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  If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish
Posted by: Arjay Lo'Ran - 01-10-2018, 12:31 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (15)

It was with an almost absentminded gesture that Arjay tossed the small crystal into the air, where it began revolving around his head. It wasn’t that the object wasn’t useful, or that the wishes weren’t promising, or even that the presence of another elven warrior wasn’t welcome… it just hadn’t been what he needed. What he needed was for his weak constitution to be healed, for that injury to his heart to be corrected. Unfortunately, what they also needed were to find the people who’d been imprisoned by their draws… a fate that could have just as easily come to him, he knew. What was the wish to make, then?

It wasn’t really a conscious decision that made him gravitate over to where Quethadia was pondering her own glowing moonstone. What would he wish for? Could he make a wish that would not be disastrous once uttered aloud? “I’ve heard horror stories of people being hoodwinked by the powers granting their wishes,” he commented to his new companion, and the room at large, really, turning the moonstone over in his hand. “Wishing to be ageless and being turned to stone, wishing for piles of gold and being crushed beneath them… things like that.” He wanted to think that he could word a wish wisely, but this was a wish born from the Deck of Many Things. Chaos was inherent in all of its magic.

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  Do you want Orions? Because this is how you get Orions!
Posted by: Jaya - 01-08-2018, 07:04 AM - Forum: Wanteds - No Replies

There are currently 4 Orions on the board, which is a lot of Orions, but not enough to contain all of the drama potential that has been unleashed by the introduction of our newest Orion, Taarus, who is a rival for the hand (and other body parts) of Nala. But why stop there? Poaching men from a rival is a favorite sport for young Orion women, which means that the rivalry could be complicated by the other Orion women vying for the attention of Kaalth and/or Taarus.

As it happens, its been established that a Orion NPC named Padma recently arrived at the Hub, and is working at the Green Goddess.

Or, if you'd prefer to not get involved in a massive drama explosion, Nala's father Ruvet is working at the Green Goddess, where he is rapidly becoming everyone's favorite bartender, and is quietly keeping the place running while his daughter's personal drama works itself out.

Or, with a good portal connection, new Orions could be arriving daily, if you'd rather come up with a totally fresh OC.

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Posted by: Taarus - 01-08-2018, 03:08 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

full name: Taarus
nicknames/aliases/code name: NA
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: No
species: Orion
gender: Male
age: 31
date of birth: 2nd of April, 2230
place of birth: Orion homeworld
starting location: The Hub
originating fandom: Star Trek
fandom universe: AOS
pronouns: He/Him
occupation: Soldier/Enforcer
languages: Orion, Klingon, Andorian, others via universal translator
playby: Dwayne Johnson
height: 6’5”
weight: 260 lbs
hair color: Bald
eye color: Brown
distinguishing features: Various scars over his body gained in the course of business.
sexual orientation: Straight
family: Mother - Laalk
Various siblings he was never exposed to.
relationship status: Single
powers: No superhuman abilities, but much stronger and more durable than a human of his considerable bulk.
strengths: Combat training - Taarus was trained as an enforcer for the Orion Syndicate, serving a dual purpose as a soldier and a special operative. He is highly skilled in both armed and unarmed combat, and is able to size up a situation tactically with little effort.

Underworld operations - Taarus is well-acquainted with the world of criminal activity, and as such is able to comprehend how such things work and how to navigate the world of illegal activity (as well as various legal systems if arrested). While he may not be the one who knows how to get a task done, he can at least see what could be done if you can find the right person.
weaknesses: Limited training - Taarus is trained to hurt things and obey orders. He isn’t, however, one of the agents of the syndicate trained in more subtle activities that require finesse or persuasion.
equipment: Firearms - One Orion general-purpose disruptor, usually kept concealed. One Starfleet-issue phaser pistol, acquired from a security officer he defeated, always worn openly.

Two Klingon mek'leth blades, won from a Klingon warrior he killed on a mission.

Taarus was born to a mother of reasonably low station, and a father who he barely acknowledges at this point in his life. His mother being gone quite a bit of the time seeing to her various marks on other worlds, Taarus was enrolled in the syndicate’s martial academy at a fairly young age, where he had it impressed upon him that his family ties, nonexistent as they were, were not going to serve him at all in his life. If he were going to see a future for himself, he needed to set himself above his peers on his own, and that was exactly what he forced himself to do. His life, for years, was one of exercise, training, and discipline.

