be understood by or races.

Sorcery: Spell Casting: Sigyn is very powerful sorcerer, rumored to be as skilled as Loki, and is claimed to be one of the most powerful (if not the most) Asgardian magic users.

Energy Projection: The use of sorcery to generate powerful blasts of concussive force, heat, or light.

Teleportation: Sigyn is able to teleport within the dimension he finds himself, and within certain dimensions he is even able to teleport from one to another.

Levitation/Flight: Using his magic, Sigyn is able to fly or levitate.

Disguise/Illusions: Sigyn is able to change the appearance, smell, taste, etc of both himself and objects using magic. This sort of magical ability can react to the illusions of other magic users, alerting them to your presence, and you to theirs.

Paralysis: With spellwork, Sigyn can paralyse his enemies.

Energy Shields: Magical force fields that can withstand great amounts of force.

Mental Shields: Sigyn can protect his mind from intrusion and attack.

Astral Projection: Much like his betrothed, Sigyn can project his form elsewhere, seeming to be present where he is not, allowing for communication.

Mystical Senses: Sigyn can sense the presence of magical energy nearby.

strengths: Sigyn is usually able to tell when he is viewing an image/projection of Loki, and able to tell when the trickster has used her abilities to ‘give him the slip’, or attempt to. It comes from exposure, he says.
weaknesses: Ragnarok: The end of the world for Asgardians, the ending of a great cycle, when Asgard will be put to ruin and those gods who die will be reborn. It is a chaotic and frightening idea and time for all of Asgard.

Loki: Ah, love. Sigyn might be spurned by Loki (often, even) but he loves her nonetheless, and will go to great length to keep her safe, happy, and preferably out of (too much) trouble.
equipment: Sigyn carries his armor and weapons, his magic and several magical trinkets at all times.

Long ago, on Asgard, there was a young boy, a god, who fell in love with a beautiful princess. He never spoke of his feelings to her, of course not, she would likely only laugh at him for his audacity, but he loved her nonetheless. They were friends, sharing in their interest in magic, their love of puzzles and games, and they grew closer and closer. Until the princess began getting herself into more and more trouble. Until the playful banter and tricks grew to become more and more dire. The boy god couldn’t help her, there was naught he could do…

Until, one day, his mother and the Queen colluded to marry them. The boy could be no more pleased than he was by the match; he had loved his princess since he could remember, and he knew, he knew, that she had grown to love him too. And so the god Sigyn made no protest about the match being made.

While Sigyn was happy to uphold his end of the bargain, to marry Loki and be her husband, Loki didn’t seem to feel the same way. Oh, there were moments when Sigyn had been certain that she returned his feelings, but then when they were to be wed, Loki had gone to Midgard and tried to take over there. The Avengers stopped her, of course, with Thor amongst them, and Sigyn had understood why. Once Loki had been returned to Asgard, Odin had sent him to Earth to repair what damage he could, to try to make up for what his betrothed had done. Sigyn didn’t argue, he remained on Midgard until he had done all that he could, and then he returned home.

Ragnarok happened, and Loki had become a hero during that story, fighting with her sister to defeat the enemies of Asgard, and saving as many Asgardians as was possible. Asgard was a people, not a place, after all. Sigyn was one of those who left his home. To Midgard, Thor had said, and all that was left of Asgard followed their new queen’s command. Including Loki and Sigyn.

When Thanos came, Sigyn was there. There was a mess, the Bifrost, and then they were elsewhere, with enough of their people that there had been hope. And to Sigyn’s everlasting joy, Loki had been amongst the survivors, praise the All-Mother. They celebrated. Sigyn had joined in, if not quite as thoroughly as his betrothed, but she had become a hero against all odds, against everything people had believed of her, and Sigyn could understand why that was a cause to celebrate.

The next morning, however, when he came to find her, to speak about their future now that everything had changed, now that, perhaps, they could make their own decisions, Loki had vanished. She had run away. Again. And it was Sigyn’s duty to find her. Again. He began searching for any trace of her, physical or magical.

