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RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

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OOC min age:18

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  a Chance encounter
Posted by: Celeste Smith - 07-20-2019, 05:06 PM - Forum: Middle Class Residential Boroughs - Replies (10)

Celeste Smith woke as she did every morning to the sound of her household slowly stirring as well; a bright green eyed creature her beauty was only marred by a long twisting scar running from under her left ear, disappearing into the practical coiffure she pinned her dark hair into. One of the few practicing female doctors in London she accepted the cup of tea her maid brought her with a smile of thanks. Her household was small, only four people including herself, and only the bequeathment from her mother had afforded her the luxury of buying it even in the less desirable section of London near the theaters. But that suited her; Celeste when she was not keeping her admittance permissions active with London Gernal by taking bi weekly rounds, she kept a neat little practice catering discreetly to the ladies of the theater, those fallen birds that so many of her colleagues declined to treat.

This morning far too early for her mind, she was by nature a night owl, and facing waking the wrong side of dawn sat poorly with her, yet needs must, and as the most junior doctors she was forced to take the least desirable shifts or be left with out, and with her own practice so new (a discrete plaque at the door only stated Dr. C. Smith) and she would require the operation theaters at the hospital Celeste must as needful take on these horrible shifts.


Celeste could not help but smile as she lifted the baby who had decided to come into this world bottom first to his exhausted mothers breast, several hours later, how could she feel anything but grateful that it was she and not some other who might care less for mother and child?

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  Hannibal Cain
Posted by: Hannibal Cain - 07-20-2019, 07:54 AM - Forum: Approved Applications - Replies (1)

Hannibal Cain
full name: The Honorable Hannibal Cain
AKA: Hann
Ripper: Yes/No Yes. Ish.
Profession: Alienist
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Date of Birth: 6/19/1867
Place of Birth: Cardiff, England
Faction: British Supernatural Corps
Pronouns: He/Him
Occupation: Soldier
Languages: English, Romanian, Egyptian, Sandscrit (Read only), Latin, Spanish, Greek
Playby: David Tennant
Height: 6’1
Weight: 73 kg or 161 lbs
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: dark brown
distinguishing features:
Sexual Orientation: Percieved as heterosexual
Family:Parents: Lord Edmund and Lady Elise Cain, Brothers: William and Byron Cain, Grandfather: Lord Jonas Benet
Relationship Status: Single
Powers: Arcane Background(Elemental Magic - Air) - As an Alienist of some great discipline, Hannibal is able to use his mind to influence the world around him. He is able to read people extremely well, going as far to read their minds directly. He can also control the weather around him, particularly the wind. He has been trained by the best to be able to further help his country where he can.
Weaknesses: Antagonistic Element: Earth He might be able to hit an earth mage harder, but they have the same advantage.

Blindness to Earth: As an air mage, Hannibal cannot sense earth magic. Three Lives: Hannibal’s life is a mess. He is basically living three lives: A soldier, a mage, and a Ripper. It’s a lot to juggle, leaving him vulnerable to anyone who might catch on what he really is, or what he is actually up to.
Ripper Tech:None

Growing up the third son of an Earl, Hannibal always knew that he was doomed to a life of mediocrity. Except that he wasn’t, was he? He had somehow inherited abilities that his family had quietly, even secretly, possessed for generations. Neither of his older brothers possessed the talents he did, which meant that Hannibal stood a real chance at excelling at something.

He wasn’t wrong. He had been trained from a fairly young age by his grandfather in the art of air magics. Those lessons, that knowledge, proved quite useful when Hannibal, as a young man, when he bought his commission and joined the British army.

Most of his peers thought him rather bookish, too quiet, to make a good officer. And yet, contrary to those beliefs, Hannibal was often the first to finish a test, he won competitions. When he was assigned squad leader, he excelled at that, too. His men earned the highest praise and in turn Hannibal earned their loyalty.

It was for perhaps this reason that he was chosen for a highly confidential assignment. A commended officer, a mage of skill and training, Hannibal was approached to infiltrate a rather secretive (and judgemental) society: the Rippers. It was explained to him that Rippers felt that mages were monstrous, that magic was vile, and that they needed to be watched quietly. Because of his family, his inheritance and heritage, Hannibal quietly ducked under cover, presenting himself as a psionic alienist of skill and breeding to the Rippers. It was under this pretense that he joined them and continues to watch them, making sure that his fellows and family go unhindered and unsuspected.

About / Shipper
Hannibal is one of many aspects of the god Seth. Longing for a quiet life he could spend with his beloved goddess wife, Seth allowed Adhira to pull a piece of him to another world before shedding it and allowing Hannibal to be born into the godless world. Like Celeste, Hannibal is exactly what he seems; his only abilities are those he was born into.

