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Thread Contributor: Ben BraedenBenjamin Isacc Braeden
Supernatural-T.V. Series

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Ben Braeden
full name: Benjamin Isacc Braeden
nicknames/aliases/code name: Ben
canon or oc: Cannon
anchor character: No
species: Human
gender: Male
age: 14
date of birth: May 24 1999
place of birth: Cicero Indiana
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Supernatural
fandom universe: Supernatural TV Series
pronouns: he
occupation: Student / Paper Route
languages: English
playby: Nicholas Ella
height: 5’11
weight: 120 pounds
hair color: Dark Brown
eye color: Brown
distinguishing features: Other than being a minor No
sexual orientation: Girls are hot
family: Mother Lisa Braeden, Biological Father Dean Winchester ( Accepted by Jasmine as Cannon was found out two months after Ben and Lisa had their memories erased), Supposed surrogate Father Dean Winchester (Memories of time spent with Dean Winchester erased )
relationship status: Single
powers: None
strengths: His age though it counts as both a strength and weakness. He is often over looked because of his age, and people tend to underestimate him.
weaknesses: His age though it count as both a weakness and a strength. There are limits to what he is allowed to do and some places he can’t go because he is too young. Also he should be attending school.
equipment: Bike and school backpack. Inside the backpack – pens pencils highlighter, note books, text books, comics, cell phone, and a multi tool.
Born to a single mother Ben had a pretty normal, one might even say bland life until the age of 9. Sure he knew what he liked and wasn't too shy to let others know.

At the age of nine his life changed the world got bigger and a lot scarier. Sure his ninth year of life started out normally one might even say with a bang. He had and epic birthday party complete with a bouncy house and girls. His presents were nice too though one of his favorites was the AC/DC CD he received.

A few days after his birthday Ben was taken by Changelings. He did his best to reassure the others that had been taken even though he was scared and unsure himself. They were rescued by Dean and Sam. Ben helped evacuate the other children from where they were being held. Once they were safe and the Changelings defeated he and the other kids were returned home Ben was the last to be taken home.

Ben's life would change again with the return of Dean Winchester. Dean moved in with Ben and his mom, and for the first time in his life Ben had a father figure. Life was pretty sweet they worked on cars together, there were barbecues and sports. At Halloween Ben went as a wendigo. There were not so great moments too like disagreements and such but overall it was the best year of his life. Then Sam returned and once again Ben's life changed.

Eventually Dean was out on the road hunting Ben missed him but was able to call when he wanted or needed to. One night Dean returned home late and Ben went out to see him and Dean knocked him into a wall. Dean didn't return after that and eventually Ben's mom began dating again.

Ben tried once to interfere with his mom's dating that did not end how he wanted it to at all. He eventually accepted his mom's new boyfriend. Two years ago that same boyfriend was killed by a demon and Ben and Lisa were taken by demons. His mother nearly died and Ben was angry with Dean. Lisa was healed by Cas an angel friend of Dean's. All memories of Dean were erased from Ben and Lisa. Ben and Lisa believed that they were in a car accident and that was why they were at the hospital.

The world was once again a safe place as monsters and things that go bump in the night were forgotten. Two months after their memories were wiped Ben found a paternity test stating that a man named Dean Winchester was his biological father. Ben fought the urge to find out more info and was successful in putting it off for twenty two months.

The summer between Junior High school and High school Ben got a job as a paper boy. Ben started high school and is taking a mechanics class. His mom has encouraged him to be involved in sports d typical high school activities.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: N/A
knowledge level of multiverse: Ben knows of the multiverse at least in theory due to comic books but has no actual knowledge of the multiverse.
fandom specific information: N/A
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Supernatural.
which universe: TV Show
timeline: Mid-season 8 Two years post memory wipe, that Ben and Lisa believe was a car accident.
where is the Hub portal located: Not an anchor character unknown
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Yes
aliens: No
advanced technology: Normal tech for modern day
mythical creatures: Yes
other: N/A

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? Not an anchor character but if you want you could give Ben his school.
RP Sample
Ben held his bike with one hand and adjusted his backpack before he began to pedal away from the library. It was early afternoon on a Sunday and there wasn't much traffic. The sun was shining but the air was cold and brisk forcing him to keep his jacket zipped. He had gone to do some research after delivering the early morning paper. It had taken him twenty two months to get up the courage to look into the information he had found when looking for his birth certificate. Stuck in a folder tucked in a barley noticeable crevice was an envelope with his name on it. Ben had looked inside out of curiosity it had held the name of his birth father. Now that he had his answers Ben wished he had left that particular genie in the bottle. After twenty two months his need to know had finally made him take action. Ben's insides churned as he processed the new information. Ben was on auto pilot his body taking him home though muscle memory more than though conscious thought.

Lost in thought Ben did not see the portal that had formed in front of him on the trail he was headed for. Had he not been totally lost in thought he also might have seen the raised cement edge in front of the portal. Ben saw neither and started an unstoppable chain of events by slamming his front tire into the raised cement ledge.

Ben and the bike sailed though the air and right though the portal landing with a solid thump. He was sandwiched between the ground and the bike that had found its resting place across his waist. With the wind knocked out of him, Ben laid there gaping like a fish trying to catch his breath.

Ben Braeden Post mind wipe mid season eight. All around good kid who can really be a charmer. A kid that knows what he wants and goes for it.

Friends - Ben could really use some friends he is an extremely likable kid. He can be a real charmer when he wants to be. As a friend Ben is loyal, and protective of the people he cares about. Let me know your ideas and I am sure we can work something out.

Enemies - Its hard to fall into this category unless you hurt someone he cares about or take something that belongs to him. With his memory erased Ben has no clue that monsters exist and would target him in a heart beat to get at some people close to him. Also should it be found out who his biological Father is he would also be a target. I am pretty open to any ideas as long as some topics are avoided.

Love - Ben is a bit young for love. Though he would not protest having a girlfriend his age. He might be a bit slow to catch on and a bit awkward. He has been known to be a flirt and a charmer. Possible threads that might be fun. A crush on someone older. A love spell put on him either accidentally or on purpose. Any threads that are PG 14 or lower are totally open for discussion.

nicknames: Tink
age: Way over 21
pronouns: she
timezone: PST
contact: PM, Discord, Plotter page
triggers: None that I know of will let you know if I find one
mature threading: With most characters I am open to discussion. This particular character is a minor so I don’t think it’s allowed.
other characters: N/A
about: I have Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia. The combination causes my brain to boot out grammar as unimportant information. What I lack in grammar I usually make up for in content.
age. occupation. group. playby.

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Congratulations, you have been approved! Please don't forget to make your claims in the claims thread!

And of course, have fun!!

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