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  [April Fools] It's High Noon
Posted by: Okoye - 04-04-2018, 03:38 AM - Forum: Other - Replies (2)

Dinner was a whole to-do with the royal family. Honestly, Okoye felt that it was mostly because it was reassuring, to have them all in one place at one time, to be able to discuss what their day had been, to be able to look up and see only familiar faces. Her king and her princess were gentle people, good people, and while Okoye would fight and kill to keep them safe, keep them gentle and good, she would also smile and eat her dinner with them if they wished her to. As though she wasn’t just as happy and reassured to be able to have a meal with them every evening.

But that wasn’t the point. Her reassurance wasn’t her priority.

Suddenly appearing in some unknown world in the middle of what should have been dinner, Okoye’s first thought was that her king and his sister had to be in danger. Her second thought was that Shuri was probably frightened, and her third was that she hoped whoever had done this could be pierced with a spear.

Looking around herself, Okoye knew that she wasn’t where she had been and the fact that this place didn’t really feel like the city Shuri had taken them meant they weren’t likely in Hub, either. Taking a steadying breath, Okoye’s eyes landed on the only other person she could see; James Barnes. Captain America.

It was better than nothing, and if her instincts were right (which they usually were) he would want to find the princess and king as quickly as she would. “Do you have any guesses where we are?” She looked at the paper in her hand, arching a fine brow at the item written upon it. “And why we need spray paint?”

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  [April Fools] The Calvary's Here
Posted by: Lorelei Coulson Barton - 04-03-2018, 06:41 PM - Forum: Other - Replies (4)

“Ooh, Ooh, evacuate the dance floor, I’m infected by the sound…” Lori danced across the room, head tossing back and forth as she moved and sang along with the music, a grin on her face as she cleaned her apartment. There was nothing like good music with a fast beat to clean to; it kept the tasks from becoming too mundane, too boring. It let her mind keep going, focusing on something other than the boring job of cleaning. So the dustrag flew over the television, which was off, and then suddenly drifted to the ground as its owner was whisked away to another world, though that didn’t stop Lori from singing a few extra bars of Evacuate the Dance Floor…

Realizing she wasn’t at home in her apartment anymore, Lori stopped singing and started to look around. Well, at least she hadn’t been sitting in the lab with her leg off. That would have sucked. In her hand, in place of the cloth, was a piece of paper, reading it, a look of confusion crossed her face, “A death mask? Huh?” How was she supposed to get one of those? And for what purpose? What was she supposed to do with a death mask once she had one??

Looking around, she found herself in a small room with open windows and doors. Outside, there were people milling around, and she cautiously crept out, looking at them. At least one or two of them looked like they, too, were from Hub, and suddenly finding themselves… Not in Hub. Yeesh. “Hi? So… Do we all have pieces of paper with stuff written on it?”

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Posted by: Sune - 04-03-2018, 03:21 PM - Forum: The Wandering Moon Inn - Replies (34)

Sune had thought long and hard about whether or not she wanted to trust this other God- certainly Adhira was a Goddess of motherhood- but that didn't mean she didn't hold venom. Sune knew that if she did decide to trust this seemingly random gift- something far greater than she had offered them- she would be absolutely crushed if it turned out to be false. The Goddess of love had kept her distance from her mortal children- which was painful enough- but to grow close to a child and then see them age and die... Sune didn't know if she was strong enough to face that.

But love was always a leap of faith- and oh she wanted this desperately. Just enough so that she was willing to put aside her concerns, and focus on getting the one thing that had always been missing from her life. A proper family.

With a determined nod, she retwined her focus with the part of her that was sighing Arjay's name in pleasure. Each roll of his hips against hers had her gripping his shoulders tighter as she approached the edge. Biting back another moan as he thrusted up into her, she gave him a smile. Of all the lovers she could have chosen- she had absolutely no doubts about this one. The music he made, the smile that she adored- Sune may not have yet decided to raise him as her exarch- but she did know that she could ask for nothing better than to have a child that would be the best of both of them. Even if she decided to leave Arjay mortal, she would have a piece of their love always. She tensed up as she came closer to her climax and whimpered ever so slightly before she forced her mouth to make words.

"Arjay, will you father a child with me?"

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  Love Warriors
Posted by: Kailani Mahelona - 04-03-2018, 10:42 AM - Forum: The Wandering Moon Inn - Replies (9)

Kai worried her fingers at the edge of her braid. Starting here was as good an idea as any, but that didn't mean that she was enjoying the idea of walking up to a total stranger and asking for magic tips. Still, Jake had told her to listen to her ring, and to ask it when she needed help, so that's what she was doing.

