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Thread Contributor: Voice of GanReality comes crashing down
Dungeons and Dragons-Forgotten Realms

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Well, that was an unneeded distraction.

Arjay wasn't aware of what, exactly, that man was, or what, exactly, he had done to the rest of them, but he knew a major power when he saw it. Some of these people here were most certainly not people, and for something to hold them in thrall, even for a moment, was something he was not going to take lightly. Unfortunately, at the moment, he had the safety of someone much more helpless than he in his direct care, and that was a priority that had to take precedent.

Looking about the scene, Arjay's projected image fixed its gaze first on Dean, then on Castiel. "I'm going to take the child back to my home. It's much more secure there, and should remain so even from someone like that... thing that was just here." He nodded to Dean, since the other man knew well where to find him after this, then looked around at the rest of the group that was gathered. Everyone seemed to be in good health, and in that case he'd much rather hold onto his magic in case he had to make good on his promise to protect the baby rather than squander it here. "If you come across anyone else that needs healing, bring them to me if your supplies run out here. I'll be ready for it."

With that, the illusion vanished, while some distance away, the actual elf stood up, teleporting back to the Moon with the baby.
Supernatural-8th season?

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It said a lot for the state of Cas's mind, that he didn't even notice Arjay speaking. He would never willingly forget to care for his child, but the moment his feet were unstuck, his wings sent him flying towards the light.

Objectively it was easy enough to comprehend. Himself and his daughter had passed through the crystals that had hit with such emotion- that this much larger crystal would pull him along, with the connection that had been forged between them. But the way the song pulled at him, there was no room for such thought in his mind. He had only enough clarity to wish that Dean would be able to make it away safe, and that he would take Sera with him.

Because Cas knew that Dean would care for their daughter(s) and also that Sera had gone through the same crystals he had. He would be unsurprised if she was likewise compulsed.

Even as he flew, he was startled with the speed in which he was pushed down to the ground. He had barely darted forward before the power of the Goddess had him crashing, both literally and figuratively. Angels did not need sleep, but even he could not resist the force with which Raani pushed him to sleep.


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Raani felt the whispering- the descriptor was right. To the very core of her being, to where she may have had a heart were she mortal, it was impossible to ignore. But the fact that she couldn't tell if it was calling for her or attempting to push her to safety had her nose wrinkled with her discomfort. She was immediately grateful for the speed with which her mind could work because it was what led her to reach out and push the angels down as the first one tried to dive forwards.

The half angels proved much more of a challenge in balance. She firmly believed she was capable of it, but the energy required to put down the baby was too different from the energy require to put down the young adult, and while the angel could handle being overwhelmed, Raani was daughter of the Goddess of Motherhood, and she had no desire to hurt an infant.

She pushed, and then let it be. Either she would get all three of them with the spell of rest, or she would at least get two of them.

Once that task was completed, she pursed her lips and took purposeful steps through the air- flying always looked too strange to her- towards the green light that whispered and filled each atom of her being with the noise.

DC-New 52

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Sebastian found himself challenged, dared to even make a move and prove himself against this foreign entity. Tension had filled the air to a great degree that he almost could slice it with his finger. Sebastian was not a man who had typically backed down when a challenged presented itself. Then again, he was also an individual who was used to being feared. Even those who had banished him had shown fear or hesitation toward him in the end. Those behind him couldn’t move and now eyes were watching the pair. The immortals gaze stared evenly with the man in blacks for long pressing moments before they shifted down his form.

He’s the Avatar of the Red, ruler of the Red Kingdom, far more powerful then before he went to Hell. But there he stood, hesitating. Standing still. As if some foreign…thing (emotion?) was telling him to act on the side of caution. He had been trying to buy time so that those behind him, mostly only Belle, would be able to get away from this obviously powerful magician. But with them trapped in place, anything Sebastian did would put her in danger, and any resulting counter action this man did before him would likely be worse. Suddenly he felt ridiculous – why did he even care anyway? He shook his thoughts away and his shoulders eased down from the offensive posture. One of submission toward inaction. He was not going to do anything. He felt annoyed, frustrated, and disgusted with himself. Why was he hesitating anyway?

Just like that the tension seeped away and through some power and action that Sebastian couldn’t follow, the man in black disappeared. With the simple action of doing nothing but calling Sebastian out, the immortal felt…small. And it angered him more than it should have. It never should have done it. He flicked his gaze over his shoulder to see the others were able to move once more. Belle was safe for the time being but she was also still hurt. Those around didn't trust him and most certainly didn't want him near her by the looks of it. She didn't seem to mind. At the moment that's all that really mattered.