By the time he graduated, Taarus gained himself a reputation as a man who held no grudges except for those that his superiors told him to hold. If he was meant to hurt something, that thing would be hurt, no matter the personal cost to him. In truth, the grudges he held were just held quietly and patiently, until he found the right moment to take them out upon his antagonists, and those who had reason to find quarrel with him soon learned that they should just abandon those reasons, because Taarus was very good at what he did.

His work took him all over the sector, then all over the quadrant. Whenever there was a hard mark that needed to be taken out, a difficult person that needed to be put in his place, the Syndicate learned that Taarus was the one they wanted to send. He relished the chances to prove himself, to learn better ways to fight in the process, and to build himself a reputation of capability.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe: None new
knowledge level of multiverse: Some limited knowledge
fandom specific information:
RP Sample
Taarus is open to anyone who wants his help hurting things, although obviously the price of his services needs to be negotiated with his mistress.

nicknames: Mike
age: 37
pronouns: He/Him
timezone: MST (Arizona)
contact: Discord
triggers: lol
mature threading: Sure
other characters: Oh, LOTS of them
about: This is the loyal minion of Nala
31. Soldier. Star Trek. Dwayne Johnson.

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  Lukk EveSpring
Posted by: Lukkyn EveSpring - 01-07-2018, 07:14 PM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

Lukk EveSpring
full name: Lukkyn EveSpring
nicknames/aliases/code name: Lukk, Lucky
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: No
species: Moon Elf
gender: Male
age: 112
date of birth: 4th of Summertide, in the 121st year of Aundal’s reign
place of birth: The Forest of Night
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Dungeons & Dragons
fandom universe: D&D OC Universe
pronouns: he/him
occupation: Weapons Master
languages: Elven, Common, English, Dwarven, Draconic, Drow, Ancient Elvish
playby: Valery Kovtun
height: 6’1
weight: 180 lbs
hair color: White
eye color: Silvery blue
distinguishing features: elongated, pointed ears
sexual orientation: Straight
family: Parents: Trista and Kain, siblings: Vivian, Timmothy, Ainvar, and Ailyenna
relationship status: Single
powers: Darkvision: Lukk is able to see in dim light fairly well, and in darkness as though it were twilight.

Keen Senses: Lukk is exceptionally perceptive and aware of his surroundings. He can often sight hidden doors and the like, even when others would not. Fey Ancestry: Elves are immune to sleep spells, and charm type spells don’t easily affect Lukk. It takes a power caster to turn his mind.

Reverie: Elves don’t really need to sleep. Instead they go into a trance-like state that they call Reverie (other races often call it a trance), for four hours a night, leaving them as rested as a full 8 hours would leave a human.

Psionic Immunity: Both a blessing and a curse, Lukk was born with a quirk of genetics that makes it impossible for any psionic entity to read his mind or even detect his presence using their mental abilities.
strengths: Weapons Master: Lukk is able to pick up nearly any weapon and use it with at least passing proficiency. Weapons he is familiar with in any form (a sword is a sword, etc) he can use better than others, and he has been known to improvise weapons from time to time in a pinch. Obviously, weapons he is practiced with will be those he can perform with the best, but he picks up new weapons and fighting styles with the ease of a person born to it.

Strength, Agility, and Constitution: Lukk is more hardy than most of his race, with more strength and stamina than elves are typically known for; this comes from hard work and practice, but it does mean that he hits harder and withstands blows more easily than another elf might. His agility is on par with what you would expect from the lithe race, lending Lukk a slight advantage in combat.
weaknesses: Magic: Other than charm and sleep spells, Lukk is as easily affected by magic as anyone else would be, and tends to enter combat prepared in case a spellslinger is involved.