And that was when he fell.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: None
knowledge level of multiverse: In his teachings and reading, Sigyn has read of other worlds and dimensions, has even visited some, but he has never been to Hub before.
fandom specific information: Gender-bent MCU/616 conglomeration
Anchor Character Section
RP Sample
Not my first character.
Sigyn is the God of Fidelity. He is dutiful, honorable, and loyal. He loves his betrothed, the fair Princess Loki Laufeysdottir (also Odinsdottir), and fully intends to wed her. Eventually. When he finds her and can convince her that it is the proper path for them. If that’s even possible. If he can even find her and keep her from running away again. They have a complicated relationship, and that’s putting it lightly!
Sigyn has quite possibly always loved Loki. When the All-Mother and his own mother decided to wed Loki and Sigyn, he was happy. It would be a marriage with love, and he wanted nothing more than that from the princess of Asgard. Of course, Loki being Loki does tend to make everything far more difficult than it has to be. Sigyn has been often tasked with cleaning up after Loki, watching after her and doing his best to keep her out of trouble as much as possible. Oddly enough, Loki’s Loki-ness hasn’t deterred the fidelity god any.

nicknames: Eve/Nyte
See my myriad other applications for this information.
Old. God of Fidelity/Loki’s Keeper. Asgard. Matthew Daddario/Gal Gadot.

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  Loki Laufeysdottir
Posted by: Loki Laufeysdottir - 07-23-2018, 06:14 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

Loki Laufeysdottir
full name: Loki Laufeysdottir
nicknames/aliases/code name: Goddess of Mischief, Daughter of Disguise, The Maker of Mischief, The Sly One, The Lady of all Liars, Lie-Smith, Sly-Goddess, Shape-Changer, Witch of Lies, Loki Trick-Skin, The Trickster of Asgard, Ikol, Laura Olsen.

