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  Brother Mine.
Posted by: Raani - 07-03-2018, 11:53 AM - Forum: Other - Replies (15)

The meeting with Raani's father had gone surprisingly well. She had half expected him to reap her the instant that he knew of her choice to amass power. Instead they had had milkshakes and spoken, something that seemed almost too pedestrian for a family of gods.

Despite that, her sleeves were still pulled down over the snake skin that rolled out across her arms. Idly she rubbed her hands against them, tying to relieve her cold. Part of the reason she had suggested tea in the first place was that Raani distinctly did not like the cold. It was an irony that she was well aware of, her aura being a cool one, but that didn't make it any less true.

Raani was choosing to focus on these thoughts rather than on how threatened she had felt. If it had been human skin, her arms would have been covered by goosebumps as adrenaline raged through her system. Being truthful, her father terrified her to an extent. She didn't know him, he'd rather dig in her mind than ask her questions, and he was immeasurably more powerful than she was.

So despite a good conversation, she was scared witless. Her own aura was wrapped tightly around her as though she could shield herself that way, and even then she was distinctly aware of how easily it could be shattered. And if she died- who else would put Bes ahead of all others?

As though conjured by thought, there he stood, not a hundred meters from her. She fell forward as her legs melted together, arms pulling back into her torso. Despite the potential for clumsiness, the action was made elegant by the sheer amount of practice she had. Raani slithered quietly along the stone ground, twineing herself around Bes's leg without hesitation. She used his clothing to gain purchase and continued upwards until she had herself around his neck with head resting on his shoulders.

Though she was capable of speech in all forms, she didn't bother speaking, instead sending the impression of a quiet greeting to his mind.


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  Cotillion & You
Posted by: Christian Verglas - 06-30-2018, 06:05 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (11)

Belle was probably one of the best people in the multiverse. She was kind, sweet, caring, and she was the only family Christian had. He would go to the end of the world for her. That wasn’t even an exaggeration; he really had gone to the end of a world to rescue her.

So when she had texted him for help with this date she had made with Queth, Chris had immediately gone to her apartment and helped her as best as he could. He wasn’t worried about Queth being inappropriate or pushy or… Yeah, he wasn’t worried about that. Belle could take care of herself with the wrong kind of assertive, but he was concerned about Queth’s feelings being hurt, and he was worried about there being confused signals.

Which was why he was here today, at Queth’s garage. Not to try to warn her off of his sister (Belle would kill him) but to make sure that the cyborg elf lady understood certain things going into this date. It would help her, help Belle, and hopefully help things go more smoothly between them. And ideally, it would keep everyone’s hearts whole.

Clearing his throat quietly, Christian knocked on the doorframe, “Miss Queth?”


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  Sleeping Beauty
Posted by: James Barnes (MCU-1) - 06-29-2018, 08:50 PM - Forum: Other - Replies (18)

It had been a long road to get to this point. First had been running around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to find help. Then came the actual application of medicine to try and heal the damage Princess Shuri had taken. Finally, there was waiting.

Bucky had been more or less okay during those first two- save a little bit willing to die to heal Shuri. Or. A lot willing. And alright he may have plowed every field he could by sheer force of muscle as he waited for the verdict- but the most important part was that he was surviving. He was told that she'd almost certainly wake up in a week.

It was after the week ended that he stopped being okay in any way shape or form. All he did was combat train, endlessly. He had to be better, when Shuri was on her own two feet again, Bucky had to be able to protect her.

And actually protect her this time. Not the protection where she got shot and almost died in his arms.

It took until one of the older children sat him down before he bothered fixing the terrible haircut he had given himself. What did his appearance matter if the only person he cared to see him look good was in a seemingly endless coma?

And he became more and more sleep deprived. The darkness that he thought he had mostly conquered, fought back enough that he could sleep in a normal room and not wake up everyone in a mile radius, came back wkth a vengeance. One of the first things he did was soundproof his home. Even windows allowed too much of his screams through.