Something within Hannibal yearns for the love he knows exists in the world. When he finds her, he will finally feel whole.

RP Sample
Far from my first character
Agility: d8
Smarts: d10
Spirit: d12
Strength: d6
Vigor: d6
Add Skill Name here: Number of Dice
Shooting: 3
Fighting: 3
Dodge: 4
Personality: 5
Secondary Stats

Pace: 6”
Parry: d6
Toughness: d3

Handle: Eve or Nyte
Age: Because Mike. 39. So rude to make a woman tell you her age, Mike….
Pronouns: hey you works fine
Timezone: CST
Contact: Discord
Triggers: Cheating - need to talk to me first
Mature Threading: Drugs/Torture are fine.
Other Characters: So many….
About: Pinnipeds! Spirit animals. Also, dogs.
age. occupation. group. playby.

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  Celeste Smith
Posted by: Celeste Smith - 07-17-2019, 10:01 AM - Forum: Approved Applications - Replies (1)

Celeste Julianna Smith
full name: Celeste Smith
AKA: N/a
Ripper: Yes/No No
Profession: Elemental mage/ Doctor
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Date of Birth: 1/19/1867
Place of Birth: Hyperbad, India
Faction: n/a
Pronouns: she/her
Occupation: Discreet Doctor specializing in female complaints
Languages: English, Latin, French, some Spanish and Hindi
Playby: Jenna Coleman
Height: 5’2
Weight: 110lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: green
distinguishing features: Scars curling under her right ear into her hair line
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Family:Orphan Father - David Smith (deceased) Mother - Julianna Smith (deceased)
Relationship Status:single and not particularly looking
Powers:Elemental Magic: Earth-

Celeste is half trained elemental mage with the potential but not the training to be a master, her magics are at that terrible stage where she thinks she knows what she’s doing

Weaknesses: Half Trained:Celeste only has what knowledge she intuitively knows along with the few lessons she observed from her mother before her passing.

Elemental Vulnerability: As a mage of Earth, Celeste is particularly vulnerable to any Air elementals or magics, and in her half trained state she is not powerful enough to sense their influence.

Elemental Blindness: As a Mage of earth she is completely blind to any Air workings.

Magical Vulnerability: She is exceptionally vulnerable to other magical/supernatural beings, her use of magic is like a beacon to those that can sense it and her shields are hardly as solid as they seem.

Celeste was born in India to a British Surgeon Captain and his Lady wife, through her mothers family Celeste has gained the Elemental Magery of Earth, unfortunately her mother died when she was young and the ensuing fire that destroyed her childhood home left Celeste scared physically and mentally, it also lost Celeste the chance to be trained fully in her powers leaving her an apprentice with a Masters potential.

Her mother having fallen out with her family before her marriage are not aware of the danger that has now occurred. With out proper training Celeste is extremely venerable to corruption and manipulation by those that would use her half trained powers.

After her mother’s death Celeste was driven to follow in her father’s footsteps, becoming a doctor and using her powers to enhance those skills. Celeste blames herself for not being strong enough to save her mother and holds guilt for her father’s decline and grief over the next decade, becoming his nurse than partner, studying under him till obtaining a formal education. To her grief her father passed suddenly while she was away at school only a month before he was meant to join her for her graduation.

Unable to return to the memories of her home Celeste moved the remaining household and the servants who wished to follow to London; there she hopes to save other women in the memory of her mother and keep alive the spirt of her Father.

About / Shipper
Celeste is actually the reincarnated sheared off aspect of the Goddess Adhira , a multidimensional entity that tired of the constant struggle and wishing to have one simple life as a ‘vacation’ sliced off a version of herself to be born on this world at this time. There is nothing Divine about Celeste, her only magic is Elemental, and while she might have a sense of familiarity to certain souls she is nothing more than what she seems. A girl who has lost her family and struggles to find her place in this world.

This means that Celeste will be drawn to her god counterpart, and other relationships can bloom before that settles once it does they will be a pair.

RP Sample
Not my first
Agility: d6
Smarts: d10
Spirit: d12
Strength: d6
Vigor: d6
Add Skill Name here: Number of Dice
Secondary Stats

Pace: 6”
Parry: 3,6

Age:Older than I should be
Timezone: gmt +1
Contact: Discord
Triggers: Character death
Mature Threading: Sex/Drugs/Torture! Wee!
Other Characters: Many on hub side
24. Doctor. Civilian. Jenna Coleman.

