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  Last Resort
Posted by: 616 Tony Stark - 10-21-2018, 01:51 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (13)

Tony didn't want to be here.

There was no other choice, he reminded himself. Safi and Chris needed his help, and that was going to mean suiting up. Bes had done as good a job patching him up as Tony could possibly expect from a cheerful midwife trapped in a land of 18th century technology, there was really no substitute for modern medical technology. Especially with many of Extremis's more useful features, including his healing factor, offline.

Still. He was already rolling his eyes in preparation of the sneering lecture he knew he was walking (well, crutching) into. He'd let already let Justin know he was coming. It was just a matter of biting the bullet and dealing with him.

He raised his hand to the buzzer of Justin's practice, because of course Justin was too good for any Avengers headquarters, and pressed it. "Justin? I'm here. Let's get this over with."


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  It's Been a While
Posted by: John Winchester - 10-20-2018, 01:12 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (17)

One second John was swinging a machete at that eerily glowing tentacle monster, finally about to free the small town it'd been terrorizing, and the next second the slimy sonofabitch had wrapped a twisting limb around his ribs and tossed him headfirst at the brick wall of the dark alley behind him.

He was very surprised to slam into the dusty asphalt of a stretch of barren highway in the bright sunlight.

What. In the hell.

John pushed himself up, gritting his teeth as his bruised body protested, then shaded his eyes with his hand to survey his surroundings.

He knew this highway.

Shit, shit, shit.

It was just his luck the monster would somehow throw him all the way to god damned Lawrence when his boys were half the country away in California. Hell. Dean had been expecting him back by midnight, and here the sun was shining. He must’ve lost half a day.

The boys were safe for now, in a locked and salted motel room with food for a week as long as they stretched a little. But John didn’t like being so far away, not when Bobby or Caleb or Jim wasn’t even there to look in on them.

He took a couple deep breaths to calm himself. Dean was twelve but he wasn't stupid. Worst came to worst he knew what to do if John didn't come back from a hunt. And it wasn't like John WASN'T coming back. He just needed to make his way into town, find a pay phone and let Dean know he was okay but that he’d be a few days late in coming home. Then he could hitch his way to the bus station and put his newly defrauded credit cards to use in taking the first bus out west.

Thank God, salvation was coming his way in the form of a car heading toward the crossroads not far from where he was standing. He jogged forward, hoping to catch it before it turned onto the highway going crossways and missed him entirely.

The car turned. John swore under his breath. And then he stared, squinting into the bright sun across the asphalt, because-- that was the Impala. His Impala. He'd know it anywhere.

He jogged after it in earnest now, watching as it pulled off the highway--a mile or so down, maybe, so it was hard to see--into what might've been an old drainage ditch.

There way no way in hell this was a coincidence. Maybe someone had used that creature to get him here. And that meant if he could find whoever or whatever was driving his car, he could find out what the hell he was doing back in Kansas and make the bastard send him back to Cali. Back to his boys. He gripped his machete tight and followed the car.


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  Mary Winchester
Posted by: Mary Winchester - 10-19-2018, 10:50 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

Mary Winchester
full name: Mary Winchester
nicknames/aliases/code name: Mary Campbell, Mom, Mother or Mama Winchester
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: no
species: human
gender: female
age: Technically, 64 but she looks in her 30’s
date of birth: December 5, 1954
place of birth: Lawrence, Kansas
starting location: The Hub, and Supernatural TV verse
originating fandom: Supernatural
fandom universe: Supernatural TV
pronouns: she/her
occupation: hunter, mother
languages: english
playby: Samantha Smith
height: 5’8
weight: 132 lbs (60kbs)
hair color: blonde
eye color: gray
distinguishing features: I dunno
sexual orientation: Straight
family: John Winchester (Husband), Dean and Sam Winchester (sons), the rest of her family is deceased
relationship status: That’s complicated. She’s married, but he’s dead. More or less. Maybe not, because Hub?
powers: Mary is human, albeit a rather badass one. She is a grade A hunter from a family of hunters.
strengths: Hunting: finding, recognizing, and identifying the supernatural, tracking, trapping, and killing monsters. Mary is phenomenally well versed in supernatural, holy, biblical, and demonic. She’s also up to speed on much technology, including but not limited to some of the british men of letters tech.
weaknesses: Mary’s greatest weakness is her family, namely, her boys. Dean and Sam are her sons, and she’ll risk any- and every- thing for them.
equipment: Angel blades, a gun, silver and witch killing bullets (and a few bullets made from melted down angel blades - a girl’s gotta protect herself), enochian brass knuckles, and assorted other hunting tools/weapons, etc. She also wears John’s wedding ring around her neck.
Mary Winchester was raised as a hunter, fell in love with a mechanic, and became a housewife. That sounds like a pretty good story until the part with a demonic deal to save the life of her husband, John, with the demon Azazel.