Despite earlier threats to put her down, Sebastian stepped forward and picked the injured southern woman back up into his arms. "I'm getting you away from here. We're going home." There was no telling if the man in black would be back or if something more would happen in this area. She was already hurt. A portal formed in front of Sebastian and stepped through it to carry Belle away from the chaos that had been going on and to bring her back home where she could rest, and be safe. To let the magic lingering in her body that was regrowing her limb to continue to go to work.


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Belle was terrified.

Confusion was a given at this point, and even if she wasn’t a superhero Belle never lacked the ability to think on her feet, roll with what was her current reality and scream into her pillow later.

Sebastian was..he was her friend dang it and people needed to learn to see past the surface, just cuz something walked like a duck didn’t always mean it laid eggs.

“Ah think you got cocky an’ are now repainting history ta make it look like ya had a plan.” her chin lifted, daring him to...well Belle didn’t want to think about what she was daring him to do.

Martin challenged him and Belle couldn’t think because the angels...oh Lord- she could see the shadows of great wings across the ruined landscape; the site was enough to drive her to her knees in worshipful awe. Even in this moment, punctuated by terror, death, and the real possibility that she’d just taunted a man powerful enough to destroy worlds...the shadow of a wing stretched out tip almost touching her left the red head with a inner peace that she would, could never forget.

Between one breath, where the world stood still and the next Martin was gone driven away or simply bored and regrouping, either way Belle hardly had time to recognize the changed situation beyond that the Angels had vanished(perhaps to follow him to ground?) Before Sebastian scooped her up - “Wait-” her confused expression was the last thing they saw before she vanished with the not demon.

Marvel Comics-616-ish

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Okay, what the hell was going on?

Justin didn’t like the look of the creepy guy in black that he couldn’t get a bead on. He liked even less that he didn’t know what was going on or where that guy had gotten to. He could pop up out of anywhere at any time, and that was a tactical disadvantage that Justin was not in favor of.

Of course, he also didn’t like that he didn’t know what had knocked those two out or that Dean’s creepier twin had pulled a fast one and taken the damsel in distress. She hadn’t exactly objected, of course… Well, there was nothing to do about that. They were gone, and the situation was still here.

He flew up higher, getting the lay of the land, watching as the land beneath the glowing cliff appeared. “Looks like… The whole face of the cliff is glowing, after about ten feet down,” he reported, seeing the place where the broken island was made up entirely of the glowing green crystal. “And it… it looks like a temple down there. Big green bird on top, that…” He blinked as the green crystal statue he saw atop the roman-esque temple on the broken-off part of the island ahead just seemed to fill his mind, pushing past his thoughts, past him…”

As the green light intensified, pushing into the crowd, Justin started to drift down to the earth in a trance, his eyes locked on the position of that temple as he glided forward toward it.

@eve @moon @katie @starkly @dark

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It started with the angel and the Nephilim as they fell unconscious. Slowly, though, the power pushed into all those present, drawing them into the vision as well, depending on whether or not they resisted, whether or not they ran, whether or not they fought against its siren call.

The power felt familiar to Castiel, yet more. For just one moment, one split second, he and Sera could feel, see, instinctively know just how their power, their heaven, their creation fit into the whole that was the multiverse. For a moment, they had a view of what the omniverse was, what it meant… but a split second later, they couldn’t even begin to grasp it.

In its place, they were standing in a marble room, where three men were crouched on the floor, immediately obvious to be triplets. A few steps forward let them see that one of them appeared to be dead, or nearly so, with the other two crouching over him, tending to him, lending him their strength. One of them looked at the dreamers, then stood, looking pleadingly at them, and his words echoed in the minds of everyone present, asleep or awake.

“We were once six,” he said. “Now we are but two. We almost were none, but the Red One’s plans were thwarted, our calls were heard. Our children saved us, and creation lived on. Our strength returned, and we fought, we fought for your worlds. We brought back magic, we righted what was wrong. We gave the worlds all of you, our Wonders, to guard against the ones who would tear down what was good and right.”

He looked back at his brothers, pain in his voice, sadness in his gaze. “Now we call you again. Even in death, his memory remained. He is fighting, struggling inch by inch to crawl back to live, to join us again, to add his song to creation again. Already the worlds that he knew have begun to return, but his thoughts are full of loss, his memories nothing but destruction. He can’t remember the worlds as they lived, only as they died, and our enemy wants them to die all over again, to have his connection snap again, to have those worlds that have returned fall into darkness again, where all will be death, all will be Discordia.”

He looked back at those watching the dream, a pleading sadness in his bloodshot, weary eyes. “We’ve called you and guarded you. You’ve guarded our worlds, our song, and we love you, because that is all we were made to do. But now we need you, and we beg you to help bring our brother back. This world, this memory, dies over and over in his mind, but if it can survive once, then other worlds can live on, and his return can be complete.”

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