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Thread Contributor: SigynA Midgardian Miracle tag: Jane Foster

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Midgardians had invented some of the most marvelous things. No, really, they had. Things like recycled paper, pizza, cellular phones that could even remind you of your appointments, the history channel, all things steampunk (it was a beautiful look), but perhaps best of all things was the invention of iced cream. A rather magical thing for all of its simplicity, when you broke it down. Cow’s milk, ice, and sugar, churned and beaten until it became a cold, creamy substance. Add a flavor and mix it in when you churned it, and you could make the most amazing concoctions! Humanity rather had a knack for taking the simplest of things and crafting it into remarkable things, and iced cream was no different, at least not in Sigyn’s mind.

To this end, he had taken it upon himself, when his princess was otherwise occupied, to travel from human world to human world, all Earths (or mostly all), and try their iced creams. He often tried a new flavor, especially if they had one he had yet to try, but often enough he would order his favorites. Usually, the Midgardian money he kept upon his person worked, but sometimes he would have to barter or work for his treat.

This world, one that knew of Asgard, would not be one such world where Sigyn would have to work for the iced cream he had come for. Good. He had no interest in any such chores or bartering, and they seemed as though they would be happy enough to take his coin. He had every intention of finding an iced cream vendor (though not one of the trucks that sold it on a stick - that was never the same quality as the places that made it there in their facility) and eating his prize before heading back; just a simple endeavor, no adventure to be had, but then he heard someone mention his fair Queen, and his attention immediately fled from iced cream and instead landed on meeting this new version of Thor.

Finding the thunder goddess was not going to be terribly difficult. However, making a good impression might be. Back home, Sigyn was known, here, there could be no certainty. History could be drastically different in this world. Taking the form of a hawk, Sigyn flew, seeking not Thor, but Mjolnir. The hammer was made of old, strong magic, which was something that the sorcerer could track and follow.

Upon catching sight of the hammer, the hawk shimmered and stretched, shifting into the form of a dark-haired woman with brown eyes, hands clutching a small container. Sigyn was dressed simply in beige and brown leathers though she was an Asgardian sorceress, “I seek the one called Thor.”

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It was a somewhat familiar sight in New York City. The ground began to rumble, before lifting and cracking open as an invasion force of horrific beasts emerged. The legion of creatures was comprised of small yellow creatures that appeared almost sickly thin and a green giant with an open, gaping jaw with teeth as sharp as they were massive. They attacked everything in sight, from innocent cars that were simply minding their own business to the clueless tourists who didn’t know that monsters didn’t stop for selfies. These creatures were from the hidden world below and they were here to wage war. It was kind of a typical Monday thing around these parts.

Jane had been enjoying a pleasant coffee at a nearby café when the ground started shaking. It was a little treat to herself after everything that was going on.

Moments before the excitement really kicked off, Jane had caught herself staring at her own reflection after looking up from the empty plate in the café window. With the touch of a magical hammer Jane could be transformed into a beautiful, blond goddess, yet it was only when she was in her own skin did she feel she looked alien. Her shaved head might be hidden away by a headscarf, but her bodies eroding fat meant her bones seemed to poke through her pale skin.

She felt a well of emotions build up in her chest that she tried to beat down by chuckling to herself for ‘being silly’ and joked “Damn human body”. It didn’t really work, but ground began to split open and tried to swallow her whole which helped take her mind off it. She might have been tired from the disease ravaging her body, but earthquakes and the ground cracking beneath your feet was a great motivator.

Jane found an empty alleyway and called for Mjolnir. The hammer fell from the sky and landed into her hand. The second her fingers touched the Asgardian weapon, its magic began its worked and transformed her into Thor: the Goddess of Thunder. Ready for a fight, Thor spun the hammer at incredible speeds before throwing it skyward, letting it pull her along with it.

Her arrival was marked with a loud clap of thunder as she lowered herself towards the giant beast and small yellow foot soldiers. She recognised the beast as Giganto, the “tank” of the Fantastic Four villain known as Mole Man, though the disgusting short man seemed to be nowhere in sight. If she hoped to end this quickly then Thor would have to draw him out.

With all eyes on her thanks to her loud entrance, she called out in a loud booming voice “Show yourself Mole Man so thou can face the wrath of Thor!”

A silence fell over the battlefield. Down below, Thor could one of the thin yellow creatures was seen climbing over a strange platform they had been constructing. He was handed a large shell cone which he raised and spoke into. This thing appeared to be some kind of weird mole people megaphone. “Giganto has thrown off the shackles of the tyrannical Overlord Mole Man! His reign of terror is over! Now begins Giganto’s reign of terror as his claims his city in the name of Giganto!”

“Good for you!” Congratulated Thor, sincerely. No one deserved to be servitude to that disgusting creep. “I shall spread the tale of Giganto and how you proved to be a far fiercest foe than your former master ever did!” With that, she charged the power of the storm held within the hammer and dove towards the giant beast.

Half an hour after the beast had fallen, Thor stuck around to supervise the retreat of her defeated foe’s army. By this point the local emergency services and the good men and women of SHIELD were on the scene to help maintain order and clean up. Giganto was still unconscious from the charged blow from the hammer and SHIELD was beginning work on trying to figure out how they were going to go about arresting this massive beast.

Out of the blue, a hawk swooped down and unfolded into what could easily be mistaken for a human woman. It was hardly the strangest thing to happen today but it was certainly out of the blue. She announced her interest was with Thor so Thor took several steps towards her. She kept Mjolnir gripped tight. Though this woman had no obvious ill intent displayed towards Thor, the goddess kept her guard up anyway. “And thou have found her. Speak your intentions.”


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Age:Very Old
Job: God of Fidelity
Ship Status: Betrothed
Sexual Orientation: Pan-Sexual

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He had only just found a place to shift when the sounds of battle reached his ears. Sigyn was a caster by trade, but in his heart of hearts, he was still as much a warrior as any Asgard. Still, he knew his prowess, and thus he kept to the air, casting and doing what he could to protect those Midgardians from harm and their city from damage. He did not engage the...creature...that had appeared with a large shell, and instead paid attention to what he said and how his words were received.

Surprisingly, someone thought that this was good news. He turned toward the voice, surprise flooding through him as he saw… Thor. Not his Thor, of course, his was back home in his own world. But a Thor, in gleaming battle armor, wielding Mjolnir.

He did not interfere with Thor’s battle. He knew better than that. Instead, he waited, still using his magic to keep the battle from spilling over into the city where people lived, where they watched and waited and feared and hoped. He kept Thor’s lightning from straying outside of the bounds of the battle. He kept the ground from rumbling and shaking. He kept the Midgardians who had gathered at the boundaries of the battlefield, wearing suits and wielding no magic of their own safe from harm.

Once the battle was over and the Midgardians had come forward to deal with the vanquished beast that had attempted to claim the city, only then did Sigyn flew down to greet Thor. The transition from hawk to woman was fluid, elegant and smooth. The only magic user in all of Asgard who rivaled Sigyn’s ability to change her skin was Loki herself.

She barely hesitated, once Thor addressed her, once she verified her identity, Sigyn sank to her knees with grace. “My…” Only once she meant to spoke the honorific did Sigyn pause to consider that she did not know if Thor were the queen here, in this universe. It was possible that Odin still lived here. Offering the carton to Thor as the only gift she had to present, Sigyn as much asked as she stated, “I brought iced cream?” She tipped her head, “I had hoped to meet you and speak with you.”


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