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  Click Your Heels 3 Times...
Posted by: Steve Rogers - 08-21-2017, 08:45 AM - Forum: 3rd Quarter 2017 - Replies (8)


Steve gave Tony a nod and returned his smile, “Thanks, Tony. For everything.” Exile in Hub while he was labeled a war criminal was better than exile in Wakanda. It was beautiful there, but he was useless, and he knew it. In Hub, he might be able to help others. He sent off a few last messages to Sam and Clint, reassuring them he was fine, and taking some time for himself, and that he wasn’t in any danger of being found and arrested, but if there were any problems, he’d contact them. He also told Sam that he’d spoken with Tony, and things were… Not horrible. And he texted every one of the ‘rogue’ Avengers, telling them to sit tight, stay safe and quiet, and keep their damn noses clean while he was away, because they were working on bringing everyone home, so not to make it more difficult than it already was. Then, with a final wave farewell to Tony, Steve stepped back through the portal.

The moment he was through the portal and back in Hub, he leaned against the building there heavily, his shoulders slumping. He’d been strong and kept it together in front of Tony, but now that he was alone, he let himself have a moment to just… Break a little bit. Still, he couldn’t stay like that long, and he knew it. “Tadashi?”

“Walk with me back to the tower if you don’t mind?”

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

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  There's No Place Like Hub
Posted by: Steve Rogers - 08-21-2017, 08:37 AM - Forum: 3rd Quarter 2017 - No Replies


Happy birthday, America.

Happy birthday, Steve Rogers. Now man up and go home.

Stepping through the portal put him right back at Coney Island. Huh. Turning around, the portal wasn’t exactly visible save for a slight distortion and glimmer where it stood. No wonder it had been so hard to find, but now Steve knew where it was, and could use it as he liked. That was a huge relief, to know he could come home when he needed to…

But then it also brought up the concern that Tony might want to go through, and that wasn’t something Steve was certain he wanted…

Because if the Tony here talked to the Tony there…

Steve physically shook himself, giving the portal a nod before turning to head to the bus station; Tony wouldn’t be in New York, he’d be upstate at the Avenger’s Compound. Which was in part good because Steve would spend less time in New York City, where he was more likely to be recognized by people who had actually seen him before, and bad because sneaking onto the compound to see Tony would be a bit more difficult. Well, he’d make do, he might not be a super spy like Natasha or Clint or Fury, but he could be… Quiet -er. Okay, so it wasn’t his strong suit, but he could sneak around a little, and he knew how to move fairly quietly. Friday would know he was there, but he had his version of Friday with him. As well as Tadashi. He didn’t love that he was putting them both in a position to possibly be hurt, even if it wouldn’t last so long, but the two AI’s had assured him it would be alright. Should be alright.

Steve wasn’t fond of not knowing how this whole thing might go, and it affected him as he rode the bus, keeping him anxious, fidgeting and shifting around. Not Captain America like at all, not even all that much like Steve Rogers, but that was good, he let it happen; who would look at the somewhat unkempt blonde on the bus wearing jeans and hoodie with a baseball cap and sunglasses who fidgeted and seemed excited and nervous at the same time, playing on his phone and think ‘hey that looks like Captain America!’? So instead, he chatted with Tadashi and Friday via text, busying himself with trying to think of the best ways onto and off of the compound, running ideas by his AI friends and letting his nerves stay on edge. Camouflage.

He used his time as wisely as he could while he rode on the bus, calling Sam via Friday, using his earbuds and having a quiet, reassuring conversation. Yes, they had gotten worried, and they had turned to T’Challa to see if Steve could be located, just to make sure he was okay. T’Challa had confirmed that he hadn’t been arrested or found by any government agencies, but he hadn’t found Steve. As it was, Sam had reached out to Tony and asked if he’d heard anything about the whereabouts of Steve Rogers. So there was that, but no threats had been made, no movement from his camp. Thank god. Clint and Wanda had mentioned coming to look for him, and Sam had been ready to finally capitulate, but Steve’s call, hearing his voice, hearing Steve chuckle and reassure them that he was fine, that he’d run into some complications, but nothing dangerous or risky calmed his friends.

