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Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

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Derek Hale
Teen Wolf-Teen Wolf T.V. Series

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Derek Hale
full name: Derek S Hale
nicknames/aliases/code name: Sourwolf, The Alpha, Miguel Juarez Cinqua Diago
canon or oc: Cannon
anchor character: No
species: Born Werewolf
gender: Male
age: 27
date of birth: November 7th 1988
place of birth: Outskirts of Beacon Hills
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Teen Wolf
fandom universe: T.V. Series
pronouns: He
occupation: Landlord. Trust fund, fighting war against hunters
languages: English, and Spanish
playby: Tyler Hoechlin
height: 6 foot
weight: 171 pounds
hair color: Black
eye color: Green / Blue
distinguishing features: Tattoo of a triskelion on his back between his shoulder blades.
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
family: Talia Hale – Mother Deceased, Unnamed father – Father Deceased, Laura Hale – Older sister Deceased, Cora Hale – Younger sister, Peter Hale – Uncle, Malia Tate/ Hale – Cousin.
relationship status: Single
powers: Super Strength -

Super Speed -

Super Agility /Reflexes -

Super Durability -

Super Senses - Being a werewolf gives Derek super senses. Enhanced eye sight - Derek can see in the dark, make out supernatural things that humans can't see, and see much further into the distance than a human can. Smell - Derek has an acute sense of smell that allows him to track animals, humans and the supernatural across long distances by scent alone. Scents can be washed away by rain or overpowered by chemicals if the chemical smell is strong enough. His sense of smell can also tell him the emotional state of others by interpreting pheromones, hormones and other bodily chemical signals mixed with their personal scents. Heightened sense of hearing -

Accelerated Healing - Minor cuts, scrapes and bruises heal in mere seconds. Moderate wounds like fractures can take a few minutes to heal and major injuries like a pole though the chest can take a few hours to heal.Due to the accelerated healing factor, Derek like all werecreatures can't get drunk, or high off alcohol or drugs the way humans can, but can be affected by supernatural type drugs and some drugs meant for animals. A small sample of what the healing factor has let Derek survive is as follows being stabbed multiple times, shot, electrocuted, poisoned, and having a pole stuck though his chest for several hours. The list is just some of what the healing factor has let Derek survive.

Longevity - The oldest known Werewolf is over 110 and looks to be somewhere in her late 50's early 60's. It is unknown how much over 110 she is. It is connected to the accelerated healing factor.

Shapeshifting - Derek has the ability to shift individual parts of his body in any combination he choses. Transforming his face gives him a ridged brow, and side burns. He has retractable claws and canine teeth that are razor sharp. He can also shift his eyes to glow blue.

Advanced Shapeshifting - Derek inherited the rare ability to shift into a wolf. In wolf form he retains his mental capacity, can alter his eyes to their glowing blue state and can shift in and out of this form at will. (side note clothing does not shift with him. So shifting in public is a bad idea as he will be naked.) In wolf form he has a pure black fur

Pain Absorption - Derek can absorb the pain of humans. animals and supernatural creatures by touch. Using this ability is obvious to observers as black veins appear and travel from his hands up his arms and to his chest and neck.

Animal Instincts -Derek is an Apex predator and can will lesser animals to do what he wants. He can command dogs, cats and even deer to go away or to quiet down, for example he can get a dog to stop barking. The commands can't be complicated though. It is accomplished by flashing his eyes to their glowing blue state. He can also tell the basic mood of lesser animals for example fear versus anger.

strengths: Born werewolf – Being born a werewolf means Derek has had longer to practice control over his abilities. He had some one to guide and teach him until the age of 16.

Allies – Derek has made some pretty powerful allies that he can turn to should he need help.

Supernatural Knowledge – Derek was raised in the supernatural world. He is knowledgeable in supernatural species and mythological creatures. He can recognize most by sight alone. As a born werewolf Derek grew up in the culture as well so knows about all things werecreature, from abilities to rituals Derek knows it all. He uses this information to help out and teach newly turned werewolf’s like Scott.

Advanced combat skills – Derek uses a mix of werewolf instincts, supernatural powers, and gymnastics to his advantage in fighting. His fighting skills allow to him to hold his own against opponents that are more skilled than he is at least for a while.

Firearms Training – Derek temporarily lost some of his abilities while his body prepared itself to allow him to fully shift into a wolf. This forced Derek to improvise and had to quickly learn to defend himself in his human like state. He was able to learn how to use firearms quickly and accurately enough to defend himself from hunters turned assassins.


Letharia Vulpina – Also known as Wolf Lichen is toxic to canines and weakens werecreatures exposed to it. Once the werecreatrue is no longer exposed their strength returns on full.

Wolfs Bane - There are several types of wolfs bane. Each has its own properties and some are stronger than others all will weaken a werecreature most will eventually kill a werecreature. Some verities of wolfs bane act quickly and some move more slowly. Each has their own cure or antidote such as a rare Nordic strain that is cured by the ashes left behind after burning the same strain of plant.