When Dean was 4 and Sam was 6 months old, Mary found Azazel in Sam’s room, standing over her son’s crib. He caught her and killed her.

Her spirit stayed on in her home for years to come, but she doesn’t really remember much of that.

Then in 2016, the goddess Amara, known as the Darkness, resurrected Mary as a gift for Dean, to give him what he truly wanted. Mary had been dead for 33 years, though Dean filled her in on what she had missed while she had been gone. Once she was caught up, Mary helped her sons in their goals to make the world safer as hunters.

This includes dealing with the British Men of Letters, wherein she met Arthur Ketch. The two had a brief affair, though Mary stated that it wasn’t emotional.

Now, three years after her resurrection, Mary works with her boys and their team of friends to help people stay safe and to avert world destroying crises.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: n/a
knowledge level of multiverse: Fairly knowledgeable, has travelled to alternate dimensions in the past
fandom specific information: Hunters hunt supernatural monsters, in America, these hunts are reactive to humans being harmed/killed/hunted/etc by said monsters.
Anchor Character Section
RP Sample
Not my first character.
Mary can use all the friends she can get. She has a son in Hub, even if he’s not the exact son she left behind in her world. She’s friendly and often playful, but she has a serious side, especially when it comes to danger and hunting.

Mary loves her husband John, but he has been dead for a while in her world, and thus she is trying to move on, even though she is not, by her own admission, ready to make a new emotional attachment.

nicknames: Nyte/Eve
age: [insert numerals here]
pronouns: you, hey
timezone: CST
contact: Discord
triggers: I don’t do cheating
mature threading: FTB usually
other characters: Steve, Christian, Lorelei, Seth, Fizzle, Okoye, Remy, Clint, Pythia, Gwin, Lukk, Serafina, Sigyn, Toryn
about: my dogs are my babies, seals are my spirit animal, <3 pine martens
40’s. Hunter. Supernatural. Samantha Smith.

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  Do Me the Honor
Posted by: Remy LeBeau - 10-19-2018, 07:14 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (2)

It had taken time, but it was finally ready. Remy hadn’t completely solidified his plans until he had asked and gained agreement from Jaya that she could make it tonight. The man meant she had, however, he had reached out and made contact with those involved.

The day of their date, a small package came to the Goddess for Jaya. The wrapping was nondescript as all of Remy’s gifts came wrapped, just soft brown paper around a charcoal box. That it contained jewelry was obvious; Jaya had received enough such boxes, in different colors and styles, to know what it was even if she hadn’t known to begin with. This one was elegant, thin and undecorated.

Within the surprisingly light box was a letter that lay over the gift that Remy had sent her.


I was hoping you’d wear these tonight.

Looking forward to seeing you.


Under the letter lie a set of jewelry, a hair comb and matching earrings, gold and studded with cantarian lagoon crystals.

He was, as always, prompt when he arrived at the Goddess to pick her up for their date, dressed sharply in a tux, grinning even as he stepped inside the building and looked for Jaya.