Psionics: As noted above in powers, Lukk’s immunity is a blessing and a curse. Not only can he not be detected or affected by powers such as telepathy, but any magic or ability that would require such detection cannot be used on him. This means spells like message, sendings, etc. simply don’t reach him, requiring messages to be sent to someone nearby, or the old fashioned way.
equipment: Lukk comes wearing his combat clothing; enchanted elven mithril chain with his silk adventuring garb underneath, helmet, his swords, knives, spiked chain, and other various items. Most of his weapons are magical.

Lukk was born to the high chair of his house, the eldest son, but second eldest child. He knew he was unlikely to inherit leadership of the house, but he was happy to instead work to bring honor to his family and himself, always placing duty to the house before himself. He trained tirelessly as a young elf, earning notoriety, honor, and glory for himself and his house.

As he grew older, Lukk worked with his siblings to ensure that their family was productive, wealthy, and influential, like any scion of any house would. Eventually, when his grandfather passed away, the older male heirs attempted to draw Starseed, the family’s Moonblade. Each failed, for one reason or another. When it came to him, Lukk found himself nervous; no one had told him why his father and uncles had failed to be able to draw the blade. What if he, too were not worthy? But being a dutiful son, he pushed past his concerns and drew the blade. It seemed that while his father was too chaotic to draw the blade, and his uncles either too mindful of the law or not nearly mindful enough, Lukk shared a certain mentality with the family’s heirloom, and was able to draw the sword.

He fought, and he fought well. He went to war for his king, and instructed young warriors of his house in combat training. But one day, the drow came, and no one could be prepared for that. The drow had left them alone for as long as anyone could remember, and yet they returned. Lukk fought valiantly, of course, but he was captured. He managed to keep ahold of his weapons and armor, likely only because they had plans for him to use them. In the Underdark, Lukk has been forced to fight in gladiatorial games for the entertainment of high ranking drow, but then, suddenly, in the middle of a fight, there was a bright light (and he grins to think that it was blinding to the drow) and then he suddenly… Appeared elsewhere, called by fate, or some god or another, to serve another, and Lukk was never one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Forests
knowledge level of multiverse: While he is no planestrider, Lukk is aware of the multiverse. He lives in a place where there is overlap between the Prime Material Plane and the Plane of Shadow, creating a perpetual night, and knows that planes can collide, separate, and connect to each other. He’s aware that he doesn’t know a terrible amount about the planes other than those closest to his own, but he accepts their existance.
fandom specific information: Lukk is a moon elf from a noble house where he hails from.
RP Sample
Lukk is a studious, sometimes too serious sort of elf, but he laughs easily and lightly when he finds something amusing, and while he can wield a weapon with the ferocity of a wild cat, he enjoys to sing and find the beauty in nature. When he begins to relax around some people, he can become a touch spritely, poking fun and making jokes. He is adaptable and personable, enjoying the company of others, but he is just as happy to sit alone at the edge of a pond and meditate on the way all of creation is connected. He is a deeply content elf.
Lukk doesn’t need anyone else to be happy. While he enjoys companionship, he does not feel a need to press his company upon others. He’ll make friends and if that evolves into lovers, well, then it was meant to be, something smiled upon by the gods. Lukk can be flirtatious at times, but if he is focused on a mission or goal, he might come across as overly stern or distracted.

See Steve Rogers app.

Also, I like seals. A lot.

112. Weapons Master/Warrior. Elf. Valery Kovtun.

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  This Is Awkward
Posted by: Kaalth - 01-07-2018, 05:35 PM - Forum: The Green Goddess - Replies (25)

Kaalth was in the storage room at the Green Goddess, hiding. which was, he knew not the most dignified way of describing it. Officially, he was doing inventory-Ruvet had, with a kind smile, suggested that he go back and get started on inventory, and put his reading and writing skills to work.

But the truth was, he was hiding. Hiding because Nala was on stage right now, flooding the area around the stage with pheromones that were saying, to every guy in the place "Look at me. Have you ever seen a woman so sexy? So desirable? Is there anything you wouldn't give to get me to notice you?" and being around that was too much for Kaalth. The past week they'd had a couple of reading lessons, and things had been friendly and relaxed. They'd eaten a few meals together, and although Nala had no signs of being interested in him, she hadn't been angry either. If he started gawping at her, trying to attract her attention, let himself be distracted by her while both of them were working, that would make her angry.