Loki Odinsdottir

canon or oc: Canon OC?
anchor character: No
species: Frost Giant/Deity
gender: Genderfluid/ generally female.
age: Stopped counting.
date of birth: Don't recall. Could be a lie anyways.
place of birth: Jotunheim
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: MCU- Genderbent with some random 616 for good measure.
pronouns: They/them/she/her
occupation: Deity
languages: Any
playby: Jaimie Alexander and Tom Hiddleston
height: 5’9
weight: 500 lbs
hair color: Black
eye color: Green
distinguishing features: She like the colour green.
sexual orientation: Let’s play a game. Guess.
family: Thor. Frost giants. The rest are dead.
relationship status: Ensnared in a never ending web of lies. And also she left Sigyn just short of at the altar.
powers: Frost Giant Physiology: Since Loki has been enchanted to look like an Asgardian, Loki's Frost Giant features only come out when she is in contact with Frost Giant magic, such as when she utilized the Casket of Ancient Winters or when she was afflicted with the Frost Giants' touch. As Laufey's daughter, Loki has superhuman abilities far superior to those of her race, including:
-Superhuman Strength: Loki possessed considerable superhuman strength, and thus she has overpowered humans, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and the enhanced human Captain America with little effort, has easily defeated multiple Frost Giants, Dark Elves and Berserkers, and even handled an Infinity Stone without being harmed.
-Superhuman Durability: Loki has shown herself to be extremely durable to injuries, further augmented by her armor. Hence, Loki only flinched after getting shot in the face with a pistol, and was not at all affected by assault rifle rounds to his torso. Loki's durability is implied to be far greater than that of a normal Frost Giant, as she was able to take multiple mighty blows from Valkyrie, and even Hulk and Thor without any fatal damage. In addition, as a Frost Giant, Loki is immune to the extreme cold of Jotunheim. She also managed to safely touch the Tesseract without being harmed and even endure Thanos's grip on her neck long enough to defiantly threaten him that he will never be a god.
-Superhuman Speed: Loki's lack of strength compared to her sister is compensated for her speed - she was fast enough to catch Hawkeye's arrow in mid-flight, inches away from her neck.
-Superhuman Agility: Loki has shown immense agility and reflexes, defeating several Dark Elves at once by using swift and agile movements, and keeping up with the stronger Valkyrie for the majority of their fight with her agility.
-Superhuman Stamina: Loki possesses superhuman stamina that allows her to fight prolonged battles. Her muscles produce practically no fatigue toxins during physical activity compared to those of humans. Her incredible stamina enables him to exert herself at peak capacity for an undefined period of time without tiring at all.
-Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his astounding resistance to injury, it was still possible to injure or even kill Loki. However, due to his Frost Giant physiology, Loki healed at a rate much faster than that of humans.
-Longevity: Loki had the capacity to live for thousands of years. Loki was a baby at the end of the last great war between the Asgardians and the Jotuns, over a thousand years ago.
-Cold Immunity: Due to his Frost Giant physiology, Loki was immune to the otherwise cold and damaging touch of Frost Giants.
Master Sorcerer: Loki learned how to wield Asgardian magic while growing up in Asgard, thanks to her adoptive father Frigga. She eventually became an extremely skilled and formidable sorcerer, with it being her main asset in battle. Even Odin was impressed by Loki's magical skills, and noted that Frigga would have been proud of her. The magical abilities Loki has demonstrated are:
-Illusion Manipulation: Loki can generate hazy green, holographic light, sometimes with a gesture, which she uses to create illusions. She is particularly noted to fool enemies who try to attack her with an illusion of herself. Thor was noted to fall for this ability numerous times.
-Mental Manipulation: Loki can subtly influence the minds of others, such as when she manipulated Erin Selvig into researching the Tesseract, making her repeat Loki’s words and thoughts as if they were her own. Later, Loki was even able to cast such a spell on Odin herself, which induced the All-Mother to stay on Midgard while Loki usurped her Asgardian throne for four years.
-Presence Concealment: Loki was able to render herself and others unseen and unheard to whomever she wanted. Instead of letting light waves pass through herself, it was simply a trick of the mind, similar to hypnosis.
-Conjuration: When Heimdall was about to attack her, Loki quickly summoned the Casket of Ancient Winters to use against her, then made it disappear with a wave of her hands. She also summoned her dual daggers out of thin air when threatening Doctor Strange.
-Telekinesis: Loki is able to move and influence objects through will alone, akin to generating immense concussive force. During Loki, Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three's skirmish with the Frost Giants, while using her throwing blades, they flashed green light as she telekinetically launch them with enough force to shatter an ice shield of a Frost Giant. Upon hearing about Frigga's death, Loki, in a fury, clenched her fists and sent everything around the cell flying through the air and crashing into the walls, which also shook the cell violently like a small tremor, causing the light in it to flicker like an electromagnetic pulse.
strengths: Due to being dubbed the 'Goddess of Mischief', Loki is able to trick and manipulate her enemies into doing what she wants.
-Genius-Level Intellect: Loki is extremely intelligent, particularly in the fields of sorcery, tactics, manipulation, and deception, ranking as among the most intelligent individuals in the universe, being highly formidable even without using her powers or combat skills.
-Master Tactician: Loki is a crafty genius in orchestrating cunning schemes, that has earned her the title of 'God of Mischief'.
-Expert Combatant: While Loki is far more interested in sorcery than Asgardian warrior arts, she has still proven to have received highly extensive combat training that makes her a surprisingly incredibly formidable fighter in both armed and hand-to-hand combat.
-Master Spearwielder: Loki is extremely skilled in fighting with a spear, as she was able to contend with Thor using Mjølnir wielding Gungnir in their ferocious duel.
-Master Knifewielder: Loki is highly proficient with knives, able to easily kill several Frost Giants and Dark Elves with a single dagger.
-Pilot: Loki is a capable pilot, claiming to be better than Thor, able to effectively fly numerous alien spaceships, including a Chitauri Chariot, an Asgardian Skiff and the Commodore by herself.
weaknesses: Loki's strength is still outclassed by that of Hulk, Valkyrie, her adopted sister Thor, and Thanos. Loki's endurance and durabillity are also shown to be considerably lesser than that of Thor, as seen when Loki was completely wiped out by Hulk's attack, yet Thor managed to recover from the same attack moments later, without any visible injuries. As well, once Loki angered her sister in their second fight, Thor was able to easily catch Loki off-guard and beat her without Loki being able to react, implying Loki's speed is inferior to Thor when Thor holds nothing back. Other Magicians of reknown such as Dr. Strange are capable of matching up to the goddess’s abilities. Thanos is shown as even more intelligent than Loki is.
equipment: Small Blades: In battle, Loki often used knives or daggers to injure and kill his enemies, though he was also proficient with a spear. She has throwing blades that glowed when in use, which allow her to kill attacking Frost Giants with a single throw.
Gungnir: When taking over the throne, Loki was seen wielding Odin's spear, which could fire intense beams of energy that could kill easily mortals or Frost Giants, and injure Asgardians.
Casket of Ancient Winters: Loki took possession of the Casket during her brief rule over Asgard, demonstrating the ability to make it appear and then disappear into thin air in a warped, swirling blur of motion, as seen when she used the casket to freeze Heimdall. She then seemed to access its freezing energy to freeze the Bifrost Bridge in an attempt to destroy Jotunheim.
Black Hole Grenade: The Black Hole Grenade is a weapon mainly used by the Dark Elves that creates a miniature gravitational singularity. This weapon type was used again in the infiltration of Svartalfheim, where Loki planted one on Algrim that was likely held by Algrim prior to that event, killing her in the process.
Once upon a time, in a cold unfeeling fragment of reality, a small little blue girl wailed for her mother. A mother who had left her there. That had decided that this small one was not worth the energy needed to care for. That this little girl could not grow up to be normal. Not with how tiny she really was.