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  John Winchester
Posted by: John Winchester - 10-19-2018, 01:41 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

John Winchester
full name: John Winchester
nicknames/aliases/code name: “Dad”
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: No
species: Human
gender: Male
age: 38
date of birth: 1954
place of birth: Normal, IL
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Supernatural
fandom universe: Pre-series (around 1992)
pronouns: He/his
occupation: Hunter
languages: English
playby: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
height: 6’3”
weight: 180
hair color: Brown
eye color: Brown
distinguishing features:
Rugged, sexual orientation: Straight
family: Dean and Sam, who are currently aged 12 and 8 in his timeline.
relationship status: Widowed
powers: None
strengths: Very skilled at hunting and credit card fraud. Also a good mechanic.
weaknesses: Alcohol, need for revenge, not really great at the parenting game.
equipment: Lots of weapons. 1967 Chevy Impala.
John was born in 1954 in Normal, IL. He served in Vietnam. Thanks to some angelic interference, he fell in love with and married a woman named Mary. Despite not having the perfect marriage they had two children, Sam and Dean, and lived relatively uneventful lives until one day a demon named Azazel showed up, killed Mary, and burned the house down. After learning that the supernatural existed, John packed up everything (including his sons) and took to the road in search of revenge.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: none
knowledge level of multiverse: None
fandom specific information: No
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: N/A
which universe: N/A
where is the Hub portal located: N/A
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: N/A
aliens: N/A
advanced technology: N/A
mythical creatures: N/A
other: N/A

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub?N/A
RP Sample
John Winchester of 1992. Father of two boys and hunter of evil things, not always in that order.
Friends: John has a habit of making friends and alienating them not long after. His closest friend is Bobby, who often watches Dean and Sam.

Romantic relationships: John is still in love with Mary, who died eight years earlier. Other than that, he’s had a couple of flings with women he’s met while hunting.

nicknames: Jasmine/starkly
age: 28
pronouns: She/her
timezone: Eastern Standard Time
contact: discord
triggers: None
mature threading: Anything goes.
other characters: 616 Tony Stark, Dean Winchester, Crowley, Mal Reynolds
about: NERD
38. Hunter. Winchester. Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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  Still Alive (Sorry)
Posted by: 616 Tony Stark - 10-15-2018, 09:13 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (35)

It was surprisingly good to be back. Extremis wasn't fully back online yet--whether it ever would be, without Maya's help, he wasn't sure--but the suit worked and the coffeemaker worked and there was electricity and the internet andd all of those were very good things.

His leg was still healing, but the pain was mostly background noise unless he pushed it, and he was getting by. Probably wouldn't even need crutches for too much longer, especially if his healing factor returned. That was good too.

Oh, and he'd been sober for more than a month, which he'd spent in Bes's pleasant and--more importantly--uncomplicated company. He wasn't happy about how he'd left things with Safi, of course. But the thought of the other man no longer made him want to dive headfirst into the nearest bottle of liquor, as it had before he'd left. There was no real recovery, of course--he'd always be an alcoholic--but for the first time in months he was sure he was doing better. He was picking up the pieces, like he always did.

There was one downside to his unplanned vacation: Chris.

He'd left his meeting with Chris with an arrangement that involved texting several times a day, and he'd been busy sticking to it. And then he'd gone entirely silent and unreachable for a month.

He was, perhaps, inordinately nervous as he texted Chris--with a phone, not his brain--I'm alive. Got stuck in another universe. Sorry to worry you. Probably not the smoothest announcement ever, but Tony was fairly certain there was no good way to tell people you weren't dead.

Especially... the man he'd only recently discovered was another universe's answer to Steve. Tony wasn't going to tell him, of course. That information had hardly gone over well with Safi. But it changed things. He just wasn't entirely sure how.

He fidgeted as he waited for Chris to respond.


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  Silence like a Cancer
Posted by: Christian Verglas - 10-15-2018, 07:57 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (4)

Safi was gone, and Christian was worried.

The first week or so had been fine. Okay, maybe a little bit better than fine, and certainly a hell of a lot better than he had expected it to be. Safi had been in regular contact, even if the contact hadn’t really been normal. Lots of texting, pictures. It had seemed like the bodyguard had gone back and things were going well.

The texts slowed down, Safi had explained that he was in places with poor reception. Okay, Christian could deal.

But it had been several days since he’d heard anything, and Chris was started to wonder why. Spotty service still meant that a text would go through every now and again! He leaned forward in his seat on one of the many benches that were scattered around the city. Here, he was in what he called the comics borough of the city he had come to consider one of his two homes. The part of the city where the mansion he lived with Tony and Wanda and Safi and Steve was. The same part of the city where the Tower that served as a workplace with the other Tony Stark also resided. Strange how the part of the city that lead to his birth world, that looked so much like the nice little park in Gotham he liked to go see when he visited his sister felt so foreign to him these days.