So he was hiding, trying to focus on doing a good job with the inventory, and doing his best not to think about Nala. To not think about how she looked when she danced. How she smelled when she danced. Tried to remind himself that she was working, and that all of it was to attract paying customers. Was to attract guys who would give some advantage to the Orion Syndicate. Was certainly not aimed at him, the man she'd rejected and had shown no interest in since.

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  Meeting Mother Hen
Posted by: James Barnes - 01-07-2018, 05:38 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (9)

Bucky had no intention of being caught in the rain- it had simply happened that he was distracted long enough to find that his path back to the place he was staying (he hesitated to call it 'his' even though it had been built from Steve's memories of the place) was quite sodden. He pulled his jacket over his head to prevent the water dripping too much into his eyes. Of course- being able to see that clearly meant that he could clearly notice Steve sitting on a bench in the pouring rain doing literally nothing to leave that position.

Bucky groaned despite himself, eyes rolling so thoroughly that his head rolled a little with it. He marched up to the idiot wasting his health and cuffed him on the back of the head. Reaching down and grabbing the idiot's arm, he hoisted him to his feet regardless of whether or not he had opinions of that. "Come on Steve. I know- I know. You're a super soldier- but that is no excuse for inviting sickness." He began lecturing as he dragged the man in to the nearest building. Thankfully it was the one he lived in, so he could force the man to change into warm clothes if nothing else. "Is this a tony thing? Because it's bad enough staying in a different reality just because you have feelings- Which if I haven't mentioned yet today- real dumb- but trying to destroy your health? Would anyone who cared about you- yes Tony included- want to see you unwell?" He grumbled, yanking the door open with perhaps a bit more force than strictly necessary. The door handle deformed slightly which Bucky grimaced at.

Pulling Steve in behind him, Bucky turned to continue his tirade before meeting the gaze of someone who was distinctly not his Steve. Bucky sighed and ducked his head, pushing his hand through his hair and loosing his grip on the other man. "I want to apologize for accosting you despite you not knowing me- In my defense you look much more like my best friend than I was really anticipating. Though I suppose Steve did mention there was more than one of him. Also in my defense- I'm sure your Bucky would lecture you too." Bucky said as his face went from apologetic to angry again as he once again whacked the other man's head. "Truly- what were you doing, other Steve? Do you at least have a good excuse for sitting in the rain? Like your water was out and you needed a shower- which is a terrible excuse- but still better than sitting there because you were having 'emotions' that you could certainly have inside where it's not damp and cold."

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  Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair
Posted by: Oryn Vance - 01-04-2018, 04:44 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (39)

It was almost amusing, really, that one of the objects in his recently-acquired trove of magical treasure that he had nearly dismissed as a triviality had turned out, in truth, to be one of the most potentially beneficial, as well as the most potentially dangerous. What, then, was a man to do? Well, quite naturally, to offer others the chance to reap those benefits and risk those consequences.

Oryn’s shop had only recently opened, but he’d made sure to offer a few well-selected items here and there so that it would be known that he had good product, and to purchase a few things as well so that it would be known that he had good funds. He was not, after all, a swindler, and he made sure that people had known that. And, once word had begun to spread about, he began to make it known that, on this day, he would offer people a chance to draw from the fabled Deck of Many Things. It was not without risk, of course, and he made that clear… but it was also a potential for wildly beneficial rewards if their fortune held. How lucky did people feel? It would only be a modest price for them to have the chance to try. They could gain riches, they could gain power of any sort... all for an even-odds risk, really.

The day come at last, Oryn waved his wand at the sign on the door, changing it to say “Open,” and gave a flick to unseal the locks. Then, curious what the turnout would be, he settled himself down with a book and the Deck itself, waiting to see if the customers would come.

((Here’s how this will work:
There is no posting order in this thread. The results of any draw may require multiple, immediate replies from any one person, please don’t hesitate to do so. At the same time, I’m sure there would realistically be some chaos resulting over some of the draws, so a babble of posts is pretty realistic. If your character would draw someone aside for a PURPOSE, or plotty stuff resulting from this thread instead of just spectating, though, please start a fresh thread for it marked as a Deck thread.