When it told her to seek out the incredibly hot elf male at the tavern inside a tree, she had made plans to do just that. Admittedly she was ever so mildly concerned about how her ring had adapted to her personality so quickly- Hell. Kai had almost considered the possibility that someone had hacked her ring- and she was pretty sure that wasn't possible.

Taking a deep breath, she landed right in front of the door, before pulling it open and finding the silver haired elf with the good looks. Striding up to him, she blew a few bits of hair out of her face before speaking. "Hey, I'm Kai. This is going to sound weird but my magic ring which is powered by love told me to look for you for advice on how to use love as a weapon."

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  [April Fool's] Angels, Demons and Teleportation Oh My
Posted by: James Barnes - 04-03-2018, 05:29 AM - Forum: Other - Replies (7)

Bucky had been planning a visit to Natasha when he had found himself elsewhere. He was very grateful that she was a woman who understood his need to carry weapons- because it meant when he landed on the ground in the middle of ass end nowhere, that he was still plenty equipped for the situation. In fact, Bucky had a gun in his hands and at the ready before his brain had really process anything past the surroundings.

Except he was in a field. With people he was pretty certain were from the hub. Which is to say that he thought one of them was death- he knew Justin from the other Bucky's rescue- and he was pretty confident that the pink skinned devil girl was a hub denizen. In fact, he thought he had seen her at the magic shop when he left to rescue Nat.

And they were all surrounded by a large open space, though he did notice what seemed to be a small inset building not too far away from them. He went to slowly put his gun away when he noticed the paper in his hand. Bucky's mouth dropped open slightly. "Okay what the hell kind of world are we in that 'Hellhound blood' is a legitimate thing to find?" He managed finally, noting the similar papers the others had. "Are the things you guys need similarly nuts?"

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  [April Fool's] No- Green is decidedly not good.
Posted by: Nala - 04-03-2018, 05:10 AM - Forum: Other - Replies (8)

Nala had been just getting ready for her shift when the speaking had started- and she had hurried in the direction of her associates as quickly as possible. She barely managed to catch a glimpse of Kaalth as they were sent off, and the next thing she knew, she was falling rather ungracefully on her rear in the middle of a rather dusty street.

Standing up, she tried to brush the dirt off her hip wrap as she appraised her surroundings. It certainly looked to be a world relatively high in Tech- some of the buildings she could see in the distance were tall and gleaming, though the ones nearer her seemed to be considerably more shoddy. Then she adjusted that opinion upon seeing an elf with an immaterial being floating along like a well behaved pet. So, high tech, and high magic. That certainly lowered the number of worlds that this could be.

She breathed a sigh of relief when her slow spin caused her to finally set her eyes on her cousin, who Nala smiled at. "I am so glad to have you here Jaya- do you have any idea what world we're in?" She queried as she looked at the other people surrounding them, at least one of whom seemed to be similarly confused.

Unscrolling her parchment, she raised her eyebrow. "I apparently need to find a monosword- I'm Nala-" Nala started to offer to the others that were looking a little lost, she moved to the side of the road that looked a little bit more clean- right up until a human shoved her backwards for it.

"Fucking Meta, human posing scum." The human growled at her, before turning towards the humans nearby. "And you lot better scram. You'll get her scum on you if you stay near her."

Nala blinked in surprise, standing back up and carefully retreating to the other side of the road, tugging her cousin with her. "So, that might make things more difficult."

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  [April Fools] Where There's Trouble...
Posted by: Steve Rogers - 04-02-2018, 06:58 PM - Forum: St. Canard - Replies (6)


This was… New. Hub liked to throw you (everyone) for a loop every now and again, it seemed. Steve was dealing with things, or at least, he was trying to deal with things, and now this. A weird voice that he could hear from anywhere, even while running, and then suddenly the world shifted and changed and he was here, wherever here was.

What was worse was that Steve didn’t recognize where he was. No Stark Tower, no Avengers Compound, not even a mansion where Wanda lived. None of the other strange bits of the skyline from Hub. Wherever this was, it wasn’t the city he’d gotten accustomed to living in.

Picking himself up and dusting off, Steve took stock, of himself, what he had to work with here, and who was around him, because he definitely wasn’t alone. He had his phone, which meant, ideally, Friday. There was a man not far from him, dressed in all black and gray, and… “Queth!” A smile broke out on his face when he saw the familiar face of his one-time teammate. Bringing the phone up closer to his face, Steve swiped it open, happy to see it still worked, “Friday, you still with me?”

In his other hand, he clenched a small piece of paper, so even while he waited for answers from his friends, he read what it said. A blue purse? Steve shrugged, placing the paper in his pocket. First, he needed to make sure those around him were alright, then he could figure out why he just had to get his hands on a blue purse...

