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  It's go time
Posted by: Sune - Today, 02:37 AM - Forum: Hub - No Replies

Sune was getting annoyingly used to being able to carry objects around, balanced atop her abdomen. She knew there was beauty in pregnancy. It was a true expression of love between two individuals, creating new life that in turn was loved. In the most ideal of situations. In practice she had been unable to bathe herself without assistance of late.

Additionally, none of her favourite gowns were cut to accommodate her current shape, she had to urinate at seemingly all times, she was left with weird pangs in her legs from where their daughter pressed into her nerves, and said daughter's strength had grown with each day to the point that were Sune mortal she may be concerned about her ability to hold up under the onslaught.

So to become accustomed to it was in fact, quite frustrating. Sune had done almost anything she could think of to induce labour at this point. She had pinned Arjay down and had her way with him. Plenty of times. She had taken to eating the spiciest foods possible across the vast multiverse, she had attempted acupuncture- though it had only lasted long enough for the needles to break on her skin.

Sune was done with this. She wished Mel'inde to be born such that Sune may have some minor relief from the absurd discomforts she was being put through. Of course, she wished also to meet her child properly, but that was swiftly moving down her list of reasons why she wanted to be in labour right this moment, thank you.

She sighed as another preparatory contraction hit her body. One of those ones that made certain your muscles were prepared when it came time to deliver. They had been plaguing her on and off for months, and were just another thing she was excited to see end. The fact that they were getting more painful the closer they came to the date of their child's expected birth was not appreciated. She curled her hand more tightly around Arjay's as she continued her aimless walk through the hub, just hoping that something would set her off and they could get this over with.

Sune vaguely hoped that Arjay wouldn't want any more children. At least for a long time.

Noticing a brilliant flower in the distance, Sune turned to her beloved to remark about it when she froze solid. It would take only a moment to notice the pool of amniotic fluid around their feet- and Sune knew what it was the second it broke.

Clearing her throat, she smiled shakily at her lover. "Beloved, it seems that Mel'inde has decided she is finally ready. It is time."


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  Dinner Date
Posted by: Dean Winchester - 11-08-2018, 11:40 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (2)

Dean was nervous.

It was stupid. He knew that. He'd hung out with Cas at bars or restaurants loads of times, and what, they'd been dating for months and even sorta had a baby and a teenager together. Which was still weird, but whatever. It worked.

A date, though? This was new territory. Hell, he couldn't even remember the last time he'd been on a real date. Or what a real date was.

The other thing was, in the chaos of their lives--between the hunting and taking care of a baby and the big fucking city that had fallen on the Hub--they hadn't...done much. Some kissing and groping here and there, which was... nice. Obviously. But here was date night and that MEANT some shit and the fact that Dean had porked just about every waitress on I-80 wasn't making him any less jittery about tonight. It wasn't just sex. It was sex with a dude, and with Cas specifically. Maybe. Or maybe that wasn't what date night was about. Who knew how angels did it. Dean took a moment to reflect that maybe this was what Sam meant when he said Dean had communication issues.

Whatever. He checked over his reflection in the chrome of the Impala's bumper, gave his shirt a sniff (motor oil, mostly) then went and headed up the stairs to meet Cas. They were going out to dinner.


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Posted by: 616 Tony Stark - 11-08-2018, 11:05 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (3)

Tony stared at the code on the holoscreen, his vision swimming. He'd been in the lab a few hours, since...he thought back, frowning. Well, he'd got back from Chris's world, and there had been a day or two after that, and then-- okay, so, it had been more than a few hours. Assuming it was really Thursday like the console said it was.

He'd never lost a day when Extremis had been functional. But then, that was the problem.

The problem that fout near-straight days of labwork had failed to solve. Tony pinched the bridge of his nose, willing the last cup of coffee he'd downed (and God knew he wasn't counting those anymore) to work.

He was a genius, but he also knew the limits of his ability and when to ask for help. The issue was that the only expert in this particular area was Maya Hansen and Maya was dead.

Then he sat up in his chair.

Damn it.

Maya wasn't the only one.

Talk about a last resort, though. Doom's niece. Or fake niece. Or something. Assuming he came out of it alive, he'd never live it down. Still. He wasn't getting any closer to a solution, and staring at the code for another week wasn't going to get him anywhere. So he sighed, typed out a message and set it to find her. He knew it would.