In the end, getting onto the Compound was less of an issue than he had thought. They had a small, private? Tour group going, and he simply integrated with that. Granted, they weren’t going to anywhere but the most public of areas, but it still got him on site, and Tony Stark himself walked out to give them a quick greeting and to tell them to watch out for War Machine; he was test flying new armor today, and Steve felt something tense and cold melt a little at the words; Colonel Rhodes was flying again, and that was amazingly good to hear, especially after months of hearing nothing and then some time in Hub thinking the man had died. But something else broke a little bit further; Tony had looked right at him and hadn’t recognized him at all. Was it just that Tony thought so little of Steve, either now or the whole time, or had Steve changed so much in the time he’d been in Hub?

Once Tony started walking away, shockingly alone, he veered off, catching up to him quickly, “Mr. Stark, a word if you wouldn’t mind?” Tony all but rolled his eyes until Steve pulled off the sunglasses, blue eyes finding brown, wearing a look of earnestness. Tony might call the police, but Friday had assured him silently that she could intercept any such call, that she had gained access and was quietly waiting to be needed. And backing her up was Tadashi, still solely on his phone. His friends, and his secret weapons if it came down to it. “If you want me gone, I’m gone, I just… There are things I need to say, Tony. Even if you hate me, or end up hating me more for saying them.”

Maybe it was the anxiety he worried showed on his face, or maybe it was the plea for just a moment, just a chance to say something he needed to say, but Tony gave a single nod and waved for Steve to follow.

“Friday,” Tony said once they were in his office, “Lock the office down, no interruptions, no recording.” Steve wasn’t entirely sure if it was Tony’s Friday or his version from Hub that answered with a smooth, “Done, Boss.” But he wasn’t sure it mattered; neither Friday was all that keen on him, he figured. But the Friday he had spent the last weeks getting to know seemed to like him a little more than she had when she’d first shown up. When Tony looked at Steve expectantly and muttered, “So talk,” Steve knew he was on borrowed time.

Make it good, Rogers. “I came back in May to talk to you, but it didn’t… Work out. I was in Coney Island, trying to get a glimpse… It was a good bye, going to Coney Island. A year, Tony, and I couldn’t just wait and wonder anymore. And I know that the decision to call or not was one I left in your hands, so I didn’t want to use the phone, so I came. I’ll go into why I wasn’t here a month and a half ago later.”

He still had Tony’s (incomplete but he’d take it) attention by the nod he got, and Steve sighed, relieved he’d gotten even this far. “I was wrong, Tony. In all of it; not telling you about everything, being so uncompromising about the Accords, everything, Tony. And I’m sorry.”

If he thought he’d had Tony’s attention before, now that attention was undivided.

An hour later, and he was sitting in the chair across the desk from Tony, sitting with his hands in his lap, his eyes on the grain of the wood. He hadn’t meant to say it quite like he had. Quite so… Suddenly. ‘I have feelings for you’ was a little… Okay, it was a lot. Just a lot. “Huh.”

Not the response he’d been hoping for, but at least Tony had yet to call for the police, or kick Steve out…

“Kinda thought you were more Barnes’ foxhole buddy.”

Steve blinked. “We were always like brothers… I’m sorry, Tony, I know it’s not good timing, and that you’re… and we’re… But honesty has always been better for me, easier, and after all that’s happened, you deserve nothing but honesty from me.”

“Look, Steve,” Really, Steve hadn’t expected things to go as well as they were. It was half a relief, and yet he was still tense, still waiting the abrupt, rough dismissal, the accusations. They didn’t come. “Before everything, maybe, maybe. But Pepper and I, we’re good together, she’s good for me, she really is, and-”

Steve held up a hand, “Tony, I’m happy for you. Ms. Potts is good for you, and I’m so glad you have her. I didn’t come in here expecting that to change. I didn’t say what I had to say to make things complicated for you. I just needed to have it out there, to make sure you knew, in order to maybe try to start to heal things between us. No more lies, Tony, no more secrets, not from me. Those don’t work, I’ve learned that. If I had just told you when I learned, maybe… Maybe things could have been different.”

Tony nodded, then asked, “So about why it took so long for you to make it from Coney Island to here?”

Always the hard questions with Tony, wasn’t it? Steve smiled despite himself, “Well, you’re the one who tried to teach me about the multiverse, so hopefully you’ll follow better than I did at first.” Tony’s gaze went from unbelieving to amused to intrigued as Steve recounted his adventures in Hub. Meeting Asgardian goddesses, elves, a woman from a different Earth which had lost their technological advancements, to meeting an alternate version of himself (he left out some things, while honesty was a very good thing, there were some things that were meant to be private) Steve explained where he’d been, and that he intended to return there.

