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  You Did What?!?
Posted by: Mercy LeBeau - 01-03-2018, 12:35 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (15)

Mercy was sitting in her office, reviewing the document that "Robert Lord" just handed her. It was, truthfully, a fairly straightforward deal. The only issue that she had with it was the price. Not because of the amount-the Guild would still make a nice profit on the deal, but because Remy had offered a not-insignificant discount on their services. The sort of discount that she'd expect to see him offer to a close friend-or to a lover. Which was not something she was at all pleased to see, since this contract had been negotiated with the Orion Syndicate. By that snake, Jaya.

Mercy suppressed a shudder as she remembered the way that the green skinned putes had looked at the men there, their hypnotic sensuality, the way that they'd turned sane men into drooling puppets. And now it was clear that Remy hadn't stayed away from them, as he'd said he would.

With a frown she said " “O’course we’ll do the job. Es a job, non? But why did yo’ offer a discount?” Mercy suspected that she knew the answer, but she wanted to hear what Remy would say.

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  70 Hours Later...
Posted by: Steve Rogers - 01-01-2018, 10:03 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (22)


Friday had been… Less than helpful. And not at all forthcoming. A few months ago, Steve might have attributed that to the fact that Friday (and Tony at the time) sort of hated him. But things had changed since his arrival in Hub. He wasn’t this Tony’s Steve Rogers. Hell, he wasn’t even the Steve Rogers he’d been when he’d fallen through that portal on Coney Island back in May. He had changed, grown, evolved since then, and so had Tony.

Still, today Friday had been reticent to give any sort of actual explanation why Tony was blowing him off. He’d been gone a month with no contact, and the man acted like it was nothing, and that… Steve considered himself somewhat thick skinned, and he would have thought that he was used to Tony’s sharper edges, but this didn’t seem right. Sure, what had happened between them was something Tony deemed a ‘mistake’, and Steve had moved to Brooklyn to give both of them some space, but a month without contact later, he would have thought that Tony would be as interested in talking as he was.

Apparently that wasn’t the case.

Entering the gym, Steve glanced toward one of the cameras, ”Tadashi?” He didn’t expect there to be any hesitation; he and the AI had established a rather good relationship before he’d left, and he’d returned daily to work out and spar with his companion since returning from the quest with Luthien.

Once the AI appeared, Steve gave him a nod before telling him immediately, ”We need to talk, Tadashi. I need to know what’s going on with Tony and Friday.”

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

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  Not Your Ghost
Posted by: James Barnes - 01-01-2018, 07:54 AM - Forum: MCU - Replies (17)

Bucky could only spend so much time with Steve- no that was a complete and total lie. The man was his best friend- and Bucky had been worried crazy from waking up without him. That... that sounded better in his head. But in his defense- when he went into cryo, he wasn't expecting to wake up without Steve's say so.

But his friend had other things to do- so here he was, wandering around random parts of New York trying to decide what to do for the day. He had hung up his jacket, mask, and a number of his weapons at Steve's flat, but he was unsurprised to find that a number of folks still found him to intimidating to approach. Or even, for him to approach them, apparently. He had managed to secure a cup of coffee to drink while he wandered- but he had done little more than sip that as he moved. It was rapidly approaching lukewarm.

Bucky admired the surroundings of this unbroken New York as he traveled. As he approached the bottom of the Avengers' tower he noticed the traffic thin a little bit. It was comforting to think that all of them were a little threatening and it wasn't just him. The empty space also gave more than enough room for him to spot a familiar redhead striding with purpose across the street towards him.

He raised his coffee in salute. "Good to see you Widow." Bucky offered softly before scrunching up his nose slightly. "Er- Natasha. Sorry. I know you prefer- actually. Wait." He laughed slightly and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "It's just me and Steve from our world as far as I know, so you must be a different Black Widow- so I don't know what you prefer me to call you. So. Nice to see you- and Nice to meet you, I guess." Bucky nodded his head in greeting- almost starting to bow- before he remember what century it was. "If you don't know me in your world, I'm Bucky."

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  The Reading Lesson
Posted by: Kaalth - 12-28-2017, 05:32 AM - Forum: The Green Goddess - Replies (17)

It was midday, before the start of Nala's shift, and of Kaalth's shift as well, since Nala or Jaya or both had apparently decided that he and Nala should always work at the same time.

That had made the last few days rather difficult, it was hard to work at the same place as someone and avoid them at the same time, but Kaalth had done his best, working hard at all of the jobs that involved being off the floor. Especially when Nala was dancing. Her dancing was beautiful and skillful and sensual and positively painful to watch since she'd rejected him.

