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Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

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Thread Contributor: Jane FosterJane Foster

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Job: Nurse
Ship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Honest Steve

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Jane Foster
full name: Jane Foster
nicknames/aliases/code name: Thor
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: yes
species: Human
gender: Female
age: 32
date of birth: 4th of February
place of birth: New York
starting location: 616
originating fandom: Marvel Comics
fandom universe: 616
pronouns: She/her
occupation: Nurse / Goddess of Thunder
languages: English, Asgardian
playby: Jenna Coleman
height: 1.57 m
weight: How rude!
hair color: Brunette (until she picks up a certain hammer)
eye color: blue
distinguishing features: Due to her cancer treatment, Jane is bald and sickly thin.
sexual orientation: Hetreosexual
family: None, all deceased.
relationship status: Single.
powers: Most of her power comes from her hammer Mjolnir, a powerful asgardian artefact bestowed with the power of the All-Father. Those deemed worthy by the magic of the hammer are granted a number of magical gifts. The power most commonly associated with the magical hammer is its control over the elements and energy. This means the wielder has the power to control the weather, the winds and lightning. Thor can fire bolts of electricity to incapacitate normal targets, or build up the energy to unleash more powerful attacks. The hammer is constructed from an ancient metal known as Uru which, in order to gain a better control of his hammer, Thor has been magically enhanced to have a limited control over. This allows Thor to call back his hammer after throwing it and control its direction in-flight.

All though human by birth, with the mighty Mjolnir in her grasp, Jane’s body is magically transformed and she becomes a god. This Asgard/God physiology gifts Thor with a number of benefits. These include the strength of a dozen men her size and the power to lift over a hundred tons. Her natural powers also include invulnerability against alignments (such as toxins, poisons, diseases), harsh environments (ranging from the fires of Nusphelheim to the cold depths of space) and other amazing feats (such as drinking a keg of fine beer without getting drunk). Her physiology also grants her longevity and the ability to survive without being dependent on food, water or air (allowing her to survive in space and undersea).
weaknesses: Her strength is also her weakness, as without the hammer she reverts back to regular old Jane Foster, nurse extraordinaire and weak cancer victim. The enchantment requires close proximity to empower Jane and if Jane is separate from the hammer for longer than a minute, her powers quickly fail. Another side-effect of the enchantment is that it flushes her flushes her system of chemicals and toxins, which normally would be a good thing, however Jane is undergoing treatment for cancer and part of that treatment is chemotherapy. Whenever she turns into Thor and turns back, she is stored to normal and the drugs are removed from her system.
equipment: Magic whacking hammer.

There it was, right in the middle of the clearing, just where she knew it would be. It was a struggle to get here in the middle of nowhere and it was a struggle to remain here. A cruel, cold wind savaged Jane as she approached her destination, yet she did not stop. She was sick and weak from her cancer, yet she did not stop. She was alone and frightened. The gods had left this place not too long ago and the elements had covered their tracks. She wondered if Heimdall was watching this place. How could he not? Would he keep her secret or would he send aid? She hoped not. She wouldn’t blame him if he did, after all she was a friend, she was sick, she was alone and she probably wouldn’t last long. Yet she did not stop and she did not want to be stopped. Something was waiting for her, something important, something that was going to change her life and its name was Mjolnir.

It laid waiting for her in the middle of a clearing. Memories flooded back to her. She remembered when she first saw that strange hammer. She had been a young nurse back then who had somehow ended up capturing the heart of a disgraced god. Being the lover of a god meant being roped up into far out adventures with aliens, monsters and myths. She befriended gods and ran afoul of devils. Yet somehow to all came to an end. All good things must come to an end after all. The pair found themselves caught in-between two worlds. He was an immortal god and she was merely a fantastic nurse.