Silent, eyes down, one of Christian’s fingers flick deftly over the glass screen of his phone. He wasn’t looking at the pictures so much as the dates, the times. Text message after text message, pictures interwoven, not just from Safi, but from Christian as well, messages and replies. Some of the pictures still made him blush now, weeks after they’d been sent, while others and nearly all of the messages earned gentle smiles.

But every smile holds something quietly despondent, something desperately worried in it, too. Every evening, he spent time and energy over the little effigy that represented Safi, sending energy and healing into the doll, which in turn funnelled it into the real person. Safi was in a different world, far away from where either portal to Hub was located, but Christian’s magic was strong, and he knew it found its way to the bodyguard. His boyfriend, now.

The texts run out, and Christian reads the last few messages back and forth a couple more times before his head bows and his eyes close. Safi should have sent him something by now. Even just a picture, himself or his surroundings. In lieu of that, a message, at least letting Chris know he was okay. Safi had to know that Chris would be worried by now, he had to… “Please send me something, Safi. Tell me you’re okay. Tell me you’ve changed your mind even, but say something. Please.” The words were whispered to the phone; it was obvious he expected no response, but he begged anyway, his tired eyes gleaming bright with unshed tears.


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  Blood Runs Hot
Posted by: Jason Todd - 10-15-2018, 05:56 AM - Forum: DCTVU-1 - Replies (38)

It was strange. Gotham City seemed a bit…different from what he remembered. It was still trashy and it still had assholes that needed a solid gunning down. But the strange thing was that Gotham City seemed to have forgotten the terror of Red Hood and what he had done to them the last time he visited. People didn’t know what he was capable of and what he was willing to do to send a message. He felt like he was back on square one when came to Gotham City.

That was fine. He was pretty good at improvising and ever since that blast with the Outlaws he had been doing what was necessary to make sure Gotham City remembered who Red Hood was. At least…. The criminals remembered. They were his only target. He had spent the last couple of weeks breaking into places run by the mobs and gunning people down. He had gunned his way to the current boss right outside the docks. The bulk of his crew were all down for the count, a few of them had surrendered when it became obviously that the Red Hood wasn’t about to be beaten in a gun fight. After quite a but if gunfire, and a handful of small explosions, the fight was over. Red Hood stood victorious against the the group he had been targeting the last couple of weeks. Now he was sending a message by using Marcus Mancini as a nice warning to the rest of them.

”You scumbags will be answering to me now. Your first order of business will be to make sure the rest of the mob families know about me.” He started to squirt Jason with lighter fluid. He was gagged to keep from whining and hands were tied together. ”You aren’t going to be doing anything I approve of either. You got merchandise to sell? I set the territories you each have and the type of clientele.” The bottle of lighter fluid was emptied onto Marcus Mancini as the man stood precariously on the edge of the building.

The Red Hood turned his gaze toward the mob boss as he pulled out a lighter, ”Marcus Mancini, you are charged with murder, selling illegal firearms, human trafficking, arson, and rape. You are not worth the god damn shit I step in when I walk the streets of Gotham City. Needless to say…” He flicked the zippo in his hand, lighting the small flame on it. ”…You’re fired.”

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  Jason Todd
Posted by: Jason Todd - 10-14-2018, 06:55 PM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (2)

Jason Todd
full name: Jason Peter Todd
nicknames/aliases/code name: Red Hood, Jay
canon or oc: canon
anchor character: no
species: Human
gender: Male
age: 28
date of birth: Feb. 14th
place of birth: Gotham City
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: DC Comics
fandom universe: Nu52
pronouns: He/him
occupation: Vigilante
languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian
playby: `Rafael Lazzini
height: 6’0
weight: 210
hair color: dark brown
eye color: blue
distinguishing features: heavily scarred torso and back
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
family: None.
relationship status: None

strengths: Multiple Martial Arts: As a young teenager, Jason Todd was trained by the Batman; already that made him a successful combatant. After death he had been trained by the league of assassins in several countries and by some of the greatest in the world, including Lady Shiva. This makes him far more capable in hand-to-hand combat even if he has a tendency to have his guns do the talking. The fact that he fights without morals standing in his way makes him even more deadly.