Loki Laufeysdottir was left to die. When a hesitant Queen found her, fingers reaching out to touch her cold skin, Loki Odinsdottir was born. Odin found a helpless babe, one who changed her very nature to match that of this beautiful woman, and the All-Mother made a choice that could haunt her until the end of time. Frigga would want her to care for the child, and her natural daughter was young enough still that she would not be able to remember that her sister was different.

Loki grew stronger and healthier than her mother had believed possible. She would never achieve the stature of a giant, but she wielded the power of a Goddess instead. They all knew what side had won that war after all, so it was for the best. Thor and Loki Odinsdottir were quite the pair to contend with. Perhaps they did not always like each other, but they did always love each other, even when one of them went too far in retaliation.

Loki had only one person outside of her family that her love for was worth mentioning. A handsome little godling named Sigyn. He was sweet where Loki was sour, thoughtful where she was brash. And he enjoyed playing with magic together. Loki would have liked if they could stay in this sweet stage forever. Never knowing change, never knowing pain. But even a God can stave off the future for only so long, and that future slowly wedged it's way between the Goddess and the boy she adored.

Loki was also the Goddess of Mischief, and with the passing of that time she grew to be more trouble than she was worth. What had started as playful stabbings had evolved into tricking her sister into displaying the worst of her nature. Loki wanted the throne and would do everything she could to earn it. Even tripping her beloved sister.

Perhaps her fate could have been avoided had she known the truth all along. Instead she was faced with a betrayal of the highest magnitude. Everything she thought she was, stripped from her in one blow. She wasn't even Asgardian, not properly. At the time when she least wanted to be reminded of who she had thought herself to be, her adopted mother decided that the best way to cool the woman's trouble making tendencies was to tie her to a husband.

A God.

Named Sigyn.

Loki could tell you that she had simply sought power, that she ran because she did not want a marriage at all, that she attacked New York without a second thought about the boy who was now the man who would become her husband. That would be a lie. It terrified her to her very core, being faced with this memory, and knowing beyond a doubt that she could not compare to the images Sigyn held of her.

Loki has made plenty of mistakes since. Hurting her sister. Hurting her mother. But Thor never turned her back on Loki, never gave up hope that there was some better part of her left. And say what you will about the lunkhead heiress to the throne of Asgard- but it was harder than Loki would like to admit to to willfully disappoint her.

Loki chooses to believe she has learned. Become more than just a trickster- she would always be a trickster, of that there was no doubt- but now she was becoming something else as well. She cared. And so help her, she'd give her life to save her sister's.

The trickster doesn't quite know what happened next. All she knew was that something with the bifrost had hit her and saved her life. Had saved the lives of a number of Asgardians. Including her betrothed. Which seemed a good enough reason to celebrate for her…

Now if only she could remember how she got here.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe:
knowledge level of multiverse: She knows of it but hasn't explored via the hub.
fandom specific information: MCU but opposite genders and some sneaky 616 shit
RP Sample
Not even remotely my first character.

Loki is the Goddess is Mischief, and to deny her the ability to play with that is to deny her very nature. Despite this she is trying to recover from her past mistakes And- atone is the wrong word. She doesn't feel she owes people for her sins, but she does feel the annoying sense of duty to clean up her damn messes. Her sister has proven to her time and again that Loki is capable of being more than just a trickster.

She intends to repay that trust.
Let's face it, you exist in a world with avengers? You've got a Loki who owes you a damn apology. She's got a list, courtesy of Toni, and she's working her way down it.
Though she feels less strongly about doing so for people she has not personally wronged. Meaning that her biggest priority is her almost husband. She has a hole to dig herself out of.

nicknames: Alex, Moon,
age: 23
pronouns: They/them but notorious for forgetting that.
timezone: EST
contact: Dm or Discord
triggers: Don’t think so. Ask if worried.
mature threading: Fuck yeah
other characters: Quethadia Nyx, Castiel, Bucky, Bucky (MCU-1), Kailani Mahelona, Sune, Sombra, Raani, Nala, Asanyahi T’Esria,
about: Threading with me is a thing that once you start you can never escape. Do so with caution.
????. Goddess of Mischief. MCU/616 Genderbend. Jaimie Alexander/Tom Hiddleston.

