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Safi was gone, and Christian was worried.

The first week or so had been fine. Okay, maybe a little bit better than fine, and certainly a hell of a lot better than he had expected it to be. Safi had been in regular contact, even if the contact hadn’t really been normal. Lots of texting, pictures. It had seemed like the bodyguard had gone back and things were going well.

The texts slowed down, Safi had explained that he was in places with poor reception. Okay, Christian could deal.

But it had been several days since he’d heard anything, and Chris was started to wonder why. Spotty service still meant that a text would go through every now and again! He leaned forward in his seat on one of the many benches that were scattered around the city. Here, he was in what he called the comics borough of the city he had come to consider one of his two homes. The part of the city where the mansion he lived with Tony and Wanda and Safi and Steve was. The same part of the city where the Tower that served as a workplace with the other Tony Stark also resided. Strange how the part of the city that lead to his birth world, that looked so much like the nice little park in Gotham he liked to go see when he visited his sister felt so foreign to him these days.

Silent, eyes down, one of Christian’s fingers flick deftly over the glass screen of his phone. He wasn’t looking at the pictures so much as the dates, the times. Text message after text message, pictures interwoven, not just from Safi, but from Christian as well, messages and replies. Some of the pictures still made him blush now, weeks after they’d been sent, while others and nearly all of the messages earned gentle smiles.

But every smile holds something quietly despondent, something desperately worried in it, too. Every evening, he spent time and energy over the little effigy that represented Safi, sending energy and healing into the doll, which in turn funnelled it into the real person. Safi was in a different world, far away from where either portal to Hub was located, but Christian’s magic was strong, and he knew it found its way to the bodyguard. His boyfriend, now.

The texts run out, and Christian reads the last few messages back and forth a couple more times before his head bows and his eyes close. Safi should have sent him something by now. Even just a picture, himself or his surroundings. In lieu of that, a message, at least letting Chris know he was okay. Safi had to know that Chris would be worried by now, he had to… “Please send me something, Safi. Tell me you’re okay. Tell me you’ve changed your mind even, but say something. Please.” The words were whispered to the phone; it was obvious he expected no response, but he begged anyway, his tired eyes gleaming bright with unshed tears.


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