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  Down the rabbit hole
Posted by: Ben Braeden - 06-24-2018, 09:41 AM - Forum: Bazaar - Replies (7)

Ben held his bike with one hand and adjusted his backpack before he began to pedal away from the library. It was early afternoon on a Sunday and there wasn't much traffic. The sun was shining but the air was cold and brisk forcing him to keep his jacket zipped. He had gone to do some research after delivering the early morning paper. It had taken him twenty two months to get up the courage to look into the information he had found when looking for his birth certificate. Stuck in a folder tucked in a barley noticeable crevice was an envelope with his name on it. Ben had looked inside out of curiosity it had held the name of his birth father. Now that he had his answers Ben wished he had left that particular genie in the bottle. After twenty two months his need to know had finally made him take action. Ben's insides churned as he processed the new information. Ben was on auto pilot his body taking him home though muscle memory more than though conscious thought.

Lost in thought Ben did not see the portal that had formed in front of him on the trail he was headed for. Had he not been totally lost in thought he also might have seen the raised cement edge in front of the portal. Ben saw neither and started an unstoppable chain of events by slamming his front tire into the raised cement ledge.

Ben and the bike sailed though the air and right though the portal landing with a solid thump. He was sandwiched between the ground and the bike that had found its resting place across his waist. With the wind knocked out of him, Ben laid there gaping like a fish trying to catch his breath. He pushed the bike off of him moving to his hands and knees both trying to get breath in and take in the busy thoroughfare that should not be there. A look of pure confusion and panic on his face.

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Posted by: Bes - 06-24-2018, 04:38 AM - Forum: Other - Replies (7)

(1000 years ago)

Bes was not a powerful god, a state that honestly he was perfectly content to continue on as. He enjoyed the ability to walk without the infinity of the universes overwhelm him, he liked that it was easier to seem mortal than ‘other’.

And he loved his twin, her powers increase had not gone unnoticed how could it? Bes just had simply chosen not to comment.

They were twins, which meant that he always knew where across the multiverse she could not hide from him; he could feel her anguish and once his mother was no longer near Bes appeared next to her.

For the first time in their existence she had vanished from his soul; not vanished he could still feel her dimmly but he hadn’t been able to FIND HER.

“What happened?” The normally unflappable god was visibly upset, “Where did you go?”


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  Benjamin Isacc Braeden
Posted by: Ben Braeden - 06-23-2018, 07:32 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

Ben Braeden
full name: Benjamin Isacc Braeden
nicknames/aliases/code name: Ben
canon or oc: Cannon
anchor character: No
species: Human
gender: Male
age: 14
date of birth: May 24 1999
place of birth: Cicero Indiana
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Supernatural
fandom universe: Supernatural TV Series
pronouns: he
occupation: Student / Paper Route
languages: English
playby: Nicholas Ella
height: 5’11
weight: 120 pounds
hair color: Dark Brown
eye color: Brown
distinguishing features: Other than being a minor No
sexual orientation: Girls are hot
family: Mother Lisa Braeden, Biological Father Dean Winchester ( Accepted by Jasmine as Cannon was found out two months after Ben and Lisa had their memories erased), Supposed surrogate Father Dean Winchester (Memories of time spent with Dean Winchester erased )
relationship status: Single
powers: None
strengths: His age though it counts as both a strength and weakness. He is often over looked because of his age, and people tend to underestimate him.
weaknesses: His age though it count as both a weakness and a strength. There are limits to what he is allowed to do and some places he can’t go because he is too young. Also he should be attending school.
equipment: Bike and school backpack. Inside the backpack – pens pencils highlighter, note books, text books, comics, cell phone, and a multi tool.
Born to a single mother Ben had a pretty normal, one might even say bland life until the age of 9. Sure he knew what he liked and wasn't too shy to let others know.

At the age of nine his life changed the world got bigger and a lot scarier. Sure his ninth year of life started out normally one might even say with a bang. He had and epic birthday party complete with a bouncy house and girls. His presents were nice too though one of his favorites was the AC/DC CD he received.

A few days after his birthday Ben was taken by Changelings. He did his best to reassure the others that had been taken even though he was scared and unsure himself. They were rescued by Dean and Sam. Ben helped evacuate the other children from where they were being held. Once they were safe and the Changelings defeated he and the other kids were returned home Ben was the last to be taken home.