And one night, when he was finally contained enough that no one came to stop his screams- he broke almost everything in his room. Anything within reach and then some, from the sheer violence of his sleep. It came to the point where the only place he could rest soundly was in the corner of Shuri's hospital room- and that was largely because he sat there and watched her breath until he was physically incapable of keeping his eyes open.

It was incredibly creepy of him, and he was aware of that. It didn't stop him from sneaking back in any time he was kicked out.

It had been two months, five days, and seventeen hours, since Shuri had been shot. When the doctors refused to talk around Bucky, he had done his own research. That after five weeks, the chances of waking up were much slimmer. That a coma caused by lack of oxygen to the brain had a lesser chance of recovery than a number of others.

The final straw had been when he overheard the doctors mumbling about what to do 'if Princess Shuri wakes up.' No longer a when- but an if. He took out the map he had tucked carefully away, and plotted how to steal a princess from a heavily guarded hospital room.

Bucky was abruptly grateful for the training hydra had given him. He was more than capable of getting in through the vents- even if getting someone else was not usually in his job description.

Which brought him to where he was now. Carrying the only person he still loved in the whole of all realities. He was far too aware of how light she was, the pallor of her skin from staying inside for so many weeks, how her eyes appeared slightly sunken, and the wild curls, from when her beautiful braids had to be taken out.

The only part of that that didn't cause him pain was her curls. And everything about her was why he was trekking into the middle of nowhere to do- well- this.

Having reached his destination, he didn't bother setting her down, simply held her in his arms and pressed his lips to hers with the agony that came from knowing he was grasping at straws- and the torture that was the knowledge that if this didn't work, he had nothing left. Not just nothing left to help Shuri- but a total nothing. No Steve, no Howard, no Peggy, no mom, dad, siblings....

No Shuri.

If she didn't wake up, he had nothing left to live for.


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Posted by: Belle Scarlet Street - 06-29-2018, 07:11 PM - Forum: Bazaar - Replies (25)

Waking to a clean kitchen was...well it was a delightful surprise, one that brought a flush of pleasure to her cheeks….and reminded her viscerally of the need to TALK TO HER BROTHER. The fact that Queth had cleaned the restaurant for her meant that Belle had an unexpected couple of hours before she HAD to do prep work.

Using her phone was...interesting in Hub; the good news was that while she had to find and pay for them there WERE services that somehow-(She didn't understand and didn't really need to even with her level of curiosity) managed to connect her phone not just to her home universe but also across other ‘platforms’ so that she could communicate with people who didn't have ‘phones’ per say.

Which was neither here nor now as she opened Chris’s contact on her phone and sent: ‘HALP; I HAVE A DATE. WITH *QUETH*.’

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  Paternal Instinct
Posted by: Seth - 06-28-2018, 07:49 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (10)

It wasn’t unusual for Seth to take a walk early in the evening, just as the sun was setting was one of his favorite times of day, along with the morning twilight. It reminded him of quiet days spent with his wife on a peaceful island paradise. Those days had been some of his favorites, and had remained so throughout the eons.

Tonight, he was taking his evening stroll down one of the streets he favored here in Hub when there was a sudden tug on his pant leg. Looking down, he saw a...child...who still held onto the fabric of his pants in her tiny hand. His immediate reaction was to look about them to find her parents; it was common that one of them accompanied a child of this age. And yet, he saw none.


