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Thread Contributor: Lydia MartinMessage in a bottle Tag @eve/Nyte for Chris

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Sometimes he just needed to get out. Away. From Tony Stark, from Safi, from his room and the creations that were nearly everywhere around the room, many finished but so many others in different states of completion. Sometimes he needed to breath fresh air, take a walk and get some exercise.

Sometimes he just needed to stop thinking so much.

Today was one of those times, and Christian had opted to go out for a walk, to explore places he hadn’t been yet, hadn’t mapped out in his mind. This forest was a recent addition to Hub, and as such Chris hadn’t had a chance to explore it yet. So his feet took him into the treeline and he walked, paying attention to where he was and where he’d been, but otherwise distracted by trying to determine what sorts of trees these were, where he might be, if this universe was even remotely similar to his own, and if it would have any magic or technology he could learn about.

A while after he had begun exploring, Chris came across a little dog, a pomeranian, thought, not from experience of owning such an animal (he would have loved to own a dog, he just hadn’t ever had the chance) but from his many trips to the pet stores where he would go to visit the animals waiting to be taken home by new families. He reached for the dog, let it sniff his hand before he reached to pet her, speaking gently to her before he moved to pick her up. She had a collar, and that told him that someone out there, possibly someone in Hub, would be missing her.

That wasn’t a nice thought, now was it?

Moving back the way the dog had come, Christian carried her, petting her gently to keep her calm, humming a little bit here and there to soothe her. When he came across the girl, calling for someone named Prada, he looked to the dog, who had perked up, murmuring to her, “Is that you? You’re Prada?” He smiled and moved toward the woman, “Is this Prada? She was wandering around out there in the woods. Pretty sure she got herself lost from you.” He let the dog go to her owner, “Glad she’s okay.” It was in his tone, that there were things in the woods of Hub that weren’t always the sorts of things that you wanted a small dog to run into…


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