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Thread Contributor: Lydia MartinIt's like looking in a mirror @EmpressMoon(Alex) Tag Sune
Teen Wolf-Teen Wolf T.V. Series

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Lydia cracked the bathroom door open and could clearly hear the shower running. “As much as I would love to join you, your dad will be home soon. So instead I am taking Prada out for a walk before we head back to L.A. back in a half hour. Pack the car while I am gone thank you.” She called though the crack loud enough for the occupant to hear her. She closed the door to sounds of protest.
It did not take Lydia long to make her way to the living room and grab Prada’s leash. “Prada. Come on out time for a walk” She coaxed the dog to her and secured the leash to Prada’s collar. The small dog pranced next to her pulling on the leash ready to go out for a walk.
Lydia opened the front door and slipped the leash around her wrist adjusting her purse one hand on the door knob. She squinted against the bright light of the day. With the hand on the door knob she pulled the front door closed and with her eyes squinted shut she took a small step forward. The street that Stilinski’s lived on seamed alive with activity. This was the last thought she had before her world abruptly changed.
With the door closed Lydia brought her now free hand up to shield her eyes so she could see better. Her mouth dropped open, what should have been the Stilinski porch that led to a drive way, was now a busy avenue filled with people. Lydia spun around and the door knob, door and well entire house she had just exited was gone only empty space remained.
Trying not to panic Lydia began to move forward looking for something anything that might tell her were she was. After a block or two she had still not found anything that helped her. She stopped and began to turn slowly in a circle surely there was someone anyone who could help.

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[Sune was enjoying the newfound energy she had. At five months, she didn't have much left to enjoy before her baby started making comfort impossible again. The first three months had been the longest she had felt in millennia. As though on cue, the little one started shifting around as though looking for attention.

The Goddess had a different youth to target however, falling easily into step beside Lydia, somehow managing to maintain a flawless and unmatchable grace, despite the widening of her gait.

She didn't bother with shoes, choosing instead to walk just a cm or so above the ground, gossamer gown swaying as she did so. "Hello Lydia." She offered with an easy smile, turning her head slightly to meet the hazel eyes of her near duplicate, with Sune's own brilliant emeralds. "I am Sune, Goddess of Love."

"Would you walk with me?" She added softly, though the sheer power in her tone implied it was less a request and more an order. She wasn't terribly worried either way, she imagined that the other redhead would want to know about her mirror image, as well as knowing where she was. Sune was the most prepared to answer both questions.


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