The utterance was far more clear than he would have expected, but there was the child, looking at him expectantly, her arms raised slightly. With a chuckle, Seth bent to oblige the daring girl, straightening as he shifted her in his arms to cradle her, “Beauty and intellect, hm? Not to mention bravery. And…” he blinked, “A bit of the divine in you, too…. Either my wife has been busy and neglected to tell me again or you belong to another like me.” He looked the girl over, her features, her aura, “Not the little love goddess’ spawn I think.” He smiled as Sera reached out to grab hold of his hair, pulling his head down, and laughed gently when she attempted to put it in her mouth, gently untangling her fingers and freeing himself, “I’m afraid I’m not for eating, little one. Aren’t you missing your parents by now? They’re certain to be missing you…”

The god of death, darkness, storms and deserts stood to the side of the lane, holding a baby and speaking quietly to her, all while smiling gently, and he didn't seem to have a single care of anyone spied him like this.


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  In her eyes
Posted by: Henri Lebeau - 06-28-2018, 05:13 AM - Forum: Other - Replies (7)

More than a decade of marriage.
Two beautiful, accomplished children to follow him, the trial of being Patriarch past the first hurdle…

Henri smiled to himself cutting the final wire, all and all not a bad record.

He really shouldn’t be whistling but he was in too good a mood and it wasn't as though he was on a job.

Stepping back he overlooked his work critically, being a Theif meant not just knowing how to steal but also how to forge and Henri...henri specialized in jewelry reproductions, which meant he had a wealth of normally untapped skills when it came to creating unique pieces.

Reaching back to the ‘flowers’ he tweaked a final fire emerald leaf into place. Fifteen years. That deserved something more than his traditional bespoke heist, homemade cooking night out.

No this year he had instead of letting Merci pick her present for him to ‘acquire’ he had spent instead time crafting a bouquet of flowers, each in a bloom carved by his own hands from individual precious gems from earth and far flung universes, one for each year of their marriage, the long silver stems were arranged in a mosaic vase, represented on it were delicately tiled pictures of their family.

For once he would not escort her from their home, instead he requested her presence, sending along a detailed note of which portal to venture through and how to find him.

Henri smiled looking at the rest of his preparations; there was a reason he wanted her to come to him; this world had a strange axial tilit that along with its rings and pockets of lowered or null gravity lead to a fantastic view from the clear bubble topped club he’d rented out.

The unobtrusive flying insect like hosts murmured into his ear that this wife was arriving. Henri nodded, glancing up to verify the roof was still opauge.

The moment she stepped in the band he’d also imported began to sing.

It was perhaps not the most romantic song, but for henri it perfectly encapsulated everything he’d hoped to feel and had come to since he’d walked her down the aisle.

Holding out his hand for hers Henri smiled drawing her out to the dance floor, leading her through the low gravity bubbles as they danced. “Happy anniversary Cheri.” He murmured, the roof opening up to reveal the moon’s surface, the rings brilliantly illuminated above them.


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  Meeting the- kids?!
Posted by: Castiel - 06-27-2018, 03:07 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (12)

Cas didn't exactly know how to drop this bomb on his... boyfriend. Which in and of itself was something that he was still coming to terms with. The idea that he was allowed to hold Dean's hand- or if they weren't in public, kiss him. He was over the moon and completely and utterly confused.

It didn't help that apparently he now had to inform Dean that they would be having a child live with them. His child. Cas rocked the baby in his arms automatically, still completely wide eyed about this beautiful little girl with blue eyes and a strong grip when she wanted to hold his fingers. He had loved her mother. And from the moment he met this baby girl's eyes he knew he would love their daughter too.

As it was she sucked idly on the end of his finger, content to put anything she could reach into her mouth. Knocking quietly on the door way, he cleared his throat for added emphasis.

"Dean." Cas said, taking a deep breath. "I'd like you to meet my daughter, Serafina."


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  Missed You
Posted by: Serafina Allen - 06-27-2018, 06:04 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (11)

She'd been home for less than... You know, it didn't matter. This wasn't even really home It wasn't even where she'd been born, though it was where she had been conceived. That didn't make it home. Home was where her dad was, where Dean was. For more or less all of her life until the past year, home had been the city called Hub.