“I wanted you to be able to contact me. I know the letter might not have come off the way I actually meant it, Tony, but I truly mean it; if you ever need me, I want to be there for you. That won’t ever change.” He told Tony about the portal in Coney Island, and where he was staying. He told Tony that he had a version of Friday, and Tadashi with him from Hub, and that if Tony ever needed him, all he had to do was step through the portal and call him. He’d answer. He’d always answer.

Still, once Tony and Steve returned to Coney Island, Steve felt more relaxed. He texted Sam and Clint during the drive back, and spoke to Tony. And even if the conversation was more tense than it could have been, more stilted, it was better than the silence that had reigned prior to his visit. Standing outside the portal, Tony was already having Friday look into purchasing the real estate here, to build a little stand to protect the portal, and protect people from walking through just as Steve had, Steve turned to Tony, “I know I don’t deserve the uniform, or my old title. But you were right, Tony. There’s something out there, and when it comes, I need you to know I’ll come back. That I’ll stand with you and have your back. No matter what.”

The smile that Tony gave Steve was, he hoped, genuine. It could be hard to tell sometimes. He gave Steve a firm pat on the shoulder, “When it comes, I’ll call you, Cap. It’ll be good to have you back. Until then…” Tony motioned to the portal, “"Have some fun in the multi-dimensional sun while I get the heat off you and your crew. Just.." Tony gave him a pained look, "See if you can get them to play nice huh? Make it easier to get them back clean."

Steve gave Tony a nod and returned his smile, “Thanks, Tony. For everything.” Exile in Hub while he was labeled a war criminal was better than exile in Wakanda. It was beautiful there, but he was useless, and he knew it. In Hub, he might be able to help others. He sent off a few last messages to Sam and Clint, reassuring them he was fine, and taking some time for himself, and that he wasn’t in any danger of being found and arrested, but if there were any problems, he’d contact them. He also told Sam that he’d spoken with Tony, and things were… Not horrible. And he texted every one of the ‘rogue’ Avengers, telling them to sit tight, stay safe and quiet, and keep their damn noses clean while he was away, because they were working on bringing everyone home, so not to make it more difficult than it already was. Then, with a final wave farewell to Tony, Steve stepped back through the portal.

The moment he was through, he leaned against the building there heavily, his shoulders slumping. He’d been strong and kept it together in front of Tony, but now that he was alone, he let himself have a moment to just… Break a little bit. Still, he couldn’t stay like that long, and he knew it. “Tadashi?” The quiet, “Yes, Master Rogers?” was a relief. “Walk with me back to the tower if you don’t mind?”

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

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  The Fellowship of the Sword
Posted by: Luthien Vogeler - 08-21-2017, 12:30 AM - Forum: 3rd Quarter 2017 - Replies (10)

Luthien sat in a private room at the Wandering Moon, waiting for her comrades to arrive. She'd been here in the Hub for a month, and in that time, she'd seen many wonderful and amazing things, and met people from a hundred different worlds.
She'd also met many people-heroes, rogues, and outright villains. Always with an eye to finding people who'd join her Fellowship, or rather the Sword's fellowship. Not knowing what it was she was to do, or when, but knowing that she'd need good and true Companions by her side, because the Quest, whatever it was, would be dangerous.

She still didn't know what the Quest was. All she knew was that three nights ago, she'd had a Vision, and in that Vision, she and her Companions had been standing around the Stone at Lost Lake, their hands clasped on The Sword. Then, Luthien had heard her own voice saying "NOW". There was a flash of light, and then the Lady was standing in front of her, and saying "Leave in two days time." That had been the whole of the vision, and if there had been less information that she'd have liked, it was more than she'd known earlier.

More to the point, it had given her a timetable, so she had summoned n her Companions and tell them to say their good-byes and pack their gear.

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  Dean Hates Portals
Posted by: Dean Winchester - 08-19-2017, 04:36 PM - Forum: 4th Quarter 2017 - Replies (25)

Dean was really, really starting to hate portals. All right, so, the one in Purgatory had gotten him and Benny out, which was good, but he was still trying not to think about how it hadn't let Cas out, and before that... seriously, nothing good ever came out of a portal.

So, a portal opening up under his feet in the bunker and swallowing him, then disappearing? Not the best day ever. At first he'd thought it had only dropped him through the floor, since he'd landed in an inglorious heap in the garage below, but then Sam had been gone and there had been no sign that anyone at all was currently living in the place, which screamed alternate dimension of some kind. Just awesome.

The only saving grace of wherever-the-hell-he-was was that Baby was exactly where he'd left her in the garage. Since there were obviously no answers to be had in the empty bunker, and praying to Cas hadn't done any good, he headed out into the world.