I have an actual deck of cards trimmed down to the cards that are in the 13 card deck. I’ll draw from the deck when someone pays for a draw. If you don’t trust me, I can make sure I do it in front of Katie so she can vouch for the draw. If this isn’t satisfactory, bring it up in chat and we can figure something out.

If one of the characters that’s been on the quest draws a card that will take them out of play (Imprisonment, or any other I’m forgetting), I reserve the right to re-draw. If a negative card is drawn that will break the character (AKA: kill them and I can’t see a way that they’d realistically get out of it), I’ll also re-draw. In the event that I need input before I come up with the result of the draw, I’ll bring it up either in chat or in direct messages. If it’s straightforward, I’ll just post it up.

I’ve left the price vague because money is weird in the Hub. It’s a little pricey, but not crazy. $150, 5 gold, a nice piece of jewelry, a fancy gadget… something special, but not crazy. Everyone should be able to get a draw, the price isn’t that important. Oryn’s reasonable.))

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  Strictly Business
Posted by: Jaya - 01-04-2018, 01:24 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (2)

Jaya walked up the steps to the Lebeau house, where she had been asked to come and see Remy's older brother, Henri. The note had merely requested that she come speak to him at her earliest convenience, without specifying the reason why he wanted to speak to her, and Jaya was more than a little curious as to the reason.

She doubted it was directly related to the contract for relocating the Terran-Remy had made it clear he was able to negotiate that arrangement. But she'd made it clear to Remy that there would likely be further business in the future, so that was more than likely the reason. Which was an excellent thing, since she was keen to further the working relationship between the Thieve's Guild and the Orion Syndicate.

So when she'd received the invitation she'd replied that she'd be there in two hours, and she'd kept her word. Rushing over would have been unseemly, but delaying for a day or so would have been rude, so she'd split the difference and come over once she'd had time to make sure that everything was squared away at the Green Goddess, and she had time to cleanse herself and change her clothing.

The choice of clothing had been complicated. On the one hand she was well aware that Terrans tended to regard the amount of skin that one kept covered as a status symbol, and would be more likely to accept her authority if she was fully covered. On the other hand, she was coming as a representative of the Orion Syndicate, and felt no need to pretend to be anything other than who and what she was. That said, she also didn't want Remy's brother to form the mistaken impression that she might wish to couple with him, something that would cause great distress to Remy.

So she'd compromised and dressed in something suitable that an Orion considered clothing suitable for coolish weather-a hip wrap that covered her most of the space between her hip and knee, and a crop top which even sported short sleeves. She even had a light weight wrap over the top of everything.

She'd given equal thought to her pheromones. Obviously she wasn't going to try to influence Henri unduly, but it didn't seem like the occasion called for the discomfort of shutting them down entirely, so she'd just made sure that what she was producing was just aimed at producing trust, relaxing him and making him trust her. After all, it wasn't even as though that was a lie.

She'd been escorted upstairs to his office, and when he'd risen from his desk to greet her, Jaya extended her hand for a Terran-style shake "Its a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Lebeau, thank you for the invitation."

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  Honey, I'm Home
Posted by: Dean Winchester - 01-04-2018, 12:53 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (2)

Dean was exhausted. He'd signed up for Luthien's quest mainly out of boredom, and because it basically sounded like a real life version of Charlie's LARPing game. Now, he was sore and pretty much just wanted to sleep for like three days.

He pulled the Impala into the bunker garage and climbed out, pulling his bag over his shoulder and wincing as a dozen half healed injuries pulled.

"Sam?" He called out as he entered the bunker proper, before realizing his mistake and amending, "I mean, Cas? You here?

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  Business and Family
Posted by: Henri Lebeau - 01-03-2018, 10:25 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (17)

Five hours after he returned home a freshly showered Henri Lebeau set out once again. His Fathers ring weighed heavily on his hand today, that his first real issue as Patriarch must have to do with his little brother, the little brother whom he had not hardly had a chance to see often in these long years since his exile…it was a burden.

The last thing he needed was his wife and brother on opposite sides of a dividing line, especially when for both it had become apparently a line in the sand.

Hopefully remy was home, he did not want to hunt the younger man. Knocking on Remys door Henri waited for a reply.

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