Now she was expected to forget her home and come back here like this was where she was supposed to be. But it wasn’t, was it? Sera tried to make her original universe her home, to fit in and make it work. For her dad. For Dean. But she just couldn’t shake the feeling that this wasn’t where she was really supposed to be.

Thinking about it, Sera sort of wondered if her dad knew something. He was always understanding, but lately, he’d been...

Sometimes when things clicked for Sera it was nearly prophetic. This happened to be one of those times. She could almost see how it had happened, how it would happen, how all of the puzzle pieces fit together she had to go back. Not just back to the city she knew and loved, but back to just before her own birth.

Making the decision took less than a moment; history needed to be preserved. The world here hadn't known of her birth, and that would be dangerous to change. Besides, given a choice, Sera would rather grow up with her dad than parent-less. Not to mention that she could remember herself being there as a child.

There was no noise, nothing to give away the fact that a Nephilim had reappeared in Hub. Nothing to draw the attention of the angel just ahead of her. "You are the angel Castiel." It wasn't a question, it was a statement spoken with the easy confidence of someone who knew they were right. It was also followed immediately by a heartfelt hug, "I've missed you."


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  Dinner for two
Posted by: Aziraphale - 06-27-2018, 01:01 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (4)

The battle was exhausting. It has been centuries since Aziraphale has been involved in such fighting, and though he is decent, he has never been a steller fighter. (He doesn't mind admitting that without the new angels arrival they probably wouldn't have survived.) But now the fighting is over, and the strange angels bid them goodbye leaving Aziraphale and Crowley alone in a shop with the corpses of Aziraphale's former colleagues.

Aziraphale surveys the damage. Everything is fixable thank...someone, but it will not be a quick task. He glances over at Crowley whose face is pale and pinched with pain and exhaustion. Aziraphale touches his arm gently.

"Perhaps this calls for an early dinner first dear." He says.

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  Serafina "Sera" Allen
Posted by: Serafina Allen - 06-25-2018, 08:28 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

first last
full name: Serafina Allen
nicknames/aliases/code name: Sera
canon or oc: oc
anchor character: no
species: nephilim
gender: female
age: 17
date of birth: 2012 (about 5 mos. After ‘Born Again Identity’)
place of birth: Fishers, Indiana
starting location: The Hub, and Supernatural TV verse
originating fandom: Supernatural
fandom universe: Supernatural TV
pronouns: she/her
occupation: hunter
languages: you speak it, I speak it.
playby: Emily Rudd
height: 5’5
weight: 112 lbs (51kbs)
hair color: brown
eye color: blue
distinguishing features: purple grace is her thing
sexual orientation: Straight?
family: Castiel (Father) In Hub, Daphne Allen (Mother) deceased, angelic host (aunts and uncles), Lucifer (creepy uncle), Gabriel (uncle)
relationship status: 17 and single
powers: Nephilim become more power than the angel who sired them. Castiel is a pretty powerful seraph, so…

Astral Perception - A Nephilim can perceive the true form of angels, such as perceiving their halos.

Advanced Super Strength - Their angelic ancestry endows Nephilim with enhanced strength sufficient to overpower and even toss common angels around. One was able to throw around Castiel, a wounded Seraph at the time. Jack was able to rip off the handle of a triple-locked door with ease.

Healing - Jack was able to heal his mother's slit wrists and massive blood loss from the womb. He also healed Castiel's injuries in a matter of seconds while empowering him.

Resurrection - Jack was able to resurrect his mother at the same time he healed her. However, Miriamindicated that Jack could not resurrect an angel that was "all the way dead" despite his vast power.

Precognition - Jack had a premonition of Castiel's later confrontation with Dagon which he was able to share with his mother.

Power Granting - Jack was able to temporarily empower Castiel, a Seraphim, while Castiel held his mother's hand so that they could take down Dagon together.

Enhanced Super Strength - While empowering Castiel, Jack granted him the strength to effortlessly overpower the Prince of Hell Dagon.