Need advice on biolinked software. Willing to negotiate. Try not to kill me. --TS


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  Rhythm of life
Posted by: Bes - 10-31-2018, 01:00 AM - Forum: Other - Replies (7)

This soul was one of his.

Bes rested his head on the empty vessels shoulder, tears slowly carving down dark cheeks, he had failed this mortal in his life, he held onto the sullenly glowing embers of his soul, awaiting his Sister or Father, or one of Deaths direct minions.

His followers were nominally craftholders, homemakers, families, but anyone that invoked his name to make their home welcoming was his. And he theirs.

He did not mind being a minor god, never seeking power, dominion, and in this world his hold was weak, unable to do enough to bless this man. To lighten his burden, because if Bes had been a greater god there would be no way a follower of his would succumb to despair in his home, in Bes’s bailiwick.

“I failed him.” He explained to the familiar presence that joined him.


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  Into the Fray
Posted by: 616 Tony Stark - 10-28-2018, 02:10 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (4)

As Director of SHIELD, CEO of Stark Industries, and supervising (if not leading) the Might Avengers, Tony had been in a constant state of feeling like there weren't enough hours in the day. Since he'd come to the Hub, however, and Wanda had quite literally stopped the clock, he'd found himself with a wealth of time. He could always work on his armor, of course, and there were half a dozen projects he'd been meaning to make progress on for SI, and he was spending a few evenings a week with Safi, at least when the other man was in the Hub. But that left stretches, hours at a time, where there was nowhere he needed to be and no one to answer to. On the one hand, that was a good thing. On the other, being alone with his thoughts was...risky, to say the least. It better to keep himself occupied.

So, he explored. There were thousands of worlds, maybe more, all connected through the Hub, and each one was potentially a wealth of knowledge and new technology and possibility. All he had to do was suit up, find a portal, and disappear. He'd already been to half a dozen worlds and had picked up as many ideas for upgrades to his armor and the latest in renewable energy.

Then, one portal later, he was in the middle of a war zone. Who was shooting he had no idea, and the bullets pinged harmlessly off his armor but the more advanced weaponry looked like it wouldn't and before he knew it he was pinned behind the burnt out husk of an old building, and the portal (not as stable as he'd hoped) had just shimmered out of existence.

Tony cursed--he wasn't especially afraid for himself, but he'd left a few experiments running that would need adjustments in an hour or two--and edged around the side of the building. Then cursed again.

He wasn't alone. A rough-looking man was coming directly toward him, and the suit's scanners told him plainly that this was no ordinary human. Tony stood up straight, raising his hands so that his palm repulsors were facing the man, and said over the sound of the distant gunfire, "I don't want any trouble here. Hopefully that's something we can agree on, no?"


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  And the Sky is Falling
Posted by: Blair Williams - 10-25-2018, 07:18 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (1)

Today Blair was curious of the various multiverses yet the machine war was calling.

She was alarmingly one of the few pilots the Resistance counted on and trusted with the plane given to her.

However, she was sent on a mission out of her hub to go find out what the multiverses were really all about.

Barnes stared at her and told her not to drag Marcus back to base if she could.

She just angrily glared in Barnes direction, packing up everything before walking out to her A-32 Warthog and hopping in, doing the normal protocols before lifting off and before anyone else could tell her no, she was off into the blue skies.

"Blair, you read?"

Blair nodded through her mask "Yes, what is it?"

"Bring some interesting tech back to help fight Skynet."

Blair thought for a second and then nodded "Right, Right. "

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  Blair Williams[wip]
Posted by: Blair Williams - 10-23-2018, 01:36 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

Blair Williams
full name: Blair Williams
nicknames/aliases/code name: Call Sign: Hickabick
canon or oc: canon
anchor character: no
species: Human
gender: Female
date of birth: No idea
place of birth:Assumed Los Angeles
starting location: Terminator Salvation Hub
originating fandom: Terminator Salvation
fandom universe: Terminator
pronouns: She/herr
occupation: Pilot of the one of the Human Resistance's A-10 Warthog planes.
playby: Moon Bloodgood
height: 5'7
weight: ???
hair color: dark brown
eye color: blue
distinguishing features: dark brown hair, pilot jacket with human resistance red on it.
sexual orientation: Hetrosexual
family: Marcus Wright (boyfriend/lover)
relationship status: Blair is currently taken and in a relationship with Marcus Wright.
powers: N/A strengths: Blair is able to pilot a A-10 Warthog efficiently while still being able to handle herself in a fight with a gun.
weaknesses: Blair is human but Marcus will probably get mad if you hurt her.

