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Thread Contributor: Sebastian BloodSebastian Blood
DC-New 52

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Sebastian Blood
full name: Sebastian Blood
nicknames/aliases/code name: Brother Blood, Avatar of the Red, High Priest of the Church of Blood, Messenger of Trigon
canon or oc: Cannon
anchor character: No
species: Immortal
gender: Male
age: 300+
date of birth: 1713
place of birth: Zandia
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: DC Comics
fandom universe: New 52
pronouns: Masculine
occupation: Villain, Cult Leader
languages: Latin, Spanish, English, French, German, Russian
playby: Jensen Ackles
height: 6’2”
weight: 200
hair color: Dark Brown
eye color: Crimson
distinguishing features: None
sexual orientation: Hetereosexual
family: None
relationship status: Single
powers: When Sebastian Blood first became the new Brother Blood through the path of murdering his father, he thirsted for more power than any previous Brother Blood before him. Because of this, he used the entire cult his father built before him and used them as a sacrifice for a ritual to grant him an immortal life and casting away his vulnerable human body. In its place he became the man he is today - ageless and a demon to boot. The ritual has also granted him numerous powers, making him the first Brother Blood to actually have abilities outside of being a master manipulator. Due to the nature of the ritual, the powers he had been granted rely heavily through the use of blood. Knowledge and energy is stored within the blood of every being. Much like a Kryptonian stores solar radiation from the sun, Sebastian stores energy from the blood. Because of this, his powers are often mistaken due to being a vampire when in actuality has become an immortal who had sold his soul. Much like other demons who come from Hell, they are creatures of the night and avoid the light of the sun - the results further making one believe he's a vampire. Rather than argue this view, Sebastian tends to play it off as such just as a means to frighten people more.

After Sebastian Blood had been trapped in Hell, it had allowed him the opportunity to find a way to the Red Kingdom and become the Avatar of The Red - granting him new powers than he had while previously on the planet

Ability List Red Projection: Sebastian can pull energies from the Red Kingdom and use it to project several forms of magic. One form of projection is red blasts of energy that erupt on contact much like a fire ball. He could also project the energy to be more erratic and web outward from his form like an electrical surge or lightning to attack multiple individuals. While this can be an extremely powerful ability - it also comes with a price. Prolonged use of it drains Sebastian of the energy and strength he gathered from feeding. He will find himself in need of a fresh batch of blood in or suffer a vulnerable state. Naturally, until he grows accustomed to the power, this power is a trump card he keeps in his back pocket if he ever found himself overwhelmed by odds.

Teleportation/Portals: A skill most handy for him after his escape from Hell. Sebastian can teleport through the use of portals and can even use them to move between the Red Kingdom and Earth. The Red Kingdom has become a source of great power to the man. It’s another realm that had been hidden in the depths of Hell that many dare not venture to. When all else fails and he’s severely injured, he will venture there as a safe haven where he can recover and plan. Unfortunately, his teleportation is limited to places he's been and while he had traveled quite extensively the last time he was on the surface, the world is extremely different and places he may want to teleport to will likely not be the same as they were.

Mind Control: (Use for only plot/permission per player) Brother Blood can control the minds of victims who's blood he has shed/tasted; however that is step one in the process. He must also get them to drink his blood as well. Fortunately he's found ways to do this subtly against the lesser inhabitants of society. He uses this ability to maintain control over the followers in the Church of Blood. He can control a number of individuals in this fashion which explains why he had such a vast following prior to his damnation. Those with a strong will and that are resistant to mind manipulation are able to resist. Also, if Brother Blood in incapacitated or somehow killed, those who were controlled through this method rather than actual faith in him would be freed automatically as his mental link would be severed with them.

Telepathy: Those that Brother Blood is connected to or met, he can communicate his thoughts into their minds so long as they don't have a strong mental barrier. This goes along with the Mind Control and how he is able to communicate with a number of followers without uttering a word. He can communicate to other people without controlling them; however, people with strong barrier that prevent invasion of the mind won’t allow him to communicate in this fashion.

Invulnerability: Conventional weapons don't slow Brother Blood down. Guns, blades, and blunt weapons; especially wielded by normal people, do little damage to no damage against his durable body; however, if he is weakened by prolonged exposure to the sun, or hasn’t regenerated his stamina via feeding, his durability will be weakened enough that conventional weapons can pierce his skin. Holy weapons have been found effective against him regardless, as well as magic and physical prowess on level or stronger than/as himself.

Immortality: As long as Brother Blood keeps feeding on blood, he will not age. As such, he permanently stuck at the physical age of someone around thirty. If he's locked away and starved, his entire form will slowly wither away - the more he uses his powers the more frequent is need to feed occurs.