So he'd decided that the best course of action was to remember manners that his father had taught him when he was around unmarried women-speak only when needed, stay a few feet away, breathe through an open mouth, to avoid their pheromones. Not that any of this would discourage pursuit by a really determined woman, but it was meant to be a clear indication that he, as a well brought up young man, wasn't interested in any improper relationship. Instead he was supposed to work hard, keep his head down, and wait.
He hadn't done that with the copy of Nala, he'd been brazen, looking for excuses to be near her, to speak to her, to make sure that her needs were taken care of, and he'd started on the same path with the real Nala. Tried to do things the modern way, and that had ended in disaster. Not that being old-fashioned about it was going to attract Nala's attention, but it at least meant that he didn't have to watch her lead other guys into a back room, didn't have to be reminded that he wasn't good enough.

Now, though, he had a chance to prove himself. To show that he was capable of learning, and he'd be alone with her. Which was-well, Kaalth reminded himself, it wasn't considered scandalous, not any more, but still, it was something. She wouldn't let him into her personal quarters if she completely hated him. Not hating him was a start, at least.

So he knocked on the door, holding the data pad and stylus that he'd used for his lessons before. He'd scrubbed it, of course. There had been a bunch of data files that were full of practice sentences that she'd had him compose on his own, and they'd mostly said things like:

Nala is pretty.
Red is my favorite color.
I like kissing Nala.
Kaalth loves Nala.
Nala makes Kaalth happy.

with the quality of the penmanship and the complexity of the sentences increasing as his writing had improved. All of those were deleted now, he wouldn't risk embarrassment for either of them. This wasn't a romantic visit, this was a reading lesson.

Just a reading lesson he told himself firmly as he knocked on the door.

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  Guns Drawn- Mind Fumbled.
Posted by: James Barnes - 12-28-2017, 03:24 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (5)

Bucky had been mentally preparing for this trip for what seemed like ages now. Ever since he had been rewoken he had been planning the intricacies of this rescue attempt. Though no one was certain that Steve was in danger- they knew that something must be stopping his return- and Bucky would rather be safe than sorry. So he sat at the side of the room, cleaning his machine gun while he watched the sorceror draw arcane symbols on the floor.

For the portal itself- well the brooklyn born man was uncertain what to make of it- He had been expecting something more akin to a door- less like a bubble of smoke. He had been told that they didn't know how to return him- that if they could that they would have just brought Cap back immediately- but it surprised him nonetheless to not have a clear picture of where he'd be landing.

Stretching his neck and rolling his shoulders for a moment, he nodded at the sorceror to step to the side. Bucky took a deep breath and then ran at the portal as fast as he could- dropping into a somersault at the last possible second so that he'd be a smaller target if anyone thought to shoot at the weird magic opening up beside Steve.

Rolling to his knees, Bucky braced his gun on his arm, and blinked at the sudden daylight- doing his best to become accustomed to it as quick as possible, to be prepared for a fight. Then he looked up at his friend standing there in front of him in an utterly non combative state and Bucky sighed. Standing up and holstering the gun he was carrying he moved into Steve's personal space before smacking him upside the head.

"If you aren't in danger, why haven't you made your damn way back home yet?"

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  Not A Social Call
Posted by: Jaya - 12-27-2017, 07:51 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (20)

Jaya had been to Remy's apartment before this. He'd invited her over to his place for dinner several times, and she'd even slept over a couple of times, but this time she was here for business, not pleasure.

The Orion Syndicate had a Terran informant who was looking at spending a significant amount of time on a Federation prison planet if he was caught and convicted. Which was extremely likely, considering that he had, in fact, been sending technical specifications to the Orion Syndicate for years. The slave girl who he had been keeping for only slightly longer than he'd been passing information to the Syndicate had already been pulled and given a new identity, far outside of the reach of the Federation.

So far the investigators hadn't quite connected the dots, so the Terran was still free, but he knew it was only a matter of time. So he'd asked for help, and the Orion Syndicate was going to help him out. Both because it wasn't good for the Syndicate if it became known that Terrans who worked for them would be abandoned, and because the Terran could cause problems if he started talking, and blow other operations.

Normally, the Orion Syndicate would have relocated him somewhere that they hoped the Federation couldn't reach, but the Hub offered new possibilities. So she'd been tasked with speaking to Remy about relocation.

It was also a test for her, Jaya knew. Her ability to negotiate the deal, and to get a good bargain would be evidence that she'd built good connections in the Hub, and that the approach she'd advocated was working.

So there she was at Remy's door, dressed in the traditional Orion close fitting top and hip wrap, because she was here as a representative of the Syndicate. And because once business was concluded, there might be time for pleasure.

