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RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

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Thread Contributor: Lydia MartinMessage in a bottle Tag @eve/Nyte for Chris
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Lydia watched as a man holding Prada stepped out of the woods and asked if the dog he was holding was Prada. Lydia nodded her head when asked if the dog was hers, and knelt down to catch Prada as the dog ran to her. Lydia slipped the leash back on Prada. "Who's a good girl? Prada is." Lydia praised Prada giving her a treat.

Lydia stood back up and took a good look at the man in front of her and smiled. "Thank you for bringing her back. As much as I would like to say she went off on an adventure of her own accord, it was just a failed attempt at trying to find a way home or rather send word back home like a message in a bottle only not a bottle. Last ditch effort really and a bad idea." Lydia's cheeks grew pink with embarrassment she changed the direction of the conversation with the hope that the man in front of her would forgive her bad judgement " I grew up around these....well the woods that these are based off of the national forest surrounding good old Beacon Hills California. My names Lydia." She offered her hand to shake.

Prada sat calmly at her feet and Lydia adjusted the leash so it was hanging around her wrist. "Odd question did you by chance see a large old tree stump while you were walking?" she asked

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