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  'Garnet Jack' Morgan
Posted by: Jack Morgan - 07-17-2019, 09:16 AM - Forum: Approved Applications - Replies (1)

John “Jack” Morgan
full name: John Phillip Morgan
AKA: “Garnet Jack”
Ripper: Yes/No No
Profession: Huckster/Agent
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Date of Birth: 2/12/1865
Place of Birth: St. Maries, Idaho
Faction: Agent
Pronouns: He
Occupation: Gambler/Merchant
Languages: English, Spanish
Playby: Timothy Olyphant
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Brown
distinguishing features: Three red scars down his chest.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Family:Henry Morgan - Father - Estranged/Disowned
Penelope Morgan - Mother - Dead
Robert Paul Morgan - Brother
Lyle Morgan - Grandfather - Dead
Arthur Morgan - Cousin - Dead

Relationship Status: Single
Powers: Huckster Magic - Jack has studied the magic collected in Hoyle’s Book of Games, and is proficient in using it to bind the spirits of magic to his beckoning. He can use this magic to perform direct attacks (Bolt, Blast), conceal himself or others (Obscure, Invisibility), protect or bind objects (Ring of Fire, Deflection, Entangle), create bursts of light, fear, or to see through the eyes of others (mind ride).
Strengths: Rich - While his merchant days might largely be behind him, Jack still retains his share of the family garnet mine, which he uses to furnish himself with portable cash and gemstones for trade.

High Roller - Bonuses for dealing with the devil during his spellcasting, 1 extra card to pick from.

Power Points - Has 5 extra power points.
Weaknesses: Arrogant - Years on this job, and his gambler nature, make Jack a thrill-seeker. In a fight, he doesn’t just jump into the thick of it, he looks for the biggest target and carves his way right over there. Is he going to make it flashy as he beats this guy? Oh yes, he completely is.

Overconfident - And he knows he’ll win that fight and beat that ‘boss.’ How could he not? He’s the best at what he does, and what he does is absolutely amazing. There’s no reason for him to back down from any challenge.

Stubborn - And if things don’t go his way? Well, that wasn’t his fault, now, was it? It was the bad luck of the minion that was shoved into his way, it was any number of mitigating factors that, without them, his expectations would have been completely justified.

Equipment:Clothing - Jack always dresses well, though functionally. He might get a suit destroyed on a mission, but he’ll always replace it soon with one that will be just as impressive. He has various pieces of jewelry he will wear with his suits, all of which are set with garnets. His pistols are well-cared for with ivory hilts.

Jack lived something of a charmed life growing up. The heir to a very productive Idaho garnet mine, Jack had access to money, education, and opportunity, which he used as any young man might: To start living excessively and gambling recklessly. If you needed to find him, chances are you’d find him in a saloon at the poker table. Jack had a gift for gambling, just as his grandfather had, the grandfather that taught him his cards, directly from the infamous Hoyle’s book of games.

Jack’s somewhat charmed life was disrupted, though, when the family fortune was called into question. His father, it turned out, had also been something of a gambler, and the terms of his early life win had been fulfilled. The spirit he’d bargained with had come to collect its price, and finding Henry unwilling to quietly pay the price for the life of success and luxury he’d been handed, he decided he was owed some interest and processing fees, in the form of the life of his wife.

Jack, ever the ne’er-do-well, at this point stepped up to save his unworthy father and his innocent brother. So began Jack’s first real deal with a devil. Mr. Hobbes, the infernal benefactor, was more than ready to make a deal for Jack’s soul, similar to how he’d gotten his hooks into his father. On one side the human cashed in his soul into chips, on the other the demon staked his own interests and wealth, not putting much stock in this little pest of a human who was all but giving his soul away. And so, in the dark of a moonless night, they sat down to play. Cards were dealt, drinks were served, and whiskey, laced with holy water, was unknowingly consumed by all. In the end, Jack held the one commodity that Mr. Hobbes did not: Time. Jack simply played his cards slowly while Hobbes began to burn from the inside out. Finally, with the chips still stacked evenly between them, Jack shot him a wicked smile and gave him an ultimatum. Jack could keep playing all night, obviously, and would, so there was only one course of action to finish this game quickly: Go all in, right now. Obviously, the demon did so, betting everything… only for Jack to fold. The pot went to Mr. Hobbes, who in frustration bet everything again, only to have Jack fold. This repeated for the better part of a half hour as the demon grew more and more desperate, until finally, Jack called. The demon hadn’t even looked at his cards for several hands, but Jack, unnoticed in the demon’s desperation, had built quite a marvelous hand up his sleeve, which he played, much to the demon’s furious relief… winning the game.

Jack’s life grew more interesting from there, as Hobbes hadn’t exactly been unknown to the government and those who deal with such monsters. Impressed with what he’d done, he was offered contracts as an agent for the government. While he didn’t exactly earn his superiors’ affection, as they apparently didn’t have much love for people who flaunted their wealth, gambled habitually, and made a scene in saloons all over the Union, they couldn’t argue with the results he got them. He became rather well known at poker tables for the way he’d buy his way in with garnets from the mine he now owned half of (true, his brother actually ran it, but he left his brother most of the profits in return for not having to bother himself with it), and found that buying into a game in such a manner had become a good way of striking fear into local monsters and wicked warlocks.