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  Seeking Quietude
Posted by: Seth - 12-24-2017, 08:57 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (2)

The atrocities that had been done at the Jedi Temple weighed heavily on Seth’s mind as he strode toward his own temple. There, perhaps, he could meditate and find his peace of mind once more, no longer considering his own less than goodly acts. No longer remembering the sadness and confusion of those poor young souls he had taken to the Underworld to find rest and peace. So many of them had been so young, so innocent… They hadn’t understood why one of their own had turned on them, and Seth hadn’t had the heart to explain the evils of the world.

Halfway there, he stopped, looking out over the city and sighed. He wouldn’t find what he was looking for in his temple. There, he would find subservience and worship, and… Yes, that was all very well and good, and he would enjoy it, but there was where he would find reminders of his long lost son, and that… He did not want. Not now, not after having sent so many children to their rest in the Underworld, not after the conversation he had had with the woman who reminded him so much of Julie.

So he moved away from the street that held the temples, instead looking for somewhere quiet where he might find solace from the tortured memories he held and instead where he might be able to gain a sense of peace. Or if not peace, then perhaps just quiet.

He appeared to be nearly lost in his own private thoughts as he walked, but in truth, his mind was open, touching those around him, hearing what the mortals were thinking, tasting the atmosphere of this new home of his.

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  Study Break
Posted by: Christian Verglas - 12-23-2017, 09:10 AM - Forum: 616 - Replies (12)

They were in Steve's world. Which was also Wanda and Tony's world, if not the same time. But Wanda's teacher. Agatha, was still alive (she had totally been the lady sorceress with the cat, too) and had been fairly willing to help them by teaching Christian what he needed to know.

Thank God for small miracles and endless wonders.

They hadn't told Agatha everything; like that she was dead in Wanda’s current time, or that Christian was from a completely different universe, or at least, they hadn't yet.

Most of Christian's time was spent with the older magician, learning from her and practicing what he learned but even Christian, so willing to work hard, needed a break every now and then to relax and process everything that he had learned so far. So today, Agatha had told him they both needed to take time away from their work, leaving Christian in a world he didn't exactly know with nothing to focus on.

What did he do? Chris went looking for his friend, of course. “Steve.” he called to the super soldier brightly, a Large smile spreading across his face. “So I have the day off... Do you have some time?" That the smaller man was hoping for a positive answer was evident in the bright smile and wide eyes he turned on Steve.

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  Its Not Easy Being Green.
Posted by: Kaalth - 12-20-2017, 03:25 AM - Forum: The Green Goddess - Replies (15)

Kaalth was in his room, tossing his meager possessions into a sack. He still didn't own very many things-a few changes of clothes, a tablet that was loaded with the lessons Nala-that the copy of Nala had made for him, a few books written in Orion, a blanket. There were a couple of boxes in the closet, but he left those alone-they were full of things he'd bought for Nala. Kaalth knew that she wouldn't want them, but maybe the other girls could divide them up between themselves. After a moments reflection, he tossed the package-which contained beads of the kind used to adorn a Orion woman's hip wrap and the shawl on top of the box.

Once that was done, he walked over to the bed, and got down on his hands and knees and pulled out his cashbox. He sat down on the bed, just looking at it, not daring to open it. It was full of currency from a dozen worlds-as long as those worlds used gold, silver or platinum as currency, as well as precious stones. Value was difficult to determine across worlds, but he'd been saving for months-working every odd job he could get, and saving most of the tips he got from customers, and it was, by his best guess, about half of what he'd need to give to Nala's family if he bought her as a bride.

Not that he'd ever need it, now. So he sat, just holding it, tears streaming down his face.

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  There Comes a Time When Silence is a Betrayal
Posted by: Nala - 12-20-2017, 02:53 AM - Forum: The Green Goddess - Replies (13)

Nala threw open the door to the club with as much force as she could manage, satisfied with the crack sound that resounded as it hit the wall inside. "Jaya!" She yelled out, listening as the noise echoed through the rather empty building. Her footfalls shook the floor with the anger she put into each step, even as she angrily wiped away the small tear tracks on her cheeks.

She continued to stalk through the building until she threw open the door to her cousin's office. Nala walked forwards and kicked one of the chairs over as a means of demonstrating her upset without going so far as to push the pile of papers off of her cousin's desk. That seemed a tad excessive- even for Nala as she was at the moment. Though she certainly wished to do more.

Biting her lip to keep it from wobbling she met her cousin's eyes. Nala opened her mouth to speak- vaguely aware of how wretched her voice must be at the moment. "You lied to me." She managed finally, the sound coming out raw and uneven from her screaming and crying. "You told me that he was 'like family.' You failed to mention that that was because you had allowed him to marry a copy of me."

She tried to put the most venom into her glare that she could- knowing that it came out watery and betrayed instead.. "You let me walk into this situation- blindly. How could you?"

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