Marcus Wright: The closest thing to a boyfriend that she's got and cares about.
equipment: Desert Mark IV pistol- Dangerous in the right hands. A-10 Warthog- Blair's ideal plane in the Resistance

Pre-Judgment Day Little is known about Blair's life before Judgment Day. Her father was an airline mechanic and a jet engine specialist which may explain how she became a pilot after Judgment Day. However, she also once tells Marcus that she never expected to be a pilot. Her knowledge of human anatomy suggests that she may have originally intended to become a doctor.[citation needed] Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series Blair was originally a pilot and a soldier in another Resistance group before joining John Connor's Tech-Com unit. At a certain point, Blair carries a mission to destroy "The Ghost", which turns out to be a human, named Laz Howard. After seeing Laz's ability to jamming machine's signal to disable them, Blair decides to take Laz to her base. Terminator Salvation film Hanging Marcus and Blair's first encounter. While on routine patrol in her A-10 Warthog along with her wingman, Blair Williams is dispatched by John Connor to investigate a massive Skynet troop movement near her location. Upon arrival, she and her wingman find a Transport and shot down a HK-Aerial which escorts the Transport. Another HK-Aerial released by the Transport shot down Blair's wingman and destroy one of the engines on Blair's craft. She was forced to eject or face certain death. After landing and being trapped on the cables, she meets Marcus Wright, who helps her get down from the parachute. Blair convinces Marcus to come to the Resistance Base with her to get help instead of risking himself on a "foolish" mission on directly going to the Skynet Central to rescue Kyle Reese and Star, who has been working with Marcus and were captured. While hiding in the remains of a racetrack, Blair ask Marcus to find something they can burn, so that they can build a fire. After treating a wound on her shoulder while he's away, she was attacked by three men who wanted her supplies and apparently wanted to take advantage of her. Though her gun is stolen by one of them, she manages to beat two men at first. However, she got a surprising hit from behind, causing her to fall down. When the men are pleased with themselves, Marcus came to her rescue and incapacitated the three men. In anger, Blair shot one them in the right thigh with anger, then threw the medical pack to him. Blair and Marcus build a fire and sit down near each other. Blair says that she is cold, and snuggles near Marcus — claiming she just wants body heat. Blair notices how strong his heart is. After thanking Marcus for saving her, Blair says to Marcus that you don't meet a lot of good guys these days. Marcus says he is not a good guy. Blair insists that he is and that he just doesn't know it yet. Marcus then ask her if she thinks people deserve a second chance. Blair replies "Yeah, I do," and falls asleep in his arms. Upon arrival at the base in the next morning, Marcus was severely injured after a magnetic mine went off when walking through the minefield, in what she believed to be an accident. Soon after she and other Resistance members discover that Marcus was not human, but a machine. Kate Connor tells her that the Resistance planned to disassemble Marcus rather than let him live. She then returns to the storage compartment and found Lieutenant Barnes shoot him in the chest for his late brother who died on a mission on Skynet VLA a few days earlier. Blair tells Barnes that John wants to see him. She shoots Marcus in order to convince Barnes to leave. After Barnes leaves, she releases Marcus and returns him the clothes. Then they start to escape. Barnes soon realizes she had lied to him and bring the force to the storage. After shooting at them with guns, Barnes uses an RPG against Marcus and Blair when the two are in the ventilation shaft connected to the silo. Marcus covers Blair with his own body. The RPG burns some of the skin off of Marcus' left arm revealing his endoskeleton. Blair touches it and is horrified. Marcus tells her to just move. After they exit the shaft, Marcus finds they have come to the minefield again. Blair uses a length of Primacord(detonating cord) to trigger/clear a path of mines, allowing them a safe route to the Jeep, only for it to be destroyed by another RPG. While running away and trying to dodge the bullets that are being shot at them, Blair is shot in the leg. Marcus stops and half carries, half drags her behind him urging her to get up. He asks her if she is okay and she replies, "Let's get you out of here." They shoot another RPG at Blair and Marcus. Hidden with the smoke, Blair decides to allow herself captured in order to serve as a diversion for Marcus to escape. She was placed in the brig, but Connor released her after asking how her leg was. She says that she'll live so he says to let her go, since he had spoken with Marcus and made a deal to rescue Kyle Reese. Blair pilots the Resistance strike team to Skynet Central aboard a helicopter. After the prisoners are rescued, she then pilots the helicopter away from Skynet Central as John Connor, who is severely injured having been impaled by T-RIP, a prototype Series 800 Terminator, remotely detonates the nuclear fuel cells stockpile meant for the new Series 800 Terminator. The explosions destroys Skynet Central and the Resistance escapes. A short time later, at a field base, Kate, Marcus, Blair, Kyle, Star, and Barns stand beside John Connor's bed. John lies dying and there appears to be nothing anyone can do about it. After Kate tells them that his heart can't take it, Marcus offers his heart to replace John's. When Blair starts to object, Marcus tells her this was the second chance that he talked about. Blair and Marcus share a final kiss, then Marcus is put under and gives his life to save John.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: See Marcus's hub
knowledge level of multiverse:See Marcus's hub
fandom specific information: See Marcus's hub
Anchor Character Section
RP Sample
Not my first character.
Blair Williams is both a talented Resistance pilot for the Human Resistance back in her world, but she also knows a bit of medical items.
Blair Williams has quite the relationship with Marcus going as far as to pull him out of danger at the risk of her own life. But she'll do anything at times for the terminator.