Ben's life would change again with the return of Dean Winchester. Dean moved in with Ben and his mom, and for the first time in his life Ben had a father figure. Life was pretty sweet they worked on cars together, there were barbecues and sports. At Halloween Ben went as a wendigo. There were not so great moments too like disagreements and such but overall it was the best year of his life. Then Sam returned and once again Ben's life changed.

Eventually Dean was out on the road hunting Ben missed him but was able to call when he wanted or needed to. One night Dean returned home late and Ben went out to see him and Dean knocked him into a wall. Dean didn't return after that and eventually Ben's mom began dating again.

Ben tried once to interfere with his mom's dating that did not end how he wanted it to at all. He eventually accepted his mom's new boyfriend. Two years ago that same boyfriend was killed by a demon and Ben and Lisa were taken by demons. His mother nearly died and Ben was angry with Dean. Lisa was healed by Cas an angel friend of Dean's. All memories of Dean were erased from Ben and Lisa. Ben and Lisa believed that they were in a car accident and that was why they were at the hospital.

The world was once again a safe place as monsters and things that go bump in the night were forgotten. Two months after their memories were wiped Ben found a paternity test stating that a man named Dean Winchester was his biological father. Ben fought the urge to find out more info and was successful in putting it off for twenty two months.

The summer between Junior High school and High school Ben got a job as a paper boy. Ben started high school and is taking a mechanics class. His mom has encouraged him to be involved in sports d typical high school activities.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: N/A
knowledge level of multiverse: Ben knows of the multiverse at least in theory due to comic books but has no actual knowledge of the multiverse.
fandom specific information: N/A
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Supernatural.
which universe: TV Show
timeline: Mid-season 8 Two years post memory wipe, that Ben and Lisa believe was a car accident.
where is the Hub portal located: Not an anchor character unknown
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Yes
aliens: No
advanced technology: Normal tech for modern day
mythical creatures: Yes
other: N/A

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? Not an anchor character but if you want you could give Ben his school.
RP Sample
Ben held his bike with one hand and adjusted his backpack before he began to pedal away from the library. It was early afternoon on a Sunday and there wasn't much traffic. The sun was shining but the air was cold and brisk forcing him to keep his jacket zipped. He had gone to do some research after delivering the early morning paper. It had taken him twenty two months to get up the courage to look into the information he had found when looking for his birth certificate. Stuck in a folder tucked in a barley noticeable crevice was an envelope with his name on it. Ben had looked inside out of curiosity it had held the name of his birth father. Now that he had his answers Ben wished he had left that particular genie in the bottle. After twenty two months his need to know had finally made him take action. Ben's insides churned as he processed the new information. Ben was on auto pilot his body taking him home though muscle memory more than though conscious thought.

Lost in thought Ben did not see the portal that had formed in front of him on the trail he was headed for. Had he not been totally lost in thought he also might have seen the raised cement edge in front of the portal. Ben saw neither and started an unstoppable chain of events by slamming his front tire into the raised cement ledge.

Ben and the bike sailed though the air and right though the portal landing with a solid thump. He was sandwiched between the ground and the bike that had found its resting place across his waist. With the wind knocked out of him, Ben laid there gaping like a fish trying to catch his breath.

Ben Braeden Post mind wipe mid season eight. All around good kid who can really be a charmer. A kid that knows what he wants and goes for it.

Friends - Ben could really use some friends he is an extremely likable kid. He can be a real charmer when he wants to be. As a friend Ben is loyal, and protective of the people he cares about. Let me know your ideas and I am sure we can work something out.

Enemies - Its hard to fall into this category unless you hurt someone he cares about or take something that belongs to him. With his memory erased Ben has no clue that monsters exist and would target him in a heart beat to get at some people close to him. Also should it be found out who his biological Father is he would also be a target. I am pretty open to any ideas as long as some topics are avoided.

Love - Ben is a bit young for love. Though he would not protest having a girlfriend his age. He might be a bit slow to catch on and a bit awkward. He has been known to be a flirt and a charmer. Possible threads that might be fun. A crush on someone older. A love spell put on him either accidentally or on purpose. Any threads that are PG 14 or lower are totally open for discussion.

nicknames: Tink
age: Way over 21
pronouns: she
timezone: PST
contact: PM, Discord, Plotter page
triggers: None that I know of will let you know if I find one
mature threading: With most characters I am open to discussion. This particular character is a minor so I don’t think it’s allowed.
other characters: N/A
about: I have Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia. The combination causes my brain to boot out grammar as unimportant information. What I lack in grammar I usually make up for in content.
age. occupation. group. playby.