She remembered her times with Thor, the trail of thoughts ultimately lead to her how things ended between her and the god of thunder. Jane had spent some time on Asgard and if she wanted to stay, she needed to face off against a horrible creature from some dark corner of reality. She survived the creature but failed to live up to Odin’s standards. She had shown fear and Odin deemed her unworthy. The thought almost made her smile as she approached the lone Mjolnir. Would the hammer find worth within her when its forger could not?

Thor had been furious to learn that Jane was being sent away. He threatened to raise hell and she believed that was a promise he would fully commit to, so she asked him not too. She had felt the space between them forming for a long time though he couldn’t see it, it had become too clear for her to ignore. She loved him, but she couldn’t be with him. She had felt the space between them forming for a long time though he couldn’t see it, it had become too much for her to ignore. She loved him, but she couldn’t be with him. He was a god and she was mortal. She could love him with all her heart and he could love her just as much, but it wouldn’t change the fact his immortality meant one day she would grow old and turn to dust in front of his very eyes. She couldn’t do that him, nor would she accept him forsaking his morality. The world would always need a Thor. Even now, as her eyes fell upon the hammer all she could say was “there must always be a Thor”.

So she returned and he stayed. Their broken hearts would slowly heal, which was just as well because other, darker fates awaited them. Jane’s health took a turn for the worst when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She began treatment and it was during one of chemotherapy sessions when an old friend came to visit in effort to cheer her spirits, after having cleared out the nearby KFC. Volstagg spent hours regaling her with tales of what had happened since she left Asgard, however the stories concluded with a shocking end.

She learned that after a mysterious encounter with a powerful stranger her old lover Thor, the god of thunder, was in a bad state. All this stranger had to do was merely whisper something in Thor’s ear and his life came crushing down on him. Mjolnir had deemed him, and all other Asgardians unworthy of its power. It laid stationary in an empty wasteland. Even Odin Borson himself could not cause the hammer to shift.

Over the following days, Jane’s mind obsessed over Thor and Mjolnir. Volstagg had let slip where this hammer had fallen and for the past few days it was all she could think about. She couldn’t explain why but she felt she had needed to see the fallen hammer for herself. Would it really be too difficult for her to drive to the middle of nowhere? Of course it was. She was sick woman, but it didn’t stop here. And now here she was standing before the alone Mjolnir.

She was glad Thor wasn’t still here. Seeing him as broken as Volstagg claimed would have broken her heart and what she was about to do would no doubt shatter his.

As she approached she could swear she felt the hammer pull her in. Was this magic or just wishful thinking?

Her hands gripped around the shaft of the hammer and she began to pull. Almost instantly she felt it budge so she continued to pull.

The inscription began to glow. It read: whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of… THOR

Except the inscription changed just a little. Somehow a pesky “s” and thrown itself in the enchantment.

Energy began to flow around her as she lifted the hammer. The energy changed her and formed armour around her. Her weak, cancer riddled body had gone. She now had the body and powers of a god. A long red cape flattered behind her and electricity dancer around her. The hammer had decreed her worthy of the power of Thor. She had never felt anything like it and now there was only one thing she could do. She grasped the leather straps at the end of the hammer, began to spin it around as she looked up. Then, after a few seconds she thrusted the hammer forwards and it took flight, Jane being dragged behind it.

She was flying. She was the goddess of thunder and she felt fantastic!

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Nothing springs to mind.
knowledge level of multiverse: no knowledge
fandom specific information: Nothing springs to mind.
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Marvel
which universe: 616 (or 616 near)
timeline: 616, shortly after Original Sin crossover event.
where is the Hub portal located: Broxton, New Mexico
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Oh yes
aliens: oh yes
advanced technology: Oh hell yes
mythical creatures: Well she is a god now so...
other: here

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? N/A
RP Sample
The Scene: Thor and the Fantastic Four's Ben Grimm are in the park whent hey are attacked by the villainous Swarm! In order to defeat him, the Thing distracts the Nazi supervillain whilst Thor goes off in search of bug spray.