It’s unclear whether his assignment to travel overseas is a sign of his status or a sign of his superiors’ desire to get rid of him for a while. What is known is that Garnet Jack was put on a boat to London, tracking a voudon who’d murdered a governor’s mistress. With that accomplished, well, who’s to say what interests the old world will hold for him?

About / Shipper
Jack is an easy man to get along with, as long as you aren’t a creepy crawly that goes bump in the night, one of his superiors, or anyone preaching the virtues of moral living. He’s an entertaining companion, generous with the wealth he has to the point of showiness, and absolutely deadly when the chips fall and the cards come out. He’s not opposed to being friendly with anyone he comes across, in whatever way you take ‘friendly’ to mean.
RP Sample
Hi, it’s Mike
Agility: d6
Smarts: d12
Spirit: d10
Strength: d6
Vigor: d6
Shooting: 1
Spellcasting: 4
Personality: 2
Gambling: 2

Secondary Stats

Pace: 6”
Parry: d8
Toughness: d6

Handle: Arjay
Age: 38
Pronouns: He/Him
Timezone: MST
Contact: Discord
Triggers: We’re good
Mature Threading: OK!
Other Characters: Arjay Lo’Ran, so damn many more.
About: You all know you love me.
age. occupation. group. playby.

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  Rippers - Setting
Posted by: kel - 06-30-2019, 07:29 PM - Forum: Must Read - No Replies



London - incomplete

World - Done

US - Done

Magic - Under construction

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  DeadLands - 1876
Posted by: kel - 06-30-2019, 05:07 PM - Forum: Information - No Replies

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  Character Creation Stats - Helper Guide
Posted by: kel - 06-30-2019, 02:27 PM - Forum: Must Read - No Replies

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  Savage Worlds Core Book
Posted by: kel - 06-30-2019, 02:25 PM - Forum: Information - No Replies

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  Application - Template
Posted by: kel - 06-30-2019, 01:33 PM - Forum: Applications - No Replies

full name: Full Character Name
AKA: Nicknames/Code Names/Aliases
Ripper: Yes/No No/Yes
Profession: Archtype
Gender: Male/female/other
Age: In Years
Date of Birth: 1/19/1867
Place of Birth: Country, City
Faction: IE : Cabal/Men in Black
Pronouns: He/Him/she/her/they
Occupation: How you pay the bills
Languages: List all known, mark if only spoken/read otherwise assumed both
Playby: Actor name Representing your character
Height: Feet or cm in numbers
Weight: Lbs or KG in numbers
Hair Color: hair color
Eye Color: eye color
distinguishing features: Scars/distinct features
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Bi/Homosexual/Pan/Ace/Other
Family:Siblings/Parents, names and relationships with them
Relationship Status: descriptive text you want
Powers: Arcane Background(Alienist/ Weird Science/ Magic/Miracles)- see pages 5, determine what kind of powers and range your character currently has. See pages 109 - 119 of the Savage World book for nonrestrictive list of examples.
Strengths: Edges - see pages - 5 - 8
Weaknesses: Hinderances - see pages - 4 - for non restrictive examples. If you take 3 hinderances you will gain 5 extra points to spend on your dice skills.
Ripper Tech:Ripper Tech - see pages - 23 -30 - also be aware of the sanity cost to grafting monster parts to your body
Equipment:Gear - see page - 10 -14 - Ignore any currency cost, any large purchases should have a grounding in what is possible for your character through background or RP.
150 words min of who your character is, what they what, why they what it.

About / Shipper
Tell us about your character not covered yet, Plotter/shipper ideas, starters.
RP Sample
Only Required for first character
Agility: d6,d8,d10,d12,2d12
Smarts: d6,d8,d10,d12,2d12
Spirit: d6,d8,d10,d12,2d12
Strength: d6,d8,d10,d12,2d12
Vigor: d6,d8,d10,d12,2d12
Add Skill Name here: Number of Dice
Secondary Stats

Pace: 6”
Parry: ½ Strenght, ½ Spirit dice type,
Toughness: d6,d8,d10,d12,2d12

Handle: Site NickName
Age: how old are you? In years
Pronouns: preferred pronouns
Timezone: what is your timezone?
Contact: Discord/DMs/Other
Triggers: things you will not thread, or require warning about
Mature Threading: Sex/Drugs/Torture?
Other Characters: Got anyone else already on the site?
About: write a lil' about yourself here!
age. occupation. group. playby.

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  Whos Who
Posted by: kel - 06-30-2019, 12:16 PM - Forum: Must Read - Replies (1)

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