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Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

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Thread Contributor: Lydia MartinLydia Martin
Teen Wolf-Teen Wolf T.V. Series

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Lydia Martin
full name: Lydia Martin
nicknames/aliases/code name: Town Wackjob, Human Geiger-Counter for Death, The Banshee, Ariel, Harbinger of Death, and Pretty Little Thing.
canon or oc: Cannon
anchor character: Yes
species: Human / Banshee
gender: Female
age: 21
date of birth: March 15 1994
place of birth: Beacon Hills California
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Teen Wolf
fandom universe: T.V. Series Teen Wolf
pronouns: She
occupation: Owns a consultant business her contracts include the F.B.I, and C.D.C. has a research grant with M.I.T. to study certain flora species in connection with medicinal uses and is using a small portion of it to try to find vaccines for wolfs bane.
languages: English, Lydia taught herself Classical and Archaic Latin, Spanish and French Lydia is gifted in languages and can teach herself any language if she puts her mind to it,
playby: Holland Roden
height: 5 foot 3 inches
weight: 117 pounds
hair color: Red
eye color: Hazel
distinguishing features: Red hair, big doe eyes, Stylish clothing, skirts and heals.
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
family: Mother – Natalie Martin, Father – Mr. Martin, Paternal Grandmother – Lorraine Martin, Other paternal Grandmother by marriage – Maddy, The McCall Pack.
relationship status: Taken
powers: Harbinger of death sense - Lydia can feel when someone has died and can predict when someone is close to death. It manifests by putting her in a trance like state leading her to someone who is near death or already dead. Over time she has become better at controlling and being aware of what is going on compared to the first time this ability manifested. The first time left her in a fugue state that had her wandering naked for two days in the wood on the Hale property.

Clairaudience - A banshee's hearing is naturally tuned into universal sounds only they can hear. ( If familiar with Supernatural think Angel radio) This allows them to know details about a persons impending death or death.

Premonitions - Often working in tandem with Clairaudience this ability can help Lydia by telling where when and how a person will die or has died. It gives not only random auditory information but allows her to see the information. Neither clairaudience nor the premonitions give her all the information and she often has to interpret the information received.

Astral Premonitions - Lydia can astral project herself into her premonitions allowing her to get slightly more detailed information.

Divination - Often compared to psychics Banshee's can use some forms of divination to help gain information about deaths. The divination abilities can often work much like they would for a psychic.

Sound Divination - Lydia has used sound to help her focus to gain more information that was needed. Often done on instinct and usually accidently. Lydia has used bullet casings dropped on a metal table to hear Derek's screams when he was captured by the Calavera family, or when she plucked strings to figure out that Stiles was dreaming about Eichen House. This ability unlike the most is not always centered around death.

Psychometry - By touching items Lydia can gain information usually related to a persons death or impending death. She can gain some insight into a person by touching an item belonging to them.

Automatic writing - Lydia is able to gain information by entering a trance like state and writing or typing. Giving her self helpful hints. She is able to control this somewhat to leave specific messages.

Harbinger Connection - Banshee's have a slight psychic link to one and other. They can communicate with each other telepathically even when far apart. It must be consciously activated. This connection also extends to Hell Hounds as they are also Harbingers of death.

Banshee Scream - As a Banshee Lydia can use her voice to several supernatural effects depending on what is needed at the time.

Death Announcement - This is often what most people think of when they hear the word Banshee. Lydia's wail is often triggered when someone is about to die or has just passed and the universe wants her to take notice. Most often triggered after a fugue state has led her to a body.

Premonition Enhancement - Lydia can use the wail to clear out her auditory channels to better concentrate on and clarify the information she is receiving.

Concussive Scream - Lydia can use her wail in an active or offensive manner. When focused and directed the wail can shatter bullet proof glass, overload electronics, burst ear drums, break down doors and hurl a full grown man across a room.
strengths: Tested I.Q. 170 is above genius level, Multilingualism – Self-taught for the most part though took some classes in high school., Skilled at close quarters combat – Taught by Jordan Parish a former Army EOD Technician. Lydia can combine her close combat skills with her Banshee abilities., Skilled artist.
weaknesses: Mortality – Lydia is still technically human she has no superhuman healing ability so if it can hurt or kill a human, it can hurt or kill Lydia, Loud noises – With supernatural hearing loud noises can really hurt Lydia and another Banshee’s wail can cause Lydia’s ears to bleed .Psychological Turmoil – Being a harbinger of death can be a bit traumatizing at times Lydia needs the support of her pack to help keep her sane. Effects of trephination – For starters it’s a hole in the head and most mortal things would find this a weakness, however for Lydia if left untreated the procedure will lead to death. It super amplifies the abilities of a Banshee. Thankfully it can be stopped by a paste made of Mistletoe.
equipment: Lydia has her purse. It is filled with mostly useless items. Cell phone, makeup, Car and house keys (both for her family home and the home she shares with Styles in L.A.) a few samples of wolfs bane, her iPad and laptop, a change of clothes, stun gun, F.B.I. Issue gun, various forms of identification and credentials for work (including but not limited to F.B.I., C.D.C. and M.I.T.)

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Hub Information
landmarks in hub: The town of Beacon Hills, surrounding forest and the Nemeton
knowledge level of multiverse: Theoretical knowledge of the multiverse based off theory’s from scientists like Einstein.
fandom specific information: Beacon Hills draws in supernatural creatures.
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Teen Wolf
which universe: TV Show
timeline: Post series The morning after dropping Alec off in Beacon Hills.
where is the Hub portal located: The Nemeton
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Yes
aliens: No
advanced technology: No
mythical creatures: Yes
other: Magic in the universe is related to objects like how Mountain Ash works at holding supernatural at bay. Or how The Nemeton is powered by sacrifice and is considered a sacred object to druids and can hold supernatural beings like the Nogistine. Some individuals are stronger and can wield Druid magic though it is rare.

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? Sheriff’s station, hospital, Animal Clinic, High School Lydia’s family home. Echoes of people moving around
RP Sample
Only required for first character; after that feel free to use this section for any information that doesn't fit anywhere else!.
Lydia is a certified genius with a fiery personality. She has mellowed out some due to her past experiences. She is constantly surrounded by death or finding it just around the corner. With this Banshee around life is never dull.

Friends – Lydia could use some friends she likes friends. Although she can be a bit prickly when stressed turning into a bit of a premadona. She has mostly matured past that point. As a friend Lydia is pretty awesome if you give her a chance she is down to earth and close knit with her pack. Since her packmates are not here she should be approachable. If you have any ideas let me know.

Enemies – Have you tried to hurt her family or her pack? Are you an evil supernatural creature bent on death and the destruction of Beacon hills? Are you a hunter trying to kill her or her pack? If you answered no to the questions, then you are probably not her enemy. You might me a frenemy if you are her rival, really if you have any ideas toss them my way we can work something out.

Love – Sorry gentlemen Lydia is taken she is very much in love with Styles Stillinski. If we don’t get a Styles I am open to ideas with Lydia and love though it will take time because she is in love with Styles

nicknames: Tink
age: Over 21
pronouns: She
timezone: P.S.T.
contact: P.M. Discord
triggers: If I find any I will let you know
mature threading: Open to discussion
other characters: Ben Braeden
about: write a lil' about yourself here!
age. occupation. group. playby.

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Congratulations, you have been approved! Please don't forget to make your claims in the claims thread!

And of course, have fun!!

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