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  Details, Details.
Posted by: Raani - 06-21-2018, 06:07 PM - Forum: Games - No Replies

I kept threatening to do this, but so help me I'm following through. This is just a list of details about characters for if you need to describe them but don't necessarily want to fish through apps to locate them or alternatively want details that aren't written in apps. Like scent, or taste.

I will go first, please just make one post however, and just edit it when you have more characters or details. It will be easier to sort through that way. Also by taste I mean of their lips/mouth. If their skin tastes like something, I imagine it has something to do with their scent.

Aura: Cool and Sleepy
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown or Black ish
Scent: Lavender and sage.
Taste: Pomegranate, sugar, and cinnamon.
Skin: Very smooth, somewhat cold to the touch.
Size: Fairly average. Not tall but not short, and fairly in shape.
As a snake: has some fancy colourful scales on her belly but otherwise is snake.

Quethadia Nyx:
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Black
Scent: Metal, Fire, and Coffee.
Taste: Coffee and Whiskey.
Size: gangly motherducker. 6'5 and just short of unhealthily skinny.
Notable features: has some scars, right forearm is obviously robotic.

Asanyahi T'Esria:
Eyes: Pale yellow.
Scent: Clean air and electricity.
Taste: Cupcakes and booze.
Skin: She has scaly blue skin.
Size: Pretty average. Very buff.
Notable features: Semi-Cartilaginous scalp crests. They do not *flop around*

Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Black.
Scent: Leather and Books.
Taste: Honey.
Size: Nearly six feet, well built.
Notable features: Obsidian feathered wings that are usually invisible.

James 'Bucky' 'Yasha' Barnes:
Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Brown.
Scent: Gunpowder and Apple pie.
Taste: Plums.
Size: 6 foot tall super soldier.
Notable features: Obviously robotic silver esque left arm.

James 'Bucky' 'Cap' Barnes:
Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Brown.
Scent: Gunpowder, freshly rolled earth, and organic fruits.
Taste: Plums and Apple Pie.
Size: 6 foot tall super soldier.
Notable features: Dark vibranium obviously robotic arm.

Posting this so I don't lose my progress to shotty internet. But pleas, feel free to join in the fun Big Grin

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  Coming Home
Posted by: Seth - 06-21-2018, 07:49 AM - Forum: Other - Replies (35)

Since Seth had found Hub, he spent less and less time in his temple, in his kingdom. He wasn’t ignoring his duties, he was simply very, very busy. He sent his attendants out on as many tasks as he could, of course, but between his duties, his time spent with his mate, and his trips to his many universes, he had been away far more than he had been present.

So when the god returned to his kingdom after a very long, very trying day of seeing to the souls of the departed, sorting them and visiting his worlds where he alone ruled, he was awash in a cloud of inky darkness, eyes tired but sharp.

Seth simply appeared outside his temple, his aura shedding dark the way a molting bird would shed feathers. Every so often, the god would pause to speak to one of his assistants, priests who had served well in their past lives, demigods who were loyal to him, beings that only existed in the Underworld. To a one, he paused when he met them, shared at least a few words, gave them a smile, even if it was a tired one. Each conversation was unrushed, unworried, and each brought him closer to the palace that was his home in his kingdom. A palace he had built not as Seth, but as Hades.

Greece had been far kinder to him than Egypt or even Sumeria had ever been.

But even here, in a place borne from Greek beliefs, there were hints of Seth’s true self, the god he had been born as. The protector of the sun at night, the guide and caretaker of souls who had died, the bringer of storms in the desert. It was in the decor, not the architecture, but it was there if you really looked, in the grass at the edge of the Styx, in the warm breeze that blew in from the Fields.

It was nice to be home. There was a gentle, knowing smile on the gods face as he entered his palace to sit in… Some might call it a throne. Others might say it was an insult to thrones. Seth saw it as his favorite chair, well cushioned and comfortable. Even as he crossed the room that was less a throne room and more a receiving room, with his study connected toward the back, the door cracked open. This room was warm, but the study was cozy, and he’d prefer to be in there, to lay on the couch and rest, but…

“Bes.” The single word reverberated through the palace and out into the surrounding land. His other servants and attendants might have heard the name, a gentle but firm echo, but none of them were the person being called, and so they did not pay it much mind. Even as he spoke the name, Seth settled into the chair, a similar one appearing nearby, placed so that whoever sat in it might converse with him.


