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Word Count: None

Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

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Thread Contributor: M'BakuM'Baku MCU-1 | Winston Duke

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full name: M’Baku
nicknames/aliases/code name: M’Baku
canon or oc: Cannon
anchor character: No
species: Human
gender: Male
age: 33
date of birth: October 15
place of birth: Wakanda, J’abari land
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Marvel Comics
fandom universe: MCU-1
pronouns: He/him
occupation: Warrior/Tribal Chief
languages: Xhosa, English
playby: Winston Duke
height: 6’4”
weight: 250 lbs
hair color: Black
eye color: Brown
distinguishing features: Battle scars, none notable
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
family: Deceased parents
relationship status: Single
powers: M’Baku is a baseline human.
strengths: Expert Combatant: As a Wakandan warrior and tribe leader, M'Baku is well versed in melee and unarmed combat, often using his size, weight and strength in his fighting style. He is proficient in the use of blades, shields and blunt weapons.

Intimidating presence: He’s pretty much an obvious badass, no one really wants to fuck with this guy.
weaknesses: Brash, arrogant, loud, M’Baku is anything but subtle. He is excellent when you need someone to rouse the masses, lead a full-on assault, or beat something as a heavy, blunt instrument. He is not who you want if you need something subtle accomplished.
equipment: Jabari armor - M’baku has armor made of traditional Jabari hardened wood, both heavy armor and lighter armor that can be worn more easily when combat isn’t as likely.

Knobkerrie - His weapon of choice, usually seen with him and used as a walking stick when it’s not being used to club someone.

M’Baku is the leader of the Jabari tribe of Wakanda, and a member of the Wakandan tribal council. Like all Jabari, he grew up holding to a more traditional lifestyle, without the use of vibranium technology to make life easier. He held the rapid advancements that Vibranium brought to Wakanda in contempt, as did all of his people, though how much of that contempt had to do with the disdain that they felt from the rest of Wakanda, he could not tell you. Like all Jabari, his upbringing was harder than the average Wakandan, but it was still a happy one. He held to the traditions of his tribe with pride, growing up to be a fierce warrior and, eventually, a capable leader.

With the death of King T’Chaka, M’Baku was thrust into conflict with the newly crowned King T’Challa, but found himself growing to respect the man’s capability in combat as well as his sense of honor. He respected T’Challa enough that, when presented with the chance to usurp the mystic strength of the Black Panther, he instead allowed that strength to be returned to the defeated T’Challa so that he might reclaim his throne. His decision to assist the king in reclaiming his throne from Erik Killmonger wasn’t the most popular decision that he’d made with his people, but the reasoning was agreed to be sound. Killmonger was most certainly a threat to the nation, and at the same time, the signs were shown by T’Challa and his family that they, unlike kings past, were willing to reach out to the Jabari. It proved correct, as well, gaining M’Baku a seat on T’Challa’s council, where he could at least make sure that those pampered city-folk had some respect for their roots and that progress was made wisely, not simply for the sake of progress.

M’Baku, though he was usually hesitant to admit it openly, grew fond of the new king, and by extension those around him. The Jabari, though preferring their traditional lives, at least had the option available to them to take assistance from the technology of Wakanda should a need arise (that need, M’Baku saying confidently, needing to be very dire indeed). When Thanos attacked, he naturally lent his strength to the cause, saying that someone had to make sure that these city-dwellers had someone to show them what to hit when the fighting started. Afterward, when the search for Tony Stark began, M’Baku chose to again accompany T’Challa and his people when they came searching for him, his interest being much less in the fate of that silly American wearing metal and more in being able to see this place and make sure that no threats from it came following them back home.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe: Nah
knowledge level of multiverse: Newly Acquainted
fandom specific information: There’s lots of this world in the Hub now
RP Sample
Hi, it’s Arjay again
M’Baku is always up to prove that he can beat any problem into submission, but generally is interested in making sure that the silly people he knows don’t get into any trouble. He is very hesitant about this new land that everyone is exploring, but willing to take a look around to see if there’s anything that’s not terrible to take an interest in.
What can he say? He’s M’Baku. The women love him, don’t they?

nicknames: Mike
age: 37
pronouns: He/Him
timezone: Mountain/Pacific time (Arizona time)
contact: Discord
triggers: Not really any
mature threading: Sure
other characters: Arjay Lo’Ran, Justin Halloway, Virgil Barnett, others
about: Player Misc
32. Warrior. MCU-1. Winston Duke.

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Congratulations, you have been approved! Please don't forget to make your claims in the claims thread!

And of course, have fun!!

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