Armed Combat: He was trained with a variety of weapons: swords, knives, and firearms. You can guess what his favorite type of weapon is but he still carries a large combat knife with him for those moments he needs to get up close and personal.

Peak Physical Condition: Combined from the rigorous training of his previous mentor and that from the League of Assassins, Jason is pretty durable. He was durable as a Robin until a bomb blew him up, but he’s fairly certain a bomb will take out any man despite how strong they are. Pain is nothing new to Jason and most things he’ll shake off if it doesn’t kill him. Getting shot only seems to anger him and anger fuels his adrenaline and adrenaline makes him punch harder so it’s all very beneficial for him in the end… sort of.

Acrobatics: While he was never quite Dick Grayson in this department, Jason Todd still has advanced skills in acrobatics.

Intellect: While he may not have been schooled while living on the streets, Jason is a fast learner and he is by no means stupid. When Bruce took him in, he was tutored and learned a lot of things quickly. He was at the top of his class and even impressed Alfred with one of his papers.

Technical: He always liked getting his hands on mechanical things. He showed great promise with mechanical engineering. He can make and diffuse explosives some of which the military would be impressed with. He also can operate military helicopters; a sign that he has military training on top of everything else.

Marksmanship: Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, and Jason uses his guns to do just that. He is a great shot: be it with sidearms, automatic weapons, or a friggin’ bazooka; he is great when it comes to putting a hole in the head of scumbags. Granted, one doesn’t really need to aim very well with a bazooka.

weaknesses: Temper: Sometimes his anger can get the best of him and make him sloppy. Generally speaking, he has good control over his emotions; however, just like any other person, there are certain topics that are a bit touchy to him.

Only Human: Unfortunately, a dip in the Lazarus Pit didn’t make him immune to being shot, stabbed, bombed, or crowbarred to death. Training has helped with that though! Avoidance tactics are handy.

Fragmented Memories: While he gets the general ideas of who he was and who most of the people he knows are; he doesn’t remember everything. The first three years of his second life was filled with hazy nightmares that came to him in dreams to try and jump start his memories. He slowly pieced it all back together but he knows enough to be angry about what happened and how his death was handled by the man he thought to be a father figure in his life.

Reckless: Dying and coming back to life can put a different perspective on mortality. Jason tends to be more reckless than ever, even so far as believing that to die again would only be temporary. This can cause him to make bold moves that would endanger his person.

equipment: Sidearms: Two handguns, they never let him down.
Utility Belt: Belt filled with various gadgets, smoke pellets, explosive pellets, ammunition, lockpicks, military rations, first aid, survival blanket, handcuffs
Red Hood Helmet: Protect headgear that carries multiple functions. It has a built-in nightvision and heat vision that can be activated through a few hidden buttons designed into the helmet. It also has explosives built into the helmet that he could set off through a switch he carries around. Sometimes throwing the helmet is necessary.
Grappling Gun: Most useful when you need to travels far and fast via foot.
Combat Knife: When guns fail, there's always the knife. Or his barehands.
Protective Armor: Armor that protects him from standard ammunition, move knives, extreme heat, and extreme cold conditions. To a certain degree of course.

Jason Todd was born into a broken family. He couldn’t really tell you what type of family had been like because he was fairly young when he was given up into an orphanage in Gotham City. Like everything else in Gotham City, the orphanage ended up being a hellhole he would rather forget. The moment he was ten, he was out the door and into the streets to survive on his own. Trespassing, stealing, and fights were things that were normal. Fights were generally lost since he had a tendency to fight people much larger than him but hey, he could get a few good shots in occasionally.

It wasn’t until he decided that a parked Batmobile was an ideal vehicle to steal hubcaps from (he was kind of dumb when he was young) that things got truly interesting. The next thing he knew, Batman was taking him in, giving him a roof under his head, and he was being trained. What kid didn’t dream of being a superhero? Well, except a costume didn’t grant him super powers and the fact that a crowbar actually hurt, that’s beside the point. He took on the role of Robin with enthusiasm but it was apparent that he was prone to his own code of conduct and had a tendency to cross a line in how much he cause pain toward criminals.

