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Thread Contributor: Loki LaufeysdottirLoki Laufeysdottir
Marvel-MCU- Genderbent

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Loki Laufeysdottir
full name: Loki Laufeysdottir
nicknames/aliases/code name: Goddess of Mischief, Daughter of Disguise, The Maker of Mischief, The Sly One, The Lady of all Liars, Lie-Smith, Sly-Goddess, Shape-Changer, Witch of Lies, Loki Trick-Skin, The Trickster of Asgard, Ikol, Laura Olsen.

Loki Odinsdottir

canon or oc: Canon OC?
anchor character: No
species: Frost Giant/Deity
gender: Genderfluid/ generally female.
age: Stopped counting.
date of birth: Don't recall. Could be a lie anyways.
place of birth: Jotunheim
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: MCU- Genderbent with some random 616 for good measure.
pronouns: They/them/she/her
occupation: Deity
languages: Any
playby: Jaimie Alexander and Tom Hiddleston
height: 5’9
weight: 500 lbs
hair color: Black
eye color: Green
distinguishing features: She like the colour green.
sexual orientation: Let’s play a game. Guess.
family: Thor. Frost giants. The rest are dead.
relationship status: Ensnared in a never ending web of lies. And also she left Sigyn just short of at the altar.
powers: Frost Giant Physiology: Since Loki has been enchanted to look like an Asgardian, Loki's Frost Giant features only come out when she is in contact with Frost Giant magic, such as when she utilized the Casket of Ancient Winters or when she was afflicted with the Frost Giants' touch. As Laufey's daughter, Loki has superhuman abilities far superior to those of her race, including:
-Superhuman Strength: Loki possessed considerable superhuman strength, and thus she has overpowered humans, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and the enhanced human Captain America with little effort, has easily defeated multiple Frost Giants, Dark Elves and Berserkers, and even handled an Infinity Stone without being harmed.
-Superhuman Durability: Loki has shown herself to be extremely durable to injuries, further augmented by her armor. Hence, Loki only flinched after getting shot in the face with a pistol, and was not at all affected by assault rifle rounds to his torso. Loki's durability is implied to be far greater than that of a normal Frost Giant, as she was able to take multiple mighty blows from Valkyrie, and even Hulk and Thor without any fatal damage. In addition, as a Frost Giant, Loki is immune to the extreme cold of Jotunheim. She also managed to safely touch the Tesseract without being harmed and even endure Thanos's grip on her neck long enough to defiantly threaten him that he will never be a god.
-Superhuman Speed: Loki's lack of strength compared to her sister is compensated for her speed - she was fast enough to catch Hawkeye's arrow in mid-flight, inches away from her neck.
-Superhuman Agility: Loki has shown immense agility and reflexes, defeating several Dark Elves at once by using swift and agile movements, and keeping up with the stronger Valkyrie for the majority of their fight with her agility.
-Superhuman Stamina: Loki possesses superhuman stamina that allows her to fight prolonged battles. Her muscles produce practically no fatigue toxins during physical activity compared to those of humans. Her incredible stamina enables him to exert herself at peak capacity for an undefined period of time without tiring at all.
-Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his astounding resistance to injury, it was still possible to injure or even kill Loki. However, due to his Frost Giant physiology, Loki healed at a rate much faster than that of humans.
-Longevity: Loki had the capacity to live for thousands of years. Loki was a baby at the end of the last great war between the Asgardians and the Jotuns, over a thousand years ago.
-Cold Immunity: Due to his Frost Giant physiology, Loki was immune to the otherwise cold and damaging touch of Frost Giants.
Master Sorcerer: Loki learned how to wield Asgardian magic while growing up in Asgard, thanks to her adoptive father Frigga. She eventually became an extremely skilled and formidable sorcerer, with it being her main asset in battle. Even Odin was impressed by Loki's magical skills, and noted that Frigga would have been proud of her. The magical abilities Loki has demonstrated are:
-Illusion Manipulation: Loki can generate hazy green, holographic light, sometimes with a gesture, which she uses to create illusions. She is particularly noted to fool enemies who try to attack her with an illusion of herself. Thor was noted to fall for this ability numerous times.