Regeneration: In the event that Blood is actually injured, he can heal up and fix any damage done to his body by consuming enough blood. If he has many followers in the Church of Blood, that makes it quite difficult to keep him disabled for very long in a fight as he could always use them as a ‘quick fix’ if he needs it. As such, he could also bring them to an area he knows will be a difficult fight so he has a source to go to for a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the fight.

Superhuman Strength: While he posses superhuman strength, it's not up to par as someone such as Superman. He can hold his own for awhile in a battle of strictly brawl but would eventually be overpowered by the Man of Steel. His strength increases even more if he has fed quite recently, or in the middle of battle. He is strong enough to bite through the skin of a Kryptonian to drink their blood. But again, as the sunlight weakens him and strengthens Kryptonians, it’s a rather unfair fight in the middle of the day and one he would wisely avoid if he can.

Superhuman Stamina: So long as he's fed, Blood doesn't need to ever sleep or rest. However, the sunlight does exhaust him. It's fortunate, however, that legends that vampires will instantly catch fire upon stepping into sunlight is false. If he is simply wandering around as a ‘normal civilian’ he won’t collapse and die from exhaustion under the blaze of the sun but he won’t be sprinting across the city for that matter or trying to start a war against the heroes of the world. His powers will be there in a weakened state but eventually his energy runs the risk and gives which would likely prompt him to teleport to the Red Kingdom before that happens.

False Vampirism: Unlike the old tales, vampires can't turn others into vampires. He can, however, turn the weak-willed that have shared his blood into some akin to a ghoul. There's no bringing these people back from the state as they're already dead. In their place, they become a mindless husk of their former selves with enhanced strength with a multplier factor of five. Meaning that if the person could have bench pressed 100lbs before, as the ghoul they can light 500. Those that become mindless ghouls, he may keep locked away and await the day that he wants some starved super strong monsters to unleash on a city. (plot-based, likely NPCs Admin Permission)

Ability Harvest: If you have a power and Blood wants it, he'll take it with a quick bite. Blood can acquire a single ability that is not his own by getting a drop of blood from his opponent; however, he can’t take multiple abilities from different people, nor multiple abilities from a single individual. It will simply trade one old ability he stole for the new one. It’ll last until he acquires a new ability or if his powers are depleted via exhaustion. Obviously some abilities people have are more advantageous than others and Sebastian is always on a lookout for something that will make him more powerful or if an ability is required for the next step in his plot.

Transformation: Blood can transform into several different forms: he can take the forms of animals. He can only transform into creatures he has met. Prior to his damnation this had been limited to what is on the Earth-ly realm; however, he had encountered many demons in his time in Hell. He can even transform his body to mist in order to escape when his plans have been compromised or if he needs to stealthily slip through the cracks of a facility. Needless to say, he's difficult to apprehend.
strengths: List Strengths Here
weaknesses: Weakness Harvest: While he can harvest a person's abilities, certain individuals that have a severe weakness will also be adapted until he releases the ability from his system. For instance, if he were to harvest Superman's ability to shoot heat rays from his eyes, he also harvests the extreme weakness toward Kryptonite. Sometimes the weakness is far too much of a risk for him to take an ability – other times, in the heat of battle, he doesn’t have time to consider it..

Sunlight: While the sun doesn't kill him, it does cause him to drain his energy at an accelerated rate and forcing the need to feed more often. He still has his powers that he normally has, but they are half as effective and require more concentration than normal. He avoids most confrontations during the day and relies on taking action during the dark. Obviously this limits when he can attack and a major flaw in his power. Really, the dark is his domain.

Holy/Spiritual Magics: While conventional weapons may not be much use against him, items or weapons that have been blessed by the holy spirit do seem to get the point across. It won't kill him instantly, but the battle is either balanced or the favors are tipped in the opponent's. The sun won’t burn him, but blessed items tend to leave a mark as though you put hot iron against his flesh. He isn’t immune to magic either but he isn’t afraid to fight magic with more magic.

Starvation: He doesn't need food or water like a typical individual, but he does require blood for energy. Because of this, the Cult of Blood has made sure to always have volunteers to be readily available to him if he finds himself in need. If he is somehow trapped for a prolonged period and unable to find a source or his ability to return to the Red Kingdom is severed, Sebastian could very well find himself in a comatose state.

Obsession: Sometimes the need to get a step further to make his plans realized can cause him to make fatal errors in his calculations. Obsessed with power he'll overlook flaws in the design of his machine. He sometimes focuses far too much a singular target and doesn’t weigh the strength of those surrounding them. A flaw that cost him in his last encounter in combat and caused him to be trapped in Hell. He’s trying to work this out but old habits die hard.

