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"I'm sorry," Tony said softly. It was obvious that Bes had come to terms with what had happened, but no one, not even a God, could come out of something like that unscathed. He only nodded at Bes's description of how far things had come. It was obvious to see that people had adapted, had survived--as people always did and would.

He took the crutches, hopping forward experimentally and biting his lip as the his leg throbbed harder. Riding had probably been a bad idea. Being on his feet for another however many hours it would take to do this would probably be a bad idea too. He suppressed a grimace as he followed Bes's lead toward the smithies. He'd deal with the consequences later.

"So, what are we talking in terms of trade, here?" he asked. "Rare has to mean expensive, and I'm guessing these people don't take cards."


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“Besides as maybe something to make jewelry from?” He grinned, “no not really.” They’d talked briefly about what Tony could barter, most of that being knowledge, Bes had explained that while he could make the introductions, he could even offer a small amount of his own services if needed the majority of the bargaining would be on the billionaire to manage.

Waving the other man the forward, Bes kept a hand ready to catch him if he faltered over the high lintel; the building clearly was a converted warehouse that had its original steel automatic loading doors replaced by wood, the whole space was filled with vendors, the stalls offered mostly handworked goods, metalwork seeming to be the main attraction; the workshops were divided into two sections, each with a ‘front’ facing public area where already completed goods were displayed and the ‘back’ which was where the heat billowing furnaces churned out new product.

It was clear that there were only three main forges, separated by temperature and therefore the materials being used, and all the craftspeople gathered around them plying their trade- from silversmiths to crude efforts at damascus steel and primitive electrolysis.


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