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Thread Contributor: Quethadia NyxShe is brighter than the stars
Shadowrun-Tabletop edition

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Queth was relieved with the ease of the action, to pull Belle to her. It was hard to miss the way her date's eyes traced Queth's lips, and Queth's eyes did Belle's. That was important. The elf may have been aggressive and impatient- but she knew well enough how to read body language and hear when someone was saying no. Belle didn't even know if she was attracted to women just yet, Queth wasn't going to push any boundaries that Belle set.

Unlike the redhead however, this was not Queth's first kiss with a woman, and there was no uncertainty felt about the sensations. The savoury brush of their meal on Belle's lips, that was somehow accompanied by something sweet, in a way that should be strange, maybe even unpleasant- and instead, Queth just knew it was something she would always associate with Belle, making it the most delightful thing she had tasted in days.

It was worth noting that if Queth wanted to inspire sudden burning passion in Belle, this is not how she would kiss her. This was slow, gentle, sensuous, and all kinds of ridiculous words that Queth had largely stopped using in the past fifty years.

Though Queth would be lying if she didn't admit to some similar warmth inside. She was almost grateful for her relatively boyish physique, thinking that it may make this more comfortable for Belle. Queth was tall, and though she had shape, her height was so extreme that what had once been curves were now little more than suggestions there of. (She had known men with more curves than her. A lot of them even.)

Queth couldn't help the smile that curled at her lips when she saw the expression her kiss had put in Belle's face. It was clear enough to her that Belle may need a moment to gather herself, so Queth restrained herself to a teasing kiss to the tip of Belle's nose before turning back to their meal. "So- I was thinking we ought to play the question game. Though- I don't know that it's much of a game. My sister stands by it as a first date plan though. We take turns asking questions about each other. So we can learn things we don't already know."

Pretending to think, Queth pursed her lips. "What is your favourite thing to do, other than baking?" She offered after a moment, hoping that the question would put Belle back on familiar ground for now.


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Belle wasn’t saying no...not even by a long shot, she was just...confused, very very confused! This was not only her first kiss with a woman but she really hadn’t expected to react like that! So forgive her for having a gay crisis!

The little button kiss to her nose only deepened her blush, chin tipping down shyly, not shying
, but coyly, cutely, using the same old physical clues she’d given to boys through her teen years. And Lord knew Belle felt like a teenager!

“Ah.” Blue eyes blinked rapidly, the question forcing her to gather scattered thoughts - “Readin’.” it was a simple automatic answer, pushing past her tounge tied state. “Ah always loved ta read. Nothing could stop me from learnin’ from books.” even if she lacked the money or resources to prusse an higher education or travel.

...well before.

“Ah bake ta make the people around me happy, ah read for mah self.”

Queth had obtained her objective, she’d gotten Belle to focus back on the now and not her big hetro crisis - “Whats ya favorite thing?”


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