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  You're No Priestess
Posted by: Seth - 06-17-2018, 08:08 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (21)

Once Seth had grown beyond the borders of his and Adhira’s home universe, he hadn’t seen a reason to stop. His wasn’t a rule of fear or minute control, after all. All Seth wanted from a world, any world, was belief. And if he sought peace while he was at it, really who would blame him? What better world to live in than a peaceful one? One where you lived, died, and went to the Underworld to continue your journey? There were entire universes where Seth was a singular god, life and death rolled into a single being, and sometimes, if not so often as he had once done, Seth…. Slipped away to spend a day in one of those quiet, peaceful places. He would go and he would appear to some of his people, be it as a man or a Sha, screech owl or leviathan, he would bless some, curse a few who needed it, and be away, belief renewed once again, to relax somewhere quiet. He preferred libraries, where he could be less than alone, but where there was an aura of serenity, where he could read a book, or just sit and consider something. They were places where he could simply be, though granted, he still heard the prayers of the faithful; he would never find a place to hide from that, but sometimes, for a few hours, he could ignore it.

He always returned from such a trip wearing a quiet smile, eyes serene, his gait easier than it had been before he had disappeared.

Today, he was striding down the street, dressed in gray, twirling a soft yellow flower that wasn’t native to Hub or any of the universes he and his mate ruled together in his fingers. Adhira would like it; a tiny bit of life with color and beauty to it. He didn’t pretend to guess what she might do with the flower; she might plant it, let it seed more of its kind somewhere, or perhaps she would simply set it somewhere. It wasn’t as though Seth would let it die.

Even as he looked up from the flower, from his thoughts, Seth’s smile reached his eyes. It might be incongruent, to see such warmth and happiness radiating from a god of death and storms, whose aura was thick around him now, if streaked with something...other. It always was when he came from a universe wherein he was a singular god; it was easy to relax into that role, to be a god of all things, to give warmth as easily as chill, joy and pleasure along with pain and sadness. He was more there, and yet he was able to be more himself, as well.

The joy faded from him when he saw his daughter, however. A daughter that Adhira had kept from him, as she sometimes did, a goddess that, according to his wife, was a priestess of her mother. And yet…. Looking at her now, she was no priestess. With a twist of his hand, he sent the little flower to his temple, his rooms, to give to Adhira later, when he was less… Angry. His stride grew less relaxed and took on a purpose, his voice grave, “Daughter.”


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  the Blue Door
Posted by: kel - 06-17-2018, 07:40 PM - Forum: Other - Replies (8)

There was in simple fact no way for Adhira to blind herself to her daughters ambition, she waited, watching to see if Bes would also follow, or if new self christened Raani’s ambitions would taper off. Raani was not the first after all of their children to feel the inborn desire for more. Ironically that second child, the one that had broken faith, killed his brother for power had hurt her far less than her Mate. Simply because that sweet first child had been raised nearly single handedly by Seth. A privilege none of their children since had enjoyed.

In her temple there were many doors, often doors with in doors, each leading to a different universe, world to be reached at her priests convenience, created by her. Some doors had been locked longer than either of her youngest children had existed.

It was not the Goddess of Motherhood who had summoned her daughter, no Chaos twisted her familiar features into an unfamiliar smirk, no embroidered saree or veil adorned her grace. Ruby stained hands held a curved sword, chased in the same darting sliver that adorned her half-battle armor. Only her familiar habitually bare feet echo’d to the Goddess her daughter had known till this moment.

“You are not the first.” She did not disassemble; “Nor the hundreth child i have borne.” lightning seemed to flicker under her skin, something almost...mad grew behind virulent emerald eyes.

Only Raani had been summoned. Bes was sent away on other duties, if she must do what was needed...Raani would be the only one She would be forced to...do what was needed.

“Where do you think they are Raani?”