Ignorance To Technology: Sebastian hadn't been in the world for eighty years and in his absence, the world had advanced tremendously. He doesn't know nor understand the full extent of technology as it is today which means he's got a lot to catch up on. Fortunately he's a quick study but there will always be something he doesn't know these days.

Cult Follower Reliance: Attacking people outright wouldn't be the smart thing even in desperation for blood. The Cult of Blood was essentially gone by the time Sebastian returned and unfortunately, he relies heavily on having a following. His powers are rely on the blood of others and its far easier for him to maintain his strength when he has a following. As such, he's forced to keep his head down until he can build a whole new family of followers. Fortunately, Gotham City is a festering wound drowning in a cesspool of crime. It means there's desperate poor people looking for meaning or hope - qualities that Brother Blood can offer to the citizens.

Brother Blood Curse: There is a curse upon every Brother Blood the moment they take the title. They will one day be killed off by their own offspring to take over the title of Brother Blood. Sebastian Blood has been the longest surviving Brother Blood simply because he hasn't had offspring.
equipment: None

Within the Church of Blood, there is a curse placed upon the High Priests of the church. The curse has been passed on for seven hundred years and it means that the only way for someone to gain the title of Brother Blood is through an act of patricide: or the act of killing one’s father. This means that Brother Blood is essentially a family legacy that is passed on from the same bloodline. There doesn’t have to be anyone to observe the act and the child of the High Priest has the benefit of time. They can murder their father at any point they desire and if they succeed they gain the rank of Brother Blood. Most have waited until they were older and ready to become the High Priest of the church.

Sebastian didn’t kill his father until he was at the ripe age of fourteen. He had been an advent follower of the Cult of Blood, one of the most admired members at that. He was charismatic even as a young adult. For you must remember, a hundred plus years ago, the age of fourteen was not viewed as it is today. He was as charismatic back then as he is as the leader of the cult. When he was fourteen years old, his father’s servants failed to complete a vital step in the preparation of their most righteous savior’s emergence into their world. While his father may lay the blame on his followers, Sebastian blamed his father. Sebastian blamed his father’s incompetence as a leader and someone called him out on false claims of the word of their Revered One. His father spent too much time attempting to make other people do the work and Sebastian always felt that was a weakness. You had to be willing to get your hands dirty, had to do things yourself if you wanted them done correctly or at all. The failure of the members of the Cult still falls on Brother Blood’s shoulders as their leader. As punishment for his father’s failure, Sebastian killed his father in a fit of anger and assumed the role of Brother Blood.

Under the new leadership, the Church of Blood got an influx of new followers; lured in by Sebastian, his promises, and his claims of hearing the dark one’s words. His first steps to improving the cult was to realize the true potential of the Church of Blood. He found old tomes filled with sacred dark rituals – one specific rituat that was long forgotten and would allow him a prolonged life to fulfill where previous Brother Bloods had failed. They performed magic long forgotten, and with a sacrifice, Sebastian drank the blood from one of the followers and transformed himself into what he is today: an immortal. For the next several hundred years, Sebastian continued to harvest followers and increase his power. He watched the world change around him and adapted alongside civilization. He blended with the new crowds and watched wars tear apart countries.

His mother long since died out and Brother Blood never took a wife – never sired a child that would potentially kill him to take the title of Brother Blood away from him. Sebastian knew that it was the only ill fate that awaited him in order for his existence to be eradicated from existence. As long as he remained without an heir then nothing would stop him. For a long time he felt he was the most powerful being on the planet, but then the age of metahumans and the awareness of them came to be and a whole new playing field needed to tested.

When he learned of Trigon’s daughter, Raven, he announced to his followers that their revered one, the great Trigon, had sent him a message and a vision. With that vision he demanded that his followers capture Raven for him. He knew that she was the key to claiming what they always wanted: power and the emergence of Trigon the Terrible. His followers managed to capture a weakened Raven and bring him to his church. Upon her arrival he announced that she would be his bride and their unholy union would bring forth her father who would then cleanse the world of the filth. The world would be brought to a new shinning error after the holy fires of Trigon cleansed the surface of all living things. They had done just that and the weakened girl was brought before him in the church. His first act was to bite off the chakra that was on her forehead and swallow it. It allowed him control of Raven, as his bride, against her friends and allowed him the power to open the gate to hell and bring forth deceased members of the Teen Titans to be commanded by him.

While he seemed to be in control and everything was going his way; the Titans came forth. It was through some meticulous planning on the Teen Titan’s part that they managed to get the Chakra back. His control over Raven fell out of his hands and the tables took a swift turn. For all his power, he had underestimated their joined powers. The gates of hell opened up by Raven’s doing before he was banished to hell only moments away from successfully bringing forth the revered Trigon to their world. Victory had barely slipped through his fingertips from underestimating her friends and it cost him what appeared to be an eternity in hell.