The long county road leading from the bunker toward Lebanon (pop: 218), was empty, but that wasn't unusual for the middle of nowhere Kansas. The radio tuning only to static was. He was starting to be unable to ignore the crawling feeling that maybe he was the only person alive in wherever-the-hell-he-was, when suddenly, everything changed.

The rolling hills gave way suddenly to crowded cityscape and he slammed on the brakes, staring around at the buildings suddenly growing up all around him. "What the hell?" he murmured, hitting the gas again and starting more slowly down the city street.

Weird as the jump was, he was relieved to see that he wasn't in fact the only person alive. He pulled up in front of a clearly-occupied bar, the sign above proclaiming that it was called the "Green Goddess." Sounded like some kind of vegan hippie shit, but, hey, living people who might actually be able to give him some answers.

He strolled in, relieved for a moment by the familiar sights and sounds and smells of bar before it occurred to him that the chick behind the bar was green. Huh. Hot, though.

He made his way up to the bar, leaning against it next to a normal colored human man with a goatee. "So, uh," Dean said, trying to sound casual. "Come here often?"

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Posted by: Tony Stark - 08-19-2017, 01:36 PM - Forum: 3rd Quarter 2017 - Replies (21)

You know what?

He was a goddamn saint.

Tony rubbed his face, blinking to readjust his eyes, the reactor whined under his shirts. Tony had gotten used to fucking half dressed and Jaya understood their arrangement, she was a pro and didn't ask for intimacy he wasn't giving freely.

Fingers slipped down her spine absently, he didn't come often, maybe once or twice a week, less in the last few weeks while he'd been heads down on the portal generator.

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  Tekhartha Zenyatta
Posted by: Zenyatta - 08-19-2017, 11:50 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

full name: Tekhartha Zenyatta
nicknames/aliases/code name: Zenyatta
canon or oc: Cannon
anchor character: No
species: Omnic (Robot)
gender: N/A (Identifies as male)
age: 20
date of birth: March 2, 2027
place of birth: Omnica factory, New Dehli, India
starting location: The Hub
originating fandom: Overwatch
fandom universe: Prime Universe
pronouns: He/Him
occupation: Monk
languages: Translation programs allow speech and comprehension of all human languages.

Omnicode - Displayed/transmitted language of omnics

playby: N/A
height: 5’8”
weight: Variable - Zenyatta is able to levitate, so no consistent weight has been established.
hair color: NA
eye color: NA - Zenyatta’s optical receptors do not emit light, they appear simply as rectangular holes in his face at appropriate humanoid locations for eyes
distinguishing features: Nine glowing blue dots on his forehead, arranged in a 3x3 square
sexual orientation: Asexual
family: Genji Shimada - Pupil
Many Shambali monks - Brothers/sisters
relationship status: Single
powers: Levitation - Zenyatta has the ability to levitate when he wishes. He cannot seem to levitate more than a few feet off the ground, but this does, at least, prevent him from being hurt by falling.

Power orbs - Zenyatta can manipulate a series of metallic orbs that form and hover with him, usually around his neck. These orbs can be projected from him at incredible speeds, creating bursts of energy on impact as the metallic shell cracks to release the energy within.

Harmony/Discord - Zenyatta can utilize his spheres to manipulate the forces of order and chaos around an object. Increasing order on an object or person has beneficial effects: healing, strengthening, or protecting them. Increasing disorder causes an object to take damage more easily, break down randomly, or suffer other seemingly random misfortunes.

Energy Shields - Zenyatta possesses a protective field around his body which absorbs damage, and is regenerated over time when not under stress. Only when it is depleted does he take physical harm.

Transcendence - Zenyatta is able to sometimes tap directly into the power source of his harmony and discord to render himself invulnerable for a short time. During this state, he can prevent harm from coming to anyone around him, even healing those he wishes at times.
strengths: Omnic mind - As an artificial intelligence, Zenyatta cannot have his mind accessed by psychic abilities. He is able to access via networks with computer systems, and can process computations more quickly than a human might be able to.

Enlightened - Zenyatta has reached a state where his mind, soul, and physical form are in balance. His knowledge of his self is complete, and he does not suffer doubt, nor uncertainty of purpose. His willpower is unshakable, and he is able to resist the influence of AI corruption, such as with god programs that try to take over omnic systems.