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Posted by: Raani - 06-17-2018, 07:12 PM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

full name: Raani
nicknames/aliases/code name: Eshe, Rana, Hauhet, Goddess of Renewal, Goddess of Resurrection, Goddess of Razing, Goddess of Ruin. Noodle.
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: no
species: God.
gender: Female
age: Approximately 2000
date of birth: N/A
place of birth: Ask Adhira
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: OC
fandom universe: ^^
pronouns: She/Her/Snake
occupation: God
languages: Any/All
playby: Priyanka Chopra
height: 165 cm/ 5’5~
weight: 140 lbs of Muscle
hair color: Black/Brown
eye color: Black/Brown
distinguishing features: A calming aura that speaks of the realm of eternal slumber that awaits all mortals. Until the day she comes to awaken them. Or she’s a snake.
sexual orientation: Much like her father and brother- Raani holds no hang ups about sexual orientation.
family: A Mother, and a Brother, Bes. A Father who she does not know, save for her mother’s tales. Seth.
relationship status: Single
powers: On top of possessing the abilities that many gods do, Raani had some that are specific to her domain. Her first friend outside of her family told her that the four of them were the cycle of the day. Her mother was dawn, the birth of new life. Her brother, had the domain of the day, warming all under the light of his sun, and leading them through it. Her father was sunset, the closure on a life.

Raani was the night. The cooling down, the wiping clean of the slate, and the guardian of rest. She closed the circle of the four of them. She took the dead and cleared them away. Destroying souls if necessary, but otherwise giving them a long restful sleep as everything they once were washed away in the oceans of time- where she gave them new purpose. There was very little that her blessing gave. If you were alive, neither Raani nor you had much purpose for each other.
strengths: Unlike her brother, Raani has not contented herself with the status of child of a god. She has strength. Not necessarily at the level of her parents- but she is a god. Through and through.
weaknesses: Pride, for one thing. She is of course also affected by belief, though her belief is separated across so many realities that at this point it would be hard to take her out in one fell swoop.
equipment: A bracelet of snakeskin and jewels. (Her most distinguishing features in snake form, a line of jewelled scales along her belly.)

Raani was born to the goddess of motherhood as the second last of the children of Seth and Adhira. Adhira loved her children, truly, instinctively, and she raised them as well as you would expect from someone born to do the job. Raani- at the time ‘Eshe’- loved her brother. Loved her mother.

But she did not love her mother’s temples. Nor her mother’s teachings. Eshe may have been named for life- yet she was everything but. The touches of her mother and brother would ensure safe birth, healthy children-
The touch of Eshe brought those who never lived. Children who did not take breaths. Eshe learned not to reach for anyone when she was not within reach of her mother or her home. Those were strong enough to counteract the darkness that she carried within her. But she could never be the nurturer her mother hoped her to be. Eshe’s nature was far too in line with what her father was, the side of life that was characterized by it’s ending rather than it’s start.

Her mother was kind enough to not ask where Eshe went when she started her trips. To allow this bearer of ruin the chance to unleash her power in realms far away from those of her parents. She hummed for a brief moment before accepting the change of name, but almost all Gods went by many names, and it was not much longer than the span of a thought for Adhira to begin referring to her as Raani.

Raani didn’t need to tell her mother than she began to amass worship in other realms. Raani didn’t need to share that she was growing more powerful- though she doubted that it went beneath her mother’s notice. It certainly wasn’t missed by her brother, or by the other priests, that her control had grown. That her touch no longer brought stillborn, but rest. Putting children to sleep when their parents could no longer tolerate the exhaustion. Helping a pregnant woman take a break from the pain of labour when it dragged on.

Her free time made her more than someone who existed to take away. Though she still felt ill at ease in her mother’s temple. An oddness for a high priestess to know they were not supposed to be at the place of worship at all. She served her mistress in all things, as instructed, but she certainly preferred being amongst the snakes and the chaos. Even now, at the highest level of power she had ever reached- there were times when it was all too much.

Working in her father’s temple was easier. Her nature of completing the circle, she was well suited for work in the temple of death. But then the parts of her meant to move to bring about new life would long for her mother’s temple and the stress would eat away at her again, for different reasons.

Raani seeks solace from those strains with her brother. The two of them as different as sun and moon, and yet, nothing made her feel more at peace than to become a snake and wrap around the shoulders of her matching pair.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe: N/A
knowledge level of multiverse: Full
fandom specific information: N/A
RP Sample
Raani is equal parts calm and anxious. She wants desperately to be loved by her father, and she also wants to be able to stand on equal footing with her parents. She has enough power now to conceal her nature, though she still offers a calming restful radiance. She is a balm to insomniacs. She does not share her parent’s obsession with song and dance.