The Damned
Being trapped in hell wasn't completely lacking a benefit. While the whole burning in damnation for eternity had left a bad taste in his mouth he had picked up quite a number of tricks along the way. He had encountered things that weren’t on the surface – demons that he studied and would eventually learn to shift into. Most importantly, it was through Hell that he found a way to reach the Red Kingdom, a place he had always known about and thought to be the rightful ruler of it. He knew that he would eventually learn to control the Red, which in the years that he was trapped, he had done so. While trapped in hell he began to amass more power to become stronger than before; however, it was all for naught if he couldn’t escape his damnation. Fortunately, while he wasn’t privy to the events in the living realm – it didn’t mean that nothing effected Hell.

A severe unbalance occurred in the magical realm and it had been felt from all realms. It weakened the barriers that trapped the damned but not enough that it allowed Sebastian Blood a way out. That; however, was remedied the day Trigon had made his appearance in the world. The battle that occurred caused imbalances and eventual tears in the under realm’s reality. Sebastian didn’t hesitate a second the moment he had seen an opening to escape and he flowed out with other demons wanting to break to the surface and terrorize the living plain; however, there was peace on the surface and no Trigon to be found when he first escaped Hell. Somehow he found himself in unfamiliar lands. A place called the Hub.

He’s excited about the second chance he had been given.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe: Important Location?
knowledge level of multiverse: Limited
fandom specific information: None
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: NA
which universe: NA
timeline: NA
where is the Hub portal located: NA
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Yes
aliens: Yes
advanced technology: Yes
mythical creatures: Yes
other: NA

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? NA
RP Sample

The woman didn’t rely solely on her powers alone. She was engaging in a battle of poetic intellect that Sebastian would have found attractive even without the pheromones in the air. It was in this modern age he was beginning to see an unusual decline in intelligence among the people. They should have all grown smarter with the ages; however, the technology they were ever so proud of also rotted their brains. Their children spent countless hours staring at their computer screens and forgo the outdoors and experiences of actual life. They spend years wilting away in front of the screen that put the virtual world at their fingertips. He had learned of the disgusted evolution that the world was shifting toward and he found that the for all their great advances in their technology they had equal faults to them as well.

Poison Ivy had never been consumed by a wolf. But the way she had said it implied she had been stung by someone or something in the past. The tone held weight to the words and even in his lust driven state Sebastian knew that it had likely been the only truthful thing she had said or shown him thus far. In the back of his mind he stored away that bit of information for say keeping. It was a small detail; however, even the smallest of details could hold great sway over someone in time or circumstances.

When he admitted to coming to seek her she seemed curious to such an answer. He felt the heat of his body and the burn of his core grow at the increase of pheromones. His mouth opened and jaw cracked lightly at the joints as that hunger grew. Ah, he thought, there had been a change to her scent. A change to how it was affecting him and it began to paint pictures of the wolf in front of him to be broken and leashed. A shattered hollow shell of what she currently was. It was a delicious sight truly. Her fingers splayed across his chest and he could feel the warmth of her hand through his fabric. She seemed to come across the realization on her own. That he was no businessman but a wicked one.

She took a step away from him but kept her hand pressed to his chest. He could feel something foreign tickle the back of his ankle but he paid it no heed. If her wines were to wrap upon his person, she would be shocked to see what he was capable of. Having been banished and trapped into hell for eighty years left him with little patience of being tied up even by lesser means ”No, not a foolish businessman.” He admitted and his hand lifted up to clasp the hand pressed to his chest. He lifted her hand off of his chest and brought it to his face. He pressed his nose to her knuckles and inhales the scent of her for a moment. Then with a tug that was light in comparison to his strength, he brought her to him once more. The grasp kept their joined hands between their bodies while his other arm wrapped around her thin waist. Their forms melded together once more that would allow her to feel, more than see, that her pheromones did have an effect on him much like any other man. She seemed to have lost the confidence she had moments ago now that she knew part of his secret. Not all of it. ”But I’m no man either.” No, far from a man. A man would have died long ago.

”Perhaps what I want, is the opportunity to taste you.”

Friends: Sebastian needs friends. Be his friend! So he can use you.

Enemies: Sebastian has plenty of enemies. They are almost as fun to toy with as his friends. Wouldn’t you like to be his enemy?

Uh… I’m on a boat, and it’s going fast and…

nicknames: Gooser
age: 30
pronouns: don’t care
timezone: I’m not telling you where I live <<
contact: DM PM
triggers: bang bang baby!
mature threading: Fire at will
other characters: none
about: NA
300+, Cult Leader, DC Comics, Jensen Ackles.

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113 Posts
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