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  Some Sort of Nightmare
Posted by: Steve Rogers - 07-21-2018, 09:25 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (28)


After the events within the tower with the soul stone and Tony, Steve had avoided the other man. It was, perhaps, cowardly, even if Steve didn’t like to think himself a coward. But every time he tried to bring himself up to Tony’s penthouse apartment, or worse, down to his workshop, the words they had spoken to each other after they had been pulled from that dream (that perfect dream, that perfect life) echoed in his head and he instead steered himself clear of the engineer.

”We could still have that life.”

“No we can’t!”

Of course Tony had been right. There was no way that either the soldier or the genius would be able to live that life, not without the stone, not without it being a dream they were simply sharing. He wasn’t the Steve that Tony truly wanted, the Steve that Tony loved. Heaving a heavy sigh, Steve lifted his phone up to his eyes, his voice level even as he walked, “Tad, play that footage for me again?” Of course the AI would know what Steve was asking for, that moment he had first woke up, still answering Tony’s proposal in their dream (his dream, maybe, maybe Tony hadn’t shared the same thing, he didn’t know for sure), closing his eyes and hearing himself speak. He knew he should have Tadashi just purge the footage, it wasn’t doing him any good, he wasn’t getting better, it wasn’t cathartic for him, not anymore.

It just made him feel pressure on his chest as though the ice were surrounding him again, it made him feel a sense of longing that he couldn’t deny. ”Stop playback, Tadashi. Thank you.” He was glad the AI had made it out with them. Sure, he had Bucky here again, but the AI had become special to him, important in his own way.

Entering the gym, Steve moved straight toward the heavy bag, reaching for the tape to wrap his hands. One of the beautiful things about Hub was that by the time he’d gone through the heavy bags on hand, the first will have regenerated, meaning he wouldn’t have to stop until he was ready, or until he couldn’t go anymore.

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

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  Like Clockwork
Posted by: Christian Verglas - 07-21-2018, 08:23 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (14)

The room Tony let him use in the mansion was not a small one. In the end, Christian had pushed the bed all the way up against the wall (no one else used it so the limited access wasn’t an issue) and had placed most of his belongings in the closet to afford him more space to work. In fact, the room resembled a workshop far more than it did a bedroom anymore. It still hadn’t been big enough.

In a borough that housed angels, he had found a place; abandoned and unused, a warehouse of some kind. The power worked, though, and there was a long counter. It had been easy to bring tools and materials here, where he could work alone, unmolested and without the sense that someone might come to interrupt him. A place that didn’t belong to someone he needed to be grateful to even as he took the ONE THING…

The sound that gritted out through teeth clamped together wasn’t one would associate with the quiet magician; it was raw and filled with rage and pain even as delicate fingers gripped the gear he was placing into one of his new batch of creations. And if the brass was marred with a tinge of green light even as he worked, well, that was his orb, a font of power, but more than that, one of knowledge, a companion that no one could steal away. The orb was his.

When people thought of magicians bringing things to life, it was always with the imagery of a dank, dark place. Yet Christian’s warehouse was well lit, with small things from home littered about here and there. A box from his sister’s cafe lay on a table that held scattered pieces of porcelain and wiring, a soldering gun still smoking from his last stint at the table. In a corner was a pile of work clothes, the suit he’d worn over to the warehouse when he’d come two days ago was neatly, carefully hung up, ready to wear back to the mansion when he decided to go back. (He knew it would have to be sooner rather than later if he wanted to escape being in trouble or worse, questioned about where he’d been.). Against one of the walls was a couch he’d managed to purchase for a good price, worn but not yet threadbare and comfortable to sink into when he finally needed a break. The rest of the workshop held his tools, materials, and his…. Work. The creations he was still working on. They were so close to being finished. A handful of them, each slightly different, if devoid of the personality that Chris imparted to all of his creations. The cavernous room was a place of work and concentration, but it was filled with something of ‘home’ as well. Minus one thing. The thing he was trying so hard to let go of with the promise that it would be okay. That he could be fine. He could go on.