Full Moon - Although Derek has full control even during the full moon, he still runs a slim risk of being forced to lose control.

Lunar Eclipse - During the Lunar Eclipse all werecreatures lose their supernatural abilities. This leaves them for all intents and purposes human. As soon as the Lunar Eclipse ends the abilities return in full.

Electricity – Exposure to lower shocks from electricity (for example a cattle prod) interrupts his ability heal. Making the healing process much slower and inhibiting his ability to transform. A shock from a high enough voltage can slow down his heart and eventually kill him.

Mountain Ash – The ashes from a Mountain Ash tree can be placed in a circle to either keep supernatural and werecreatures trapped in place or keep them out of a place.

Modified Canine Distemper Virus - A virus created by an assassin for the Deadpool. It could infect both human and werecreatures. Only deadly to werecreatures the cure is wild purple reishi mushrooms the mushrooms are also known to prevent contracting the virus when exposed to it.

Overprotective – Derek will destroy his own life without a second thought if it means protecting what he cares about. He will also willing give up his life to protect someone he cares about. He has lost so much in his life that he doesn’t want to lose anything else. Don’t get him wrong he expects the people he cares about to be able to defend themselves should any threat get past him and the bubble of safety he created but that would require a lot of effort on the part of the threat.

equipment: Duffle bag, Clothes, some odds and ends, bathroom kit, a hand gun and a knife. Strapped to the duffel is a sleeping bag, some padding for under the sleeping bag, and a pillow.

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Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Hale Family Property, Tenant building, Hale Family Vault.
knowledge level of multiverse: Fictional books nothing real or solid though after ending up in the Hub knows its not just fiction.
fandom specific information: There are two types of Alpha. The True Alpha is one who earns the right to be alpha, the second kind of Alpha is the one who takes the power for themselves by killing an Alpha.
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Teen Wolf
which universe: TV Show
timeline: Post Series
where is the Hub portal located: The Nemeton
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: yes
aliens: No
advanced technology: No
mythical creatures: Yes
other: N/A Not the anchor

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? N/A not the Anchor
RP Sample

There are three types of werewolf's The Alpha always has red eyes and is the leader. Only he or she can make new pack members with a bite or scratch. Scratch must be deep enough to pass on curse. The second type is the beta usually made up of families and others the Alpha has created their eyes are usually yellow though can be blue. The third type is the Omega made up of werewolves that either choose to be on their own or are kicked out of their packs. Omega's can have yellow or blue eyes.

Eye Color - There are three different types of eye colors Red, Yellow and Blue.

Red - An Alpha's eyes are always red when shifted. Before becoming an Alpha the eye color may have been yellow or blue, but as soon as the individual becomes an Alpha their eyes turn red.

Yellow - Yellow is the typical color of a Beta's eyes when shifted. It is also the typical color of an Omega's shifted eyes as well.

Blue - If a Beta's or Omega's eyes are blue when shifted it means one thing they have taken a life. The blue eye color will not tell you how or why the life was taken just that a life was taken. It could have been murder, self defense, or a mercy killing any life taken changes the eyes blue

This here is Derek Hale the lovable brooding werewolf with a heart of gold. Really, he just wants to live a nice peaceful life. Fate or whatever you want to call it has so far denied it and has instead called him to fight to keep the innocent safe. Fighting a shadow war with hunters to keep both humans and innocent supernatural creatures safe from harm.
Friends – Everyone needs friends right and Derek is no different. He may be quiet and brooding and hard to get to really know at first. However, if you stick with it Derek is a great friend to have. He is loyal and will watch your back. If you have any ideas let me know.

Enemies – Are you trying to kill him, the McCall pack, or one of his allies? Are you trying to take over the world and rule it as an evil supernatural creature? Are you a hunter that is killing supernatural creatures just because they are supernatural? If you answered no, then you probably do not fall in this category. If you have any ideas let me know,p>

Love – Derek has been unlucky in the love department. His first love died at his own hands when she begged him to put her out of her misery. In fairness she was dying a painful death and had no chance of being saved. His second love was a hunter and older woman who was only using him to kill his family and pack off. You would think after that he would give love up for good but nope he tried again this time with a woman who turned out to be a powerful Druid witch. It turned out she wanted revenge more than Derek, and she ended up dead too. Wow are we starting to see a pattern? Love so far has not been kind to Derek, so he is currently single. If you have any ideas let me know. l

nicknames: Tink
age: Over 21
pronouns: she
timezone: P.S.T.
contact: P.M. Discord
triggers: I will let you know if I find any
mature threading: Open to discussion
other characters: Ben Braeden, Lydia Martin
about: write a lil' about yourself here!
age. occupation. group. playby.
Derek Hale seems like an interesting character indeed. Was he accepted?
Shadowrun-Tabletop edition

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Job: "Travel Writer" (Smuggler)
Ship Status: Trying to date Belle
Sexual Orientation: Yes.

All Accounts Posts: 939
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