“Ummmm…Can I help you?” Carl asked as looked from the counter and saw the strangest thing. A blond woman in a helmet, a metal breastplate and a long flowing red cape waited for him carrying a basket full of wasp repellent and bug spray. Carl would have dismissed this woman as one of those LARPers who liked to dressed up and pretend to fight crime nearby (they often came in to get tape or supplies for their costumes), but there was something else about this woman’s presence. It seemed unearthly, almost ethereal.

“Yes, I would like to purchase these items! I have dire need of them to help me defeat an annoying foe. And do not waste my time! A brave man puts himself in a dangerous situation so that I might have the time to collect these items required for victory!” She replied as she dropped the basket in front of Carl.

“That’ll be twenty dollars,” Carl informed her once he was done processing the items.

Thor padded her armoured before a dark realization dawned on her. “I have not the money… But these are needed for an important task!”

“It’ll still be twenty dollars. I can’t just let you take it, otherwise it comes out of my pay check and I can’t afford to let anything like that pass…” Carl replied, upset for reasons he couldn’t understand. He had to turn down guests before who couldn’t pay, but this was different. He wanted to give away this stuff, he believed her when she told him stuff was of importance and were he not kept in check by his pride he would beg for forgiveness but he really couldn’t afford to have money come from his pay check. He was skating on thin ice as it was.

“Disappointing but I understand…I shall out outside and send an ‘acquaintance’ inside to complete this transaction. You shall await her arrival,” she told Carl before leaving. Carl looked at the line that had been behind her but no one dared step forward to take her place. It seemed they too sensed her almighty presence. He was about to ask someone to step forward but a cloud clap of lighting interrupted him before he could speak a word.

A bell chimed as another woman walked through. She was a lot more conventionally dressed with a leather jacket, a stylish jeans and a bandana over her hair. Her face was thin and sickly, but kind. She took the place in front of the que without objections from the others. “Hi, my…friend… asked me to come in and pay for her bug spray. Twenty dollars, right? Can we get a plastic bag for it all please?”


Thor returned to the scene of the fight where the Thing was seemingly holding his own against the Swarm. “Behold my friend! I have acquired the things you request. Are we ready to end this?”

Once upon a time, Jane Foster was a normal nurse until she agreed to go on a seemingly simple journey with her work colleague Dr Blake, which brought her into the path of a god from ancient mythology. She met and fell in love with the god of thunder, Thor. Then after that, her life was a weird, trippy rollercoaster of stuff. Some of it great, most of it bad, all of it was wild.

But it eventually came to an end and Jane returned to a normal life, when things took a turn for the tragic. First she experienced a number of personal losses that left her angry and bitter. She knew gods walked among them, so in her grief she blamed them for doing so little. Slowly the anger and pain died down, just in time for her to be diagonised with cancer.

As she underwent treatment, she learned her former boyfriend had fallen in a fight with a mysterious figure. Though he had survived the fight, he was unable to pick up the great hammer Mjlonir. Driven by a strange pull, Jane found the hammer and tried to pick it up. As she did, she found herself granted the powers of the Norse God. With the hammer in her grasp, she was now the Might Thor!

Jane lives by a simple moral code. Good guys are heroes and bad guys are zeos. She'll happily fight and befriend people she believes deserve it, and whack anyone with the hammer if she knows they deserve that.

She's currently semi-hiding from Asgard because of her "theft" of her hammer. The All-Father, in particular, isn't happy and she's yet to be confronted by her ex-godfriend about her use of the hammer.

nicknames: Honest Steve
age: 26
pronouns: Male
timezone: GMT
contact: Discord, PM
triggers: None
mature threading: Yes please.
other characters: No
about: There's only one thing you really need to know about me, and that is...
I don't get a kick, from chammmpaaaigggnn
bear, alcohol, doesn't thrill me at aalllll
So tell me how can it be true? Then I get a belt, outta you!!
32. nurse. God. Jenna Coleman.

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