There was nothing of the man, the bodyguard that Christian had come to depend on so thoroughly. Nothing that spoke of the love that Christian couldn’t seem to ignore no matter how hard he focused. The only concession to that bit of his life lay around his neck, under his tee shirt, hidden from sight, acknowledged only when he reached up to feel it there, usually as he tried to solve some problem or finally gave in to the need to eat. He had tried, of course, to leave it behind. He had settled it onto a small piece of velvet in a lockbox where no one would be able to find it, hidden via magic (Funny how he could hide other things but he’d never managed to make himself be unseen by people..) and then he’d left, only to come running back to fetch the trinket ad put it back around his neck even before he’d left the mansion. What if he needed it? What if they needed him? What if…. (But he didn’t want to know, to think on it…)

Roughly, the magician shoved the gear over the rod it belonged on, all carefully measured and crafted to be a perfect fit with the same precision of a watchmaker. It was a violent motion, but it took strength to make the large gear settle into the smooth groove where it belonged, and where Christian was small, he was also stronger than people tended to give him credit for. It slid into place with a clank, and a whir sounded from within the chassis of the clockwork figure, but only momentarily. It wasn’t done, none of them were, and Christian returned to the counter to take the next gear for the next one, shoving this one into the same slot with similar motions as he had the first, down the line, each clockwork creation whirring for a moment before settling back into the sleep of those waiting to be born. Looking into the dark eye sockets of the last in the line of robotic men, he told them, speaking to all of them, one hand on the orb that rested in his pocket, “You’ll fix everything.”

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  She is brighter than the stars
Posted by: Quethadia Nyx - 07-21-2018, 07:10 PM - Forum: Other - Replies (16)

Queth was quite literally shaking in her boots- or her dress shoes as the case may be. No part of her had honestly expected Belle to agree, so the idea that she was here, waiting for the beautiful redhead to be ready to go- that alone was enough to have her staring blankly at the door. Was it rude to show up early? Was it creepy to wait at her door rather than knock?

The cyborg had been out of the dating pool for far too long. Carefully, she reached to the head of the blossoms she carried, straightening a petal with reverence. She was, despite her nerves, excited for this. Belle was the most beautiful woman she had ever met, in more than just a physical sense of the word. Her smile was warmer than most things Queth had known, and she carried the same fire in her eyes. Belle inspired a light inside of Queth that she hadn't known in sixty years.

And standing there like a statue was hardly going to inspire the same in Belle. Fighting a human lifetime of anxiety, Queth rolled her shoulders back, stepped forward and knocked lightly.


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  The Reveal
Posted by: Sune - 07-11-2018, 12:21 AM - Forum: The Wandering Moon Inn - Replies (19)

Sune rubbed her belly as she walked, tracing the curve of her abdomen. It was absolutely ridiculous of her to worry, but part of her was terrified to take another step. Arjay loved her, she reminded herself. Even if she couldn't read his mind any more, he loved her, and she was more than capable of reading that. It was her domain after all.

Yet, she had no clear picture of how he felt about their child. Whether or not he was tired of her pregnancy, and wanted her only for the things she could offer him. Pure absurdity. He was her chosen. She knew him better than that. Yet she was agonizingly aware that she would give him any thing she could. She loved him, dearly, and she wanted his happiness far more than she cared for her own.

She was worrying her lip as she strode through the establishment, curling her arms around herself as though she would be able to disguise her state by adding bulk to the rest of her shape. Arjay had seen pregnant women before. He wasn't going to be surprised to see her like this- and yet she feared that he would not find her so beautiful now.

Sune stood still for a moment, forcing in a deep breath. Again and again she did the same. She was not alone, she carried a rather active child inside her, and she loved them so, so much. And Arjay loved her. He had loved her before he had known her. He had been speechless to hear their child's heartbeat racing inside of her. He had teased that he would enjoy her pregnancy because he would get to see her more often.

He wouldn't love her less for her state.

Sune repeated that thought to herself as she reached her aura out to envelope the man as she entered his room. Walking over, she managed to hide what nerves ran through her, and she leaned in to press a kiss to his mouth. "Hello, my love. I have missed you."

Moving to sit on the edge of his bed, she smiled at him, large and brilliant. "I thought you might wish to come with me, and find out whether I am carrying a daughter or a son." Sune offered, surprising herself with the shyness she felt saying such.


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  Derek Hale
Posted by: Derek Hale - 07-08-2018, 08:30 AM - Forum: Applications - No Replies

Derek Hale
full name: Derek S Hale
nicknames/aliases/code name: Sourwolf, The Alpha, Miguel Juarez Cinqua Diago
canon or oc: Cannon
anchor character: No
species: Born Werewolf
gender: Male
age: 27
date of birth: November 7th 1988
place of birth: Outskirts of Beacon Hills
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Teen Wolf
fandom universe: T.V. Series
pronouns: He
occupation: Landlord. Trust fund, fighting war against hunters
languages: English, and Spanish
playby: Tyler Hoechlin
height: 6 foot
weight: 171 pounds
hair color: Black
eye color: Green / Blue
distinguishing features: Tattoo of a triskelion on his back between his shoulder blades.
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
family: Talia Hale – Mother Deceased, Unnamed father – Father Deceased, Laura Hale – Older sister Deceased, Cora Hale – Younger sister, Peter Hale – Uncle, Malia Tate/ Hale – Cousin.
relationship status: Single
powers: Super Strength -

