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Thread Contributor: Lydia MartinMessage in a bottle Tag @eve/Nyte for Chris

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It felt nice, good, to return the dog to her owner. She seemed like a sweet animal, and Christian had always had a soft spot in his heart for animals like that, just sweet, bringing happiness to whoever cared for her. He smiled at the dog and her owner, brown eyes less warm than they had once been, but still empathetic. “She’s a sweet dog.”

An adventure of her own accord. Dogs could be independent, but they were pack animals, if one ran off, it was never intended to be for all that long… Chris offered the woman a small smile, “Well, someone did get the message, even if I’m not the person you were hoping.” He looked over his shoulder, “You don’t know where your portal is then, I take it?” Portals gave off a kind of energy… Some of them were distinctly magical, and if this woman’s portal was one of those, then it was possible that Christian might be able to jury-rig a compass of sorts with some magic in order to try to find where she had come into the city from. Of course, there was also the possibility that magic wasn’t much of a thing on her world, and that would make it a whole lot harder to find the portal…

Taking her hand when she offered it, Chris shook with a firm but gentle grip, “I’m Christian. Chris for short most of the time.” He looked at the woods around them, “I’m from.. Well, the portal to my world is in Gotham. Opposite coast from you. But I live in Central City, Kansas.”

“A large old tree stump? Well, I’ve seen a few tree stumps out there, but nothing that I’d say stuck out to me?” He cocked his head, “Does it mark something? We could go and look for it in another direction.”


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