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Word Count: None

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Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

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Thread Contributor: SpockSpock (You Couldn't Pronounce The Rest)
Star Trek-TOS

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full name: Spock, you couldn’t pronounce the rest.
nicknames/aliases/code name: Pointy-eared hobgoblin
canon or oc: canon
anchor character: no
species: Vulcan-human hybrid
gender: Male
age: 37
date of birth: 2231
place of birth: Vulcan
starting location: Star Trek universe, Enterprise
originating fandom: Star Trek
fandom universe: TOS, original 5-year mission
pronouns: He/his
occupation: Starfleet agent; first officer and science officer of the USS Enterprise
languages: English, Vulcan
playby: Leonard Nimoy
height: 6’0”
weight: 160
hair color: black
eye color: brown
distinguishing features: Pointed ears and slanted eyebrows; greenish skin tone, bowl cut
sexual orientation: Asexual
family: Human mother (Amanda Grayson) and Vulcan father (Sarek), who is estranged.
relationship status: Single; until recently, was telepathically bonded to T’Pring, who dumped him for a different Vulcan at their marriage ceremony.
powers: Superhuman strength; touch telepathy;being sarcastic while pretending to not be sarcastic strengths: Spock is intelligent, loyal, resourceful, and logical; many have called him the “best first officer in the fleet”
weaknesses: Not a great leader; often rigid in thinking; distrusts intuition, often to his detriment equipment: Phaser, tricorder
Spock was born to a human mother and Vulcan father in the city of Shi’Kahr on Vulcan in 2230, and was raised as a Vulcan. Spock joined Starfleet in 2250 against his father’s wishes. He was eventually assigned to the Enterprise, where he served as science offer under Captain Christopher Pike and later as first officer and science officer under James Kirk. While serving with Kirk, Spock had a great many adventures and found his logic put to the test many times. He also developed strong friendships with his captain and ship’s doctor. He arrives at the Hub when the Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, and Scott go missing in an alternate timeline. Spock is able to configure the transporter to bring him to another universe, but is unaware that the damage from the ion storm means he’s about to go somewhere unexpected.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: None
knowledge level of multiverse: Aware of the theoretical existence of other universes; has just had his first encounter with an alternate reality (i.e., the mirror universe), but is only beginning to fully understand what’s going on.
fandom specific information: From the canon original series, specifically “Mirror, Mirror”
Anchor Character Section
RP Sample
Spock is a complex person. Although he was raised as a Vulcan to be unemotional and logical above all else (and believes strongly in this ideology), his human half often leads him to be conflicted between logic and emotion, as well as about his feelings (friendship or otherwise) for his shipmates. Aside from that, he is extremely loyal, and has gone to great lengths for the people he cares about and the Enterprise.
Friends: Spock has exactly two close friends, Kirk and McCoy, and (despite himself) he holds very strong feelings of friendship for them. Kirk is his closest friend and the one he has opened up the most to. His relationship with McCoy is more contentious, and as a general rule neither of them are entirely sure where they stand with each other. In general, though, Spock would do anything for his friends and vice versa.

Lovers: Spock is aware that the feelings he has for Kirk are singular enough to be romantic in nature, but he has little experience with romance and does not believe it would be logical to act on them (though, secretly, he would like to). He is generally content to be by Kirk’s side on the Enterprise.

nicknames: Jasmine/Starkly age: 28
pronouns: She/her
timezone: EST
contact: discord
triggers: None
mature threading: Anything goes
other characters: 616 Tony Stark, Dean Winchester, Mal Reynolds, Crowley, John Winchester
37. Starfleet Officer. USS Enterprise. Leonard Nimoy.

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Sexual Orientation: Undisclosed

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Congratulations, you have been approved! Please don't forget to make your claims in the claims thread!

And of course, have fun!!

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