See my other applications for this information.
??? Pilot/ Marcus's girlfriend. Los Angeles d. Moon Bloodgood/dark
[hr] Done!

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  Last Resort
Posted by: 616 Tony Stark - 10-21-2018, 01:51 PM - Forum: Hub - Replies (10)

Tony didn't want to be here.

There was no other choice, he reminded himself. Safi and Chris needed his help, and that was going to mean suiting up. Bes had done as good a job patching him up as Tony could possibly expect from a cheerful midwife trapped in a land of 18th century technology, there was really no substitute for modern medical technology. Especially with many of Extremis's more useful features, including his healing factor, offline.

Still. He was already rolling his eyes in preparation of the sneering lecture he knew he was walking (well, crutching) into. He'd let already let Justin know he was coming. It was just a matter of biting the bullet and dealing with him.

He raised his hand to the buzzer of Justin's practice, because of course Justin was too good for any Avengers headquarters, and pressed it. "Justin? I'm here. Let's get this over with."


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  It's Been a While
Posted by: John Winchester - 10-20-2018, 01:12 AM - Forum: Hub - Replies (13)

One second John was swinging a machete at that eerily glowing tentacle monster, finally about to free the small town it'd been terrorizing, and the next second the slimy sonofabitch had wrapped a twisting limb around his ribs and tossed him headfirst at the brick wall of the dark alley behind him.

He was very surprised to slam into the dusty asphalt of a stretch of barren highway in the bright sunlight.

What. In the hell.

John pushed himself up, gritting his teeth as his bruised body protested, then shaded his eyes with his hand to survey his surroundings.

He knew this highway.

Shit, shit, shit.

It was just his luck the monster would somehow throw him all the way to god damned Lawrence when his boys were half the country away in California. Hell. Dean had been expecting him back by midnight, and here the sun was shining. He must’ve lost half a day.

The boys were safe for now, in a locked and salted motel room with food for a week as long as they stretched a little. But John didn’t like being so far away, not when Bobby or Caleb or Jim wasn’t even there to look in on them.

He took a couple deep breaths to calm himself. Dean was twelve but he wasn't stupid. Worst came to worst he knew what to do if John didn't come back from a hunt. And it wasn't like John WASN'T coming back. He just needed to make his way into town, find a pay phone and let Dean know he was okay but that he’d be a few days late in coming home. Then he could hitch his way to the bus station and put his newly defrauded credit cards to use in taking the first bus out west.

Thank God, salvation was coming his way in the form of a car heading toward the crossroads not far from where he was standing. He jogged forward, hoping to catch it before it turned onto the highway going crossways and missed him entirely.

The car turned. John swore under his breath. And then he stared, squinting into the bright sun across the asphalt, because-- that was the Impala. His Impala. He'd know it anywhere.

