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Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

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Thread Contributor: Blair WilliamsAnd the Sky is Falling

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Today Blair was curious of the various multiverses yet the machine war was calling.

She was alarmingly one of the few pilots the Resistance counted on and trusted with the plane given to her.

However, she was sent on a mission out of her hub to go find out what the multiverses were really all about.

Barnes stared at her and told her not to drag Marcus back to base if she could.

She just angrily glared in Barnes direction, packing up everything before walking out to her A-32 Warthog and hopping in, doing the normal protocols before lifting off and before anyone else could tell her no, she was off into the blue skies.

"Blair, you read?"

Blair nodded through her mask "Yes, what is it?"

"Bring some interesting tech back to help fight Skynet."

Blair thought for a second and then nodded "Right, Right. "

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Every world was different, unique. Some more so than others, but no two worlds were exactly alike. Even as a young godling, Seth had known that, even if he hadn’t known what those other worlds were, or how to reach them. Time, however, had taught him everything. Time and experience.

This world was interesting. Thus far, the borough this world’s portal resided within was broken and devoid of living things. It was heaps of metal and parts and it smelled like rot and death.

A mortal might think it smelled or even looked like the Underworld, but they would be so very mistaken. His kingdom was comfortable and clean and far more gentle than this world was. The residents here would, he mused, prefer his realm to their world, most likely.

The tall, dark man stood amongst the wreckage of the borough, hazel eyes spanning the distance. He knew there was life in the world; not only would Hub find no reason to create a portal to a dead world, he could feel the workings of his domain here. There would be no death where there was no life. And here, there was death. So much of it.

And then he felt a shift. Life. “Ah, there you are.” Seth spoke the words with a small curl of his lips even as he turned to see just who it was that had come to explore.


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