Advanced Power Negation - While empowering Castiel, Jack granted him the power to render Dagoncompletely powerless.

Highly Advanced Pyrokinesis - While empowering Castiel, Jack granted him the power to burn Dagon to ashes, a feat previously unseen with any other character.

Portal Creation - Jack's birth caused a rift to open into an alternate reality. Working with a dreamwalker, Jack was capable of opening rifts to alternate realities at will. However, due to Kaia Nieves flashing between one reality and another, Jack, Kaia and the Winchesters ended up in three separate locations, two of which were the alternate realities Kaia was flashing between.

Reality Warping - Under the influence of a disguised Asmodeus, Jack was able to open a Hell Gate in an attempt to release the Shedim. However this required Jack's full concentration and when his concentration broke the Hell Gate closed.

Rapid Aging - Jack was able to grow into a young adult soon after birth.

Telekinesis - Jack was able to generate immense waves of telekinetic force when threatened. After using this ability against Buddy, Jack gained control of this power and was able to use it at will. After practicing with it, Jack was able to create a small telekinetic shockwave to knock the Winchesters and Castiel to the ground and later blasted an angel with such force that she flew through a glass window and a brick wall. With another angel, Jack was able to telekinetically force the angel to stab himself with his own angel bladeto kill the angel.

Immunity - Despite having an angelic heritage, Jack displayed an immunity to the angel banishing sigil, a weakness that affected even his father. He was also immune to angel warding.

Invulnerability - Jack displayed the ability to take an angel blade to the heart and survive unharmed. Jane did not possess this level of invulnerability as an angel blade through the throat was able to kill her. Jack was also able to stab himself with a butcher knife several times with no real harm.

Regeneration - After removing the angel blade from his heart, Jack was able to heal the wound in seconds. The wounds he inflicted upon himself with a butcher knife healed in seconds also.

Super Senses - Jack displayed the ability to clearly hear a conversation that was taking place on the opposite side of the room.

Teleportation - When Jack grew upset, he was able to teleport away. In Tombstone, the sound of wings can be heard when Jack intentionally uses the power, implying he has wings.

Terrakinesis - In response to Jack's anger at Asmodeus, the ground began to shake.

Telepathy - Jack was able to telepathically call out to Castiel in The Empty, awakening him from his slumber. By touching a person's head, Jack was able to connect with their minds, causing their eyes to glow as well as the veins on their faces. Doing this, Jack was capable of sharing images with the person and seeing what a dreamwalker was experiencing through their powers.

Sedation - Like an angel, Jack could put people to sleep with just a touch.

Supernatural Concealment - When Jack does not want to be found, his powers are subconsciously concealing him from other beings. This was shown by the fact that Asmodeus was incapable of tracking his whereabouts.

Molecular Combustion - While Jack was combining powers with Kaia, the two emitted a yellow glow while opening a rift that caused six nearby angels to disintegrate to dust. On his own, Jack was able to cause Zachariah to combust just by clenching his fist while holding Zachariah with telekinesis and combusted three more angels in mid-air by emitting energy waves similar to his telekinesis into the sky.

Thermokinesis - Jack was able to cause metal bars to melt with a touch.

Illusion - Jack was able to alter the images of his shadow puppets to entertain young children.

*taken from the supernatural wiki

strengths: Hunting: finding, recognizing, and identifying the supernatural, tracking, trapping, and killing monsters. Sera is fairly well versed in supernatural, holy, biblical, and demonic. She’s also been taught how to handle computers and most technology.
weaknesses: Heavenly Portal (possibly) - Due to Jack possessing a human soul, the angels believed that taking him through the portal while Kelly was pregnant with him would effectively destroy Jack. Later on after Jack teleported away from the bunker to protect the Winchester and Castiel from himself, Castiel asked Duma if Jack was in Metatron's old cell in Heaven as he believed that the angels have taken him.