Super Speed -

Super Agility /Reflexes -

Super Durability -

Super Senses - Being a werewolf gives Derek super senses. Enhanced eye sight - Derek can see in the dark, make out supernatural things that humans can't see, and see much further into the distance than a human can. Smell - Derek has an acute sense of smell that allows him to track animals, humans and the supernatural across long distances by scent alone. Scents can be washed away by rain or overpowered by chemicals if the chemical smell is strong enough. His sense of smell can also tell him the emotional state of others by interpreting pheromones, hormones and other bodily chemical signals mixed with their personal scents. Heightened sense of hearing -

Accelerated Healing - Minor cuts, scrapes and bruises heal in mere seconds. Moderate wounds like fractures can take a few minutes to heal and major injuries like a pole though the chest can take a few hours to heal.Due to the accelerated healing factor, Derek like all werecreatures can't get drunk, or high off alcohol or drugs the way humans can, but can be affected by supernatural type drugs and some drugs meant for animals. A small sample of what the healing factor has let Derek survive is as follows being stabbed multiple times, shot, electrocuted, poisoned, and having a pole stuck though his chest for several hours. The list is just some of what the healing factor has let Derek survive.

Longevity - The oldest known Werewolf is over 110 and looks to be somewhere in her late 50's early 60's. It is unknown how much over 110 she is. It is connected to the accelerated healing factor.

Shapeshifting - Derek has the ability to shift individual parts of his body in any combination he choses. Transforming his face gives him a ridged brow, and side burns. He has retractable claws and canine teeth that are razor sharp. He can also shift his eyes to glow blue.

Advanced Shapeshifting - Derek inherited the rare ability to shift into a wolf. In wolf form he retains his mental capacity, can alter his eyes to their glowing blue state and can shift in and out of this form at will. (side note clothing does not shift with him. So shifting in public is a bad idea as he will be naked.) In wolf form he has a pure black fur

Pain Absorption - Derek can absorb the pain of humans. animals and supernatural creatures by touch. Using this ability is obvious to observers as black veins appear and travel from his hands up his arms and to his chest and neck.

Animal Instincts -Derek is an Apex predator and can will lesser animals to do what he wants. He can command dogs, cats and even deer to go away or to quiet down, for example he can get a dog to stop barking. The commands can't be complicated though. It is accomplished by flashing his eyes to their glowing blue state. He can also tell the basic mood of lesser animals for example fear versus anger.

strengths: Born werewolf – Being born a werewolf means Derek has had longer to practice control over his abilities. He had some one to guide and teach him until the age of 16.

Allies – Derek has made some pretty powerful allies that he can turn to should he need help.

Supernatural Knowledge – Derek was raised in the supernatural world. He is knowledgeable in supernatural species and mythological creatures. He can recognize most by sight alone. As a born werewolf Derek grew up in the culture as well so knows about all things werecreature, from abilities to rituals Derek knows it all. He uses this information to help out and teach newly turned werewolf’s like Scott.

Advanced combat skills – Derek uses a mix of werewolf instincts, supernatural powers, and gymnastics to his advantage in fighting. His fighting skills allow to him to hold his own against opponents that are more skilled than he is at least for a while.

Firearms Training – Derek temporarily lost some of his abilities while his body prepared itself to allow him to fully shift into a wolf. This forced Derek to improvise and had to quickly learn to defend himself in his human like state. He was able to learn how to use firearms quickly and accurately enough to defend himself from hunters turned assassins.


Letharia Vulpina – Also known as Wolf Lichen is toxic to canines and weakens werecreatures exposed to it. Once the werecreatrue is no longer exposed their strength returns on full.

Wolfs Bane - There are several types of wolfs bane. Each has its own properties and some are stronger than others all will weaken a werecreature most will eventually kill a werecreature. Some verities of wolfs bane act quickly and some move more slowly. Each has their own cure or antidote such as a rare Nordic strain that is cured by the ashes left behind after burning the same strain of plant.

Full Moon - Although Derek has full control even during the full moon, he still runs a slim risk of being forced to lose control.