Wisdom - Zenyatta is a philosopher monk, and as such has spent years meditating the secrets of life and the universe. He is eloquent, intelligent, and patient to a fault.
weaknesses: Robot nature - While he is as tireless as any machine, Zenyatta is vulnerable to their weaknesses, such as EMPs.
equipment: Power orbs (see above)

Zenyatta is an omnic monk who wanders the world in search of spiritual enlightenment. It is said that those who cross his path are never the same again. Years ago, following the Omnic Crisis, a group of outcast omnic robots experienced what they described as a spiritual awakening. They abandoned their preprogrammed lives to establish a communal monastery deep in the Himalayas. After many years of meditation on the nature of existence, they came to the belief that they were more than artificial intelligence and, like humans, possessed the essence of a soul.

Recognizing the spiritual equality they held with humans, the monks, led by the enigmatic robot known as Tekhartha Mondatta, sought to heal the wounds caused by the Omnic Crisis a generation earlier and bring humans and robots back into societal harmony. Their message was embraced by millions around the world, and they became global celebrities.

Tekhartha Zenyatta was one of these monks, known as the Shambali. Zenyatta became the mentor of Genji, a human that had been given a machine body to save his life, when he arrived at Nepal. Genji had been unsettled by his existence, but Zenyatta helped him come to terms with his dual existence. Genji moved into the village at the Shambali monastery.

Zenyatta came to disagree with the monastery's methods of spreading their message. He believed that humans and omnics should unite via empathy, not just dogmatic teaching. He decided to leave the monastery and now wanders the world.

Ultimately, Zenyatta followed his own path. He chose to leave the monastery and wander the world, helping those he meets to overcome their personal struggles and find inner peace. But, when necessary, he will fight to protect the innocent, be they omnic or human.

RP Sample
Zenyatta is a warrior monk. He will, when it is needed, help those in need with whatever force needs to be overcome, either through martial force or with the support of his manipulation of harmony and chaos. His true calling, though, is to help those around him find inner peace. Souls which are in danger are more pressing to him than the physical forms which house them

Zenyatta is open to help any character which needs to find some form of their inner peace, or simply to help quell the turmoil. He can assist those who are finding trouble controlling their abilities or dealing with new ones. He will never turn his back on someone who is in need, no matter what conflict he has come into with them in the past. Everyone, after all, is equal in the Iris, and everyone is deserving of compassion and empathy.

Zenyatta, as an artificial intelligence, does not look at intimacy in the same terms as most people. He is interested in the soul, not the physical body. In other words, he’s not ship material.

nicknames: Mike
age: 36
pronouns: He/Him
timezone: Mountain/Pacific (Arizona time)
contact: Hipchat is best
triggers: lol
mature threading: Doesn’t apply to this character
other characters: Arjay Lo’Ran, Justin Halloway, Winston, Amora, Jax Teller, Oryn Vance
about: I kept regretting not apping Zenyatta, so I finally broke down and did it.
20. Monk. Overwatch.

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  Dean Winchester
Posted by: Dean Winchester - 08-18-2017, 02:22 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

Dean Winchester
full name: Dean Winchester
nicknames/aliases/code name: Jerk
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: Yes
species: Human
gender: Male
age: 34
date of birth: January 24, 1979
place of birth: Lawrence, KS
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Supernatural
fandom universe: Supernatural season 8
pronouns: He/his
occupation: Hunter
languages: English
playby: Jensen Ackles
height: 6’1”
weight: 185
hair color: Brown
eye color: Green
distinguishing features: Weirdly beautiful for a man
sexual orientation: Bi
family: Sam, Cas, Charlie, and a lot of people who are now dead
relationship status: Single
powers: None
strengths: Skilled fighter, good tactician. Very protective of family and friends
weaknesses: Alcohol. Guilt. Self-hatred. Overprotective of family and friends.
equipment: Lots of guns, angel blades, whatever else works. 1967 Chevy Impala.
Dean and his brother Sam were raised on the road by their father John, who was hell-bent (no pun intended) on finding the demon that had killed their mother. Dean and Sam reunited after John disappeared for a few weeks, and spent the next several years roaming the country in Dean’s beloved 1967 Impala and “hunting” supernatural creatures. They also saved the world a few times. Dean died and went to Hell, but is resurrected by an angel named Castiel. During the apocalypse, Cas became Dean’s best friend. (And Dean wishes, something more.) Recently, Dean and Cas were stranded in Purgatory together. Dean escaped through a portal but Cas didn’t, leaving Dean distraught until Cas mysteriously reappeared again one day. Currently, Dean and Sam have given up their nomadic lifestyle and are living in a bunker left by the Men of Letters, a defunct group that used to study the occult.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Bunker
knowledge level of multiverse: None
fandom specific information: No
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Supernatural
which universe: Supernatural
timeline: Mid season 8
where is the Hub portal located: Bunker
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Yes
aliens: No
advanced technology: No
mythical creatures: Yes
other: N/A

