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The door opened and the finely dressed fallen angel stepped into the shop. In his hand a flask and on his face a mischievous little smile. He was looking for objects that could cause a little mayhem and chaos and get a little laugh. He was picturing maybe a joy buzzer or flower that sprays water. He had no idea what he was getting himself into when he walked into the joke shop, if he had maybe he wouldn’t have decided to walk through the door. Raising the flask to his lips to take a quick drink before returning it to his inner breast pocket.

Why was he looking for little gags? Well, he had started to think that he might go home or Mazikeen would sense that he was no longer in the void and come looking for him. And with how he had left things between them, or how he left her, he’d need a good distraction to hopefully calm that temper of hers. Was it going to work? Not really, but he was still going to try it anyway. Besides, the Devil did enjoy a good prank or joke and would always enjoy a good laugh or two.

But he was going to need some help finding the right stuff. “Anyone around that can help me?” He glanced around the place looking for someone who worked here.


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