-Mental Manipulation: Loki can subtly influence the minds of others, such as when she manipulated Erin Selvig into researching the Tesseract, making her repeat Loki’s words and thoughts as if they were her own. Later, Loki was even able to cast such a spell on Odin herself, which induced the All-Mother to stay on Midgard while Loki usurped her Asgardian throne for four years.
-Presence Concealment: Loki was able to render herself and others unseen and unheard to whomever she wanted. Instead of letting light waves pass through herself, it was simply a trick of the mind, similar to hypnosis.
-Conjuration: When Heimdall was about to attack her, Loki quickly summoned the Casket of Ancient Winters to use against her, then made it disappear with a wave of her hands. She also summoned her dual daggers out of thin air when threatening Doctor Strange.
-Telekinesis: Loki is able to move and influence objects through will alone, akin to generating immense concussive force. During Loki, Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three's skirmish with the Frost Giants, while using her throwing blades, they flashed green light as she telekinetically launch them with enough force to shatter an ice shield of a Frost Giant. Upon hearing about Frigga's death, Loki, in a fury, clenched her fists and sent everything around the cell flying through the air and crashing into the walls, which also shook the cell violently like a small tremor, causing the light in it to flicker like an electromagnetic pulse.
strengths: Due to being dubbed the 'Goddess of Mischief', Loki is able to trick and manipulate her enemies into doing what she wants.
-Genius-Level Intellect: Loki is extremely intelligent, particularly in the fields of sorcery, tactics, manipulation, and deception, ranking as among the most intelligent individuals in the universe, being highly formidable even without using her powers or combat skills.
-Master Tactician: Loki is a crafty genius in orchestrating cunning schemes, that has earned her the title of 'God of Mischief'.
-Expert Combatant: While Loki is far more interested in sorcery than Asgardian warrior arts, she has still proven to have received highly extensive combat training that makes her a surprisingly incredibly formidable fighter in both armed and hand-to-hand combat.
-Master Spearwielder: Loki is extremely skilled in fighting with a spear, as she was able to contend with Thor using Mjølnir wielding Gungnir in their ferocious duel.
-Master Knifewielder: Loki is highly proficient with knives, able to easily kill several Frost Giants and Dark Elves with a single dagger.
-Pilot: Loki is a capable pilot, claiming to be better than Thor, able to effectively fly numerous alien spaceships, including a Chitauri Chariot, an Asgardian Skiff and the Commodore by herself.
weaknesses: Loki's strength is still outclassed by that of Hulk, Valkyrie, her adopted sister Thor, and Thanos. Loki's endurance and durabillity are also shown to be considerably lesser than that of Thor, as seen when Loki was completely wiped out by Hulk's attack, yet Thor managed to recover from the same attack moments later, without any visible injuries. As well, once Loki angered her sister in their second fight, Thor was able to easily catch Loki off-guard and beat her without Loki being able to react, implying Loki's speed is inferior to Thor when Thor holds nothing back. Other Magicians of reknown such as Dr. Strange are capable of matching up to the goddess’s abilities. Thanos is shown as even more intelligent than Loki is.
equipment: Small Blades: In battle, Loki often used knives or daggers to injure and kill his enemies, though he was also proficient with a spear. She has throwing blades that glowed when in use, which allow her to kill attacking Frost Giants with a single throw.
Gungnir: When taking over the throne, Loki was seen wielding Odin's spear, which could fire intense beams of energy that could kill easily mortals or Frost Giants, and injure Asgardians.
Casket of Ancient Winters: Loki took possession of the Casket during her brief rule over Asgard, demonstrating the ability to make it appear and then disappear into thin air in a warped, swirling blur of motion, as seen when she used the casket to freeze Heimdall. She then seemed to access its freezing energy to freeze the Bifrost Bridge in an attempt to destroy Jotunheim.
Black Hole Grenade: The Black Hole Grenade is a weapon mainly used by the Dark Elves that creates a miniature gravitational singularity. This weapon type was used again in the infiltration of Svartalfheim, where Loki planted one on Algrim that was likely held by Algrim prior to that event, killing her in the process.
Once upon a time, in a cold unfeeling fragment of reality, a small little blue girl wailed for her mother. A mother who had left her there. That had decided that this small one was not worth the energy needed to care for. That this little girl could not grow up to be normal. Not with how tiny she really was.