She has a lot to offer, and it’s kind of all over the place- so she’s pretty open for plotting right now.

nicknames: Moon, Alex,
age: 23
pronouns: They/Them but notoriously bad for remembering that so she/her is also accepted.
timezone: EST
contact: Discord
triggers: Don’t think I have any, but ask if you’re worried. Better safe than sorry Wink
mature threading: Bring it. Or don’t if you aren’t interested.
other characters: I might actually not remember them all at all times. Whoops.
about: I’m the greatest weirdo you will ever meet.
2000~. Goddess. OC. Priyanka Chopra.
@admin Wink

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  Low-backstory challenge
Posted by: Arjay Lo'Ran - 06-16-2018, 06:12 AM - Forum: Wanteds - Replies (1)

We've seen an uptick in the number of people peeking around at our site lately, and our wanted list is a bit... hm, let's call it 'dated'. So I'm putting a challenge out there for everyone: Let's make a list of easy-to-learn canons that we would like to see around.

Naturally, since this is supposed to be a list of easy-to-get-into characters, there are a few qualifiers, but I'll try to keep it simple:

1) You want the character around. They might not be your #1 most wanted canon to appear in the Hub, but you have at least one character that you think would be fun to play with them. It would help if you could see RP opportunities outside your characters for them, too.

2) The source material for the characters should be able to be consumed in a reasonably rapid pace. If they're in movies, there shouldn't be more than a trilogy (preferably less). If they're in a book, hopefully just one book (please no more than three, books take longer than movies). Video games are... touchy, hopefully not an entire series. One game would be good. I do realize that this makes TV or comic book properties difficult, but again: this is for fast-pickup characters. So, for example, Elsa (hell, almost ALL Disney movie characters) would be a good suggestion. Benjamin Sisko would not (no matter how awesome his presence would be).

I'll collect the suggestions into a list that will be put up later (and will probably be set into a public google doc or sheet for people to update/add to). Reply here, PM me in discord, whatever, doesn't matter. Let's see how many ideas we can come up with.

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Posted by: Bes - 06-10-2018, 08:02 PM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (2)

full name: Bes
nicknames/aliases/code name: God of Deliverance
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: no
species: god
gender: male
age: 2000ish
date of birth: n/a
place of birth: A universe far away
starting location: Hub
originating fandom:OC
fandom universe:
pronouns: Him/he
occupation: God
languages: All
playby: Rohit Khandelwal
height: 6’1
weight: 185lbs
hair color: Black
eye color: Black
distinguishing features: A comforting aura, anyone with in eyeshot of him feels..at home.
sexual orientation: all
family: Mother: Adhira, Father: Seth, Sister:Rani
relationship status: single
powers: God level powers falling under the domains of: Home:
Deliverance: Bes’s primary domain concentrates in ‘happy endings’, he does not garuntee peaceful lives, or ones with out strife, but his blessing and followers enjoy the knowledge that at the end of the path there is peace and joy. This came be part of his mothers domain, granting his blessing to a expectant mother means her child will be born safe and whole. Bes often uses his powers to facilitate others; success in love means less if they cannot be happy because of outside forces for instance.

strengths: Bes is a minor god still mostly under his mothers priesthood as her High priest instead of cultivating his own followers, which means his powers are not as extensive or expansive as either of his parents.
weaknesses:Like all the gods in his pantheon he survives on belief, can be directly affected by it, since he has relatively few followers Bes is even more directly able to be changed by their belief or desires than his parents. There also exist God killing weapons in his parents home universe, this is a well guarded secret.
Born a twin to his mother the Goddess Adhira, Bes is the younger, and youngest son of Seth and Adhira, created during their last coming together. He has spent his entire existence as a Priest to his mother, and only in the last few months met his father for the first time. This was explained to him long ago by his mother; Seth has been betrayed by his children before and distrusts them once grown, his mother however is a goddess of motherhood and cannot help but to love her children. Waiting to introduce them to their father till they were grown and comfortable in their powers has so far been her best track record of having them survive.

RP Sample

nicknames: Kel
age: old enough
pronouns: What ever
timezone: GMT+1
contact: Discord
triggers: None: If something is about to go to far i’ll let you know, and hope you do the same. (Do NOT kill off a shipping partner with no warning, gimmie a heads up before, if you want to plot that.)
mature threading: All the Sexy. FTB-Explicit depending on Writing partner
other characters: many
about: I are Admin hear me plot!
2000ish. God. Gods. Rohit Khandelwal.

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