“They cut one of us, we cut one of them” was a mindset in a young Robin. It never went so far as killing though.

When he was seventeen he learned about his biological mother and wanting to know her and why she gave him up, he used his detective skills to track her down and reunite with her. That had been a fatal mistake on his end. She owed much to the Joker and ended up trading him in to get out of it. The Joker instead took her along for the ride as he beat him mercilessly with a crowbar before he blew both of them up at the warehouse.

And that was the story of Jason Todd version Robin.

Seeing an opportunity, Ra’s Al Ghul barely waited for his corpse to be cold before he stole it out from Batman’s nose (an impressive feat in it’s own right) and dipped him into the Lazarus Pit. The first thing he became aware of when he rose from the grave like Jesus was phantom pain; reliving the blows of the crowbar and an explosion as those his body were being ripped apart. His mind was ravaged and torn, memories were broken, and he Jason Todd went crazy. He fled the pits and Ra’s had several members seek him out.

Eventually he was taken under the wing of League of Assassins and trained across several countries for five years. He learned how to use a variety of weapons, learned more fighting techniques, and most importantly, he learned how to kill. He also recovered a lot of his memories that had been broken from his death. Needless to say; he had a bit of a temper as Robin, that mentality got worse when he revived and found out the Joker wasn’t six feet under after his death. Jason made plans and adopted a persona: he took a page out of Bruce’s book and took on something he feared most. He became the Red Hood; a known alias to pre-Joker. He fled from Ra’s Al Ghul and returned to Gotham City to bring the criminal network to its knees and get his revenge on the Joker and on Bruce.

It didn't work out the way he had planned. In fact, his plan failed and he was left with bitter resentment over it. Through the following years his anger had been slightly tempered, in large part to the team he had gathered 'The Outlaws'. They were a band of misfits that had each other's back. Jason's moral compass is still a bit skewed at the best of times. While on a mission with the Outlaws he had been caught in a blast that knocked his ass out, when he came to, he woke up to find himself in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. Was he dead again?

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landmarks in hub: None
knowledge level of multiverse: Limited
fandom specific information: None
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RP Sample
Not my first character.
The Red Hood is a vicious vigilante that feels that justice is best served with a death sentence. Sometimes fear is what's needed to keep crime controlled and if he has to become the boss of the criminal underworld in order to make sure crime doesn't run rampant then so be it. Jason Todd, however, can be charming when he needs to be. Can also be quite the flirt. He carries the 'bad boy' image wherever he goes. He's playful but can also be quick to temper. He feels like an outcast and unwanted deep down. His mother gave him to Joker, Bruce failed to be a father, his so called family could see where his views on crime could come from. Jason, time and time again, felt like he was shoved by the waste side and it's made it hard for him to actually believe he'd ever have any real relationships.
Friends: Friends are nice. He likes friends. Drinking buddies or battle pals. Jason, when he's not pissed off, can actually be fun to hang around with. So long as you like getting into mischief.

Enemies: Any criminal or villain is an enemy of Jason's. It's that simple.

Romance: Jason, as much of a flirt as he is, would honestly be a faithful companion; however, the closest thing to a real relationship he's had is one night stands with crazy women. He's not even sure he would know how to be a proper boyfriend...

nicknames: Gooser
28 years old. The Red Hood. Gotham City. Rafel Lazzini

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Posted by: Robert Wasem - 10-10-2018, 06:52 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (17)

“Tony?” Safi stood outside the workshop, hands shoved into his pockets, addressing the door to his workshop, trusting the pickups to communicate to the techopath that he was outside. “I need to apologize.” He rubbed the back of his neck with a sigh. “I was high, which i shouldn’t have been and-” Safi looked directly into a camera. “Used you.” he faced his sin squarely. “Something you didn’t deserve. I-” he nodded once. “I understand if you don’t want to see me. I just...I needed you to know that. You never deserved to be treated like that. And I hate that I broke your trust.”

He waited for a heartbeat, perhaps trying to think of more that should be said- “I...I’m sorry.” he finished quietly, turning to leave.


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