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”
Tag: Queth Seth Friday

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  [April Fools] Let's Get Dangerous
Posted by: Clint Barton - 04-02-2018, 06:42 PM - Forum: St. Canard - Replies (5)

What in all the fuck?

Normally, Clint was a pretty laid back, easy going guy. He split his time between Phil and his little archery lanes he’d built for himself out in a quiet stretch of land that wasn’t being used before. There, he’d met an honest to goodness gunslinger amongst others, and he was having the time of his damned life playing Avenger and boyfriend. A very loving, attentive, and not-in-the-closet boyfriend. It was awesome.

Since coming to Hub, Clint had seen some strange stuff, but suddenly being taken from Hub to some random universe was a new one on him. And on everyone else he could see in his peripherals, too it would seem. For one solid second, he had a moment of panic, feeling his belly clench up, the ground drop out beneath him, and sweat break out at his brow as he looked up from the bit of paper in his hands. What the hell did a clown have to do with getting home, he didn’t know, but that wasn’t the important thing right now. Not at all.

He set eyes on Phil, just a few feet away from him, and his shoulders relaxed. Clint dropped into the easy mission-ready stance he usually took when things weren’t certain. He had Phil, they’d be fine. Everything would be fine. Looking around, he saw… Tony? Young Tony, that was for sure, a dark hair girl he half recognized, maybe from Hub, but maybe from back home, too? And some other dude he didn’t know.

“So,” he said, shrugging his shoulders and cracking his neck, “I apparently gotta find a fucking clown to get back to Hub. Wherever that is. And…” He arched a brow, looking at the city that was laid out around them, and more importantly, the citizens of the world, his lips curling downward into a frown, “Anyone know this world? ‘Cause I sure don’t.”

Kai, Chris, Castiel, Phil

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  [April Fool's] I suppose we're roughing it.
Posted by: Virgil Barnett - 04-01-2018, 08:51 PM - Forum: Toril - Replies (9)

In all of Virgil's time in the Hub, he couldn't say that this had happened. One minute he was in the Great Hall, the next he was in a forest. Looking around, he saw that he also wasn't alone, though he couldn't say he saw anyone he recognized.

He felt strange as he looked around, processing the situation, and Virgil realized that for once, he couldn't access his more advanced systems. His memory was still fine, yes, his body felt fine, but he couldn't feel any technology around them, couldn't even access the parts of him that would interact with them. Technology simply wasn't working. Aside from that, though, the air around them smelled surprisingly pristine, with no touch of the pollutants that people from Earth usually didn't even notice anymore, so used to them they were.

Noticing the piece of parchment in his hand, Virgil looked down at it. Road rations... why did he need to get road rations? Well, if it would help explain this, he supposed he'd have to do it, wouldn't he? "Everyone all right?" the gunslinger asked as he surveyed the people who'd been dropped here with him.

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  [April Fool's] The world could always use more heroes
Posted by: Arjay Lo'Ran - 04-01-2018, 07:33 PM - Forum: Other - Replies (10)

What in the nine hells was going on?

One moment, Arjay had been in his room, seeing to his regular… well, he’d call them religious devotions, the next moment, he was somewhere else entirely. Not only that, but he was still in the casual state of dress that he’d been in at that moment… which, naturally, meant that his swords, all of his traveling gear, everything that he’d normally make sure to have with him was all sitting back in the Moon… wherever that was in relation to here. All he had was the lute that he’d been playing for his very attentive audience, which he now slung over his shoulder as he sat up and looked around.

He was at a seaside building, all made of stone and metal and glass, much like some of the more advanced Earth-world buildings he’d seen. Unlike the last one he visited, though, this one didn’t seem to be so magically dead, although it did have an odd feel to it. He could feel his magic there, he could reach for it, but it didn’t feel like it would shape like it usually did. It bore investigation, of course, but that was something that could come later. First, he needed to figure out what was going on.

Looking around as he sat up, he saw that he wasn’t alone. There was Fizzle a short ways away, looking slightly dazed (which explained why she wasn’t bouncing around at this unexpected occurance). There was a man he didn’t know looking around a short ways away, beyond him Arjay spotted Lukk, grateful for another familiar face. As he stood up, he realized he was holding a piece of paper, and he opened it up, peering at the words on it in mild consternation. “What’s a ‘six shooter’?” he wondered aloud, shaking his head.

Then, spotting yet another familiar face, he leaned over, offering Belle his hand. “It would seem you don’t get to leave me behind for this adventure,” he mused as he helped her to her feet.

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