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It was a dream that could never last.

Belle walked on daggers.

She smiled, she tried her best to pretend. But how could she hide her despair, heart break from a man would could feel it in his soul no matter how she tried to hide behind a bright smile?

Living in Hub had become unbearable, even if she didn’t see him..there was, Queth, Pete, Sebastian, digging shards of guilt deep into her soul.

She needed to leave, just for a few months, enough and far enough to -

A world with out magic, with out gods, enough technology that she could have refrigeration, that was what she asked the broker, a world where she couldn’t be visited by supernatural beings.

He offered one where time move swifter, she could spend subjective years and only a few weeks or months would pass, he offered to exchange the relative wealth she’d accumulated on Hub and make her a grand Lady on Persephone.

She choose instead a small farm, the world awakening a faint spark of her sense of adventure.

Those close to her knew she was going on a long vacation, Chris knew more but than he would have been blind not to.

Soul Food shuttered its doors and Belle took her small possessions that would still work on this new world.

The quiet routine of daily farm work, serving as town Liberian, on a frontier world slowly soothed the raw wounded places in her too often broken heart.

And then the Reavers came.

The ring around her neck was powerless to protect her, there was no gateway to Hell for it to open.

But it did have enough to fulfill the purpose it had originally been given to her.

Belle didn’t die.

The reclamation team that found her didn’t recognize her at first, it shouldn’t have been possible to survive-

The mentally shattered wreck Jane Doe was sent to a psychiatric clinic.

Five years later a woman walked out, years later she would take the name.


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