He jogged after it in earnest now, watching as it pulled off the highway--a mile or so down, maybe, so it was hard to see--into what might've been an old drainage ditch.

There way no way in hell this was a coincidence. Maybe someone had used that creature to get him here. And that meant if he could find whoever or whatever was driving his car, he could find out what the hell he was doing back in Kansas and make the bastard send him back to Cali. Back to his boys. He gripped his machete tight and followed the car.


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  Mary Winchester
Posted by: Mary Winchester - 10-19-2018, 10:50 AM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (1)

Mary Winchester
full name: Mary Winchester
nicknames/aliases/code name: Mary Campbell, Mom, Mother or Mama Winchester
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: no
species: human
gender: female
age: Technically, 64 but she looks in her 30’s
date of birth: December 5, 1954
place of birth: Lawrence, Kansas
starting location: The Hub, and Supernatural TV verse
originating fandom: Supernatural
fandom universe: Supernatural TV
pronouns: she/her
occupation: hunter, mother
languages: english
playby: Samantha Smith
height: 5’8
weight: 132 lbs (60kbs)
hair color: blonde
eye color: gray
distinguishing features: I dunno
sexual orientation: Straight
family: John Winchester (Husband), Dean and Sam Winchester (sons), the rest of her family is deceased
relationship status: That’s complicated. She’s married, but he’s dead. More or less. Maybe not, because Hub?
powers: Mary is human, albeit a rather badass one. She is a grade A hunter from a family of hunters.
strengths: Hunting: finding, recognizing, and identifying the supernatural, tracking, trapping, and killing monsters. Mary is phenomenally well versed in supernatural, holy, biblical, and demonic. She’s also up to speed on much technology, including but not limited to some of the british men of letters tech.
weaknesses: Mary’s greatest weakness is her family, namely, her boys. Dean and Sam are her sons, and she’ll risk any- and every- thing for them.
equipment: Angel blades, a gun, silver and witch killing bullets (and a few bullets made from melted down angel blades - a girl’s gotta protect herself), enochian brass knuckles, and assorted other hunting tools/weapons, etc. She also wears John’s wedding ring around her neck.
Mary Winchester was raised as a hunter, fell in love with a mechanic, and became a housewife. That sounds like a pretty good story until the part with a demonic deal to save the life of her husband, John, with the demon Azazel.

When Dean was 4 and Sam was 6 months old, Mary found Azazel in Sam’s room, standing over her son’s crib. He caught her and killed her.

Her spirit stayed on in her home for years to come, but she doesn’t really remember much of that.

Then in 2016, the goddess Amara, known as the Darkness, resurrected Mary as a gift for Dean, to give him what he truly wanted. Mary had been dead for 33 years, though Dean filled her in on what she had missed while she had been gone. Once she was caught up, Mary helped her sons in their goals to make the world safer as hunters.

This includes dealing with the British Men of Letters, wherein she met Arthur Ketch. The two had a brief affair, though Mary stated that it wasn’t emotional.

Now, three years after her resurrection, Mary works with her boys and their team of friends to help people stay safe and to avert world destroying crises.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: n/a
knowledge level of multiverse: Fairly knowledgeable, has travelled to alternate dimensions in the past
fandom specific information: Hunters hunt supernatural monsters, in America, these hunts are reactive to humans being harmed/killed/hunted/etc by said monsters.
Anchor Character Section
RP Sample
Not my first character.
Mary can use all the friends she can get. She has a son in Hub, even if he’s not the exact son she left behind in her world. She’s friendly and often playful, but she has a serious side, especially when it comes to danger and hunting.

Mary loves her husband John, but he has been dead for a while in her world, and thus she is trying to move on, even though she is not, by her own admission, ready to make a new emotional attachment.

nicknames: Nyte/Eve
age: [insert numerals here]
pronouns: you, hey
timezone: CST
contact: Discord
triggers: I don’t do cheating
mature threading: FTB usually
other characters: Steve, Christian, Lorelei, Seth, Fizzle, Okoye, Remy, Clint, Pythia, Gwin, Lukk, Serafina, Sigyn, Toryn
about: my dogs are my babies, seals are my spirit animal, <3 pine martens
40’s. Hunter. Supernatural. Samantha Smith.

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