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Life was precious; her fathers had taught her that. The Winchesters killed monsters, yes, but they weren’t heartless. There were those monsters that weren’t hunted. The group had even befriended a couple. An angel or two, a demon, a werewolf, a witch or two… She knew the stories. Daphne Allen had been an innocent. A good woman. And she had died because of Sera.

She hugged her mother, this woman who didn’t complain that she would die. No, her mom apologized that she wouldn’t be there. Serafina didn’t sob, but she let silent tears slide down her cheeks, an indulgence of the immensity of her emotions.

Nothing more wonderful than her? What about living? Sera didn’t agree, but she didn’t argue with her mother, choosing to let it go instead. She wouldn’t spend their last minutes together arguing. She would remember her mother smiling, saying the most wonderful if inaccurate things. At the question though, Sera blinked, her hand reaching up to where she knew that necklace would hang if she were wearing it. She had seen this necklace before, on her future self. But now she was the future her… Shaking her head, she whispered, “No, I don’t.”

Daphne’s grip wasn’t a bother for the nephilim. Sera only noticed because her mother was in pain. Looking to her dad for a quick moment before she did anything, Sera nodded, “Okay mom. I’ll take you somewhere safe and comfortable.” sera held her mother gingerly but firmly, making certain she was stable before she flew away, disappearing from sight before making her way to Hub, where they would all be safe.


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