Angel Blades - Castiel killed one with an angel blade.

God - Last time Nephilim were walking the Earth, God had to intervene in order to remove them.

Grace Extraction - Removing a Nephilim's angelic grace could possibly turn them effectively fully human and render the Nephilim virtually powerless. Lucifer was able to extract some of Jack's grace and leave him powerless.

Electrocution - Sam was able to render Jack unconscious with a Taser blast.

Angel Radio - Hearing "angel radio" caused Jack debilitating pain.

Unexpected Mechanical Trauma - While Jack has the superhuman endurance to shrug off bullets and knife wounds, Jack can be knocked unconscious or temporarily stunned with pain by physical forces when he is caught off guard. Sam had once knocked Jack unconscious by electrocuting him with a Taser.

Blunt Force Trauma - Jack was knocked unconscious by a fireplace poker.

Very Heavy-Angel Warding - Jack's powers were severely weakened by the powerful warding in Michael's fortress, leaving him vulnerable to the powers of Michael and Zachariah. The warding was so much that when Jack attempted to use even some of his more easily controlled powers, he could do nothing. In a spot where the warding was weak, Jack was capable of using a weaker ability to melt metal bars.

*taken directly from the supernatural wiki

equipment: Angel blades, a gun, silver and witch killing bullets (and a few bullets made from melted down angel blades - a girl’s gotta protect herself), assorted other hunting tools/weapons, spell ingredients, etc.

In 2012, the Seraph Castiel emerged from the river, minus his memories. The Leviathans gone, plagued with amnesia, Castiel was found by Daphne Allen, who took Cas in, found him a name online (Emmanuel) and married him. Emmanuel roamed about healing people who needed healing and he and Daphne shared a little bit of time together (approximately six months) as husband and wife. Dean found him as Emmanuel with Meg and during this time Castiel regained his memories and knowledge of who and what he was.

Though Castiel didn’t know it, Daphne was pregnant when he left her to return to his previous life with the Winchesters and Meg. At first Daphne was thrilled to be pregnant, even without Emmanuel, she was happy to have their daughter, to raise her. But giving birth to a nephilim is always fatal, and Daphne was no different.

Before Sera’s birth, Castiel appeared to Daphne and brought her to a place he told her would be safe, for her to give birth to their daughter, for their daughter. That this way, she could remain hidden from other angels who might want to kill her for being a nephilim. Castiel brought Daphne to the Hub, where Sera was born, and where Daphne died.

Serafina grew up in Hub, going back to her universe only when Castiel also returned. She loved the place, of course. So when it became clear that someone who could travel through time needed to go and tell Castiel about Daphne and his unborn child before she was born (and the whole universe knew about her), Sera took it upon herself to be that messenger, to go to Hub and make sure that her father brought her mother and her home.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: a Biggerson’s
knowledge level of multiverse: Fairly knowledgeable,, though not with full knowledge.
fandom specific information: A nephilim is the child of an angel and a human.
Anchor Character Section
RP Sample
Not my first character.
Serafina is a nephilim, the daughter of the Seraph Castiel and the human woman Daphne Allen. She goes by the nickname Sera, and Hub feels more like home to her than nearly anywhere else.

Seventeen, Sera is fun loving, just a touch rebellious, and thrilled to be coming ‘home’ to Hub again. Where her father is. Where she was born, and where she grew up. She lives as fully as she can, she loves with all of her heart, and she hunts the bad monsters when she can.

nicknames: Nyte/Eve
age: [insert numerals here]
pronouns: you, hey
timezone: CST
contact: Discord
triggers: I don’t do cheating
mature threading: FTB
other characters: Steve, Christian, Lorelei, Seth, Fizzle, Okoye, Remy, Remy, Pythia, Gwin, Lukk, etc.
about: my dogs are my babies, seals are my spirit animal, <3 pine martens
17. hunter. supernatural. Emily Rudd.

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