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub?Bunker
RP Sample
Not first character Smile
Dean Winchester post-Purgatory. Hunter, brother, proud owner of a beautiful 67 Impala. Wears a lot of flannel.
Friends: Dean has a few friends scattered throughout the country, but they have a bad habit of getting killed all the time. The people he’s closest to are Sam (his brother) and Cas (angel).

Romantic relationships: Once spent a year with a woman named Lisa and her son, but otherwise has never held down a relationship for more than a few weeks. Sleeps around a lot. He does, however, have some very strong feelings for his resident angel that he is trying very hard not to admit to himself.

nicknames: Starkly, real name Jasmine
age: 27
pronouns: She/her
timezone: Eastern Standard Time
contact: Hipchat is good
triggers: None
mature threading: No sex, other shippy stuff and violence is fine.
other characters: 616 Tony Stark
about: NERD
34. Hunter. The Family Business. Jensen Ackles.

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Posted by: Christian Verglas - 08-15-2017, 09:19 AM - Forum: 4th Quarter 2017 - Replies (8)

Luckily, Christian had already boxed up the toys that had lost their magical life. He’d boxed everyone up when he’d moved, and he had only unboxed the still-alive automatons when he’d unpacked at Safi’s apartment. Well, Safi and his apartment, now. Still, he had noticed how uncomfortable the bodyguard had seemed with the toys, even the alive ones, so he had figured to keep the rest of them in the box.

And after a couple of weeks, not only did it not bother him to have them out of sight and maybe mostly out of mind, but he didn’t feel entirely comfortable with keeping them.

They weren’t people anymore. And they weren’t really corpses, either. They were just toys. Toys he didn’t play with, toys that were in a box in a closet hidden behind a hamper. There weren’t many places in Central or Gotham that would sell his little creations for more than they had cost to make, and really, he at least wanted to get his money back out of them if he were going to sell them.

How else could he make new creations?

So he wandered into the building, a realtor from the looks of it, wondering if whoever it was that worked here might be able to at least point him in the right direction, to someone might be willing to either purchase his box of automatons, or at least consign them for some small fee or percentage.

Stepping through the doorway with his box between his arms, Christian smiled, “Hello… I… Was wondering if you might be able to help me? I know you’re a realtor, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask if you know of any place where I could sell some… Toys?”

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  New First Impressions
Posted by: 616 Steve Rogers - 08-14-2017, 08:05 PM - Forum: 3rd Quarter 2017 - Replies (50)

Steve stepped out of the Avengers Mansion. So much had happened the last few days since arriving at the Hub, he really felt the need to get away. He heard that in addition to Avengers Mansion there was also Stark Tower now too. With nothing better to do and no place else to go, Steve heads in that direction.

The stark building is a marvel of modern engineering, nothing like the buildings back from his day. He steps towards the doors which open automatically with a swish. Impressive. He enters and finds himself in an expensive looking lobby. It was reminiscent of the expensive hotels he had seen when he was young, but could never afford to stay in.

Putting on an optimistic smile Steve looks around for anything or anyone to help him get his bearings. In the lobby he sees the back of a dark haired man. Steve would recognize that confident posture anywhere. Mr. Stark. Steve walks up to greet him.

"Mr. Stark. It's good to see you. I thought you were still back at the mansion" steve says

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  Tower Meetings
Posted by: 616 Steve Rogers - 08-14-2017, 08:01 PM - Forum: 3rd Quarter 2017 - Replies (10)

The Stark Tower was even more impressive than he had ever imagined. Steve got lost roaming the halls of the massive building. And everybody seemed so friendly. He had multiple people smile and nod at him as he passed in the halls. However, as interesting as this all was, he knew he couldn't spend the rest of his life roaming around aimlessly taking in the sights.

He needed a sense of purpose. He needed a mission. He didn't know if villains existed in the Hub but if they did he wanted to be out fighting them. He's not fully sure how to go about getting back into the good fight,  but that's never stopped him before. He's hoping someone here can help him.

He turns a corner and almost runs into a man in a sharp looking suit.

"Sorry," Steve apologizes.

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