Lunar Eclipse - During the Lunar Eclipse all werecreatures lose their supernatural abilities. This leaves them for all intents and purposes human. As soon as the Lunar Eclipse ends the abilities return in full.

Electricity – Exposure to lower shocks from electricity (for example a cattle prod) interrupts his ability heal. Making the healing process much slower and inhibiting his ability to transform. A shock from a high enough voltage can slow down his heart and eventually kill him.

Mountain Ash – The ashes from a Mountain Ash tree can be placed in a circle to either keep supernatural and werecreatures trapped in place or keep them out of a place.

Modified Canine Distemper Virus - A virus created by an assassin for the Deadpool. It could infect both human and werecreatures. Only deadly to werecreatures the cure is wild purple reishi mushrooms the mushrooms are also known to prevent contracting the virus when exposed to it.

Overprotective – Derek will destroy his own life without a second thought if it means protecting what he cares about. He will also willing give up his life to protect someone he cares about. He has lost so much in his life that he doesn’t want to lose anything else. Don’t get him wrong he expects the people he cares about to be able to defend themselves should any threat get past him and the bubble of safety he created but that would require a lot of effort on the part of the threat.

equipment: Duffle bag, Clothes, some odds and ends, bathroom kit, a hand gun and a knife. Strapped to the duffel is a sleeping bag, some padding for under the sleeping bag, and a pillow.

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Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Hale Family Property, Tenant building, Hale Family Vault.
knowledge level of multiverse: Fictional books nothing real or solid though after ending up in the Hub knows its not just fiction.
fandom specific information: There are two types of Alpha. The True Alpha is one who earns the right to be alpha, the second kind of Alpha is the one who takes the power for themselves by killing an Alpha.
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Teen Wolf
which universe: TV Show
timeline: Post Series
where is the Hub portal located: The Nemeton
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: yes
aliens: No
advanced technology: No
mythical creatures: Yes
other: N/A Not the anchor

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? N/A not the Anchor
RP Sample

There are three types of werewolf's The Alpha always has red eyes and is the leader. Only he or she can make new pack members with a bite or scratch. Scratch must be deep enough to pass on curse. The second type is the beta usually made up of families and others the Alpha has created their eyes are usually yellow though can be blue. The third type is the Omega made up of werewolves that either choose to be on their own or are kicked out of their packs. Omega's can have yellow or blue eyes.

Eye Color - There are three different types of eye colors Red, Yellow and Blue.

Red - An Alpha's eyes are always red when shifted. Before becoming an Alpha the eye color may have been yellow or blue, but as soon as the individual becomes an Alpha their eyes turn red.

Yellow - Yellow is the typical color of a Beta's eyes when shifted. It is also the typical color of an Omega's shifted eyes as well.

Blue - If a Beta's or Omega's eyes are blue when shifted it means one thing they have taken a life. The blue eye color will not tell you how or why the life was taken just that a life was taken. It could have been murder, self defense, or a mercy killing any life taken changes the eyes blue

This here is Derek Hale the lovable brooding werewolf with a heart of gold. Really, he just wants to live a nice peaceful life. Fate or whatever you want to call it has so far denied it and has instead called him to fight to keep the innocent safe. Fighting a shadow war with hunters to keep both humans and innocent supernatural creatures safe from harm.
Friends – Everyone needs friends right and Derek is no different. He may be quiet and brooding and hard to get to really know at first. However, if you stick with it Derek is a great friend to have. He is loyal and will watch your back. If you have any ideas let me know.

Enemies – Are you trying to kill him, the McCall pack, or one of his allies? Are you trying to take over the world and rule it as an evil supernatural creature? Are you a hunter that is killing supernatural creatures just because they are supernatural? If you answered no, then you probably do not fall in this category. If you have any ideas let me know,p>

Love – Derek has been unlucky in the love department. His first love died at his own hands when she begged him to put her out of her misery. In fairness she was dying a painful death and had no chance of being saved. His second love was a hunter and older woman who was only using him to kill his family and pack off. You would think after that he would give love up for good but nope he tried again this time with a woman who turned out to be a powerful Druid witch. It turned out she wanted revenge more than Derek, and she ended up dead too. Wow are we starting to see a pattern? Love so far has not been kind to Derek, so he is currently single. If you have any ideas let me know. l

nicknames: Tink
age: Over 21
pronouns: she
timezone: P.S.T.
contact: P.M. Discord
triggers: I will let you know if I find any
mature threading: Open to discussion
other characters: Ben Braeden, Lydia Martin
about: write a lil' about yourself here!
age. occupation. group. playby.

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