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Thread Contributor: Jak/MarChaos never ends [Open]
Jak and Daxter series-Jak 3

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The hub of Haven City was full of chaos and craziness today as it often was. Creatures with yellow gems in their heads named Metalheads and Krimzon death bots were attacking the city in droves and Commander Torn stood in the middle of HQ slamming his fist down again on the computer in front of him "We lost another part of the city to death bots and metalheads!" Torn looked stressed and angry as the long eared blue tattooed man screamed again at Jak's friends.

Samos, the eco sage tried to calm down the man only to get a annoyed grunt from the Commander in turn.

Governess Ashelin had popped in earlier to tell everyone that there was a emergency meeting in the council and people were pointing their fingers at Jak for all the shit going wrong so far.

Daxter tried to annoy Torn by telling him that this was HIS bar. But Torn smirked and told him him and the soldiers use his image on top as target practice.

Even the eco warrior Jak bit his tongue, feeling more stressed than ever.

"What, MORE metalheads?"

Not only that, but there were problems that there were multiverses beyond Haven City now.

Jak sighed and turned, wanting to check out the multiverses himself.
Shadowrun-Tabletop edition

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It was almost certainly 'inappropriate' to skip into a warzone, but things had finally been going Queth's way for once. Glitch had someone new to chat with, and was having the time of his life with Jonah, Queth thought that her date with Belle had gone well, she had started talking about tech with Chris-

Not to mention that a good friend had well and truly helped her relieve her stress beforehand, so she was about as chill as she was capable of being. The news of a universe with folks of similarly pointed ears, and similarly built tech was more than a little tantalizing for her to search out.

Even if Queth was under the suspicion that she would still stand out as far taller than any elf like beings in this universe as well. That at least was something that she could explain away as a simple genetic abnormality. Unless elves were like three feet tall in which case the only appropriate response was to about face and return to her own universe.

Walking through the portal it became startling clear that this place didn't seem to have... well. Any humans as far as she could tell. Hesitantly, she brushed her hair back behind her ears, as open a display of her species as she was capable of. And readily uncomfortable and strange to her.

Seeing a green haired man walking in her direction, she smiled at him slightly. "I'm sorry, I'm a bit lost, can you tell me where exactly I am?"


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