Loki Laufeysdottir was left to die. When a hesitant Queen found her, fingers reaching out to touch her cold skin, Loki Odinsdottir was born. Odin found a helpless babe, one who changed her very nature to match that of this beautiful woman, and the All-Mother made a choice that could haunt her until the end of time. Frigga would want her to care for the child, and her natural daughter was young enough still that she would not be able to remember that her sister was different.

Loki grew stronger and healthier than her mother had believed possible. She would never achieve the stature of a giant, but she wielded the power of a Goddess instead. They all knew what side had won that war after all, so it was for the best. Thor and Loki Odinsdottir were quite the pair to contend with. Perhaps they did not always like each other, but they did always love each other, even when one of them went too far in retaliation.

Loki had only one person outside of her family that her love for was worth mentioning. A handsome little godling named Sigyn. He was sweet where Loki was sour, thoughtful where she was brash. And he enjoyed playing with magic together. Loki would have liked if they could stay in this sweet stage forever. Never knowing change, never knowing pain. But even a God can stave off the future for only so long, and that future slowly wedged it's way between the Goddess and the boy she adored.

Loki was also the Goddess of Mischief, and with the passing of that time she grew to be more trouble than she was worth. What had started as playful stabbings had evolved into tricking her sister into displaying the worst of her nature. Loki wanted the throne and would do everything she could to earn it. Even tripping her beloved sister.

Perhaps her fate could have been avoided had she known the truth all along. Instead she was faced with a betrayal of the highest magnitude. Everything she thought she was, stripped from her in one blow. She wasn't even Asgardian, not properly. At the time when she least wanted to be reminded of who she had thought herself to be, her adopted mother decided that the best way to cool the woman's trouble making tendencies was to tie her to a husband.

A God.

Named Sigyn.

Loki could tell you that she had simply sought power, that she ran because she did not want a marriage at all, that she attacked New York without a second thought about the boy who was now the man who would become her husband. That would be a lie. It terrified her to her very core, being faced with this memory, and knowing beyond a doubt that she could not compare to the images Sigyn held of her.

Loki has made plenty of mistakes since. Hurting her sister. Hurting her mother. But Thor never turned her back on Loki, never gave up hope that there was some better part of her left. And say what you will about the lunkhead heiress to the throne of Asgard- but it was harder than Loki would like to admit to to willfully disappoint her.

Loki chooses to believe she has learned. Become more than just a trickster- she would always be a trickster, of that there was no doubt- but now she was becoming something else as well. She cared. And so help her, she'd give her life to save her sister's.

The trickster doesn't quite know what happened next. All she knew was that something with the bifrost had hit her and saved her life. Had saved the lives of a number of Asgardians. Including her betrothed. Which seemed a good enough reason to celebrate for her…

Now if only she could remember how she got here.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe:
knowledge level of multiverse: She knows of it but hasn't explored via the hub.
fandom specific information: MCU but opposite genders and some sneaky 616 shit
RP Sample
Not even remotely my first character.

Loki is the Goddess is Mischief, and to deny her the ability to play with that is to deny her very nature. Despite this she is trying to recover from her past mistakes And- atone is the wrong word. She doesn't feel she owes people for her sins, but she does feel the annoying sense of duty to clean up her damn messes. Her sister has proven to her time and again that Loki is capable of being more than just a trickster.

She intends to repay that trust.
Let's face it, you exist in a world with avengers? You've got a Loki who owes you a damn apology. She's got a list, courtesy of Toni, and she's working her way down it.
Though she feels less strongly about doing so for people she has not personally wronged. Meaning that her biggest priority is her almost husband. She has a hole to dig herself out of.

nicknames: Alex, Moon,
age: 23
pronouns: They/them but notorious for forgetting that.
timezone: EST
contact: Dm or Discord
triggers: Don’t think so. Ask if worried.
mature threading: Fuck yeah
other characters: Quethadia Nyx, Castiel, Bucky, Bucky (MCU-1), Kailani Mahelona, Sune, Sombra, Raani, Nala, Asanyahi T’Esria,
about: Threading with me is a thing that once you start you can never escape. Do so with caution.
????. Goddess of Mischief. MCU/616 Genderbend. Jaimie Alexander/Tom Hiddleston.

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